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January 1, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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January 1, 2004

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Page 12 NThe Glenviile Democrat/Pathfinder -- Thursday, Jan. 1, 2004 Kristal Shee~ts producers urged Attorney General McGraw announces hotline to combat elderly abuse West Virginia Commissioner of of any foreign animal diseases, and Agriculture Gus R. Douglass is call- immediately report any unusual symp- A Brief List of Hopes and Wishes for 2004 ing on everyone involved in the live- toms or animal beha~,ior to yourlocal stock and poultry industries to be es- veterinarian. Call the State Veterinar- pecially aware of biosecurity proce- tan at 304/558-2214 if you cannot It would be easy to look back on the deal of promise, beginning with the dures in the coming weeks, due to the reach your regular veterinarian. The past year and recap, in painful detail, possibility of a regime change here at recent upgrading of the nationalthreat West Virginia Assistant State Veteri- all the malfeasance committed by the home. level to code orange by the Depart- narian is trained as a Foreign Animal government, all the bad decisions I hope I .L Pritt continues to write ment of Homeland Security (DHS). Disease Specialist. made by the powers that be. But the letters to out paper, keeping in most "West Virginia is wide open to a If possible, keep animals in pas- truth is, we've had three years of that. minds exactly why freedom of speech disease threat due to its rural nature lures away from main highways. There's as much reason to be disap- -eventhemostfallacious, mind-numb- and close proximity to .our nation's Keep gates locked and keep a pointed in the left as there is to be ingly, jaw-clenchingly ridiculous capital," said Commissioner closer watch on animals. enraged with the right, speech, devoid of common sense or Douglass. "Hoperfully, everyone in Instruct employees to be on the And there'salsoreason toby hope- widely accepted knowledge - is so the agricultural community - from lookout for unfamiliar people, ve- ful. As the lies become more brazen, important to remaining a true democ- farmers tn veterinarians to market hicles, packages or containers on or people are beginning to wake up and racy. operators - will be especially vigi- around the farm. smell the oil. I hope George Bush can find a job lant." When trucking animals, do not If I had a wish list for the coming he's better at by this time next year. "If people can drive away other leave the vehicle unattended during year, it would include truth, that the I hope the war in Iraq ends with a people's cattle in the middle of the rest stops. This is an ideal opportunity truth become more important to shrinkingnumberofAmericancasual- night, it wouldbe simple enough for to introduce disease into the food elected officials, ateverylevel ofgov- ties, and that the troops will come someone introduce a disease in the chain! ernment, and from whomever is home before my sister and brother-in- same fashion," Commissioner Maintain good records of all ani- charged with keeping the public in- law - both Air Force Reservists -- are Douglass said in reference tocontinu- mal transportations. In cage of an out- formed, called to serve the nation in this ingreports ofcattlethefts in the East- break, these records will be criticalin I wish George Bush were a better unwinnable folly, ern Panhandle tracing all animals that may have been leader for this country. I wish the I hope we can pass yet another year Douglass added that agriculture is a infected. president'sadviserswerelessinclined without fear of a new album by Air segment ofU.s, society that has been Make sure feed and water sup- to point fingers in every direction Supply hitting the stores, explicitly targetedby terrorist organi- plies are accorded the same protec- except where the blame really lies. I hope activists don't push the gay zations, according to intelligence gath- lion as animals Stock up on feed in I wish members of congress -- for marriage-thing so far to the forefront eyed since September 11,2001. case intentionally adulterated prod- just one day- would forget about the of public debate that the Democrats "The celebration of Christmas and ucts result in delayed shipments. corporations which exploit legisla- lose their chance to win the presiden- New Year's during this time is not lost By' the very nature of their work, five clout to build upon their own tialelectionoversomethingthiscoun- on those who would do harm on us," the veterinary profession will be the greed and power. Conversely, I wish try isn't ready for, anyway,said Commissioner Douglass. "They first responders in any terrorist activ- lawmakerswouldrememberthatthose IhopetheTowneBookstoredoesn't realize the many distractions Ameri- ity directed toward agriculture. Vet- whopulltheleversinthevotingbooths phase out all of its VHS selection cans face during these final weeks of erinarians have been afforded the op- are their real employers, before I can buy a DVD player the year. But now is the time we must portunity to become more familiar I wish the growing disparity be- I hope this might be the Year of the raise our guard, not lower it." with the symptoms of foreign animal tween all the wealth and all the poverty Book Deal for me - big or small, I Among the recommendations for diseases and should immediately con- intbeworlddidn'telicitsuchac'estla don't min l which. God knows, I'm maintaining biosecurity on the farm tact the State Veterinarian at the first vie attitude from the rich and the poor trying to make that a reality, and at livestock markets: sign of any suspicious activity. alike. I wish programs designed to I hope we can all stay optimistic Be especially observant for signs level the playing field for the less for- and open to change. I hope we can all tunateweren'tbeingdestroyedtobuild keep in mind that "each other" is all up the hills of kings, we have, and know that this is a As far as hope goes, I have a great "blessing for which to give thanks deal of it, and with good reason, every time the calendar shows us a I believe the next year holds a great new year. New Year's Eve Wise says state system exceeds child support national averages music by Gary Scott 9 p.m.- 1 a.m. Attorney General Darrell McGraw, working in collaboration with the U.S. attorney's office and the Senior Pro- tection Task Force, released a state- wide television public awareness ef- fort recently that focuses on abuse of the elderly "People need to recognize the signs of elderly abuse and report the crime," McGraw said. "We believe one of the best protections for the elderly is for everyone to keep in touch regularly, in person or by telephone, with their elderly loved ones." q he effort emphasizes that elderly abuse often is not only physical, but may come with the exploitation of financial resources, and that the abuse frequently occurs at the hands of fam- ily members The National Elder Abuse Incidence Study of 1998 found that in almost 90 percent of elderly abuse cases, the perpetrator Was a family member. The toll-free number for assistance in West Virginia is (1-866) 241-5062, the Senior Protection Task Force hotline. The website is "By utlizing the unique enforce- ment tools of the federal system and bulding partnerships with advocacy groups and governmental agencies, like the West Virginia attorney general's office, we at the United State's attorney's office are commit- ted to protecting the elderly from fraud and abuse," said Thomas E. Johnston, U.S. attorney for the Northern Dis- trict of West Virginia. "Encouraging seniors to report these crimes will help us f lfill this improtant duty to all ot our seniors." This effort comes in conjunction with plans by McGraw's office to introduce legislation in January to make abuse of people over 65 a felony, whether the abuse is physical or financial, Chief Deputy Attorney General Fran Hughes said. Make your reservations early and save money. age. West Virginia is third in popula- tion aged 65 and older. A fifth of West Virginians, 362,795; are 60 or older. Many required)sits." lance, suffer from depression: oT Alzheimer's disease, and live in rural and isolated areas. "Exploitation of the elderly is a national scourge, and is a serious prob- lem that is growing in West Virginia," McGraw warned. In a study conducted in 1991, 58 percent of the elderly victims of fi- nancial abuse were females and 65 percent were 66 or older, according tO. the National Association of Adult Pro:/ tective Service Administrators in a" report on vulnerable adults in 2003. In West Virginia, there were 3,940 allegations of abuse and exploitation of elderly cared for in their homes in 2000. The National Academy of Sci- ences estimates that up to 2 million elderly in the United States are abused, exploited or mistreated. Since much of this abuse is covert and subtle, the attorney general urges neighbors, friends and those who might notice financial transactions to be on the lookout for signs that regu- lar patterns by an elderly relative, friend or neighbor have changed. Here are some things to be aware of: Be wary of a new and secretive interest in the elderly by a family.s: member or friend. If an outgoing elderly person ' denly goes into seclusion, check on him or her. Watch for atypical spending pat- terns that include unusual bank activ- ity and higher-than-average spend- ing. Be alert to unusual usage of credit, ATM or debit cards. Check for a stranger with an inter- est in befriending an elderly person. Make sure loans for the elderly are documented in writing. /i Paid in advance enforcement of that order, the ehii, support. The National Child Support West Virginians who suffered Sloven Kappa s l,"Evon who rxr _ _ 1, dren would still be without the needed Enforcement Association has honored ,azJ. .J per couple support During the federal fiscal WestVirginiawithafirst-placeaward losses from tlz Noveml " storms, have some insunmceshould ply so $10.OO per single year daat ended Sept 30, 2003, the for its new video entifled GetMore,' floods and landslid who have not tlmthcyateinthoaystmninthoevent yet applied for fedend aidofashort lontbeirinsuntacesettle- ,- _.. ,.1__ J_ --- - "- --_ bureau collected nearly $162 million; which is aimed toward preventing must do so by Jamm'y 20, 2004. Ap- meat." at. the ooor mat nlgnt more than 97 percent of collections teen pregnancies. Actual West Vir- plications cannot be , Fotan rstoquelaions outdi ul- t, $30.00 per couple were distributed witSin 48 hours of ginia teen parents are featured in the that date. Registering is at-ter amslaace pro (it loca- . , receipt, video, providing advice to their peers lows the professional saaffto deler- tion of the nearest Dismter Recovery per single In order to move the money as on the realities oflife after becoming mine ifyou are eligible for isUmc . Center, calltheFEMAtoil-fr num- I i i quickly as possible, theChild Support a parent. Dont disqualify your lf, apply by bey, 1-800-621-3362. m I i .......................... Enforcement Bureau is increasing its The project also includes curricu- January 20 by calling the toll-fn an mmrr v--v r m, f i . _ . use of technology. A growing hum- lure that has been approved for use in registration number 1-800-621- l[|l ltl tllll|JllPldll k i / l, i i I I ] ! I I 1 m il -" ber of employers remit child support the Wcst Virginia school system and FEMA (3362) People with IPllJll[Itllll|'lqrllJlll'llq|ll I II I I deductions through electronic funds was a joint effort between the State or speech impairments should call :. .- ,. , - ,, A I II I I transfer; direct deposit also is avail- Department of Education, the Bureau "ITY 1-800-462-7585. - , - " -,- .... ....- ......... able. for Public Health and the B ureau for Federal Coordinating Officer I Weekl Unfortunately, not every support Child Support Enforcement. "Michael Bolch of the U.S. Depart- ..... [ ..... " - ment of Homeland Security's Federal I iZ'iS: I Selected Power Bait .... , ] : . Emergency Management Agency [ eryone that while we can't take new ___ . _ ___ .. ! A CIovl Drug Member " I pncaaons Ja.. 20. Ull l ellS Low E - , " : ' - - , I on file by the deadline will eontiue to I receive full consideration for all eli- I 2 for 1' ] ] Igible assitanee''' ......... ---Fi/m"D;v Applicants may qualify for assis. [ .., ,.... lance under a number of federal and I~~::i ...... ~;_91~. I Wolverine, Red Head [ Russell Stover Candies I mg,'State programs' such as disaster hous'grants to meet other disaster- I~';#";,=~!r[~ ..... and Pro-Uric l ' HOURS:.8:30 Z I related needs or a low-interest loan Boots. from the U.S. Small Business Admin. i ?.30 .on.-Fri. istration State Coordinating Officer I We Loan Money on Good Used Gtmm! l .8:30-2.00 Sat. ] .. . I upport Glenville State _ _ i Business 462-8300 --- Home 462-7695 I "-"- "" - ,o.ege; IT S an eauca- . Have a Happy New Yearl II 32 E. Main St., Glenville [ tional jewel in the rural | __ _ ; " " " Appalachian Mountains! corn ~lm emen. ' ' [,HappyNewYearfrom--- IJ I l ltUUil 1 %#I/5 %/Ml f ti .... ' k , .XJ l, I ~ent.Evcwoneh;dl ! Lo-"I ......... 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Corns and Calluses VzaTl B, uunlons- "ano.... !1 l /Meaos, 3teve raisons, Steve Parsons, Junior, Eva Stout, Larry Carder and l ammer noes II Dinner Special this Sunday --- II i Many Other Foot and Ankle Conditions 11 Pork chops, baked potato, i[ " - " i dingandallthestaffl 11 I] I i /ann t=.r~.A..s wno mane our party a ~ccess, Sis Miller who could not be herel | ' I ioecause sue just got out of the hospital (get well soon, we miss you0 I I n -- IL, inam~youa~lagain.andiflhavemissedthankingyou, i,msorrv.~ecan,tl It (Gilmercountysnewest-sitdownrestaurant, twochefs, dub&group[| ..... m~ m'i n.-,.~ d .an~, nnam~, i .manK everyone enough. We would like to say thanks to Glenville Element i , I lllgl Bib lp llll ir I [5th grade class for bnnimz over the fabulous in erbread to,ti nl.t;a .l II meetings & office parties welcome, colorful IN II Pod -- nqp i Jour front lobby;. St.Clara' 'Lutheran, Church ir 'D cldrid-ge oun' y' or'inVvi"t ng I II West Virginia glassware i [us to share the nativity scene; Becky Weese's home away from home snowi decor, located beside II --'--" iglobes and stoning " Ili Best Western on State Route 5 just east of Glenville) in .. i Wewouldl'i'l etoweicomeeveryonebacktoourhomenext, _ . year; and ifyoui i[ Locally owned and operated by Treza & Dan Shock [! ,::iil , I haven t cmecup rannetlabefre'over, rremember our door is always open. li Closed on New Year's Day, this Thurs, Jan. 1 : iLi i/i.; 437 Main Avenue Weston i The Activity Department, Brenda Marks and Beck), Kelley II Open 6 a.m.-9 p.m. bn.-Sat.; Sun. 6 a.m.-6 p.m. i] : , ..,,..,,. ,us 9KO.'IAA SunBndge Care and462 571 " "Rehabfldatin for Glenville J Phone: 462-0212 , ! Gov. Bob Wise today announced obligor makes a good faith effort Legislationalsowillbeproposedto -Agreeifsomeoneassumespower- that the Bureau for Child Support provide the required support. Thi close loopholes in power-of-attorney of-attorney that the person gives a Enforcement, a part of the Depart- year, the bureau participated in a fed'- documents by requiring threeregular accounting to family mem- mentofHealthandHumanResources, erai/state partnership designed t6 nonrelatives be witness to documents bers. Build monitoring into docu- has achieved new establishment and round up individuals who had been that give these sweeping financial meats. enforcement records. By the end of orderedtoappearbefore vKiouscourts powers to another. Make un heAuled visits to check this calendar year, the bureau will on child support-related issues, and The statewide outreach effort is onceregivers activities or hire a geri- I ve established a support obligation had failed to do so. particularly critical in West Virginia, auic care manager to review financial in 82 pereeat ofits eases, wellexeeed- , Duringaweek-iongprojectentitled which has the second-oldest popula- mms etions in you absence. ing last year's natioeld average of ' Operation l.,ost and Found," 18per- tionofanystateinthenation, accord- . Meet people who process transac- 70.54 ereent. sons in West Virginia were .either ing to Ann Stottlemyer, state com- lions nmde by your elderly relatives. "One of the factors contributing to arrested or picked up by police offic- missioner of senior services. The state Document physical surroundings ranks first in terms of elderly median by taking pictures of the home assets. our success is the improved coopera- ers in r' xmse to orders from courts. lion between the family court system This effort was coordinated by spy- and the Departmeat of Health and ciai agents from the Federal Office of Human Resources," Wise said.the Inspector ,_Genend for DHHS. Obtaining the order to establish the The bureau s sUfff also attacks the supp . obligation is only the first issues that result in the need for the I part of the process. If there is no establishment of paternity and child nears Disaster