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January 30, 1976     The Glenville Democrat
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January 30, 1976

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January 29. 1976 The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder 9 by Nedra Alltop by UII l tmble + + returned home an 11-day visit Ohio. formerly of again ;ery a few Ohio. Cards of Elyria Memorial 44035. Stalnaker of by m this Clark Cards or to: Room 519 Parkersburg, OPEN TIL 10 PM EVERY NIGHT PHQNE 462 84.04 SUPERETTE and daughters Saturday to : the hospital, Mrs. Yeardley and children, Chad and Aaron lee of Parkersburg; Mr. and Mrs. Denver Clendenin of Jackson County and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Summers and Mark of Lockney. Mr. Lyle Collins, who is employed in Charleston, was home over the weekend to be with his family, Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Sprouse of Parkersburg visited their families this weekend - Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fisher and Mr. and Mrs. L~le Sprouse, all of Normantown. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh James of Grafton, Ohio visited Mrs. Macel James this past weekend. They attended the funeral services of Mrs. Route Stout. There were 66 present at Sunday school, Jan. 25. Rev. Rodney Minney preached afterwards and used 1 Peter 1 st - chapter 24 verse for his sermon. Mrs. Dick Sturm and family of Weston were dinner guests of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Landis Meadows on Sunday. Mrs. Meadows had just returned from the Calhoun General hospital and is much improved. Mr. Gregory Hathaway and fiance LeaAnne Fisher from Weston were Sunday dinner guests of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Kimble. Mrs. Bess Moore of Lockney is back home after several days in the Roans General Hospital at Spencer. We are all glad that Rev. Onnie Vanhorn and wife are back home after a long visit in the Veterans hospita! and rest home at Elkins. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Conrad were Sunday evening guests of his mother and sister at the Scott Hardman home. Mrs. Doria Williams was in the GrantsviUe Hospital last week. She has returned home now. Due to bad weather the Steer Creek Senior Citizens didn't have their regular covered dish dinner on Jan. 21. Everyone had lots to eat at home that day. Mr. and Mrs, Doy Hissam of Burnsville, were recent guests of Mrs. Etta Parsons. Bonnie Dr;4,,, returned Sunday from a two week ,,~ ~ J" Florida. While there she was a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Larch of Miami, Florida. Mrs. Watson Stewart and Mark of Brumswick, Maine have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ted Stewart for the past couvle months. They returned to their home last week and were accompanied by Mary Stewart who flew back here last Thursday. Watson is serving with the U.S. Navy. Ruby Jean Bush was in Grantsville on business last week and a guest of Carolyn Shaffer. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Messenger were shoppng in Glenville Friday. Mrs. Eva Rhoaffes of Glenville and Floda Davis of Baldwin were shopping in Weston Friday. Copies of each week's Glenville Democrat are available at Community Super Market, Summers Pharmacy, The Grill, Conrad's Motel, GSC Boolultoce, Pioneer Grocery, Superetto, and Gtlrrmr + Graphics, Ir~ at the home of Curry over the and Mrs. Jay ~lnc. Taxpayers who Fde their returns in January or early February can expect any refund due in four to five weeks or roughly half the time late fliers will have to wait, T. Blair Evans, LRS District Director for West Virginia. said. In urging taxpayers to file early. Mr. Evans said that individuals who delay Filing until late Malch or April - the peak filing time - may have to wait for their refunds as long as 10 weeks. Another advantage to filing early, is avoidance of careless errors often made by last-minute Fders who are rushed. These errors which frequently involve incorrect arith- metic, use of the wrong tax table, or failure to sign the return - can further delay processing of the return as well as the refund check. Mr. Evans said that taxpayers should have their records, such as receipts or cancelled checks, to substantiate itemized medical deduc- tions, charitable contributions, and GILMER PERFORMING of Dance: Ballet, Jazz, Character, Modern & Yoga ;tant in Dance lartmann-Folk Dance Et Guitar |TART FEB. 21. PLAN YOUR REGISTRATION NOW! Adults 16 Et up (A); Teen= 11-15 IT); Children 8-10 (C) I(10-11), 11(11-12), 111(2-3), IV(3-4),'V(4-5), V1(7-9 pml. Ballet (AI, II-lnterm. Ballet (A), III-B~. Jazz IC)," ( T ), V-Tap (C), VI-Adv. Ballet (A) !+ Dance (ATC), II-lrtterm. Character Dance (ATC), V-Be~ Ballet (el, VI-Fidle CA I-Beg. Modern Dance (A), II-lnterr~ Mod. CAl. VI-Yoga IA) Ill-Piano ~t Guitar (AI. V-lnterm. Ballet (T) (A), II-lnterm. Ballet IT), V-Drama (A), VI-Folk (ATCI Ballet (C}, II-lnterm. Ballet IT), III-Be~ Jazz (C), IT}, V-Tap (C), VI-Folk (ATC) rlON FORM CLASS DAY TIME III _ _ I IIII people registering on this form for Children to 15 years for Adults 16 years Et up YOUR REGISTRATION FORM FEB. 15 TO eel HOUSE, 11 to 4:30ee N. St. (WOODSHED SHOE SHOP BLDG.) others. With records in order, the taxpayer can begin to fill out the tax return as soon as the taxpayer's earning statement is received. West Virginia taxpayers can again designate a dollar of their federal taxes to the 1976 Presidential Election Campaign Fund. It's the last chance for taxpayers to contribute to the 1976 fund, because future designations will go to the 1980 Presidential campaign fund. Nationwide, taxpayers earmarked over $31 million dollars for the fund which brought the total to over $60 million as of December 31, 1975. Contributions to the fund, which are to be distributed among all eligible Presidential candidates, does not increase the amount of tax paid or decrease the amount of refund due. To designate, taxpayers simply check the "Yes" box on line 8 of Form 1040 or 1040A. On a joint return, each taxpayer has the option of designating to the fund. Taxpayers who do not wish to designate can decline by checking the "No" box. Here's the Answer u ,M Information has been received ~ from Len Moyers of Little Bu~ Run about Mrs. Eunice Conrad who was repo as being/the oldest living +*+ person" in Gilmer County. In the January 15 edition of the Democrat, Oleda Singleton wrote a feature about Mrs. Conrad's long life. According to further information from Moyers. Mrs. Conrad was reported to have lived to be 119 years, 6 months and 26 days old. The information was taken from old fdes found when "clerks in the office of the former County Clerk, Mrs. Beatrice H. Wilson were compiling the data." Recorded in the book in handwriting is an account of the death of Eunice Conrad, who, according to the record, was born August 4. 1775 and died March 2, 1895 on Little Bull Run. about two and one half miles from Moyers. TAXING HOMEWORK Any money you spend increasing the value of your home is added to the cost basis; it reduces any subsequent taxable gain when you sell. But what about value added by your own labor? That's another story; IRS says unpaid labor cannot be considered part of the house's cost and the gain it brings when you sell is subject to tax. HOUSES Here's an idea from a Texas builder that may be worth copying: Fie sells young couples a bare-bones "starter" house requiring no down payment. After several years, during which the owner builds up equity, the house is traded in for another, more substantial home with no additional closing expenses. CONSTRUCTION PAPER (VARIOUS COLORS) NOW IN STOCK... NOW IN STOCK .... NOW IN STOCK STAMP PAD INK $.89 2 FL. OZ. BOTTLE 38 Determine 40 Tobacco roll 41 Soft drinks 42 ]Boat 43 Assume a po=ture 44 Handle 17 Pesceful Iweetheart411 Jewel 11 Vkdhmt I~ Dim ~0 Scold READS YOUR STARS If you were bocn this week: You have your own code of ethic~ that you strictly follow, but you'd never dream of imposing it on anyone else. You dislike taking orders, would prefer to work on your own or in cooperation with others. You see far ahead the consequences of any ac- tions. ARIES (3121-4110): LIBRA (g1~10/23): Recheck Differences to settle could in- plans for activities around volve the c'linical versus the home -- you may have compassionate. You may want overlooked a point. Love takes to stay aloof and keep a hands- center stage to a surprise plot off policy. Let your sense of and rave reviews. Later, a step right lead you. Week tiptoes in the right direction puts you off. in the money. TAURU$ (4120-5120): Week SCORPIO (10/24-11/22): begins with a flourish. Unsettling influences may br- Romance waltzes in; don't ex- ing rapid changes in feelings. pact it to boogie. Be prepared Watch your famous Scorpio for a change; you may not be stinger -- don't let it get out of crazy about it, but it has its ad- hand. Restlessness at home vantages. Try to work with the could make you yearn for new tide instead of against it. scenery. Later, sizzling romance from out of the blue. GEMINI ($1214/20): Express 8AGITTARIU8 (11123-12/21): your views with an eye to prac- Unexpected cash could come ticality. This will go farther to your way. Wait 'til next week to impress people now than an decide how to spend it, An un- ivory tower approach. A flash conventional proposition gives of the new or different? Fine. you something to think about. Just be sure it's workable. Then, a chance encounter may Make the most of several fine turn out to be more than it aspects to do your own thing, s~'~ms. MOONCNILD (0121-?122): CAPRICORN (12122-1/19): Your powers of understanding The fruit is ripe for the pluck- may be put to the test. Don't ing. You may have to find a keep emotions bottled up in- novel way to get it off the tree aide. Do pull the cork in a-- like maybe skyhooks -- positive and constructive whatever, it's worth it. Look for manner. Someone closetoyou a friend with his hand out. does not appear to be sen- Shake it, but don't cross his sittve; but in reality, his feelings palm with silver, Sweet dreams are easily hurt. Go easy, complete your week. Moonbeam. AQUARIUS (1120-2110): You LEO (712~MII22): Friendly per- c a n b e a s el u s i v e a s quicksilver, as difficult to catch suasion gets your week off to a as a wraith. However, right now flying start. You may be feeling your passions may be running adventurous and ready for so high that you make a corn- something new with no holds mittment almost before you barred. How about a new love realize iL affair? All you have to do is give PISCEB (2/20-3/20): A favor the nod. may be returned in a way you VIRGO (IMI~I-.O/~): If romance sees you or your partner with cool feet, don't force the issue. Lots of TLC gradually gets them toasty warm. Later, keep emotions intact if need to help arises. Week slips away. didn't expect, but a very pleas- ing way just the same. Secrets are also on the agenda, so don't be surprised if one suddenly pops out. Inspiration comes on like a spotlight and love glows. (Suburban Features) PAPER PACK $ .60 EACH .05 CLEANER .99 TIP PENS .59 Doz. 6.99 LEADS REG. DIA..29 RENT t MONEY RECEIPT BOOKS (Duplicates) EACH .35 PRESS APPLY REINFORCEMENTS (for notebook paper) BOX .56 PAPERMATE WRITE BROS. STICK PEN (fine pt.) .29 When a storm hits it's smart to drive in and out a driveway every hour to keep tracks open--or at least once before you go to bed and once in the morning. 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