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January 17, 1991     The Glenville Democrat
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January 17, 1991

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ii00!  2 The GlenviHe Democral/Pathf'mder Thursda, us. Not a lot of other soldiers I've talked to can say that about their second enlistment and suddenly decide they don't  home state, let alone their home town. the basis of religious conviction are also suspect. I 'i  llj  Again, I think I speak for all of us when I say I want to thank each those who volunteer to serve are bound to do so : and every citizen of Gilmer County personally for their support. We the oath they take until the terms of the contract are , want to make our community, West Virginia and America proud, same manner ANY legal contract should be Thank you all for keeping faith, to get out from under his/her contract on the basis ,: SSG, Doran Flower coming a conscientious objector and we will have | Saudi Arabia cowards who all at once become religious. The ": ment cannot function under such an arrangement Intercepted Letter At the beginning I referred to "soul-searching." . secular standpoint, I cannot argue against the use ,: Honorable Robert C. Byrd great deal of conviction. However, I can and do i United States Senate sion as to whether or not military action will solve the : 311 Senate Hart Building impending war, I am afraid, is only a prelude of : Washington, D.C. 20510 There in NO way that it can be a limited engagement. : I[E Eastem nation will be pulled into it, including Senator Byrd: coalition of Christians, Moslems and Jews can hold ; come a common enemy remains to be seen. I fred ! After the great flood of 1985, Gilmer County's future seemed bleak, something like that continuing for any length ,,,,.,, This was just one of many previous floc, ds which left our county both As I consider the implications of everything that is ! ,m,,,, devastated economically and fearful ofthe Little Kanawha River's next such a rapid pace, beginning with a rapid :: strike. Our county has along history of flooding, which has significantly dards and proceeding at break-neck speed, there are ':: A Free Press: Democracy's Forum held back any and all economic expansion, keep running through my mind. At the risk of " And then there was hope! In 1986 you directed the SCS to do a study those who don't appreciate sermons being printed of the Little Kanawha River Basin in the Gilmer County area. In I will brazenly list these three words: RAPTURE, .-- addition, the Army Corps of Engineers pitched in at a later date and MILLENNIUM. Bible students will understand " Gilmer GIs in the Persian Gulf conducted a study themselves. Thosetworeports, which are endorsed, If there is anyone reading this column who : show their findings. We are aware now that there axe indeed solutions them, I would strongly suggest that they take !! SGT. PAUL AMOS CPL WILLIAM ALLEN to our problems, become familiar with them, and to understand the : 234-04-6843 JONES These solutions to our consistent flooding, however, are all stated ignorance. : Operation Desert Shield 236-94-9107 unfeasible. Unfeasible to the extent that they are not financially equal : Co. C 46th Eng. BN HW. BTRY. 3rd BN to a 1 to 1 cost benefit ratio which is what the SCS and the Army Corps  APt New York, NY 09657 Camp Mar. (MT) have told the Commission. Costs are high, yet benefits are portrayed as / .. JAMES BEALL SRA FPO New York, NY ultimately low. Recreation, water quality, and future economic devel- A View From Kelly Run Rose 236-86-4062 09502-0142 opment are not considered as benefits in these reports, which if added, - would make the solutions more cost effective. " :.:: 354 TFW/EMS/AMMO Box 15 SPC. STEVE KING In conclusion, we write you, Senator Byrd, pleading for some type This dawns a very snowy day, with already v. APt New York, NY 09855 233-94-4148 v, ofhelp and guidance in achieving funding for a solution to our flooding laying on. No school bus today so the neighbors ':' Charley Co. 2nd/187 ::: SSG DANIEL L. BENNETT problems. We ask that recreation, water quality, and future economic school. This is causing a little bit of friction here !:! 234-04-4302 101 St. ABN Div. (AASLT) development be imported as benefits in our application. We live in a Oh, well, I guess we will all live over it! Tim has to A-BTRY 2/319TH AFAR APt New York, NY 09309 county rich in natural resources, the home of Glenville State College, classes if he is to get out early this spring in order to] i Task Force 1/325 SPC. RONNIE L. KUHL and minutes from a major highway, 1-79. Yet, because of constant few things this summer. As we watch the unfolding of the revelations, ::: 2ND BDE 236-94-2552 flooding, we significantly realize no new growth in business ventures, dieted in the book of Revelation and in other scri !::" 82/ABN Div. Operation Desert Shield creating high unemployment and high percentage of population loss, ii! APt New York, NY 09656 85th Med. Bn. and therefore a lower quality of life. other authors inspired by our Lord and Savior, "' 702nd Med. Co. pace, we are forced to take inventory on our own !:! LCPL BRYANT K. BLACK APt New York, NY 09657 Gilmer County Commission fellow men. There are so many blatant graft :! 236-96-1154 2: WPNS Co. 3/6 CPL RICHARD MONT- Larry B. Chapman, President around. Wars and rumors of wars, neighbor against ::: FPO New York, NY GOMERY O.V. "Gene" Ellyson, Member couraged to act as the Third Reich did as a : 09502-0108 236-19-1927 Reta B. Kight, Member the holocaust. We should have learned something we? I recently had quite an experience with one :j SSGT GEARY CRAFT Fox Co. 2nd BN 4th MAR. ,, promotional sweepstakes. K__yle Files/ A company caUed "Nutrityme of Utah" had one oft " H7S Co. 1st BN 2nd MAR DIV. IS Kyle Emerson can one evening just after dark. Of course it was late !i 4th MAR 13th MEU FPO New York, NY ,, FPO San Francisco, CA 96694- 09502-0090 in the Mountain States. Anyway, I was informed thai very valuable bonus. It was either a brand new :':! 8413 DANIEL A. MOORE In the several years I have been writing a column, and in the years genuine diamond and ruby pendant, a six-day and :! SPC JAMES CRAFT 233-06-6145 prior to that time when I kept a diary and wrote my column for my an accommodations package, $2,500.00 in cash or :. 236-23-2105 HHC4/18 Inf. Bn own satisfaction, I have never addressed a subject that requires as ACO/I'F4325 Air 3rd Armored Division much "soul-searching" as this one. As I typed in the dateline (lanu- TV. One of the five, but they would not know ii 82nd ABN Div. Operation Desert Shield ary 17), I realized that although this is being written on January 13, was for four to six weeks, However, I had to either :.: APt New York, NY 09656 APt New York, NY 09682- by the dateline of the newspaper, that critical date, January 15, 1991, Simple Water Purifier or a vitamin package. Well, i 2320 will have come and passed. Should the threats and counter-threats be water purifier, so we are trying one of those. My ! LCPl. ADAM FINLEY was the diamond pendant. Well, since I figured if , E4 DON KEVIN RATCLIFF carried out, it is entirely possible that January 15, 1991, will go phone bill in installments I didn't much need any i! 233-04-8120 233-08-2701 down in history as "the day of infamy" for I don't believe any of elry. I asked to exchange it for equal value. They VMA 33T/L MAG 404, MEB FPO New York, NY B Co. 3rd Engr. BN 24th ID those individuals involved in the decision making process under- about it and sent me a list of things of equal 09503-0527 Desert Shield stand exactly what it is that they are about to unleash. exchange for. I chose an encyclopedia set. Tim is ::! SP/4 DALE E. FISHER all for "kicking butt." Most who know me view me as much more of a good paper-backed set of.Websters new 13-volume APt New York, NY 09315 As a military veteran of 26 years, one would think that I would be 233-25-3961 ***CORRECTION*** a hawk than a dove, and when it gets down to brass tacks, I guess I with a complete dictionary--well done in black LCPL. bllKE ROBERTS fit the mold. Usually, I can me up my mind rather readily and even have a nice pasteboard c,, s is reall ........ I hadn't even gotten ....... :: Operation Desert Shield 232-25-6276 have strong arguments to defend hay position, bui in this instance I from this same company. It seems that I had won 1st Armored Div. Fast Attack can think of a counter argument for almost any statement one makes, to get this one I had to order a one-year supply of SVC Btry. 3-1 FA PLT WPNS Co. whether in support of or against armed action. APt New York, NY 09139 Dept. K BLT 3/8 26 MEU I listened intently the other night when CBS News conducted one nominal, cost of only $-1300.00. They could not tell of chemical base or not. I had won one of these top " SGT. DORAN FLOWER FPO New York, NY 09502-8536 of their "town meetings" in North Carolina--listened to the heated brand new Mercury Tracer, a six-day and five-night A236"06"6680Co. 319th MI BN SPC. E4 JAMES TOMSIK debate that ensued, and had to admit that most of those speaking commodation package, a home movie camera 232-04-5654 presented valid points to support their position. However, there was five hundred dollars in cash. i APt New York, NY 09657 C CO. 25CAV-1CD (and has been since the outset) one argument that seems to have SPC. DARREN FREDERICK 2nd. Platoon 3rd SQD been ignored by some quarters, and certainly has NOT been stressed Well, when I declined the generous offer of the 234-06-0899 APt New York, NY 09506-0110 by any of the protagonists in the debate, the salesman got very persistent and said that he waS me so I should reciprocate and buy the vitamins so A Battery 3RD BN "Blood for oil!" That has become the slogan of the anti-force off the price of the bonus, but he would not know 41st Field Art. , ROBERT VAN BUREN advocates, and rightly so, since nobody has taken the time to explain until 30 to 45 days. He told me if I had any major 24 Infantry Division PVT. 1ST CLASS why "blood for oil" might be a worthwhile sacrifice. Nobody, it had to do is give him the number and they could put : Operation Desert Shield Brg. A1/10 Guns seems has taken the time to outline all the consequences of Iraq , vitamins on it. I sure did think that was nice of him ;: APt New York, NY 09315 4thFPoMeV.NewGroUPYork, 6Ny gaining control of over half the world's supply of crude oil. Had this main office in Las Vegas, Nevada, anyway. Here I i SGT. TIMOTHY L. HAMRIC happened, the world's economy would have been placed in such a 234-82-5928 turmoil that the Great Depression of the 1930s would have been didn'tnumber andhave tOfollow thebUy anythinginslructionstO win.onAlla tapel hadwhichtO do is :: Operation Desert Shield reduced to an inconsequential fluctuation. The suffering that would very fast. It took me several tries but ! got it down HHT 1/2 ACR have resulted from the breakdown of the world's industrial produc- them the following letter (requesting that ! be given APt New York, NY 09759 tion, the resultant unemployment, and the other woes would have four bonuses.) They sent back a form for me to brought on a type suffering that is almost unfathonable. Emerging three weeks later I got my wonderfffl prize in the mail., "third world" countries would have been set back to the stone age, grateful, of cours e and since 1 didn't buy anything, J Please call the Democrat office with additions or changes, and subsistence living is out of the question with the world's popula- change this one! uuV'-r Mail Pouch 00ioo at its present level. I sincerely believe that this is the most Then there are these wonderful 900 and 700 From important issue at stake, yet there have been very few debates in call about a number of subjects. They arc so very which a scenario has been presented to represent the effects of such cially when you get your phone bill. All that I can a development. the times." Open Letters we are told by the "anti-war" faction that "we don't KNOW if something of this sort will happen", but can only surmise, based upon the best analysis of economists that such would be the case. L|brary Lines/Kyle Emerson 462-5620 Dear people of Gilmer County and other counties, Those who argue that we should wait and wait and wait cannot I would like to thank you for your cards'and letters that you sent provide any assurance that the waiting would solve the dilemma to myself and other service men. It meant a lot to me to know that either, so the decision had to be made on the basis of judgement, there are people back home that care about us. I would like to write after long analysis of the options, and even then, allowing for the use As I begin writing this column sell as many copies everyone of you back personally but there are so many people it of intuition or "gut feeling" in making the final decision. 1 find mysclfwondering,justwhat poisible, and saleS would take so long. So I am sending you my thanks through The Last Saturday, a majority of both the House of Representatives can 1 .say? After all, books have library can have J " Democrat. I hope all of you had a good holiday season. Again from and the Senate of the Unitcd States passed a resolution to allow the bccn comingin at a snail's pace, so upon retail. president to use force in carrying out the United Nations mandate, there is no "new book nook" rcport thoughtheydon'til myselfwarmthandandI'mconcem.SUre a lot of the other servicemen, thank you for your This SHOULD send a signal to the American people that the demo- to give. In fact, it has been over a in marketing, the LCPL Michael L. Roberts, Jr.. cratic process has worked. A majority of those elected representa- month since any new books have tion will usually Saudi Arabia tives of the people) representatives that were also elected by a ma- arrived at the library (except an thcirorders filled. :; Dear Friends, jority through the democratic process) has authorized the president occasional addition to the leased Another adverse I believe l speak for all the soldiers, sailors and airman from to act FOR the nation, and to manage the situation in the manner HE books), and l find myself being in the nccd for Gilmer County who are deployed here in Saudi Arabia. The Glen- decides is proper. If we continue to mount protests, we are not really forced to give the standard "it's on for the lcndin ville Democrat remains one of the main sources for us to keep up on protesting war, but are saying that we do not believe in the demo- order" answer to repeated queries our new news back home. All of us here draw strength from our upbringing. ,:ratic process. In effect, we are saying that we don't wish to conform about high interest books, through the The good times and hard times of growing up in the mountains to the wishes of the majority, therefore we believe anarchy should In defcnseofthesystcm, l must Commission, i helped to mold us into the proud Americans wc have become, prevail, with everyone free to decide their own course of action and say that patrons need to understand cataloged and scat Just as families back home depend on each other and a healthy not be bound by the laws and dictates of the society in which we thatwhenabookisbeingpromotcd must take the dose of good neighboring to get over the rough times, we West live. Further, we are saying that we don't wish to conform to the on a television talk show, there is Commission into Virginians in the military gain strength from being close to one dictates of democratic rule, which in my humble opinion, borders on no assurance that that book is The money another and knowing we have our home town communities behind treason. This irresponsible attitude worries me! available. Many of these fccted Another problem I have had is in the attitude of some of the promotionals are usually aired arc being pared to families of military personnel who have entered the anti-war move- prior to release, so that everyone mum, which " ment. They evidently have felt no revulsion at their loved ones be- will rush out to buy the book as built in delay that The alenville Democrat coming members of the armed forces, but oppose them being called soon as itbecomes available. That loads impose. upon to do the job for which they have been trained. I would remind explanation works until someone cause minor The Glenville Pathfinder every "dissenter" that each member of the armed forces took an oath walks into Walden's Books and sionally, the bcne6 t :! Published by Giimer County Publishing Inc. before God to uphold the constitution of the Untied States. A part of sees a display of the new best the library patron Judy Rich - Editor that oath is to obey the orders of the superiors appointed over them. seller, and we still don't have it at book budgets as :: Avon L. Arnold - Advertising Manager If the only reason for entering the military was to get free training the library. This often results in While there is and receive payment for being trained for a job that they never the explanation that it is only good vantage, " Publbhed Thursdays at least 50 weeks of the year. intended to do in the first place, then they would have taken that merchandising to fill orders from the amount ofbooks' Second Class Postage paid at Glenville, WV 26351 oath under false pretenses. Those who "sign-up" and then decide retail outlets before those of li- purchase and the Notice to Postmaster: Please send address Corrections to: somewhere down the line that they don't want any part of the mili- braries, since the object of any we can continue to P. O. Box 458, Glenville, WV 26351 Subscription Price: $12.72 (tax included) in West Virginia; tary should be reminded that they have signed a legal contract and publisher or book salesperson to vclop our collectiOo" $16.00 for Out-of-State Subscribers are legally (and morally bound to honor that commitment. I find the Cannot accept subscriptions for less than six months, motives of one who becomes a "conscientious objector" AFTER he/ (304) 462-7309 she has taken the oath suspect, especially if that objection arises only THE GLENVILLE DEMOCRAT DEADLINE " ' when the threat of military action is imminent. Those who are on a CLASSIFIED ADS IS MONDAY AT 5:00 t