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January 23, 1976     The Glenville Democrat
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January 23, 1976

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2 The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder lanum~ 23, tr/s Y by Tom Dalesio "I believe that the School System should be run like a good industry: if you want to produce the goods, you have to pay for it! This is what Supt. Ron Welty told me in an interview last week concerning the Board of Education decision on his contract renewal. When Welty and his family left Charleston a year and a half ago, he left an income of $21,500 and an 18.5 percent fringe benefit package which totaled approximately $25,000. Why did he come to Gilmer County? He and his wife wanted to prove to themselves "and many disenchanted educators that, with proper care, attention to detail and a genuine concern for people, educational progress could be acocmplished - in any situation." Since leaving the Charleston job, the cost-of-living has resulted in his loss being "doubled". Welty hoped that through proof of his performance, he would convince Board members that a request for additional salary is "justified". In his initial interview by Gilmer County Board members, Welty told them a Superintendent should be "employed and paid according to his performance." Welty has done much for Gilmer County and stated that "it can be just the beginning for us." He showed me a copy of plans and issues he believes are important for the next school year. For the curriculum, some things he thinks important are: extending career education down into elementary grades, an overall improvement of reading proficiency on the part of the students with greater emphasis on grades 9-12, funds for program improvement is his main financial goal. Another concern is to improve public attitude toward the school system. Because of his yearly contracts, Welty said that if the school system has not "progressed to the extent that the Board feels that it should have, then they have the opportunity to correct the defi- ciency." I received a letter written to the Board by Welty which listed the salaries of all Superintendents in the state. According to the list, the average salary is $21,644.59 per year for the 55 county Superintendents. Twenty of the contracts will expire this year, including Welty's, and "most likely their salaries will be increased, which will also increase the average income." Welty asked for a raise to $22,000 for the 1976-77 school year. In a letter to the Board, Welty explained that he "absorbed his initial salary reduction and hoped that the Board would want to absorb the additional 25 percent loss." This year the state contributed $1,200 for administratocs and may contribute a similar amount again next year, plus each certified person , such as teachers, will get a $1,000 increase next year. Welty said the rest of the increase can come out of the $28,000 each county receives for administration through the State Foundation Program. Many persons in Gilmer county told me that Welty has contributed much and accomplished much for the schools. I talked to Janet Deal, Board member, about his accomplishments and she said that Welty has caused additional courses at the high school much money to be brought in for the level and a more balanced class load, county. "There are many people , For improvement in facilities of county feel he deservbS the r ise and pta ..... schools, he would like to attract : get more county cooperation additional finances to continue to support for him, she sazd. Ms. D6al make major modifications and said when Welty was hired he 'improvements as well as trying to promised to get double his first year's eliminate all fire and safety hazards salary back in monetary aid for in the schools. To attract additional Gilmer County. Since that time he got "extra grants for the County and has quadrupled the amount he promised." One way he got money was through the Better School Amendment Grants. Ms. Deal told me that the State Aid Formula paid 75 percent of his salary and the county pays about 25 percent. Some of the accomplishments of Welty's mentioned are the Better School Grants, the Pre-Vocational Program at the High School, the GCHS-GSC driving range, and other things such as a documented reading program to improve the reading skills and an energy conservation.program that will be recommended to the State Board of Education to be submitted to the Interstate Energy Conservation Leadership project for a national award. I support Welty's request for a salary raise. He told me that he doesn't want to leave this county and has a lot more he would like to do for the schools. His dedication and Support for Gilmer County is just what the county needs to have the school system progress and improve. After almost two years of hard work, it isn't fair to squabble over a raise that is deserved. Welty has not once had a raise in two years, while all state teachers have received about $1,200 in additional salary money during that time. Another $1,000 raise is being planned now for teachers. Welty's contract in Gilmer County runs from July 1 to June 30, when it will expire. Because of his one year contracts, Welty's contract "cannot be altered in salary during that period." Dear Editor: . , I doubt seriously ff there is anyone in the land at this .point who does, n:t ]m..ow that this is the year of the great Bicentennial. The great mcentenmal c~mDra~on of a great nation, a celebration of life, life as we r, now ,t here m me um, ea ~a of America. In spite of the critics,we still have much to celebrate. We have those who bemoan..."internal unrest', those who malign our leaders...our way of |government...our leisure hours.and our c.hildren. We are~_m,fact ce_lekbra~gav~. July 4 as the strongest nation in me worlo ,oaay. xou say yo_u~ve se~,_[~ ~i~Owo;;;. Well, if you've lived through the ve prou, smy ---- u. What we have today...this a nation made stronger by ove r.ceming it's weakness.. Not a perfect government but a democracy ot tl~ I~,mgs:$y:: because they are citizens of the U.S. We most assurAectlY are me mat country that know the kle, s pt C xL Vur.. a ncn m namr r resources...we enjoy abundant beauty of the earth, we nave more ann om=u honsing...churches...entertainment and food than a~uy other .nation net?2~ today. Then, shouldn t we celebrate? By atl means...le* us oegm me mcu u celebration of life, life that has sometimes been taken fo~ granted. But for 200 years has grown and been nourished by a government of the the people and for the people. Dr. D.S. Pritt 1309 Market Street Parkersburg, W. Va. "In Southern West Virginia, it will make a big difference in the next four years who will be Governor. Without trying to second-guess the constitutional bars to Gov. Moore's desires for a third term. not to mention his trouble with the law, I think very serious attention should be given to the Democratic race for Governor. Four years ago, I stronglysupported Jay Rockefeller in both the primary and general election. But in 1976, I cannot support Rockefeller and have serious present doubts about Jim Sprouse. I believe there is a disillusionment in this area and all over the state with the manner in which Rockefeller has abandoned his former ideals, trimmed his sails to meet the prevailing winds, and cast his lot with the old-line political machines. Although Jim Sprouse's change in philosophy has not been as clear-cut Sprouse has also tied himself to the apron strings of many old-time political leaders. Neither leading candidate has offered very much encouragement to independent voters who are sick and tired of the old charades of politics. As one specific example, both Rockefeller and Sprouse have taken the position that it is "too early" to talk much about issues. Even worse, they are programming huge expenditures of money, way up in six figures or close to $I million. If you spend'that kind of money, you have to raise it. Surely West Virginians have learned enough to realize that big political campaign contributions are corrupting forces in politics, and we have had enough of corruption in West Virginia. The huge and unnecessary amounts of money wasted on bumper stickers, brochures, campaign cards, billboards and other nonsense illustrate a bankruptcy of issues and a stress on personalities. The people of West Virginia deserve something better than what is now being offered. The campaigns for Governor should consist of debates on issues. printed by newspapers and carried on radio and television so intelligent voters may make up their minds on the basis of issues rather than the froth financed by big campaign money." Rep, Ken Hochler ID-W.Va.} Gentlemen: As a rule, I refrain from reacting to "letters to the editor" or responding to invitations from editorialists or columnists to comment on his "'profund wisdom'" which he expounds to a captive audience. However, after reading his "Can Moore Run Again?" column in your issue of January 1, 1976, and noting the invitation to comment thereon, I shall make a short observation in regard thereto. First, I would like to know where your columnist, Tom Dalesio. was before Arch Moore became Governor of West Virginia. Was he still in short pants, oblivious of the corruption and 4oral disregard of the welfare of our state and its taxpayers during the Marland. Barren and Smith years? Was he perhaps a resident of some other state at that time and unfamiliar with the "empty" years which we taxpayers financed? Does he call those tragic years "'uneventful" for the taxpayers? What would be so bad about "facing four more years of probably the same old way of doing things..."? When does Mr. Dalesio think those "roads, bridges and interconnecting state highways", which allow freer access in and out of the state were built? I think that it is not within the "purview of the editorial duites of the Charleston Gazette. or the self-styled experts of the Glenville Democrat. to determine questions of constitutional law. Nor have I ever seen any court quote Professors McLaughlin, Shauer or Hindus as authorities on any subject, much less constitutional law. There must be some concern in the inner sanctums of both the Charleston Gazette and your paper that Arch Moore may be correct in that he can run again: otherwise, neither of you would be spending so much time and so much space in your papers attempting to convince these self-appointed experts that they are, indeed, the last word on constitutional law. They may be correct, but I, for one. would rather have our Supreme Court tell me so. Incidentally. does your "rule of thumb" that two terms are enough apply equally to Senators Byrd and Rand~ph. Representatives Slack. Mollohan, Staggers and Hechler. Agriculture Commissioner Douglass, your own Delegate Burke. and a host of other state senators and members of the House? ff so, let's say so. If not. tell us why not. Very truly yours. JOHN H. McCUTCHEON Attorney at Law 1023 Charleston National Plaza Charleston, WV Th k you for t!mugbts and commmt=, l n. n', not mr rule of th--b but we th~ the iuue of/t thh-d term for Govern~ Moore needs 8ettlin8 by tke Republican Party of West Virginia and Imam. Your eugpstiom that roll elected officials might possibly be limited to two terms weu't find any arsument here. I'll go you one better. Select our representatives at the local, cmmty, state mad national level by lot from the pool of ~ered voters. Save a pot of money and we'd probably get just as good service in the ion| rml. democratically your RDA He told me that Better Schools Funds, he ] County about $950,000 Gilmer the only county r'| much money in the state lew or bond matching "It is only the Welty says, "And come." The decision to next year will be decidedi Meeting planned for 26 at 8:20 p.m. I hope James McCartney and realize that Welty It will probably be a make for them but see that Welty can and for the county. I hope job well done should be accomplishments can't aside and are major constitute a raise. A wrong decision meeting can hurt prO school system. Better only received through programs designed existing systems. Welt/] shot in the arm for and losing his damaging. Will we promise of a new around and go back will we support progress and " County schools. 8mbm, Wlilimm, ...... |z Today, I am writing a dirty column. Not X-rated-Brand X. I have long felt that a normal, by necessity, possess the knowledge of a perform a simple task like doing the non-technologists, this is a crash course in DIRT: ITS FUNCTION IN TODAY'S Dirt is, according to Williams' quantity sought by few and yet collected by most society. It has many forms and any number habitats. All are yukky. --Chapter 1 Common Dirt and the Removal For the removal of the common variety of water is best, with the amount of detergent the package, washing a regular load at a That was simple, right? --Chapter 2 Uncommon Dirt and the Hot water dces.:not always provide the environment for the removal of dirt. Stains can result from protein,based egg. or blood, if they are subject to hot water cool stuff to lure them out. Greasy dirt may need hot water, but experience should help discourage its even more effectively. (Before applying the check your garment labels, though. Heat sets fabrics that are murder to get rid of.} --Chapter 3 Things That Go Creeping.. Most hot water washes to guarantee bacteria destruction, so if after, better dump in some chlorine bleach. socks it to germs in eithe hot or cold water, but be sure to follow the manufacturer's ( socks it to some fabrics. Wheter hot or cold works {wash. rinse, dry} only the most going to hang around anyway. ---Chapter 4 And In Conclusion Dirt is nasty, and has little, if any, society. When you meet some with which Y .d cope, either indulge yourself with an aspirin or contact your {always) helpful fri~O~v~.. Extension personnel, who will either immediately aid or; at least, empathize. Having now completed my. crash authority vested in me {which is upon you the title of Master of Dirt. with the times no matter how you look st it!