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January 8, 2015     The Glenville Democrat
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January 8, 2015

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The Glenville Pathfinder - Glenville, WV 26351 The GlenvUle Democrat - Thursday, January 8, 2015 - Page 13 i~iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!i~iii]ii!: of Aquarius, the of the A ':i'trigon, in January the celestial band. This situation position of Saturn and the Time is the will also assume the trigon, which inflow 9f the R ler of the norm :: uation it is other brds emanations that will Mars, responsible for significantly, however his complex defense of Saturn and 1 the side of this sign as its The Aquarius will be a true possibility of st Signs of with the Rivers of he Air of a In uarius. on .for any, eve Iask. (i:: .... !iiii%iiiii i ii i iiiiiiii .. The "darkest" of the zodiac Signs, the Sign of Capri- corn will end up in such a position in January 2015 that was. a for a long time. xalt of Capricorn and is thus of his life strength, will pract and will change positive people born in this Sign w! before. First and the The with powerful of the planets block- ing the for the I ~: ......... . ~![ii~. "~l~ Sig way it should, and above enough to ," ,ra fi i i uary 2015 , ,.despite the fact that complicated mo th, almost s fact ha a to its special will remain':: ntirely Ihe exalt of the by its position as the the "dark side" as one However, since the of the planets mentioned not be strong fall of this Sign. Sadly, the Moon is the direct antagonist of the Sun, so the massive solar positivity will not affect '!iii iiilI the Capricorn, although they do not really need it as this sign always had its own sources of life energy. In FortherepresentativesofthezodiacSignofPi anuary'251:: i ill be quite a neutral time. This given sign does;:: iii fiVe a planet 2015, the zodiac Sign of Aries will not be in the simplest particular, S aturn the Ruler of the Celestial Rivers of responsible for its fall and this is already a great plfi : i: owever, during due to its allegiance with the Fire element. On one side, the Time will lead the Sign of Capricorn to victory in the the current moment the Pisces will not have a "ceiest leader either, a source of additional support. So the absences of influence will p ari ,f i :::: hich this sign lives through its exaltation (read: energy month of January. This means that time will be on the compensate each other. A similar thing will happen with the relation- clim ), which is the Moon, will also become the I leader' of side of the representatives of this zodiac Sign. ship between Venus and Mercury. Venus is the planet-exalt of the Sign this Thisme s that Aries will receive Interms of and finances Capricorns do of Pisces, while Mercury is responsible fore, expulsion. No one single planet will receive support from other bodies, while they will will provide i have to 5. Sit down in notbe ........... e| each other this , the ill be just: up at:is the expulsion, will be your the out. planet-ruler, gonist , so it .............. fact will certainly kind first, nois quite her enemy:: d then the lives With that, life of PlUto, the planet which Aries lives matter your Pisces can this is a likely, t will not compensated by the every work during the unders the during the , or perh d e have to pay special "here on Pisces can relationships, your beh the jackpot a dynamic real chance to chan a long- lasting and the ' support of long time that you were you who Cancer, the leading sign of choice inshouldn't and .... January 2015 that will in many Of course, sub are negli- of the zodiac Sign of Sagi arius will receive this is quite a relative thesis, have gent. plenty of opportunities in January 2015, however none of this says that many individual peculiarities. For some, the entire : how they will not have to apply effort to reach their goals. Quite on the to name a new pet, for others it will be to create a family andperhaps andif want to win, then you shouldaim for perfec- contrary, the position of Mercury responsible for the expulsion of the give s to a lineage that will change the world someday.The Sun will ' ". ..... . : .... , , ,sign tff sagt ai'iti "Will be very mucl orced, partially because tlOffi :eYe.thing, means that driving th-e--ctirrent Mercury appears as an antagonist not ortlyf tJupiter- the planet,ruler cooperate its efforts with the Moon, which is the planet-ruler of the z iac Sign of Cancer and will allow the latter to be completely moment your goal is to find that thin line between of Sagittarius, but also for the Sun that ffi be supporting all signs ......... without exception this January. As a result, erious barriers will stand u biased. This will manifest in an abnormal sensitivity and total confident and dynamic moves and cold analysis. In inthewayoftheSagittarius,manyofwhichwilltrulybehardtopredict, knowledgment of responsibility for one's own actions With that, the ............... ).ggafi e influence of Saturn, responsible for the expulsion of Cancer, reality this is very hard to do, but since it is not the first as the representatives of this sign will have too ......... ..... littte time At the time, the exclusively powerful positivei fllte e ii enus, be compensated by the positive Pluto, while Mars time you face such destined for success,the ;e hi r with the emanati of iiii estial Will remain for the fall . . ........... of this zodiac Sign, will attempt all problems facing The main thing is to pay attention Moon will provide th s sign Wl ja::'q allty Cancers aspossible,at to the technical side a result, the Sagittarius will enough will not as the but the main nuance of the situation of Mars latterThe sphere of not bring you ;agittarius may be an o sign will victo this any disappointme in January 2015 That is friends " ?' will .... S: ~\ a~ ~iii~ your own feelings t. To not let the echo of impede you. If need be, call upo since it is January 2015 will be a unusual time zodiac Sign of ' t the Water element lives Gemini. This period likely end and these qualities that e of the Moon, where the productive in all much more on the your current ally. game if life it. In Gemini can imagine. Not the not Pluto will of this signi you do not understand: to win. Concentrate on your other have to seriously try to come out a winner out of t mostly based ing of Jupiter, responsible for the expulsion of the lover, currently she needs your attention, as unlike you on the positions of Venus and Mars. The Red Planet that traditionally Si Venus responsible for its fall At the same time, of this sign, and Saturn - its exalt, will end she is truly going through a difficult period. If you will resultPlays theofopposingrole of rulerjupiter.Of theonSignthe otherf ScorpiOhand will lose its stren uF situation. The emanations of these planets will be supporting and tender, then you do not have to worry expulsion of Scorpio, will be reinforced in multiples. With Moon responsible for the fall of this Sign will suddenl3 end up being ............. by the influence of Mars and Ne the about your family happiness. While with extended fam- position, while Saturn - the exalt of Scorpio will Gemini, as wd[iias f any sign, such a sitm ambiguity combin i unlimited level of ily you should take a firmer position, as their current negative and will fullylose and.taka n other words, this is a wishes will be directly against yours and potentially this what will end up left whi i lls that fully under your control, his This outer nfiUencei / s is good or bad is an may cause serious conflict if you do not solve thedoes: all mean however, you sho l' nsider some nuances, problem at its root. However, be not rush to most which cut the rope. Of course prepare for of your further war, but and the most ......... powerful own t where .......... !i .... : ,ii i iiiiiiiil they :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ...... Zodiac In January 2015 the first Sign 9f the peak, w{ll enter a new Th~ ~ndint- Rion that Earth trigon will period. First, is 2015 wil-l-allOw-i tto- orm md a tmwerful a--n-d connected with t] body that istii i alt Throughout this month, the influence planet-ruler of ........... rent life sta'-e of this given siN reinforced through its Leo will be multiplied in strength due position of this uynamlc uevempment. , the Vireos will face ban b ack The thine position on the e Taurus s will feel signifi- celestial body. A similar situation will a which is the planet- . . .... exalt of Leo, meaning that it is responsible tourishing of its life is that/ ercury, whoISreprising both x. dt and plane cant sup.port i .At same,?me, Pluto_ strength. Overall, this extraordinary sign is i 9feelanincred-i!i iit g!! g nli pho itw] d s tYa hetiVi ::ll i2anl.i axodc ii erPaVSl@ e o:iiiiu pg g i ible spec Ofemotions in the b gi. . g o: positive rgsSs and helpfui 6munitions stars. The without a tendency for the exoteric will feel this special eupho tat.. , behalf ce .rt n ri als, the Lens may new talen they can .... ex ..... mat at une way . ' . ....... ~ 1 . ~i~li~ "" achleveperfectlonmanyarea, re-perhaps which m real does not occur that often. W!th that, P .do " .. - ............. respons b!e fo :the fall of e 0f Vlrgo,fully . ........... already by the middle of the ye . to focus on ..... i ...... :: ........ or another, the S gn of Taurus :: St e,:creatlve , di.o and will--in the back while mpulse : whichwfil be strengt/Iercu m the sphere, one's own feelings and desire i ranus Lry, tra ti0n ly the ...... ...... .... ..... ::: " " " " i=:=== et ruler antagonist Of Leo, will be ful! : bi6cked by the Sun and Ptut ! At the rnnnntlrm fNlentnne ,z.i:t;.i.;"! i i onlfieantlv tr . fh ned ashe l~.~u~nt celestlalleader ofthe mgmVenusi e lan - the Celestml Waters, bemg asible for the expulsion of Vir , will ================:========== ======= P: ... ......... .: : _ same celestial leaderii' ' ii e Fire tfigon, ill enter ................ ............................ of thi $i: he! mthe area of personal relatlons ps. Only into a cofifr0atation with Neptune and:Will p vent its negativity. Only r,, .... to overco th r n itiw influence of Mercu but 8rote. lne mnuence or me t uier or Hme may not Mars will maintain his strength influe : he w[ii cle ly fall thi ,,m -uire all of its stre : ,th sn the Vir ,os should not be afraid i: ti evertheless one should be careful, since it is the shortofexertinganyinfluenceontothedecis hsofLeos. hisis a very the in"fl'uence of this devious n lanet " se ngly at first insignificant, that are usually the positive period that may become a quality for a rapid fast to the top. - ........ " " harbingers 6f real problems.