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January 16, 1976     The Glenville Democrat
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January 16, 1976

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I O ,, ,, ,, A Gilmer Graphics, Inc. Newspaper Published By and For Gllmer County People Single Copy Price 15c [Incl. Tax] 16 GLENVn~- GHJUm~ COUNTY. WV Z_e_~I ii iii I ~ 1 Friday, l-,.-_~ry 16, 1978 51 car accidents State Police in t1975, of which two Corporal Davis, involved single were involved in people were 32 property plus the two occurred on 33 South, 22 on Rt. 5 West and district in Grimer - six property two on Rt. 119 one on Tanner one on Rt. 119 one in Letter Creak Park, two on 119 South one by Cedar there was South. Injury (}neon RL 5 East near Rt. 5 East near ell Rt. 5 East near 5 East near one on Rt. 5 5 East near Rt. 5 East near RL 5 East near 5 East near Rt, 5 East near RL 5 East near 119 North near - One fatality RmL ' Coun mat last 7 o'clock-in City told Council that concerning the was installed . was in constant its installation. $4,300 worth of Dsvideen, that the in Ghmville has 1976. The month to pay the about the peesi- levy to raiso and streets. If would not cost Property damage: one on Rt. 5 West near Kanawha Drive and two on Rt. 5 West near Dekalb. TROY DISTRICT - Injury acci- dents: one on Rt. 119 North near the Linn Bridge, one in Lower Horn Creek on Rt. 47. Property damage is one on Rt. 47 in Upper Horn Creek in Cox's Mills. By days of week Sundays throughout the year had eight accidents, four of which were property damages, three injuries and one fatality. Mondays showed five injuries and two property damages. Tuesdays showed one fatality and four property damage accidents. Wednesdays showed seven property damages and two injuries. Thursdays showed five property damages and one injury. Fridays shewed three property damages and two injuries. Saturdays showed three injuries and five property damages. The month which showed most accidents was November where four injuries and three property damages were ~ecorded. There was one fatality in January and one in August. Most accidents occux~l during 5 and 6 p.m. where six property and one injury was recorded. One fatality occured during 2-3 p.m. and one during 8-9 p.m. Forty-one accidents occured during the p.m. hours and seven in the e.m. For the whole state from November. 1974 to November, 1975 378 cars were involved in accidents where 434 people were killed. About I1,O12 people were injured and 33,285 property damage accidents were recorded. The total number of people injured was 25,520 and the total number of accidents was 44,675. Council approved the mayor's request of $700 to be transferred to the New Construction Fund to move the Mineral Road fire hydrant three feet off residential property. It was approved to "renew the lease and share the burden of cost of the Senior Citizen Center lease until June 30, 1977. Under present arrangements, Commmfity Action pays for half. or $15 of the utility cost and the City of Glenville pays the other $15. The $30 is a remuneration on a pert of the utilities cost. Council estimated that if regular rates were charged the Senior Citizens, utilities could run as high as $100 a month and rent about $200. Council stated that since "the County Court took no notice to help finance the Giimer County Senior Citizens utility and other expenses, then the City of Glenville will again share the burden of cost with the Community Action Organization." ~#r'~ W Wheel of Mis-F~e includes the time and days of all accidents investigated by State Police. The Glenville Rotary Club was originally chartered on January 12, 1926, fifty years ago on Monday, January 12. Since that date much has happened to the club as well as to the community of Glenville. During this span of fifty years many activities of the club have influenced the community. The local club was sponsored by the Spencer Rotary Club. Although the charter was granted in January 1926, it was not until June ot that year that the Spencer Club could travel to Glenvi]le to present the charter due to the poor condition of the dirt roads which existed at that time. There were eighteen charter members of the club, namely. John E. Arbuckle, J. Earle Arbuclde, Charles Bass. Earle W. Bennett, Esty Berkhouse, Art C. Chapman, Bantz W. Craddock. Overt Hardman, M. W. Harrison, J. D. "'Dode" Jones. R. F. Kidd, Max G. Lynch, Ruesel H. McQuain. Edward G. Rohrbeugh. Karl H. Trippett. Harry Whiting, H. F. Withers and Paul H. Woodford, Of the eighteen charter members, only four I are living. They are John E. Arbuckle, Earle W. Bennett, Overt Hardman and Paul H. Woodford. The first officers were: President, Bantz W. Craddock: Vice-President, Edward G. Rohrbaugh; Secretary, Max G. Lynch; Treasurer, John E. Arbuckle; and Sgt. at Arms, Earle W. Bennett. The club has had only three treasurers during the fLfty years. John E. Arbuckle served in this capacity continuously from the beginning of the club until recently. Thomas McPherson and Dr. Byron Turner are the others who have served as treasurer. The Golden Anniversary Year for the club began on July 1, 1975, and will end on June 30, 1976. The Ball held in November and the Banquet to be held on March 11 are major Golden Anniversary events. At the Golden Anniversary Banquet Dr. Carl L. Schweinfurth, District Governor, will present the 50 year certificate from Rotary International and Dr. Harry B. Herin, former president of the local club and of Glenville State College, will deliver the main address. The entire Spencer Rotary will be invited to attend. Roger Kennedy of Normantown has filed for Gilmer County Assessor to oppose incumbent Richard Stahiaker in the May 11 primary election. Stalnaker, who is now in his 12th year as Assessor. has not been opposed in a primary election since 1964 when he beat out Adren Jones. To date, five men have fried for five county offices, according to Lane Smith. Gilmer County Circuit Clerk. Filing date for the May 11 primary here expires Feb. 7. The General Eelection will be held Novembe~ 11. Among those filing for County Magistrate is Glenville Mayor Delbert Davidson. Under a new magisterial system that goes into effect for the first time next year, Gilmer County will elect only one magistrate to replace two now serving. Present magistrates are W.W. Woodyard and Jenninas Moss. If elected, Davidson said, he would have to resign as Mayor in December. He was elected to his present office last year. At last Monday's City Council meeting, Mayor Davidson informed Council that the City of Glenville is being sued by Michael E. Dobbins of Webster Springs, WV, for $3,500. Dobbins' lawyer, Ernest V. Morton, Jr., {of Morton and Garrett in Webster Springs} sent to Mayor Davidson a summons, dated Dec. 29, 1975, and complaint to be answered within 20 days ~vl.u8 it. The defendant in the case is N.G. Ritchie, who was then an acting member of the Glenville Police Dapartment. Ohio Farmers Insurance Company, a corporation of the State of Ohio "was surety on a certain indemnifying bond of the defendant N. G. Ritchie, running in the name of the State of West Virginia in the penal sum of $3.500. indemnifying N.G. Ritchie in his capacity as a member of the Glenville Police Department, and conditioned upon the faithful perfor- mance by Ritchie as his duties as a policeman for Glenville." The complaint states that Ritchie "struck the plaintiff Michael E. Dobbins and knocked him to the ground thereby causing injuries to his head, face, neck and other parts of his body." Ritchie swore out a complaint and caused Mayor Grilespie, to issue a warrant charging ~Dobbins with '*forcibly and illegally hindering an officer in this State." Also, Ritchie swore out another complaint and received another warrant by Gi~espie charging Dobbins "with appearing in a public place in a state of intoxication." On January 10, 1975, Gilles~e proceeded to "try Dobbins on the charge of forcibly and illegally Others who have fried for office include incumbent Clark James, for Sheriff, and Nelson Carrett for County Commissioner. Garrett is a former President of the County Commission. Commissioner Billy Jean Summers' term expires December 31. Although she could run to succeed herself. traditionally (not by law) the next commissioner would be from the Troy District. No two persons from the same District can serve on the County Commission at the same time, according to the West Virginia Code. Summers was elected in 1974 to serve out the unexpired term of Earl 'Wax" Gainer. Gainer had been appointed to the post vacated by Drexell Frame of the Center District. To date, no one has fried for Prosecuting Attorney, an office now held by Jay PerriU. Also, this is the year for the quadrennial check-up of voters, This results in a check of registered voters to determine their political party preferences. It is also a time to register new voters. hindering and obstructing an officer of W. Va." Dobbins charged that Gillaspie, as mayor, had "no jurisdiction or authority to try him on this charge." Dobbins was found not guilty. On the same day, Gillaspie proceeded to try Dobbins on the charge of intoxication, "upon which tri~ there was no final result." appeared before the Grand Jury of Gilmer County, "and by reason of his testimony, the said Grand Jury returned an indichnent against the plaintiff Dobbins." Dobbins was then placed under arrest and was required to give bond to obtain his freedom. On November 10, a motion was filed by the pro-~uting attorney in the Circuit Court of Gilmer County that because of insufficient evidence there was no reason to proceed with the trial. Dobbins was obligated to pay approximately $100 for necessary "medical diagnosis and treatment as he suffered physical pain and mental anguish, has expended and obligated to pay $570 for legal expenses incurred by the unlawful arrests, and prosecutions, and was greatly humiliated, exposed and injured in his credit, standing position and circum- stances." Mayor Davidson reported to Council that the insurance company will fight the court battle. "Win or lose, it won't cost the city a dime," said the mayor. C, ouncil'appreved letting the insurance attorney and insurance company answer'the complaint. I'li hway Safety plans driving provided by and used by and college Board of State College $35,000 for $15,000 and will the project. told this and GSC this project for the driving on the GSC facility and will allow the its approved January 8, and haby. of an accident his red ,5 when he ran a truck being garage. Police Officer of 1976 leap and out teacher preparation program in driver and traffic safety education and will remove the training of beginning drivers from the highways. The county will benefit since it will provide a safe training ground for student teachers, high school students, bus drivers and adults. Its future use could be for school bus driver workshops and heavy equipment training from Calhoun-Gil- mar Career Center students. The joint effort of Supt Welty and GSC President Dr. D. Banks Wriburn to get the project started is not the first time both schools have worked together for the same results. Past cooperative efforts have included swimmin~ programs, library services, use of audio-visual media, athletic facilities, student-teacher experiences. workshops and in-services training. of the garage backwards. Andrew McCullough was steering the towed truck. The Lowther car received extensive front-end damage when it hit the rear of the truck, which was not damaged. Lowther's father, Avin, took his sen, Mrs. Lowther and the baby to Dr. Heeler in Glenville and then on to St. Mary's for further examination. The accident is still under by the State usher New Year Since the first of the year, the Gflmer County Volunteer Fire Depart/ ment has been called out to two fires. The first one occurred on Friday, January 9 when firemen were called out on Route 18 to the Ran Belmont residence. They found hay in a pumphousa smoldering and a portable Indian tank was used to extinguish the flames. On January 12 at 11:45 a.m.. the Fire Department was called out to Lower Cedar Creak where a house owned by H.S. Furr was on fire. The fire was discovered by Mrs. Larry iglison who, along with her husband, rents the wood frame home from Furr. By the time the firemen got to the house, it was completely destroyed by the fire. There were no injuries. odlttoa of' tho Cwmcrat it was that the lad now befn8 u=ed to build the new Elementary School was gift fu n Ronaid Welty, Superintendent of 6timer CmmW explained that the Ce mW paid $13,00o the 'i