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January 15, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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January 15, 2004

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Thursday, Jan. 15, 2004 -- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder -- Page 9 Opinion- " : !Book NfA ;='°: c ......... -- -- i IIII I We're Going to Mars, Daddy Dearest Drive' local For here am I sining in a tin can After a confrontation with his fa- Far above the world ther regarding his inebriated ftate, Planet Earth is blue George the Younger drunkenly chal- And there's nothing I can do... lenged George the Elder to a fist fight. Since this was before all the failed David Bowie, "'Space Oddity" businessventuresoutofwhichDaddy had to bail his oldest son, one has to When news hit the wind that Presi- imagine the father-son relationship dent Bush wants to propose a space between G.H.W. and G.W. has al- program that will have manned mis- ways been one of animosity. sions on Mars within the next twenty One also has to imagine that being years. I shook my head. appointed president in 2000 might It's one thing, I thought, to raise the assuage George's feelings of inad- terror alert level to alarm the public equacy next to his successful, temper- into forgetting about bad domestic ate, war-hero father. news, usually released on late Friday (Don't get me started on George afternoons, and then scuttle off to the Herbert Walker's failings; l'm only ranch in Crawford. saying that next to his sons, the man Like it or not, at least this behavior looks not so bad.) is understandable and, coming from Remember G.W.'s famous state- Bush. has become quite consistent, ment on Saddam in 2002? But Mars seemed quite a stretch "This is the guy who tried to kill my outside the spin-zone even for the dad!"hesaidatafund-raiserinHous- Bush Administration. ton. It's obvious where Bush is going Well, we didn't kill Saddam, but with his plan to grant temporary legal we seem to have tied up that loose status to illegal immigrants: nowhere: end, and we have more than 500 dead he needs to light a fire under the and 14,000 wounded troops from Op- bottom of Hispanic voters for No- eration: Iraqi Freedom to prove it. vember. "Thank you, son." When he recently appealed to Con- George the Elderlost the 1992 elec- -inc, g~ess to make his $1.7 trillion in tax tion, in part, because he raised taxes ,enee cats permanent (they're currently set after promising never to raise taxes. to start expiring in 2005), it was even George the Younger reversed that more obvious is where Bush's head legacy for old dad:too. ~.ts residing. (Hint: Where the sun In the meantime, the middle class is don't shine.) disappearing in this country as the BuS has also announced that he "Little People" immortalized by would like to see the moon colonized. Leona Helmsley during her tax-eva- With a root-word like "'colon)'" and a sion fiasco in the 1980s are bearing vzmation on thatword like"colonial," the burden unloaded from the shoul- the impetus behind this particular pro- ders of corporate giants and fat cats of posal is pretty much a no-brainer, every political persuasion. But at first, the whole mission to "Good boy." Mars-thingcaughtmeoffguard. Why In 1989, the Bush President at the on Earth. I wondered, is this man time proposed missions toMars. The sudd,'nly concerned about sending idea went nowhere. It was too expen- man, :d missions to Mars when the sive and too risky. And it still is: econo ~ic, military and social situa- estimates of the cost of such a venture tions our country areless than stel- start at $1 trillion; astronauts would lar? be in space for more than 30 months, I'd forgotten,of course, that George and the risk of life-threatening health W. Bush has some serious daddy- problems would increase as gravity ,ssues. going back tohis days as a and protection from radiation dimin- Texas playboy with an admitted love ish. of booze and an alleged taste for co- "But, boy, wouldn't Dad be proud caine, if we could make another one of his An episode occurred in 1974 which dreams come true?" might have set the tone for G.W.'s S°me°neneedst°arrangeascreen- particular brand of redemption-seek- ing of Love Story one weekend in ing. Apparently, G.W. took his little Crawford to remind our Naked Little brother out for a night on the town Emperor that"love means never hay- and. smashed out of his tree, made ing to say you're sorry." their return known by running over a Especially since G.W. never re- bunch of garbage cans in the drive- ally has to pay the price of apologiz- way. ing. )"~ .... 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Under the new "Do Not Call Reg- istry," a company that already has an existing relationship with an in- dividual can continue to call for up to 18 months after the start of that relationship. :g*:* The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires an employer to notify the employee in writing within three days if asking a credit reporting agency to check out the record of an employee. AMICUS CURIAE is Latin for "friend of the court," wherein an outside party is permitted to file a brief or provide information in a case in which it is not legally in- volved." Brought to you as a public service by F. John Oshoway P.O. Box 156 Grantsville, WV 26147 354-9204 i i Father Edwin Daschbach, SVD The Da Vinci Code II ! have just finished this immensely captivating and intriguing novel. Dan B ro wn's The Da Vinci Code i s like read - ing an historical novel. It is difficult to separate fact from fiction without suffi- cient knowledge of the true facts of the era, person, or event treated. Brown mixes just enough fact in his otherwise fictional information that the unin- formed may mistake his statements and references as an expository of truth. It is certain to reach a wide reading audience, and hence the problem men- tioned above. It reminded me of Harry Potter, and the com- parison is deliberate. Both are make-believe, and if that fact is not remembered clearly, distorted ideas about Christ's Church will be absorbed. My Catholic Church, which dur- ing the dark ages actually res- cued knowledge and educa- tion from potential oblivion, comes across as a destroyer of truth that will go to any length to propagate ignorance. In a nutshell, the book deals with the Church's efforts (more precisely a desperate bishopfs efforts, and those of his blindly obedi- ent albino disciple misfit) to obliterate the story of Jesus' imagined marriage to Mary Magdalene, and the "Priory of Sion's" effort to preserve it. Brown (P/c_qse don't confuse this Dan Brown with the pristine biblical scholar Raymond Brown!) reflects his own deficiency in historical and bibli- cal knowledge by reportedly proclaim- ing himself a "believer" in what he writes. Sad. He has his cart before the horse on YHWH, the sacred name of God in the III I Old Testament. He says it comes from Jahovah (309,~. "/~ opposite is histori- cally true: "Jahovah" is a hybrid, artifi- cially placing vows a, o, a between the consonants of the tetragrammaton YHWH. No historian in'Ms right mind posits that the Crusades were about tbe Church's effort to bury information about Mary Magaalene being Jesus' wife! And yet that's what Dan Brown puts forth (254). No biblical scholar with any sanity would argue that Jesus wanted his Church to be established by Mary Magdalene rather than Peter (248). The accusation (233) that the Council of Nicea (325AD) was the first time Jesus was recognized as di- vine is nonsense. The words on Thomas's lips My Lord andmy God in John's gospel witness the belief in Jesus' divinity in the first century. The book's accusation that the Catho- lic Church burned at the stake five million women is preposterous. Prot- estant and i:athplic atrocities together over centuries never amounted to 1/100 that gmount (125). The statement that the Church per- petuated Mary Magdalene's image as a whore in order to downplay her power is loony. Admittedly there has been historiizal confusion about Magdalene due to the accidental identification of her with the woman of sin in Luke 7: 36-50. Jesus expelling seven demors from her refers to illness only. Satan was confused with all kinds of what we know today as physical sicknesses. i At the Gilmer County Board of Education- Ratliff resigns as Board of Education President; Stalnaker elected to position By Kristal Sheets, Staff Reporter On Thurs., Jan. 8, Board of Educa- now. The deadline for submitting this tionPresidentTommyRatliffresigned policy change to the State School from his position during the final part Superintendent is June 30, 2004. of the first Gilmer County Board of Reports Education meeting of the year. During a review of the current Corn- Board member Larry Butcher prehensive Educational Facilities moved to nominate Gina Stalnaker Plan, it was decided that one faculty for the vacant President's post, while member and one community member Carol Ross seconded the motion; ab- be appointed to the committees which staining from a 4-0 w)te, Mrs. consult on this plan. Stalnakerwa,;installedasBoardPresi- The Gilmer County High School dent by acclamation, effective Jan. 9. Local School Improvemeni 2004. Committee's request that the part- Mr. Ratliffcited "personal reasons" time position of assistant Vice Princi- for his resignation, reasons that he pal for GCHS be made full-time was was "unable to discuss" at the time of discussed. Board member Carol Ross the meeting, asked many questions regarding the Personnel handling of discipline referrals cited A twenty minute executive session by the request. At present, the status began at 6:05 p.m., during which per- of Mr. Bennett's position has not sonnel matters were discussed, changed; the BOE and GCHS "share" Included in new employment were Bennett on an "as needed basis." Golden Jenkins, as a substitute bus Sewage Line Test at NES driver; Brenda Somerville as a substi- At the Dec. 8, 2003 Linkage Meet- tute aid; and Ruth Ann James as a ing with Normantown school and ~ubqitute teacher community members, a sewage line 7 he Board also accepted the retire- test was requested; this test is set to mr,; of Russell S McCullough, ef- take place ,m Wed., Jan. 14, with fe, ,;. e June 30, 2004. Board members, present, along with New Business Principal Monica Beane, County Sani- The Board discussed utilizing a tarian Jack Heater, as well as various work session to finalize Policy 5309, individuals from the State Health the Superintendent's Evaluation Dept., the DEP, Canaan Valley Insti- Policy. Thechange in policy will make tute, and Gilmer Watershed Coali- the evaluation yearly, rather than be- tion. tween contracts, as the policy states Themeetingadjournedat8:25p.m. New bathtime products can help make personal hygiene a lot more fun for children. C()Ui'ON-CI ll' COUi)f)N I : Now serving breakfast from 9 a.m.:12 noon at... I. l MEXI¢;AN IgESTAUligANT I g A.].,.~, enjoy the "Authentic Taste of Mexico', esp. ~_,:a~n I ("-" ' COUPON SPECIAL '-N I [ Sunday 'Family Day' Special --] I A a,: ,0.o0; SS.OOJ I I I WE HAVE NEW HOURS I I I I %. iliiimml MON. -FRI., 9 a.m.-9 p.m. SAT. Noon-9 p.m.; SUN.-Noon-6 p.m. | 407 N. Lewis St., Glenville | I 304-462-0320 .2 ~ in ~ I alum ~ llmmI