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January 16, 1976     The Glenville Democrat
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January 16, 1976

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Marries Bobby Poole READS YOUR STARS |anuary is, t976 The Glenville i)emocrat/Pathfi.d~~ ; / SPECIAL Broughton Milk Gal iug SI,59 SUPERETTE The "new" Mr. and lVbs. Ponle. | T. Home of Maid of Honor was Kay Hayes and marriage of theirSherry Puccio was Matron of Honor. to Bobby Joseph Bridesmaids were Diana Freeland, Poole and the Sbery Helvy and Jan Coby. Flower girls Glenville. were Erica Puccin and Rhonda Hayes. t nlarried at 2 p.m., Ringbearer was Timmy Hayes. Calvary United The best man was Steve la Ripley with the Buffington and the ushers were Rudi officiating. King, Rex Kulfl, Mark Reger, and given in marriageBobby Casto. a long white jersey kidt with A reception was held in the The natural church's social room. with a with a After a wedding trip to Canaan full A-line skirtValley State Park the newlyweds will length train, reside in Ripley. W. Va. MoWng? ~ send us both (#d a, nd addresses so that ~m ~ nmke your subscription If you were born this week: Details are your forte. You are able to spot and realize the significance of all the small points everyone else has overlooked. You have a stronq desire to held others. You will be happrer in a job that rs people-oriented. You tend to be sensitive but reser~ ed ARIES (3/21-4/19): Famdy. LIBRA (9/23-10/23): Compeh- love an0 work are to the fore hun for your hme ~s force thes th% week Be prepared to woek You may need to recon- accept respons~bil~ty -- your c,le "want and 'ouqht Later. own share and maybe a little keep an eye on bnances: extra ~. ater a suror~se ~uddenor unusualexpenditure me~saqe can bring news to ~ possible Don't take un- your advantage necessary qambles TAURUS (4/20-5120): A SCORPIO (10/24-11/22): p,obl~,m to Solve centering Appearances can be dece~v- around home Ta{Jrus You ~nQ Scorp A situation may may be of two minds but your seem to ease off, but dont ~nstmct knows which way ~s relax yOur grip on ~t You're best Foflow Jt Romance has only qetbnq a reprieve, not a both ptuses and m~nuses r~ght pardon FJclure out how tO deal now As the old saymq goes: w~th it before ~t crops up again the course of true love doesn't and it may notl a!wavs rtJr~ smoothly SAGITTARIUS (11/23-12/21): GEMINI (5/21-6/20): Unfore- Duty can take many forms. ~er~r~ Ch;~nc}es *n plans posslble Th~ week you may have to for the next several weeks, flmsh an old obh0ation to a Gem Mercury qoes retrograde lady Do ~t Later. the rope of th, week arid s;nce ~t is your your new self-discipline may r{~,r ~artcl ruler of V~rgo) it become slack Pull harder ~e~ds to rinse a httle more CAPRICORN (12/22-1119): haw:w w~th you than with the Relahonsh~ps with others are other s~Qns accented Helping could be in- MOONCNILD (6121-1122): A volved F,nances may be cnaltenqe made but not fully spothghted, too Choose met may return this week Take purchases carefully or you may another CraCk at ~t Your un- be returninq them Pay for a d(~rstandmg has deepened o,ece of work may be delayed. since *ts hrst appearance. Wise Love overlays week ~,~ of talents ~s also ~mportant AOUARIUS (1/20-2/19): now Romance ~s at the starting LEO (1123-8122): You may feel (late The race ~s on but the as ,f you ve finally learned to track ~s slow and no new qw~m but aren't sure where record will be set Pace shore ~s Treadmq water may yourself and step with care: hetp you find a new oerspec- m~d ~s slippery Later. atten- !ire Th~s could be particularly titan to established facts wins !rue wr~ere e~ther an ~deal or the week omeo~e close *s concerned VlRGO (8/23-9/22): Affairs PISCES (2/20-3/20): It would may not rur~ as smoothly as be easy to wander away lrom youd like You are also your prolecls Set yOurself ob- Merc~ry-r~led see this week's ~:tives and don't be side- Gemm~ Youll be doing re- tracked until you've met them. ~,valuahon of how you spend A love-br~ak may not prove as your (,.nerqtes and time too r( as you'd hoped Statewide contest Up a Tree ACaO~S 1 Coniferous tree 5 Evergreen trees 9 Thnher tree 12 Kind of eheeue 13 Indigo 14 Extinct bird 15 Take turns 17 Infect larva 18 Watch again 19 Sea god 21 Contest of speed 23 Sesame 24 Brazilian macaw 27 Share 29 Buddhist priest 32 Syrup trees 34 Amphitheaters 36 Reach for 37 Save 38 Warm 3g Pace 41 Not, of Guido's s~ale 42 Trees' leaves turn -- in Autumn 44 Employer 411 Leanest 40 Loud 53 Make lace edging 54 Deserters 56 Frenck coin ~7 Spanish nN~asur~e 58 Withered 59 Footlike part 60 Formerly 61 Former Russian ruler ! DOWN 1 Fruit tree 2 Indolent 3 Bt=rme~e demons 4 Persian prince 5 Kind of palm tree 6 More ~,~tse|es$ ? Ceremony 8 Was dormant 9 Vehicle for the26 ~ick 28 10 Early 30 I l Dete~t 16 Farm machine 31 20 Baked clay33 pieces 22 Contamers 35 Z Here's 24 Indian nurse 25 Destroy Equipment Vetches Handl, roughly On the water Liquid measure Be penitent ,|: !l :: I- -I the Answer 40 Teachers 43 Deafen 45 Cook in oven 46 P=ce 47 Gait 48 Mast 50 Followers 51 Antitoxins 52 l~lgian river 55 Perched 0 I Woman's work is never done -- just ask any female person Why don't they time ~ideo commercials far enough apart so you can get the T~, dinner out of the oven without missing any of the program'.' What to take on vacat~tm fascinates shoplifters HEARING ~T SET FOR GLENVILLE W. VIRGINIA Electronic hearing test will be Iliven st the Conrad Hotel in Gienville each third Wednesday of laoBth [rom 2 p.m. to 4 pmo by Mr. Kemper Hyre. Certified Hearin8 Aid Audiologist. BELTONE HEARING Ally SERVi(~ 442-B. W. Pike St Churksburg, W.Va. 26301 rll i ii _ i iiii i i iI1~ A TIP FROM CONCERNED LAND AND NAT[reAL RESOURCES ! OWl'- , INC. Judges are being named to make community awards in every part of West Virginia in the statewide development and incentive program, "All West Virginia City". By mid-February, future All West Virginia cities will be nominated from their respective state districts to state judging. A panel of out-of-state development professionals will judge the entries on the state level by early ~, March. Top rated communities will receive state recognition at a banquet luncheon in Charleston next April, sponsored by the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce. Chamber president Howard. Sen- ior Vice President of Borg-Warner Chemicals, Parkersburg, told state officials recently that~ sixty communi- ties and several hundred local officials, civic leader, volunteers and interested citizens are currently involved in the program co-chaired by C.L. Smithson of Fairmont and H.K. Shabdue of South Charleston. Many leases for off and gu now routinely include "all | minerals now known and to be discovered in the future." | Read your lease carefully and don't give away salt, uranium or other re mrces to a company which plans to I take out only the oil and gas at present. Concerned Land and Natural Resources Owners, Inc+, Box 22, Rt. 1, Jane Low, WV 26378. I III IIIII ........... IIII llmmllllfl tml /11 III I ---Illllmmll IJIIIII II I Illllllllglllq CALHOUN-GILNfER CAREER CENTER | | SC 26, 1975 I1 what a 'til our TV week." C0m W.Va. ~SP~YS Of AND MARKERS WILt BE MADE AS htt~t atLm.o~ lv~tuded Z~ Phooe 9274713 S.nce, ,Speed Q.. Gib~n Zenith * Washers Refrigerators Televisions See the Zenith Color Sets on display. We install and service all sales. RHOADES PLUMBING FURNITURE 15 Poweli St. Gienvilte Phone 462-7355 WE SERVICE ONL Y WHAT WE SELL 0 By special arrangement with the Florida Agricultural Marketing Association, you can purchase cartons of fine pecans, peanuts, orange juice, grapefruit and oranges. All produce must be paid for st the time the order is placed. Checks are to be made payable to: W. Va., A.M.A. Order forms may be obtained from Mrs. Furr. Foiling is a list of iterns available: All Cartons Temple Oranges .......................... - ............. $ 6.70 C, artoos Pineapple Oranges .................................... $ 6.70 Cartons Grapefruit. : .......................................... $ 6.70 HDOJC, Orange Juice, 24 can case ............................. $14.42 ShoRed Pecans, 1 pound bag ................................. $ 2,58 Peanuts, 1 pound bag ........................................ $ 1.34 prices include sales tax. Name ......................................... Phor, e ..................... Address ....................................... County ..................... City ................... State ................... Zip Code ................... Delivery will be FARMER TO FARMER MARKETING Order deadline Jan. 23, 1976 Send cor'~leted order blank (with checkt to Mildred FurL Treasurer Gilmer County Courthouse Annex, Glenville made February 9-13 at the Recreation Center. COST OF I CLASS NIGHT MATERIAL FF_,E DESCRIPTION & NO S I STORE SECURITY WED. S12.00 COURSE DEALS WITH GENERAL STORE SECURJTY, DETE~NG I CLINIC SHOPLIFTERS, LEGAL EIGI-rrs, ~ CASHING, SALES BOOSTING. APPROX. FIRST 6 WEEKS WILL DEAL ONLY WITH STORE SECURITY. I INCOME TAX WED. $15.00 COURSE DEALS W/TH PREPARATION OF SHORT FORM, STATE A~G AND FEDERAL INCOME TAX RETURNS. A~N'rING H MON. $15.00 A CONTINUATION OF ACCOUNTING r. A REV~W FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE COMPIJETED ONE YE_AR OF HIGH SCHOOL BOOKKEEPING. TYPING H MON. $10.00 AN ADVANCED ~G CLASS DEALING WITH THE PREPARATION OF BUSINESS LETTERS, FORMS, ETC. ! BEG_INNING SEWING MON. $10.00 BASIC SEWING ~QUES. mJI ET DECORATING WED. $10.00 CREATIVrTY VS. MONEY IN HOME DECORATING. PATTERNS, FIT- MON. $10.00 CHOOSING PATTERNS, FrrYING THEM TO YOUR FIGURE, TINGS, AND ALTERING JEADY MADE CIX)THES, CHOOSING MATERIAL ALTERATIONS FLATTERING TO YOUR FIGUB__E. FUEL SY~, WED. + $10.00 STUDYING THE COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE FUEL SYSTEM CARBURETORS INCLUDING CARBLqtETOIt EEBUII iNG/ FRONT ]END NON. $10.00 R USE OF THE FRONT END MACHINE, BRAKE LATHE, TURNING AI~ AND DRUMS, DISC. ETC. M BRAKE KEPAI HOME MON. $15.00 A COURSE IN BASIC REPAIRS SUCH AS SOLDERING BASIC MAINTENANCE WELDING, SIMPLE USE OP SHEEr METAL, WOODWORKING, ! . BASIC USE OF HAND AND POWER TOOLS. " HOUSEWIRING WED. $20.00 ,THEORY AND PRACTICE IN WIRING AND PLUMBING YOUR AND PLUMBING HOME. BEGINNING MON. $30.00 "BASIC WORK ON METAL LATHES INCLUDING THEORY, MACHINE SHOP & PRACTICE AND READING OF MACHINE SHOP DRAWINGS AND MACHINE PRINTS. DltAWING ARC VVELDING WED. $50.00 "USING ELECTRIC ARC WELDING IN BASIC FUNCTIONS. REFRIGERATION MON. $12.00 eCOURSE DEALS wrrH BASIC R__EFRIGERATION THEORY. THEORY, MOTORS WORKING ON REFRIGERATOR MOTORS & CONTROLS & & CONTROLS & WORKING wrrH SMALL APPLIANCES, TROUBLESHOOTING SMALL APPLI- AND REPAIRING THESE SMALL APPLIAJ~CES. ANCE REIDAIR & TROUBLE- SHOfflING ADULT BASIC MON. NO COST , PREPARATION FOR GED TEST. GED TEST WILL BE GIVEN AT EDUCATION THE CALHOUN-GILMI CAREER CENTER. PHOTOGRAPHY WED. $12.00 ,THIS COURSE DEALS wrrll sErrING UP OBJECTS TO PHOTOGRAPH. IT W3LL DEAL vvrrH THE CORRECT LIGHTING. BACKGROUND, COLOIL ETc'rliE COURSE WILL NOT INCLUDE - DARKROOM PROCESSING. LAW NO COST A BASIC COURSE IN PRACtiCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT ENFORCEMENT APPROVED BY THE WV DEPT. OF VOCATIONAL EDUC.COI'RSE IS ARRANGED BY THE DEPT. OF VOCATIONAL EDUCATION. REGISTRATION TIME AND DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED TO AREA POLICE DEPARTMENTS & COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. COST OF COUBSE TO BE PAID BY STATE. I GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS CONCERNING CLASSES All classN ~,,s otherwise noted will begin the week of January 26, 1976 and will run 12 consecutive weeks. All cost of mMerlal fees are due the first meeting of the class. No cost of material fees are refundable after the second dam meeting. The school reserves the right to cancel any class which doe= not have sufficient enrollment. All claues will be on a "first come. first served basis." Applications by phone, letter or in person will he accepted beginaing Jan. 14. 197.6. Material fee covers all costs of the class including books, materials, etc. All classes will meet ft'om 6:30 to 9:.30 on nights specified. For further in~ation contact: The Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center Rt. 318, Box 42-A Grantsville, WV 26147 Phone: 354-6151 mmmm BIBIBIBmmlIBIBUlBIBBBBB mm mm mmBIBIBB mm I