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January 22, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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January 22, 2004

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Federal Disaster flood victims on Emily Ames, of Tanner, a current The Federal Disaster Assistance money youreceived from FEMAdur- fourth trimester student in the Doctor Program-Hazard Mitigation Grant ing the most recent flooding for the ofchiropracticprogramatPalmerCol- Program will hold the first meeting in damages to your property, lege of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa, Gilmercounty on Wednesday, Janu- Application forms may be com- has been named to the College's ary28at6:30p.m, intheCommission pleted and returned to the Gilmer Dean's List for the third trimester. Room of the Gilmer county Court- County Clerk' s Office and other des- TobeeligiblefortheDean'sList, a house. This meeting will comply with ignated locations (to be determined), student must achieve a minimum the regulations of the Federal Grants Should you not be able to attend the grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 in program. These grants include the meeting, forms will be available for all studies for the respective term. elevation of houses above the flood you to pick up and complete. The highest possible GPA is a 4.0. zone, or the removal of the house to The county damage will be assessed Palmer was established as the first higher levels or the buying out of the for each house or can be combined in chiropractic college by Daniel David residences that were damaged in one simple grant. If you received a Palmer in 1897. Palmer College of floods, which occurred on November FEMAgrantduringthepasttwoyears, Chiropractic received accreditation 19, 2003, and prior flooding, please complete the application. You from the Council on Chiropractic To be eligible for the FEMA grant, will be helping your community in Educationin 1979 and from the North you are required to complete an appli- the total damage assessment for the Central Association of Colleges and cation. Applications will be available grant application. For additional in- Schools in 1984. at the meeting. The application must formation, call Reta Kight, Gilmer be complete including the amount of County Commissioner at 462-5660. Area resident (It's a Boy/) ii, DAN MICHAEL LOWTHER Baby boy, Michael, born to Lowthers of Linn Michael and Marsha Lowther, of Linn~ are l~appy to announce the birth of their second child• Local kids to featured 'Zoom into be named to Dean's in List at Capital University on West Columbus, OH resident Joelle L. Harris has been named to the dean's PB S list forthe fall 2003 semester at Capi- tal University. • ' " " h In order to be named to the dean's Whethertt srazsmgmoneythroug list, full-time students must have recycling drives, preparing shipments achieved a grade point average of 3.4 to food banks, raking leaves for an elderly neighbor, or helping to clean up a community park, West Virgin- tans can take pride in the kids from their communities who are making a difference in their world. That's why West Virginia Public Broadcasting is highlighting local kids within its braodcagt of the national children's show ZOOM this spring. (ZOOM airs Men. through Fri. at 5:30 p.m. on West Virginia PBS.) These segments, called "Zoom into Action" will feature West Virginia youth working in their communities in a variety of ways. Other segments called "WhatZup?," will feature of- feting their perspectives about "life's little questions." Local kids will also or above. Located in Columbus, Ohio, Capi- tal University prepares students for lifelong learning in the global envi- ronment of the 21 st century through five colleges: College of Arts and Sciences, School of Nursing, Conser- vatory of Music, School of Manage- ment and the Law School. In addition, there are Centers for Lifelong Learn- ing in Cleveland, Dayton and Colum- bus. Wildlife Charity auction to be held January 24 Thursday, Jan. 22, 2004 --- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder -- Page 9 Don't Get Me Started on The State of Our Union By Kristal Sheets, Columnist By the time this newspaper hits the street, it will be Wednesday, Jan. 21, and President Bush will have given his version of the State of the Union. I can almost guarantee that the Con- tents of this address will bear no resemblance to the actual state of our nation. If you've seen one speech by G.W., you've seen them all, and I expect nothing different from him" Tuesday evening. He will read slowly from a teleprompter. He will squint to simu- , late resolve, and he will tilt his head to invite agreement. He will slap many layers of rose-colored paint over the blackness of our country's present reality. And, of course, he will lie. He will believe some of his own lies. Then he will smirk and leave the podium feel- ing very proud of himself - mostly for not messing up too many of the bigger words put in front of him. But what if President Bush we/e suddenly visited by some spirit which entered his body and elicited nothing but truth from the man? Just imagine... "Howdy! Man, get that electronic roll of toilet paper outta my face and just let me talk. First things first. I want to start with four little words. Shut up about the flight suit. It looked good. It felt good. It was fun. And that's all that matters. Mission ac- complished. • "Obviously, I'm here to tell you the state of the union, and all I can say is, it sucks plastic lemons, people. No fooling. There's been some big- time screw-ups in the last year, but I gotta say I'm not as sorry about the screw-ups as I am about how they might affect my campaign. So let's just say, 'My bad, I'il try todo bet- ter,' and move on. "Actually, let's not say that. Be- cause you know what? I don't care. I' ve been doing whatever I want since the Supreme Court appointed me to this position back in .2000, and I don't see any reason to stop now. "Soon as I came in office, I said I right. Hell, they forget everything! Corporate scandals, record unem- ployment figures, tax cuts for the rich laid up against budget starvation of education and Homeland Secu- rity. In one ear, out the other, and now let's watch 'Everybody Loves Raymond.' "It's a beautiful thing. "Sure, I like to talk about how the world's a safer place now than it was right after September i 1. But that's bull. I think we all know that. Don't make me go into it. Same thing with the weapons of mass destruction. I' ve heard enough about that crap. Just don't go there. "As you know, the projected $2.7 trillion surplus we started with when I took over has sort of turned into a right-this-minute deficit. I used to be worried about it, until Cheney pointed out something I never knew. He said, 'Reagan proved that deficits don't foot. They already fought their wars, and we paid them then. Ingrates! "Same with the old folks whining about the Medicare bill. They'll be dead soon, but the stockholders in those drug companies who'll make a bundle from last year's legislation need to have some hope of steady dividend checks for the next forty, fifty years. No, these seniors nowa- days are all about me me me. All I can say i~, they're not too old to suffer from the PATRIOT Act. So they bet- ter shut up, too. "Also, those Dixie Chicks. Slap a lid on it, girls. Y'all don't make me so happy I'm from Texas, either, espe- cially the fat one that sings. "Osama bin Laden? Whatever. He's not the one who tried to kill my dad. Plus, his family and my family are pretty tight, and who wants to start a feud that calls attention to the fact that the Saudis aren't our true matter.' friends? No me, buddy• Whatever "So we'll keep cutting and repeal-, they do on that side of the fence is ing taxes, and go on spending money, their business, long as they keep that That'sapromise.Theysayyoucan't oil comin'. have guns and butter, but that's fine "Dick Cheney? I don't know where withme. I love my guns, and frankly, thatguy is, either, half the time. But I I like to spread thick, black Texas oil sure can smell him when he's close on my toast of a morning, by: crude oil and Skin Bracer. Pew- "All this gobbledygook about the eeee! Just kidding, Veepman! economy and unemployment? Ev- "You're probably all wondering cry bit of good news you hear about how I stay so upbeat and satisfied that is bull, too. Every time unem- when all this horrible stuff is happen- ployment figures drop, it's because ing. I'll tell you: I work out every day, another batch of,people just stopped and I get to bed by ten o'clock every looking for a job, because there are night. No exceptions. no new jobs. Read my lips: no new "You might also be wondering jobs. Hi, Dad! about my bride, and how she stands "And when I say that my tax re- up so straight and pretty with that lief has stimulated the economy, I big, scary smile plastered on her mean to say it's given a lot of rich face all the time, even at funerals. folks more money to spend on Cu- Most people probably think she has ban cigar~. The poor people are to wash dc, wn a fistful of Valium gonna be using their refund checks about twice a day with a glass of to pay the light bill, especially since bourbon to keep that self-righteous we've made sure they won't be get- gaze intact. Well, okay. That worked ting any overtime pay. That's why for Betty Ford. But Laura, in case we call it tax relief They'll be out youhaven'tfigureditout, isamighty there saying, 'What areliefmyelec- life-like robot woman, built to my tric won' t be cut off. Not this month, specs back in the 80s by some friends anyway.' at NASA. "Bottomline: youthink Icareabout "So, to those of you who support economic stimulation or stagnation? me, don't you worry. I'll be back up Dan Michael Lowther was born on open and close each episode of the The annual Wild Life Charity Auc- wantedtocatchthatdoggoneSaddamI'm rich and so are all my friends and h~e in 2005, God (and all those November 3. 2003 at C.CMH in new ZOOM season, tion will be held in the "Little The- Hussein. Luckily, we had that thing that's that. Soquit crying, orI'll.give cd) puterized voting machines with Parkersburg. Kids and organizations who would He was 7 pounds. 12 ounces and like to ,,be considered for a"Zoom into ater,'" in the Charleston Civic Center back in September of 2001 that kind you something to cry about, no paper trails owned by my cam- at 5 p.m., on January 24. This auctiois of gave us the old green-light' so to "This whole thing about slashing paign contributors) willing. Between was 20 inches long. Action' segment are invited to send held in conjunction with the 18th an- speak, veterans' benefits and cutting pay making people think the Democrats And, to welcome him home was his their stories, videos, and photos to nual West Virginia Hunting and Fish- "I try to say in just about every for current service people? The men are after their AK-47s and convinc- big sister, Heather. Aunt Norma. Zoom lnto Action, c/o West Virginia ing Show, the largest hunting and speech, 'We must never forget the andwomeninourarmedforcesright ing a lot of others that the homes Uncle'~Bobby, Grandma Kathy Public Broadcasting, 600 Capitol fishing show in West Virgnia. The lessons of September I 1,'andlmean now are making an awful mess inmight start getting married any day Junkins and daddy. Street, Charleston W'V 25301. All show runs from January 23 through that, budro. And thebiggest lesson I Iraq! In my opinion, they all oughta now, we ve got it in the bag. His grandparents are David andsubmissions become the property of January 25. learned wasthis: if you know you're 'be fired for all their bumbling and "I know a lot of you others aren't "Kathy Junkins of Bartlett, OH, and ZOOM and West Virginia Public The proceeds from the auction are in over your head and people start getting arms blown up and legs shot happy with me. In fact, if you aren't Boband Vicki LowtherofLinn. His Broadcasting. used to support wildlife, conserva- criticizing you, all you havg to do is off. Once those troops stop dying on mad as hell, I regret to inform you livinggreatgrandmaisStadaLowthcr. Additional features and resources tion, plus educational and Outdoor scare, the pants off everyone, keep us and start winning, this war on that,, you are most likely dead. of Linn. are available on the localized version activities for west Virginia youth, em scared, and then they forget all tenor, then we II talk about raises. So what? God bless my country. His late great-grandparents are of the national ZOOM Web site at Some of the items to be auctioned about what you can' Or can't get ~And thos~ veterans ean:kiss myMyeountry! Mine!" u "--" "~ "~- -'˘- -'~- -'~ ~......m-." - "~...-..~..--.--0~-..---.- Burlin and Hazel Byrd..Hey Lowther., include a B, url Jones bronze sculpture Raymond and Wanona Junkins. bucks awards of two whitetail fighting, titled be Col. Larry Boggs. WV license "Autumn Ritual,' a safari in South 580. • and-Jim Dorsey and Gladys Snvder Typically there are well over 80 and lmelda Long. " s,--"r'm* Africa, abear hunt in Quebec,Canada, trips and items donated to the auction. several fishing charters on the Great Shock student Gov Bob Wise today awarded a Lakes, custom handmade knives, and The show is sponsored by the non- profit West Virginia Trophy Hunters grant in the amount of $20,000 for a numerous items for the hunting and Assocation and is manned by unpaid named to lighting technology demonstration, fishing enthusiast. The auctioneer will volunteers from that organziations. 'I am very pleased to assist the - citizens of Upshur County with this project,' Wise said. This grant will enable Upshur County Schools to realize the costAt Hays City • Since 1961 Dean's List effectiveness of new lighting tech- rues.-Fr|. 9-5:30 • Sat. 9-1 A Shock resident was among 484nologies. Through this program, light- undergraduates named to Deniso~ ing system improvements totaling Glenville 462-4400 University s fall dean's list by Uni- $460,415 will be installed at Grantaville 1-800-941-8320 versity Provost David Anerson.Buckhannon-Upshur High School. tudents who achieve dean's list status Annual cost savings will be $22,130. ~002 GMC Envoy - auto, pw, pl, cass, cO, sunroof, loaded have maintianed a grade-point aver- This grant program provides match- 12001 Ford F150- Auto PW, PLI ~cd, X-cab, local owner age of 3.5 or better (out of 4.0) for the ing funds to improve lighting systenas 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee - auto,pw,pl, am/fro cass, cd, sunroof in schools, nonprofit hospitals and 2000 Dodge DakotaSpogt.5sp, affl/fmcd, 4X4~a/c, yellow listSemester'includeTh°seincludenamedclintont° theMiller,dean's local governments. Upshur County 2000 Pontiac Sunfire - Auto, sunroof, CD, PL, 2 dr, black son of Peggy MillerofShock. Miller, Schools is contributing $40,415 to- ward the project. 2000 Pontiac GrandAmSE - AUto, PL, am/fro cd, 4 dr, blue a 2001 graduate of Gilmer county High School, is a junior biochemistry The Energy Effiency Program, a 2000 Dodge Dakota - Auto, PW, PL, am/fm cO, X-cab, 4WD major at Denison. unit oftheWestVirigniaDevelpement 2000 Pontiac Grand Am SE - Aulo, PW, PL, am/fm, sunroof "Onlyoneoutofevery four students Office, adminsterstheLilzhtin~Grant 2000 Chew Silverado - Auto, pw, am/fm cd cass., reg cab, 4X4 achieved the dean's list distinction Program. The program assists local 2000 GMC Sonoma - auto, x ,-Cab, am/fm cd, stepside, 4x4~,01ue this past fall semster, Provost Ander- governments, public and higher edu- 1999 GMC Sonoma SLS - Auto, pw, pl, am/fm cd, X-cab, 3rd dr son noted in congratulating each cation organizations, and nonprofit scholar. "Denison's academic vital- hospitals in assessing the efficiency 11~J9 Pontiac Grand AMSE- Atl~,:a/c, I:~, i:fl,~atn/I~ ed, purple ity is dependent upon this type of oftheir current lighting and promote,s 11999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT - Auto, leather, pw, pl, am/fro cd, ac accomplishment. We are proud of tlieuseofEPActrecommendedlight- i1999 Pontiac Gmnd- dWSE-, ,4!dt, pw, 0t I ing upgrades as a way to reduce over- 11999 Nissan , ntra XE - 5 sp, 4 dr, am m eaSS, ac, local owner I dean Sthem.,, list students and grateful forenergyhead coStsefficiency.and increase operational !1998 Ford Ra ,:Atao;pw, ed,l, lt I SunBridge Glenville News... We would like to thank Rosedale Baptist Church for coming and singing with us. It was also a really special treat having your youth perform. Illllll||lll|llllllllll In our front lobby is a display asking for box topsI for education labels. We are doing this with our partners, in education (Glenville Elementary). nlmln||mlilm|nllllmnllm Thank you Steve Schimmel for coming this past week. The residents really enjoy listening to your music and singing along with you. Illlilllllllillllllllll CARL E. NICHOLS, M.D. 20-22 Eost Main Street • Glenville, WV Phone 462-8612 OPEN BY APPOINTMENT Monday 3 p.m. - 9 p.m. Tuesday 8 a.m. - 10 a.m. & 3 p.m. - 9 p.m. Thursday 8 a.m. 10 a.m. & 3 p.m. - 9 p.m. Friday 3 p.m. - 9 p.m. WALK-IN HOURS Saturday 8 a.m. to noon Sunday 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. CLOSED Every Wednesday This week is National Activity Professional Week. I would like to thank our CertifiedActivity Director, Brenda Marks, and the Activity Assis- tant, Rebecca Kelly. The two of y.ou work extra hard to ensure quality care for the residents in all of the activities you schedule. Thanks guys! J SunBridge Care and Rehabilitation for GlenvHle 462.5718 an hu da , anua 22rid. # I q~EZ.g~Y Lounge is now Enjoy your day or night out'-on-the'town with your family and friends in our newly opened, cheerful, scenic, elegant and relaxing lounge! GLENVILLE'S NEWEST NIGHT SPOT • Drink Specials Nightly * Wed. -- Ladies' Night (2 drinks for ladiesforprice #one) • Live entertainment this Fri. & Sat. nights RF_JT.q lIR. - 9" Lounge Conveniently located in the room connecting to our restaurant beside Best Western on State 'Route 5 just east of Glenville. Phone: 462-02 ! 2. Locally owned and operated by Trez____ a & Dan Shock Restaurant Hours: ! 1 a.m.-9 p.m. Mon.-Sat.; Suri. 1 ! a,m.-6 p.m. I ! I J ! t I