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January 15, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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January 15, 2004

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14~ mentioned in the previous reports and activities and have generated a lot of interest but have not been produc- tive," he reminds us local folks. For example, under Phil Reale's leadership as president, the Economic Development Association hosted a Community Initiative several years ago at the Senior Center. The large numbers of attendees proved that lo- cal people wanted not only to improve their county, but also to have a stake in the improvement process. After being divided into five groups to brainstorm ideas for improvements, each group thought up several work- able ideas and suggested ways to implement them. Unfortunately, as Mr. Hathaway points out. a general ses- sion follow-up meeting didn't take place, so the majority of the work accomplished that day fizzled out. Only the Flower Committee followed through on its goal to beautify Main Street. In another civic improvement ini- tiative several years ago, a First View Study was performed on Gilmer/Glen- ville by West Virginia University. Mr. Hathaway describes it: "The team members presented their report to about six people in the court room (this editor was one of them) and left Qrl Corcoran Column continued .... ..g. ,, Jar,. 8, 2004-- me G,en,",e De.,o,,,'a,A'amnde,'-- Pages noted in the letter} have been town. This was not a high technology county.So, this proj;ct shows that local Mollohan secures $3 million for PAZ-WVU study of the community, just a first citizens, banding together for a good Electronics Recycling Project impression that five different people had, when entering the community, of what was right and wrong. At least one member of the county commis- sion was present...." Of course, both of the above stud- ies set the stage for the recently com- pleted Vision Plan for Glenville's re- vitalization and beautification. Mr. Hathaway's correct comment: "This again outlined what some of our prob- lems were and provided a plethora of objectives that we can strive to ob- tain." Continuing, he observes, "We have several lists of objectives that the city and county can select from, but unless we establish a plan to implement these objectives, they will simply occupy space in a file cabinet.... The commis- sion must establish a plan and appoint interested individuals to pursue the goals and provide follow-up to en- sure actions are being taken." Hathaway and many other local volunteers are no novices at using their particular areas of expertise to improve this county. Nine years ago under a Benedum Foundation Grant, this group banned together to con- struct the "Welcome Signs" that now greet motorists upon coming into the cause, can get the job done and done right. This Mineral Road resident believes that the County Commission needs to provide more leadership "to re-format the volunteer groups into action." His point makes sense because often-times just one or two commissioners want to get something accomplished, but noth- ing happens, due to being spread too thin. For example, the County Com- mission has stated many times that the Recreation Center should be improved, but, as far as I can tell, no workable plan has been developed to attain that laud- able goal. As a result, if the full Vision Plan is to be implemented, the three sponsor- ing organizations -- the city of Glen- ville, the EDA and the County Com- mission --- will need abundant volun- teer assistance to make that happen. But, if these three public bodies can create that right volunteer mix, and the Vision Plan goes forward on a step-by- step basis, there's no doubt in my mind that many of that anonymous author's criticisms about Gilmer County will be corrected. To me, Bruce Hathaway may be our ideal chair for the Vision Plan's Coordi- nating Committee. Congressman Alan B. Mollohan, Recycling Center for End-of-Life AppropriationsCommittee, Mollohan D-W.Va., announced today that he Electronics. put the new $3 million in the Energy has obtained $3 million in new fund- The two organizations initiated Department's 2004 appropriations ingforthehigh-techrecyclinginitia- MARCEE with funding Mollohan bill. The measure was signed into law tivethatisbeingjointlydevelopedby obtained in 1998. He has secured last month by President Bush. West Virginia University and the additional money for the project in The money will finance ongoing Parkersburg area's Polymer Alliance the years,since, enabling WVU and research in electronics recycling. Zone (PAZ). PAZ to partner on the research of new It also will go toward the establish- "The disposal of used computers, : ym ill mmtion technologies and mentofthePolymerTechnologyPark and other electronics is a growing tim developttmnt of new uses for re- m Parkersburg and the Polymer Re- problem, both here at home and cycled ply, search Center at West Virginia Uni- abroad," Mollohan said. "MARC-'EEi el ofthe most chal-versity in Morgantown. In addition,it to the U.S. Environmental Protoeti lenging projects that anyone could will supporttheexpansionoflnternet- Agency, morethan3.2milliontonsof ever attempt," said PAZ President basedinformationexchangesforelec- unwanted electronics are being Buddy Graham. "We appreciate Con- tronicsrecycling, a project headed by dumped in the United States every gressman Mollohan's continued sup- PAZ and Fairmont high-tech firm year. Studies suggest the amount of port in funding it] and his personal D.N. American. obsolete equipment being sent to interest in ensuring that the invest- "The Polymer Alliance Zone and America's landfills could quadruple ments of time and money are being WV'U are two excellent resources in in the years to come. spent wisely and will produce the our state. By harnessing their exper- "This is not only wasteful, but also desired result." rise in plastics and research, we can will shorten the usable iifespan of our John Weete, WVU Vice Presidentbecome a national leader in the recy- landfills," he said. for Research and Economic Develop- cling of electronics. This would re- Mollohan noted that the glass and ment, said, "This is a project with suit in new jobs and new investments metal from used computers already great economic potential for the here in West Virginia," Mollohan said. can be recycled. However, no one has congressman's district and our entire Graham said, "When implemented, yet developed an economically fea- state. We're glad to be a part of it, this project will be living proof that sible way to recover the plastic com- working closely with PAZ to help you can protect the environment and ponents. Creating such a system is createa full-fledged electronics recy- at the same time create quality jobs the goal of the PAZ-WVU project, cling industry." and investments." known as MARCEE: Mid-Atlantic A senior member of the House ( mmm Continued from page 3 ) Advice in searching for family genealogies Dear Editor, visit. I have found ancestor's natural- yourgreat-grandfathertodeterminethat Recently, I ran across the July 31 ization records in U.S. District Court they do not have the information you issue of your newspaper, which I sub- records, want. scribe to because my father was born If that does not work, you may want I have just thought of another possi- in Gilmer County and I have many to visit the wonderful Mormon ge- bitity. You may want to visit the public relatives there, nealogical library in Salt Lake City. library in Covington to determine In the July 31 issue, you mention They may have microfilmed Kenton whether any book of sketches of local your frustration at failing to find your County, Kentucky, records; and their residents was published about 1900 or great-grandfather's place of residence microfilm reels are easily found, not thereabouts. Lots of county and local in Ireland before his immigration to like the mess you found in the court- booksofsketchesoflocalcitizenswere the United States and settling in house in Covington. I am not a Mor- published back then. And many recent Covington, Kentucky. mon, but the experts in their Salt Lake efforts have been published; for ex- County courthouse employees can City welcomed me and they do not ample, the one published in 1994 by the be very unhelpful, although most are ask for your religion in their wonder- Gilmer County Historical Society (my not unless one shows up when taxes ful library. Cooper family is on Pages 80-86 and 2pr election returns are overpowering Did Monohan John Corcoran have my Hall sketch is on 254-255). You /,hem. brothers or sisters who also migrated may find that a good 1900 sketch for : However, you may have been took- totbeUnitedStates(ortoCanada)?If your ancestor exists; check with the .1rig in the wrong place for the citizen- yes, theirnaturalization records might D.A.R. library in Washington; they in- Ship records of Monohan John Coy- give an Ireland location for your fam- dexed many local histories way back. coran, your great-grandfather. Since ily. Or one of their great-grandchil- Well, enough for now. Don't give up naturalization is a Federal function, dren may have that information, and good luck! not a State or County function, you Well, there are many other possi- may want to visit the local U.S. Dis- bilities, but the above are where I Best wishes, trier Court office on your next trip to would begin. I assume that you have Homer 7. Cooper Kentucky. May not work, but worth a contacted all the other descendants of Athens, GA Ministers speak out against Harry Potter books Dear Editor, Sales where he would buy boxes of lists several members of the Occult I would like to reply to Mr. Waldrop books. - which God abhors. And Jesus said "He about my letter on the threat inherent In one of them I found a Witches who is not with us is against us." in the Harry Potter books. I will admit Bible. I decided to burn it when I The're has been good and evil in the that my opinion maynot be toomuch, burned the trash. It was still allowed world ever since Satan as a serpent But you will have to say that minis- in those days. I put it on top of a large persuaded Adam and Eve to forget what ters with world wide TV ministries pileoftrashbutitdidn'twanttoburn. God said and eat ofthe forbidden fruit. should have some knowledge on this So I took it apart to burn it one page at So God kicked them out of the Garden subject. Some of these ministries are a time. It took me a long time. Every of Eden, and evil has been getting pro- PatRobertson, Dr. D. James Kennedy, page when it was lighted would go gressively worse ever since. That is John Hagee, Charles Stanley.andeven sailing through the air, screaminglike why Jesus had to die on the Cross to evangelist Billy Graham. They have a Banshee. It wasavery nervewrack- endure God's wrath in our place. all spoken out on this subject. The ing but I was relieved when it was all If you are not a Christian, I pray you woman who wrote these books has gone. will become one very soon. Jesus is become enormously wealthy. Even white witches are part of the coming for His Church sooner than SbeisevenricherthanQueenEliza- occult. Their job is to make witch- most people think. beth who is reputed to be the richest craft seem respectable, something The mudslides in California are an- woman in England they do very well. other thing for the environmentalists to Since my husband has been dead The Bible says, "Thou shalt not ponder on. for more that thirty years, when he allow a witch to live." (Exodus 22:18 R.L. Pr/tt was alive, he loved to go to Auction KJV). In Deuteronomy 18:9-11, It GlenviUe Mountain State Blue Cross Blue Shield Recognized for outstanding performance and ranked number one Moutain State Blue Cross Blue vices tootherBlueCross Blue Shield State Blue Cross Blue Shield and Shield has been recognized for out- plans and their customers. Based on Lifestyle Advantage created the first standing performance and service in evaluations of all plans, Mountain statewide, community-basedoffering three areas. Mountain State received State received the highest score in of the program in the nation in West the highest score of any Blue Cross providingservicestomembersofothe Virginia. Mountain State Blue Cross Blue Shield plan in tv, o separate pro- rplans who received medicalservices Blue Shield contracted with several grams, and the Dr. Dean Ornish Pro- in West Virginia. acute care hospitals across the state to gram for Reversing Heart Disease "Wecouldn'tbehappiertobenameddeliver the program. Results by par- received a "Best of Blue" award for thenumberoneBluePlaninthecoun- ticipants of the program in West Vir- Best Practices in Medical and Pray- try in terms of our members' satisfac- ginia are the best experienced in the macy Management. tion compared to that of our competi- country. 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Inconjunc- most pleased and proud of our satisfaction, likelihood of the mem- tion with Highmark Blue Cross Blue workforce who make it all happen bey to recommend and likelihood to Shield, Mountain State Blue Cross through their commitment and dedi- renew their coverage, the survey cai- Blue Shield's Dr. Dean Ornish Pro- cation," said Smith. culated the score for Blue Cross Blue gram for Reversing Heart Disease Mountain State Blue Cross Blue Shield member., and the competitor's received the Blue Cross Blue Shield Shield is an independent licensee of members. The difference between Association's 2003 "Best of .Blue" the Blue Cross Blue Shield Associa- Mountain State's score and its com- award for Best Practices in Medical tion. Mountain State provides or ad- petitors' score was greater than any and Pharmacy Management. ministers coverage to more than other Blue Cross Blue Shield plan. The Dr. Dean Ornish Program is a 400,000WestVirginiansandhasover In addition to receiving the number comprehensive cardiac risk factor 800 employees in Parkersburg, one ranking from customers, Moun- modification plan that addresses all Charleston, Wheeling, Martinsburg, rain State was also recognized as the of the modifiable risk factors associ- and Weirton. For more information, number one plan in providing ser- ated with heart disease. Mountain please visit Keenan omits integral scripture Dear Editor, Pastor Keenan left out of his con- sideration of the truth of Catholic teaching the Gospel according to John, Chapter 6, Verses 48-58. He also ignored the first Epistle of Paul to the t|:Corinthians, Chapter 11, verse 27: e'"Wherefore whosoever shall eat this bread, and drink this cup of the Lord, unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord." Are we to assume that because Jests used parables to illustrate truths, ev- erything he said wsa a metaphor? 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