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January 2, 1976     The Glenville Democrat
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January 2, 1976

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8 The C:denville Democrat/Pathilnder S lanuary 1, 1976 /ii !! i Serious crime in the United States for the first nine months of 1975 rose 11 percent over the same period a year ago, Attorney General Edward H. Levi announced today. This increase compares with a 16 percent increase recorded in the first nine months of 1974 over a similar period in 1973, Mr. Levi said the current increase in crime is not as large as in past periods which is "encouraging." Serious crime for all 1974, for example, was 18 percent higher than in 1073 and. during the first six months of 1975. rose 13 percent over the same period a year ago. "But it must be remembered." Mr. Levi said. "the figures show an increase, and the crime rate remains at an intolerable level." m Today's figures were contained in the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports released by FBI Director Clarence M. Kelley. They are based on t_he crime experiences of city. county, and state law enforcement agencies throughout the nation. The violent crimes of murder. forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault increased eight percent in this nine-month period. Robbery rose 11 percent, aggravated assault seven percent, murder three percent, and forcible rape two percent, according to Mr. Kelley. Larceny-theft had a reported increase of 13 percent, with burglary up 10 percent and motor vehicle theft two percent higher. These property crimes as a group increased 11 percent in the nine-month period this year. BIL Rt. 33-119 - 4 miles west of Weston A Complete Selection of Quality Built Homes 12-wides 14-wides double wides and modular on display Each home fully displayed and lighted for your shopping convenience OPEN FRIDAY TIL 8:00 PM Phone 269-1510 Member of W.Va. Mobile Home Association Cities with 100,000 or more population reported a nine percent increase in the volume of Crime Index offenses. Suburban and rural area communities both reported a 12 percent rise. Geographically. the Southern States recorded a 13 percent rise. the North Central States a 10 percent increase, the Northeastern States were up 11 percent, and the Western States rose eight percent in the first nine months of 1975 over the same period in 1974. Old Reliable Old Faithful, a geyser in Yellowstone National Park, erupts for about 4 minutes once in every 54 minutes. Men have observed it for more than 80 years, and it has not missed an eruption during that time. Sua Power Sunlight falling on just the city of Los Angeles would supply more energy than is consumed in all the homes on earth, if man could collect and efficiently use it. | m The onset of severe weather m West Virginia stirs too many harsh memories of natural and man-made disasters, but state educators today are upgrading the "safety agent" role of public schools to minimize the toll of future tragedies. They are making solid progress, too, but they admit there's much more to do in elevating civil preparedness in the Mountain State. The dreadful list of calamities-a grim roll including Buffalo Creek, the Silver Bridge and Farmington- is too easily recalled. More recently, the tornado which ripped the roof from the Meadow Bridge High School gymnasium in April, 1974, is too fresh in memory to permit an "it can't happen here" attitude. SINCE IT HAS "happened here" all too frequently, state civil preparedness educators have directed their efforts toward an all- hazard approach to achieve the aims of the State Board of Education in the area of safety mobilization. Stemming from a 1971 board policy resolution, the long-range plans call for each school and county system to produce a coordinated emergency plan integrated into a county program as a part of the overall county emergency services capability. IIIII III III I III I Five improvements in the past two years to Ford's ongoing corrosion protection program. In addition, the plan calls for safety awareness instruction on each grade level for tomorrow's school patrons, too. By the end of the 1975-76 school year, it is hoped, each county district would have a workable comprehensive emergency plan at its disposal. ACCORDING TO S. Wayne Cox, State Coordinator of Civil Preparedness School Education, a good start has been made in making available top-quality films, books, teaching guides and other in- structional materials to schools throughout the United States. Among them is the oft-praised "Your Chance to Live" program provided by the U.S. Defense Civil Preparedness Agency. The trend toward wise usage of safety promotion programs at the school and "grass-roots" levels needs more momentum, Cox added. "Some schools and even some entire county school systems have been slow to recognize the importance of civil preparedness education. We are very interested in putting these programs and films at their disposal," he said. The films, manuals and other classroom materials include step- by-step data on coping with calamities such as floods, forest fires, air pollution alerts and ex- plosions. Others also include ex- perience-based knowledge of post- disaster problems such as epidemics, looting and survivor assistance. As outlined by Cox, the in- structional segment is only one part of the overall civil preparedness strategy. Careful planning of the individual school's role and the larger roll of entire school systems in each county's comprehensive emergency system is the other vital element. IT'S NOT SO simple as it sounds, Cox explained, and that's why greater involvement by more schools is so important today. First, the schools and other agencies must determine which measures must be taken in each emergency situation. The various needs requiring firemen, policemen, medical per- sonnel and crowd control measures must be accurately assessed. Moreover, the schools must determine which services they may render to the general community. These services might include mobilization of school buses, auditoriums, classrooms and proper use of special skills of school per- sonnel, such as first aid and fire- figh~ng. "We can't predict disasters with accuracy, of course," Cox asserted, "but civil preparedness programs can diminish the impact of tragedies if careful planning and community cooperation are based on m epth awareness such as those we have, available for all schools in West Virginia today." WHEU N E tAJ F f~AU C F. A~ ~TA-rE~, sma h, k Born to words that dedicated to Raised on a Carolina, song in his camp meetings South part-tiffin Ridge Quartet the Blue presented to 1971, his number twelve one spot. three number reach number charts. A broken. In . the and and ~is man have been, Kingdom song and I Galvanized Steel. =a ,,. Vinyl Sealer.To h o a, Sound Deadener.w =oos e, ] ,JL@ known reputation for its resistance to rust. When is sprayed into hidden areas like wheel hous- J into all our cars. Much of the Quiet is due to the extensive ordinary steel is galvanized, It is treated with a zinc coat- ings and fenders forming a protective barrier. In addi- use and skillful ~acement of sound cleader~ng materials. Ford ing, a proven rust inhibitor. Ford has increased the use tion it's used extensively along seams where metal engineershaveaddedarustinhibitor to the spray-on deadener which m of galvanized stee~ in certain rust-prone areas, meets metal --areas where rust can occur, is allied to cocrosicm-prone areas. AJuminized Another new r~st fighter. It's gun-sprayed into hard-to-reach areas---esoec~ally the surfaces of doors arid rear Quarter panels which are frequently expoeed to water. As the wax cures, it forms a tough protective coating. spraying is done by trained operators with specially developed sPcay gun ecluiDment~ L, II]tCrUHIC1Lal one of the newer o sees used by Ford to prevent rust. Zincrometal is steel which has had two layers of a strong protective coating bonded to it. W1"mre the Electrocoat dipping 13~3ess is not used, this ~e-coated metal is used on inner door oanels. station wagon tailgates and other areas where rust often starts. Think of its invisible protection next time you drive On a winter road covered with salt, More of Ford's corrosion protection program. ELECTROCOATING= This Ford innovation invoh~ dipir~ the ~ole car txxty and other ~a~ts into a tank of ~me. The car body is charged with ~tridW and the primer is literally drawn like a magnet to body surfaces, the body with pro aganat rust. The Bectro- coat process is used at many ts. PHOSPHATE BATH = Achentcal bath that stril~ sheet met= of grease, oil and and ct mically etches the metal for a better bond with the base primer. ZINC.RICH pRIMER= Beforetwocoatsofmmt prime are applied, a special zinc-rich material is s~'ayed liberally on key areas such as the inner sicle of outer door panels and fender~ Zinc is a very effective oorrosion flghtar. This special ~o~ic~tion to areas where rn~stu#e corrosive materials can build u~ helps provide a barrier against rust. ACRYLIC ENAMEL PALNT~Theoutside of your car takes a tougher beating thai the insicle. At least three coats of Ford's tough, durable enamel resist scratches, dings and stOnel~ddng that could cause rust to begin. /Vtd =koecially designed irmtrument~ are ~ to in~Jre proper standar of ttudmess am n nt=necL The closer you look, t Ford Dealer. better we look .... Illll mmmmmmmmm I . I IIIIIIIIIIIIII -- I m||mmJ Fish can be caught in the Sahara Desert. By digging through the sand to under- ground streams fmhermen can obtain fresh-water fish. Atree The oldest military unit in the United State= i= tim Ancient and Honourabie Ar- tiliery Company of Boston, Mass., founded in 1638. EVERYONE OPEN NEW YEARS DAY 8 A.M. TO5 P.M. SAVE A BUNDLE ON OUR ALL WINTER A T25% OFF REG. Mt. Mist Batts Quiltsize 100% Polyester Fiber Fill Full Lace Northerner Boot Boys Mawick Jackets (8-18), ALL RUBBER FOOTwEAR REDUCED insulated Coveralls REMEMBER - ALL WINTER MERCHANDISI: AT JAMES DEPT. WE'RE "'ON THE SO