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January 9, 1976     The Glenville Democrat
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January 9, 1976

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[. 2 The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder January ~, 1976 ..... by Tom Dalesio / // ? Z i ? :i Many news releases pass over my desk every day, and sometimes I find a few quite interesting to me, especially when the news is about West Virginia. One such release was from the West Virginia Department of Commerce. The release stated that West Virginia was selected as the "first touring stop in travels around the nation". West Virginia was accorded an eight-page, illustrated article in the current November issue of AROUND MAGAZINE. AROUND is published in Indiana and is a brand new, nationally circulated family magazine that published its first issue last October. Publisher Janos Szebo- dinszky and Editor Emil Krause began writing the piece on West Virginia last spring and have visited our state on several occasions. They said in their article that West Virginia "continues to offer anyone its treasures of touring experiences. The state is a magnet which attracts out-doorsmen, sports- men and touring families, like so many particles of iron dust. The land is sprawling mountains with soft river low-land valleys lying in the shadows of column rock outcroppings and swift tumbling rivers, which leaves the visitor with an indelible image of natural vigor and spontaneity." The Commerce Dept. commented that some of the illustrated photographs portrayed skiing, tour- nament jousting, whitewater canoe- ing, underground caverns, mountain crafts, back-packing on Seneca Rocks, the Cass Scenic Railroad, home and. garden tours, Blackwater Falls and Canaan Valley, then Green Bank's radio astronomy observatory. A detailed description of the state's farm vacation sites "couldn't have been better." An overnight lodge directory for areas in and around the Monongahela National Forest was also included in the layout. Many places of interest around the state were also mentioned by the writers. Atty. Gen. Buying goods and services on time has become, wisely or not, a way of life for most consumers and, as a consequence, some individuals have found themselves financially overextended. Such a situation often results in a failure to meet debt payments; a business may begin an attempt to collect late payments or turn the account over to a collection agency, and letters or phone calls requesting prompt payment may start arriving. In the past, there were no guidelines for debt collectors to follow, so some resorted to severe methods when attempting to obtain their money. West Virginia's new laws now protect consumers from such unfair methods and severe civil and criminal penalties may be imposed for the willful violation of the new statutes. -A collector cannot give the impression he is an attorney, offer "legal" advice or use "legal" stationery when writing letters to the debtor. -Threats by a collector of bodily harm, ridicule, disgrace or arrest are now forbidden. -Harrassment, perhaps the most frequent and misunderstood collection practice, has been redefined to further protect the consumer. For instance, a collector cannot use profane or obscene language; when phoning he must disclose his identity, and he cannot cause the telephone to ring repeatedly or at times inconvenient to you, the consumer. -The existence of a debt is a personal matter between you and the retailer. Therefore, a bill collector cannot discuss a debt with your employer, neighbor, or even a former spouse. -Another debt collection provision prohibits use of unfair or unconscionable means to resolve any claim, such as a collector charging a consumer for "expenses." Also, if you have turned a debt problem over to an attorney, a collector must contact the attorney from that point on. If you fall behind in a debt, our Consumer Protection Division recommends that you contact the business and try to work out a payment schedule you can meet. Don't be intimidated by a collector. Remember, West Virginia debt collection laws are designed to protect you, the consumer. If you feel you have been or are being unfairly treated, contact the Consumer Protection Division or your private attorney. Finally, our state is being noticed! Usually, you never hear so much about our state and people are finally talking about West Virginia. We have industry and pollution just like everyone else, but West Virginia is full of magic. Magic in our snow-topped mountains which reach for our blue skies, magic in our crystal clear lakes and streams that are filled with fish, and magic in our forests and wooded areas which offer many species of animal life. But West Virginia wouldn't be anything without the magic of her great people. Not only are we a proud people, but we are friendly, warm and compas- sionate. Our state is filled with professionals: our farmers, hunters, coal producers, steel manufacturing, crafts - the list goes on and on. We have industrial communities as well as country towns. We are a unique people living in a unique state. Once you visit here, our magical spell makes you want to return. And people do return here whether it is to retire here after working in other states, or whether you want to raise a family bare. Our importance in the country is growing. "King" coal is a major source of energy, our colleges and universtities are considered excellent institutions of higher learning and our interstates are helping us reach ut and touch the rest of the country by inducing more travel and tourism. We have our problems, but we know we can work them out together. One big problem West Virginia has is its size. We are a vast spread-out state and its hard to equally divide any state help and improvements. But that is chang- ing too. Our interstate system is slowly bringing progress and change to many areas of the state. There is still much to be done in equalizing the benefits particular areas receive, but more-and-more help and growth is Occuring. Since the start of 1-79, many untouched and unnoticed parts of the state are now being brought closer together. Easy access and travel around the state is a reality now. The road system is helping our industry, farming and tourism within the state. New bridges, hospitals, roads, and industry, to name a few, are rapidly making our state one of construction and improvement. Because of this ever-growing progress, people no longer stereotype us as backwoods people with no education and are seeing us as interesting, intelligent people who have much going for them. They see what makes us love our state. After all, what is more beautiful than a spring, summer, fall or winter in West Virginia? I think it is a good place to live. I was all ready to leave the state after graduating from WVU. But I soon realized that nowhere else would I have the opportunity to grow with my state. It was hard getting started, but now rm glad I stayed. There is much to be learned here and much to be received through experiences and living in the midst of the mountain magic. One thing I found to be true about our state is that we give back as much as we take from her. Some of our coal reclamation areas are now beautiful resort areas with lakes and animals and trees. We don't abuse or misuse the beauty that West Virginia offers us. The Industrial Development Division of the Dept. of Commerce continued an aggressive pursuit of new job opportunities through the attraction of new industry and the expansion of West Virginia's existing industry. For the third consecutive year, the Travel Development Division received national recognition from the travel industry. The Discover America Travel Organizations presented a newly established award, their special achievement recognition, for the "Almost Heaven... West Virginia" travel promotional program. Many talented people in our state are i t "it's sure the right atmosphere for raising taxesl" Published Evm/ By GILMER COUNTY PUISLISHING~NC. At 10g E. Main St G~.e. WV 2S3Sl Phone ~2-7300 Seoond-Clm postage peid at Glenvi.e md at addhion' msmnS omoR Subscription price t6.00 pltm 16 oents Imtm tmc in Gilmer County. other West Virginia r~idm~ ~ Idm 17 om~ tw. Out-of-state subscriptions SS.0O.Can not accept sulmcriptiom fo km th~ $ months. TOM DALF.~IO EDITOR JOAN LAYNE CIRCULATION MANAGER professional artists and crafts Paintings, leather-work, potterY, blacksmiths, woodwork and carvi are just a few of the crafts done our people. And Glenville's Festival is a major contribution giving our state national people from all parts of the help us celebrate our history. Where else, but in West is so much happening in beautiful surroundings? West ginia, our Mountain Mama, Almost Heaven paradise our to-life artist's painting of all beaui:v with soft, yet radiant West Virginia's intense everywhere. It's a big part of heritage and rustic, yet existence. We have a mystique transcendental, electrifying old as the hills. We are West and there is nothing better to be. WBom WelL we DID rattle on Christmas Eve column two weeks ago), and my crazy with another meaningful gift: this time s Germany, courtesy Pat the Sailor. I am still some deep symbolic significance from the Our traditional Christmas turkey was think that the sandwiches from that which good. In case you are turkeyed out by now, have a caged possum around the house, you! Feed your possum ripe apples and for a week or so. giving cold, frosty night by shooting it in the heaCL remove all excess fat. Hang the dressed overnight in an area such that varmints sample your culinary curiosity premature" reputed to give a better flavor than the although you should than parboil in slightly salted water until tender. The salting and peppering him (her, it) and a roasting pan. where he (she, it) should !~ peeled sweet potatoes and baked in a brown. I'm gonn a try this recipe mysel/, possum parking lot. It should make that turkey! Several people have been in our about rabbit information. Since rabbits specialty {ask Sherry Cain!}. I thought I'd Pennsylvania State University course dealing with the raising and including lessons covering and equipment, feeding, slaughtering, control, and so forth. If you'd like to enroll, send a che~ Pennsylvania State University;, 307 Bldg.; University Park, PA 16802 and ask Course #109, Rabbit Raising. By US. 8ember / Defense: More Dollars Bi.'Y The U.S. Defense budget for the current fiscal year tion of is about $90 billion; and, New men since that is more than be recruited twice the $43 billion spent a relatively for defense in 1960, a num- But bar of critics have been pushing for massive cuts. easily But the dollar figure is The ship far from the be-all and U.S. NavY end-all to the story of mill- from 502 W tary spending. In fact. an of 1976, ana examination of what kind ForCe and of defense America is ac- wMl also be tually getting for ~the $90 100 fewer billion shows that any middle of additional, large-scale re- tional ductions could pose a right threat to our national planned for security, research For instance, 59 percent the of the 1960 defense budgetsential. went for military equip- The fact went. while only 41 pervent billion ir went for personnel. Be- lense cause of im*rcases in pay cent and retirement benefits. 55 services portent of the current de- ferule budget is used for lion m personnel costs, while just one dcfen-~e 45 percent goes for mili- "'the tary hardware. And there :~re about 500.000 fewer quarter servicemen today than the ing for 2.5 million Americans who total were in uniform in 1960. The Pentagon estimates that our armed forcc~ are cent i~ about 14.000 men below I strength, and adds that that budget cutbacks have re- w;u~ ~ suited in shorteaing the traditional training pet~ I felt for ncw recruits. Even sensoned .~rvi(.on-,cn stl('h as pilots who nccd periodic rc-trainin~ are feeling the keep 'rllnch. Still. I~wsonncl r~|uc- I ions (h~ not lXme as st, riotlS ;t Iong-|';inge thl'e;~l |0 (liD" .~ational ,~'~'urily a~ otlr do culhacks in the re.~em~'h.