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January 23, 1976     The Glenville Democrat
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January 23, 1976

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l,)))uar~ 22, 1976 $tan on TS in th( FIELD | | hereabout>, w~ h~,,v,. ~ b.~k~trd bird feeder, and in busier than the Benedum Airport with everything to red-i~.l t ardinai~ landing, fueling up. and kingdoms somewhere alowg the Little Kanawha. Traffic D regulated bx a pair of redbirds perched in the topmost tower Gum tree l~at ~uar(ts the approach to our is heaviest early i;- The morning making it a convenient attraction. By 10 o'ch~ck, the flights slow down briefly. lgain, perhaps because the fe ~hered aircraft run low on str~vs, usually fatter car~o (raft - Tufted Titmouses and woodpeckers - zip in for a fast refueling for their forest, but otherwise the landings are a sporadic landing lights from our backporch terminal, the non-existent. Have you ever wondered where our go after dark? I have. t guess all pilots need their nightly ~lhe birds bed down? My canine maintenance crew of one hostelries all up and down tLe LKR about tl every night J. and the only company s.he can occasionally corral is ~t scavenging for a late snack or a little cottontail rabbit on a merry chase across the deserted weed-covered now abandoned vegetabie garden. Aside from the owl the other night. I never see nor hear any of the And when 40 mile-an-hour winds rattle our terminal clouds of snow fill the air. the birds are gone. Where student of game-bird !ife. I know where the wild en grouse, they r~os~ Ducks and geese bed down r sloughs, secret ponds, and protected lakes and bays. A bed down in a "pie.'- a traditional roosting ring on place they can find They dislike sleeping alone, so their tails together and heads pointed outward, ready case an enemy tank wanders b~ or if an aerial attack cold nights, they huddle even closer in their circle. ',ett~er for extra warmth, if "'nature" calls at night, they outhouse or comfort station either, I've seen the a "'doughnut" -- a circle of white and black droppings) a shooters that a covey is nearby. If it's a popular night, the ring is more like a disk or a dinner plate. "Quail Lore," you might even be able to accurately or how many birds shared that boudoir for the night. :l~earching for "'doughnuts" in the snow a while ago. Not see where the covey would bed down, and if they had we'd had, but I wanted to see how a pointing - would work in the white stuff that blanketed the be able to pick up bird scent? I didn't know. ~,'alk, we worked across a sno~-covered ridge, both of us muscles, hoping that by some mid-winter miracle we grouse. But apparently the partridge were denned up hugging the trunks of the taller pines. We didn't flush h a winter wonderland was worth every minute. off the higher hill over!eoking what I have come to call got anxious. She seemed to recognize where we her, she was tba~ e~ger to gel off the hill and into tinaRy let her go and she barreled over'the hill covert where several times before she had found her I ;lid down the snow-covered slope, keeping one eye in my path. And with bifocals, that's one mean dowS] heard them go- a dozen buzzing bob-whites the liver-spotted bird dog who bumped them out of They "'flew the coop" before Amy could get close OPEN TIL 10 PM EVERY NIGHT PHONE 462-8404 SUPERETTE four-bird crew go down. clear up on top of the hill...on the ~hollow. of course. A~av found the "'doughnut" before me. circle was in a clear patch of grass beside an old shed. I climbed once again, {Some day I'm going to invite one of hunters to Gilmer and challenge him to a wing-shooting know what hard hunting is down there.) I had to scent she had found and begin a diligent search for to expect. Try as she might. Amy couldn't pinpoint that The covey squadron leader. I found, had dove into the the hill and buried it,ll under the snow. I practically it burst out m a shower of white like a frightened big paw tracks were evidence that she had missed it on her first sniffing pass. Excited by the flush, the determined to find a bird. disregarded my every. and fro frantically trying to pick up some scent. Two they too had tunneled into the snow. a bird that day; I didn't e~en shoot. And now I know. Is too difficult a task for a dog - or at least it was for my I think I'll keep her home until all the snow is ORIGINAL PAINTINGS CRAFTS GASOLINE GREENWARE H. Lewis St., (;lenville, W.Va. L8635 We accept food stamps. Gumm pinned Harrisville's Wass in I:01 in the 169 class. Winning 18 out ot 24 matches, the Gilmer Titans copped top honors at the Triangular Wrestling match held at the GCHS gym last Saturday afternoon. Gilmer had 106 points. Parkers- burg Catholic. 58. and Harrisville 35. On a team to team basis. Gilmer defeated Harrisville 58-9 and defeated Parkersburg 48-20, while Parkersburg beat Harrisville 38-26. TITAN STATISTICS: 100-Tall- hammer (G} pinned Gardner {H} 1:04, 3rd. Tall_hammer {G} won by PC forfeit. Troy undefeated In elementary school basketball last week, Troy defeated Normantown. 64-27. and Weston, 62-26. Troy led Normantown 17-4 after the first quarter and 36-11 at the half. Mike King led Troy with 25 points and R. Moore shot 10. For Normantown. J. Minney led with 12 points. In the Troy-Weston game, Troy led I4-5 after the first quarter and 29-15 fit the half. Leading scorer for Troy was again l~tike King with 21 points and Steve Carney with 14. B. Adler led Weston with 12 points. These wins up Coach Bill )ones' Troy team to 8-0 for the season. 3,378 antlerless deer Caps Et hats in stock converse top lace boots in stock 4 buckle article in stock , reg. 14.95 , reg. 18.95 harvested around state Hunters killed 3,373 anterless deer during the special season, Dec, 12-13. in five counties. The predicted kill was 3.507. according to wildlife resources chief Dan E. Cantner. In 1974. 3.868 deer were killed during the special season and biologists had predicted a kill of 3,782. Cantner said. "'When you add the total harvests and predictions for the two years, you will find that our predictions have been 99.4 percent accurate." Although the total number of deer killed during the special season was 495 less than last year. there were 1.267 fewer hunters and one less open county. Hampshire County had the greatest number of kills with 1.362. The other counties with their totals were: Hardy. 1.008; Grant. 464; Mineral. 432. and Tucker. 107. Only Mineral County showed an increase - from 405 to 432. Cantner pointed out that 25.787 applications for Class N licenses were received, and 10.496 notices of eligibility mailed. However. only 8.745 hunters bought their licenses before the deadline. 50% off $10.00 pair $5.00 pair Sale priced at just $10.00 Sale priced at just $10.00 RXP skeet loads 12 guage only Super X or Feeral Hi-brass Shells 12 guage $2.50 box $3.50 box FISHERMAN'S SPECIAL reg. 8.95 sale price $6.95 ,u,-~tmnaker (G} dec. Simmons {11), 11-2 and Stalnaker (GJ won by PC forfeit. 114-Dee {PC) dec. Williams {G}, 13-12 and Williams (G) pinned Lafferre {H} 1:18, 2nd. 121-Riddle won by H and PC forfeits. 128-Don Smith [G} pinned Stout(Hi 0:13. 2nd. Don Smith {G] won by PC forfeit. 134 Doonan (PC} dec. Green {G} 15-0. Green (G} won by H forfeit. 140 Rawtey {Hi dec. Conrad {G}. 6-4. Tennam {PC} pinned Conrad {G), 0:59, 1st. 147-Dan Smith {G) pinned Mossor (H) 0:55, 2st. Dan Smith (G} pinned Nowell {PC} 1:12. 3rd. 157-Green (G) dec. Bennett {PC} 9-2. Green (G) pinned Hamric (It} 1:O7, 1st. 169-Gumm (G) pinned Wass {Hi 1:01. Gumm [G) pinned White {PC} 1:15, 3rd, 187-Squibb {G} pinned Ankrom {H} 0:01. 3rd. Thomas {PC} pinned Squibb {GJ 1:25, 2nd. Unlimited-Miller (G} won by PC forteit. Dennisio~ {H} pinned Miller {G) 1:01. 1st. 1 ) :,, * h,))~ 'th, l)emocrat/Path|inder 5 smashes S. Harrison, t:ontrolting all aspects ol the game, the Gilmer County Titans smashed South Harrison last Friday oight~ {t4-46. at the GCHS gym At the end of the first quarter Gflmer led South ttarrison 24-8. Fhe Titans shot 47 percent from the floor and (onnected on 35 of 74 shots, It was a constant stream of scoring points for Gilmer as John Fox, Tim Brady and lerrv McPherson each hit the hoop for 18 points, Out of the 48 rebounds Gilmer had, Brady got 12, McPhersoo got nine and Don Wilson and Ed Reed grabbed eight each. The Titans led throughout the game, usually by large leads. With 1:12 left in the game, Gilmer W, as ahead by 50 points. The win upped Gilmer's season record to 5-3. Upcoming home games for the Titans are with Spencer, January 23 at the GSC gym, Pennsboro, lanuary 27 at the high school gym and with Doddridge )anuary 29 at the GSC Fieldhouse, Glenville We sell antiques, new arm used merchandise. C~)nsignments accepted at 5:30 p.m. on Monday. SALES START 6:30 P.M.