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January 2, 1976     The Glenville Democrat
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January 2, 1976

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ii i i~'%< ~i~ : i !! ::i 2 The Glen~e ~m~rat/Pa~dpx l~ L 1976 J +: Y~ :+ + L L ? by Tom IDa|:sio If you had to choose the top Also, Republican State Charimen ,, .If. Moore is l Hmd be decided and ff Moore can t run, the ' rmit ......... 8 ....... , " ' .... - + + .... 1 - w'o h ....... - I investigation is a "political vendetta" ioodUringmuch If Mooren;r anYdidnPartt accomplishtW newsmaker in West Virginia for 1975 Thomas Potter said many times that vlrgnua may nave. to tac [ .land _Drobablv+ 1976' ,.} who would +you the Constitution "prohibits Moore y, ears ofprobab!y the sam " " " r " oomg mmgs ana we wm mck I would have to say that from runmng agam thm yea. But ......... - " man we are now. west v rp- Governor Arch Moore would take the Stanley Prmser, a lawyer, said that .... "honor" He was our first eovernor "the ambiguity in the gubernatorial push orwara anu . v nSS~ ..... " n r tiffed mid long-deserved attentio ever mdicted while still m office for succession ame dment a - o o,o conspiring to extort $25,000 from the way during Moore s first term pe s ......i. ..... I now-bankrupt Diversified Mountam- Moore to run m 1976 The o+,,+n .......... ano d eer Corporation. Along with his amen,d n, ent reads as follows: access in and out of the former top aide, William Lay, Moore "r one me execuuve omcers and more are takin pleaded innocent to the charges and mentioned t ,s .article shall hold the beautyVtha our state off Every person, man or woman, is a potential both will face trials sometime in April. any omer omce aurmg me term at his is much .... +" be victim of violent sexual assault. According to FBI Moore, of course, pleaded innocent to service, person n as oeen l=oao,ot, ,, We! the charges and said that the federal elected or who is served as Governor .... reports, the incidence of reported rape has all of a muleunumrm'ega increased 9% in the last year - 165% in the past and, if that wash t enough, announced consecutive terms shall be ineligible . , . Fifteen years, a greater increase than for any other k " " a governor to ieaa us that he would see a third consecutive sr ! violent crime. Statistics compiled by Rape . .. , for the office of Governor during any economic conditions, belt term as governor rm says ne can run Information Service, Inc. {RIS} in Morgantown, West . __ o" ......... part of the term immediately following more roads and strong, Virginia, conservatively estimates that 165 adult agam oecause tecnm.canw mine the second of the tWo consecutive leadership. 1970 governor s succession amen - women were raped in the greater Morgantown area terms. The person holding the office of Our letters policy encO . ment d from 1969 to 1974. During that same period, another Z .......... Governor when this section is ratified to write and express your. 333 women were victims of sexual assault short of . ,.ven sough an mmcunent m only shall not be prevented from holding such matters. I would like rape. Moreover there is no reason to believe that a charge and not a conviction and thatthe office of Governor during the term opinions about Gee. Mot Morgantown statistics are not representative of the a man is presumed innocent imme ""t"l- "-'- " ":'^ "-- " " -tans for ,, "'-- I --'" v "" t Me r ' di y ,u..vw t rm ne m p a unru mrm. % proven gunry, oene e ma o e s ,, rest of the state. , ..... then serving, speak-out about this impc Rape - for centuries a taboo subject - is no chances, wmnmg, anomer gover- The above amendment ratified" by longer a "hidden crime". Public education has nor s race are slim. Moore has done .............. ......... wesz virglma voters on r ovemoer 3, begun to dispell the pervasive myths that surround our state great services aurmg ms two :_ L_: .... .... ._ ^ .. . I~/U 1~ i.~LU~ LWI:~L~U. UUU. LUI"Mt~L1 I[U 0 "" " the subject of sexual assault and victims are terms as governor and I hope that if . , . o o o .......... read what doesn t say. It states, m o o o o o beg g to seek justice. Police and medical ne is mnocent ot me charges, ms nlain Enolish that M,,,,re is ; o ; hlo o o personnel who deal with rape victims have become gah n !iac edti mli !o rhOld set ci tffi : o2O oo : : : ;: increasingly more sensitive and supportive in recent r _,, years. As a result, victims of violent sexual assault , - .. _ Y . . the controversy go on? The o his gubernatorial chances " ////J / - are no longer as reluctant to report the crime as " amendment is clear and concise enough for anyone to understand d.'t: '\ they once were. However, because of a number of I am not as concerned with the inadequacies in the current W. Va. rape law, the indictment as much as who will be our I say that it !s time for Moore to _ ratio of reported assaults to convictions" is still next governor. Even though Moore has step down after this term is up. West o " extremely low, and many victims still do hesitate to done a lot for West Vwg ma, .... I believe Virginia needs new blood in report .............. ,._ Charleston We need a strong a a uuro term coma ee a nnstum+. - Nationally, tWenty-six states, in clear support of .,,+ h.. ,-,., ,-,,, governor who will give our state what" " ......................... o..m has + ,, ,,__ . this sentiment, have either passed or have pending mrnea--" sty'--" ..... uu+ ..... ,., ;it needs to expand and progress even such legislative reforms. These states are .... +:.;... ;o..,+ .... more. We need fresh ideas and a new perspective of finding solutions to our recognizing that the threat of rape constitutes a people of West Virginia may be hurt in +:... ....... problems. Eight years as governor is major infringement on the civil liberties of all '" "8 e "=lion that Ikee as " is enough, and tWelve years is entirely citizens. In fact, outright repeal of our present law q p king : . _ _ . , -.- would have little negative effect on the ratio of rape How much more can Moore do for the what he set out to do eight years ago. convictions to the actual number of crimes state'He has alreadv had eight years " commil ed. National statistics indicate that perhaps as governor and four more years:may then West Virginia should elect .. + 2% of all offenders are actually convicted and be empty and uneventful for est someone e me as governor. There are jailed. It is time for West Virginians to organize and Virginia if he is re-elected. He said he good, qualified men such as Jay or " change this situation in our state, was advised by "any number of good Hutchinson who could easily ,, - - Moore's shoes It may take months : ._._ la ers that he could legall run _ _ _ again. But Professors Jim McLaughlin, before the legali of a third, term _will + RIS is coordinating efforts for legislative reformwy y . . . in our state. A bill drafted by John McClaugherty, Fred Shauer and Tom " es are ". " . - on tio Republican party may not have time to --1 Charleston attorney and clerk of the Senate three c stitu" hal authorities at plan new strategy with a new Judiciary Committee, is to be introduced into the West Virginia University who say that " " Senate and House Judiciary Committees in the the State Constitution doesnt allow candidate. The Republican machinery If for a rcl needs time to cultivate other state January session. Judith A. Herndon, state senator Moore to succeed himse thi " " from Wheeling will be the sponsor of the bill in theterm leaders to replace Moore. Senate. Criticizing the present law, she stated that iS- people are loathe to send a man or a woman to prison for life-the penalty for rape. Another + CALEliDAR OF EVENTS problem is that the victim is required to be proven innocent before the perpetrator of the assault can (:lm mmme January S fur .n w.lmol . be proven guilty, she said. vtr at Gtenville St,te W M dxy, I} mmb '" and class resmne January & Points of change in this sexual assault+statute s= v, few 4 include (1) reduction of exceptionally severe + "/ "/ All mm Md by the C.dlmer CountyDept. penalties in the penitentiary, 10-20 years with 2familial until I~mum~ 13. mercy} which makes juries reluctant to indict or Wedne~l~y - Dec. 31 the Glen+ Jaycmm will spmm~ 8 hk~ convict a rapist, and which also inhibits prosecution " ~ Years Eve Dan~ from 9 p~m. to I a.m. at the Rocr~tlan C,~I~" because of the low chances of conviction; {2} America Su ering From Lack o/ Research , measures which would no longer allow the defense .......... nt .... - Jan. 6 at 7:ao p.m. R ucti " dan attorneys to delve into the past sexual history of the In the years immemate- me ~ puree snrmgage be held at the Medical+ t + Iv following World War II,in constant dollar output .~ " victim since it unfairly prejudices judges and juries government and industryfor those joint ventures ~l~ against the victim, which makes the victim reluctant combined to make the even more alarming. # Tmm~y - J~m. 6 at 7:30 p.m. the C, mamum~ ~ ~ United States the undis- :here are a number of ~ m,~Rm,.~tl~m,~.,,~k~titll]Mtl -I ........ to report or prosecute. Furthermore. the puled leader in the areareasons for the decline in ~ at ......... ........ ~--: ........ h ......... me ~mno ~org ~mm~t~ ~~ooL~ admissability of past sexual history points to a much of bass scmnune research, oa~=c rv~a=,- St -x, mucteu And being the leader in the United ales. The --- larger problem surrounding sexual assault - the meant that the expert most obvious are the de- M day - Jan. 12. ~he W~mm'8 CMb of G m flle. ~i~ myth that rape is a crime of sex rather than a crime market was dominated by emphasis of the space pro- hold II ~8. [~t ~ III ~ ~ C~|l~llty ~' of violence. Victims, psychiatrists, and police officers unanimously agree that sex is a weapon, used like a gun or a knife, to humiliate and gain mastery of the victim: '}3) use of non-sex-specific terminology so that all victims, male or female, are protected from sexual assault: and {4} includes as potential sexual assault victims spouses who are no longer cohabiting, or who have filed for separate maintaince or divorce. It is important to emphasize that the proposed sexual assault statute in no way jeopardizes the defendant's constitutional rights to a trial by jury or the concept of reasonable doubt, and yet it will encourage women who previously would not consider prosecuting their assailants. Only if these changes are made in the present West Virginia rape law will the system of justice deal with the rape victim and the rape offender as it does with victims and offenders of other comparable violent crimes. Only if these changes are made will the crime be better deterred and offenders more likely to be brought to justice. American technology and. mere importantly, the prod- ucts which resulted from that technology. The situation has changed today, however; and un- less renewed emphasis is placed on basic scientific research, the United States may find itself an also- ran in the international marketplace. Between 1964 and 1974, according to the National Science Foundation, federal expenditures for basic re- search within the govern- ment rose from $2.6 billion to $4.6 billion-but that 77 percent jump, when trans- lated into constant dollars. becomes an increase of less than 10 percent. Pri- vate sector funds for basic research went from $549 million in 1964 to $770 mil- lion in 1974--a 40 percent increase which becomes a 14 percent decrease when put in terms of constant dollars. Most of the basic scien- tific research is done on a combined government- industry basis, which makes gram, and the opposition to defense spending. Re- search done in these areas often resulted in spin-off benefits in the form of consumer products, medi- cal supplies, and job-pro- ducing computer advances. But equally important is the multi-national compo- sition of many of our lead- ing corporations. The fed- eral government, which once poured millions of re- search dollars into Ameri- can-owned companies, is reluctant to invest tax rev- enue for research which a multi-national corporation might feel obligated to share with other countries. Obviously, there is a two- fold need. Government must increase the basic scientific research being done by its own agencies; and, as scientist J. E. Gold- man of the Xerox Corpora. tion has warned his pri- vate sector colleagues, com- IC|hies "will haye to spend more to make up for the decrease in federal support if they want to stay in business." Mrs. Lee McCudOl , who will crm(~ts. ladies Aid will meet i= the chmch lnummmt. Suday - l-,,um-y the M_ lm 44t TOM DALi[SIO ===================================