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February 5, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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February 5, 2004

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1 Thursday, Feb. 5, 2004 --- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder -- Page 5A Corcoran Column continued 'nili{ tation says somcthing good about the and the other collcge want°"those students from the counties of Wood _'h tv ' Ihe Earl of Elki____v_ew,' [J |. college beingonthecuttingedgcof funds tobedesignatedforfinancial and Wirttomeritkeepingourbranch ~es fi}r Secretary of State modern technology. This is one area aid programs to assist students in go- campus complex for this year. Del. ~| ~:where the legislators can't be critical ing to college. Boggs, then, reminded the Chancellor • If of the colic e. Thirdly, GSC requests that last that when GSC had a branch campus in On January 28, 2004, Georgetrue West Virginia and its people, others in our government concerned : Wo d War II display session's $400,000 appropriation from Wood County, the college did attract a Daugherty, popu!arly known as the For over,,40 years, as George with tourism and economic -' I1 ." Likewise. the college £ot Quires bit lottery monies be continued in the lot of Wood and Win countians to it. "Earl of Elkview, planned to file and Daugherty, The Earl of Eikview, develDment that we can build a new ]1| :of"positive" feedback f'or i[s World college's new budget. As l understand The transfer of that Parkersburg cam- announce his candidacy for the Of- has carried the message of West Vir- economy in' West Virgnia based on 31! War II Veterans' Exhibit and for its it, this special allotment was made in pus to West Virginia University, how- nee secretary o! 5tare ot west ginia all over America and Ireland tourism, and, in addition, encourage " || foll0w-up program to interview the order to facilitate the transfer of our ever, ended that student pool from at- Virginia. , promotingaWestVirginiaofwarmth, those who visit us to move here and N |[ area's Second World War vets. 'This regional branch campuses to Fairmont tending GSC. The Secretary of State s Office is intelligence and integrity within 500 bring their small businesses." }ll :' was a good representation for GSC, and Bluefield State Co!!eges.Also, Boggs put the Chancellor on beingefficiently run and he will apply miles of the population center of the This approach worked in Ireland J I[ :?,, and Public Radio wants to do a seg- Finally, the college s legislative the spot again by asking h!,m how the his 44 years experience as a lawyer to USA easily reached in only a few due to its proximity to the European ./I1[ paent on our project," relates a happy agenda calls for a waiver in Senate state is being"better served' by tipping continue its efficient operation, hours'by a modern interstate system, markets. Ireland is now the fastest Dr. Mike Gherke, the GSC historian Bill No. 653 to allow the college to away GSC's branch campuses and di- Since June 3, 2003, he has traveled and, upon arrival, appreciated by tour- growing economy in Europe. "We are [ I ll : ;who is spearheading the effort to get offer graduate level courses in central viding them up to other schools. "He over 40,000 miles in a Whistle-stop ing on "country road." in the middle of the biggest economic [ Ill :; i as many veterans stories as possible. West Virginia. That makes sense, too. (the Chancellor) talked for a long time, c ampmgn vlsmng every comer Thousands of tour buses pass market in the world and are a frontier [ I I[ : He, also, mentioned that manyFor example, it would provide the but never did answer that question," oJour 5tare. I have taken a personal throughWestVirginiaw klyon their of hidden beauty, not yet I I| ] i{' Gilmer Countians stopped by to see area's teachers with a close-to-home Del. Boggs told me; This is one of the face-to-face poll of my fellow West way to visit other States. We need to discovered...a great place to enjoy J l[the display, college to work toward a master's problems ofthe state shavingthisChan- Virginians. Our people are troubled let them know what West Virginia life, manage your small business IIiti! In fact, last Thurs., Jan. 29 should degree in education. Likewise, law cellor---he s all talk and no action. At that those from outside orStatedonot has to offer. We can capture their (think high tech) and to raise your [ I [ have been labelled "Gdmer" County enforcement officers could enter re- a time when our state's colleges could understand that we are a people of business by emphasizing what is el- children. These ideas also worked in J | [ Day at the Legislature" because I luted master's degree programs here. be drawing in hundreds of students warmth, intelligence, industry, integ- ready available in West Virginia and Branson, Missouri and Pigeon Forge I I [ counted four different local groups Quoting directly from the legisla- from out-of-state, the Chancellor sits rity, andintense pride and patriotism, encouraging our West Virginia art- Tennessee," he save Ill [ there thatday.Inaddition to theWorld tire plank given to me by Dr. Free- on his hands, watching presentations This misunderstanding must be cor- lets, artisans, musicians, and business "I ur ,e mv fellow'West Vir,,inians I II t i War II display, the Gilmer County man, the college's president: "It is on why West Virginia is going down rected.," hestates: .......... entrepreneurs to expand what is el- to elect'me and join me in the mission I| ['] Historical Society had an exhibit; very important to the future ofhigher the economic tubes. He should be using ne Js asKmg ms west wr- reaay available. Please see my website andquestofbuildinganewandexcit- II [',; Gary Coberly and Judy Marks brought education in central West Virginia his small-minded brain to cook up new ginians to elect him as Secretary of for my in-depth plan for the ing economy in West Virignia," he ~tt " " .... t I 1 [ , the Little Kanawha "Rwerboat ex- that this provlsmn be repealed and ways for our colleges to connect wJ.h :state so that he can become the offi- develpment of this new approach to says in conclusion. 1| [': hibit to the Capitol's Rotunda; and Glenville State College be granted this large potential pool ofout-of-state cial ambassador of goodwill to economic development, he adds. Forafullexplanationoftheseideas I| t about twobusloadsofGilmerCounty permission (when other provisions students. , America and the world so that- to- Continuing, he said, 'I sincerely please see Daugherty's website at [I I Senior Center members came toaremet) tooffer needed graduate pro- Delegate Boggs final, remark to Dr. gether- we may show the world the believe, working in conjunction with [I] [ Charleston to plead for more money grams." Mullen was fight on, You have the [| I ig from the budget. So, it was a busy day Visiting Delegate Boggs responsibility to benefit all of the state [ | Governor awards [111 ! for Gilmer Countians eoine to On January 29 when the displays colleges not just the select few ' Charleston to participate instategov- were being ta'ken down, I exite'd the tee Smith, the House's long-time [ For every 115 pounds of newspaper reeyded, [ Community _ 'ernmernt Rotunda area, making my way over to Sergeant-at-Arms, believes that the i[ GSC's legislative agenda the legislative offices. I didn't get to Glenville State College issue is dead in [ - . .... I Partnership Grant •I , [ . Bob Wise recently awarded a Community Part, ership Grant for . .... " : - / $5,500 to Belington in Barbour County. Funds will be used for elec- trical upgrades at Belington City Hall, necessary for use of the building's second story. " " - - I am very pleased toaesir the cm- | [ education's budget to be eliminated, w th the state's inept Chancellor of granting institution, others must also ' .... Thisrequestmusthavemadesenseto theHigherEducationPlanningCom- think the same. • , - .- . . zens of Belington with this worth Your child s Heaitl ts unportam ,, " [ [ the Governor who later proposed only mission, Dr. Michael Mullen, who Conclusion >': " ' while" project," Wise said. [ | a 2.5 percent budget cut for the col- hadleftGSCoutof, atleast, oneofhis With the many Gilmer Countians SO ..... ' The [;rant program, administered [[ ] leges. This, ot course, is subject to budgets presented to the House's Fi- making contact with their legislative . ................ by the West Virginia Develpment ] legislative approval, so we're not out nancy Committee, of which Boggs is friends in Charleston of late, this see- IMMUNILE IUUA¥ Office, supports community enrich- II Iof the woods yet financially at GSC. a member, sion may treat GSC better than in the WHAT'S THE DELAY? ment projects that provide a better [ Secondly, if any new monies are Mullen complained to Boggs that past several years. Call the hvmg environment or expand eco- I| evadable m the state's treasury, GSC GSC really hadn't attracted enough GI[ MER CO HEALTH DEPT ' nomic develpment opportunities. ' ' 809 Mmeral Road ........ Our Letters ... Lower Level '; . . [ i I They choose not to forget .... re. ,rwfinn f,-.m ~"' ~. ~1-- UIt.7,11VIIIU,~ ¥¥.V. ~',~,( .*- .J • Gllmer County [ ] Dear Editor, ofone, to the beginning of the one to you walk through the hall that lingered : • • • [" I Twelve of the past thirteen Armi- be, and there is no High Five that sofondlyinmemory-orsharebreakfast (Chmcs are held on most Tuesdays), bridge r [ sticr (Veteran's) Days, ourlocalhigh could begin to express our thanks and withthosethatonceguardedyourback. Additional datcs & time. available upon request Replacement of a Gilmer County [ i school staff, student council, student gratitude for the patriotism and re- The sad part is that fate has eliminated Your child's life is nothing to Clown around bridge has allowed the Division of 1 ; body-andcooks have invited veterans spect shown for us, to be assured no some, and will fill our ranks with those ;, ..... Highways to remove previous restric- | ) to be the honored guests of their At- one is discriminated against,first eight years or seventh graders,q with ....... get them tmmunized. % tions | i 'misticeDayprogramthatispresented Each on their own are introduced When or whatever ends on a a full Before being replaced, the bridge | i t.its entirety to honorthe veterans for by name, rank, ranch of service and stomach, it endg well. Many thanks [ht Pr(l[ j,|m |-% I'Und d in part under ae agreement with carrying R 33 over Cedar Creek east | 9, ' service in the armed forces ofthe campaign ribbon if desired, and the ,the wonderful cooks.• ,. ~ ~~ WVDIIIIR i~~,~: of County I19/13 south 0fGlenville I :,'Good Old U.S.A. (Well, really and yemxs it took to finish the job and - had silhouette postings limiting the | !='truly, it once was.) come home-and unless you were part Tom Luzader allowable wi ight of various types of ,; This celebration is one the veterans of the parade, you can never imagine G/env///e -_ _ _ - _ -_ - _ -_ trucks, along with a restriction that { :book forward to, from the completion the mixed emotion that you feel when ? me. | !i Watersfifteenfeet over Glenville post Office ? | :~DetzrEditor, given century would produce high Isn t this one more reason why a dam | :: It has been reported that the oppo- waters that would be 15 feet over the should be budt on Sand Fork Creek? | i#ents of the dam 3.2 miles upstream top of the Glenville Post Office. e nt West e ~ Res ect ull / iffrom Sand Fork, Gilm rCou y, Good bye Nellie Gr iy. Thetowns .Y, [ i . irginia on the farm of Billy Burke, of Sand Fork and Glenville would RobertJ. Butcher / declared that a given flood ins end up in the Gulf of Mexico. ! =. ! •.. Th s stdl God's world | i~)earEditor, That is your privilege to believe what ofpeople, were all saved. Straight Talk from Glenville State College i: I would like to remark that God has you like. But it is also my privilege to Thisisaforeshadowingoftberetum i greatsenseofhumor.Lookatalithe believe it is the truth, the whole truth, of the Jewish nation. There is a song eople he has made. We are all evi- and nothing but the truth, that says, Little is much ifGodis in it." One Year Later... school price is turning the heads of many high { i ence of that fact. !fyou don't think And when l think ofthe future, Iam It is amazing whatGodcandoifwelet Glenville State College Flourishes school seniors and their families. I ',it, take an "honest rook in the mir- very pleased with the position that He Him be the one in control of our lives. l : or. That is why he ex ,,p cts us to laugh givesme. TheACLU, a few judges, andafew It was just a year ago that the entire eommunity As the West Virginia Promise Scholarship get on with it. A merry heart What about your future? Are you others, mainly politicians, think they l ',doeth good like a medicine" (Prov- satisfied,with where you are going? can send God away out of the lives of felt a strain as the future role of Glenville State deadline closes, we are also proud to announce - rbs 17:22). , You can t run from God forever, no the nation. If we allow this to happen, College was questioned. As the new legislative that we have increased the number of potential If you are one of the ' gloom and matter how hard you try. Jonah tried they are setting us up for an almost session begins, we are able to look back over Promise Scholars that have shown an interest in doom"class ofpeople, thereis acure, it and wound up in the belly era very unbelievablefallandtbeirowndestruc-- the past year and celebrate all of the many GSC. Thisll number reflects that prospective .It is not found in drinking alcohol, .g eatfish. But when he,said as Jesus tion, along with the entire nation. They accomplishments and growth that we have students identifying with the quality of :taking drugs, smoking marijuana, did, 'Thy will be done,' great things don't want to admit it, butitisstillGod's experienced in the past twelve months. " programs that the College continues to offer. :,making a lot of money, or any other happened. He preached the greatest world. :.material things, but is found, in the revival ever known to this day. And R.L Pr/a In our first year without the community and Much of our recruitment success is due to the 'word of God. You may say, I dent Ninevah, a very large city ofmillions G/env///e :.believe that stuff. It's foolishness." • technical college component, Glenville State changes in the marketing approach of the College started the year with an increase in both College. Our new materials now reflect a student headcount enrollment and full-time positive attitude toward our ural location and WVU honors Lounge is now equivalency (FTE) enrollment. Student small town atmosphere. Were now attracting i-oca-I 1 students , ._. enrollment on the Glenville campus was 1208 in students who are looking for this small, DGM ' fall 2002 and increased to 1.277 in fall 2003. close-knit environment. Prospective students Likewise, full-time equivalency (FTE) enrollment are responding well to the small class size and : West Virginia University recently grill, Ii I . grew from 1,152 FTE in fall 2002 to 1,205 FTE in family atmosphere that our new marketing i honored its December 2003 gradu- II W fall 2003 semester. This reflects a 5.7% materials reflect. In recent months, the College ,. more man =.zuu wvustu-la -s.d"unn'g--a-c°n-v-° 'a"t ° n"ce-r'e"m°ny Enjoy your day or night with your family increase in headcount and a 4.6% increase in has unveiled new print marketing materials, a FTE over last year. Both of these figures exceed redesigned website and a new recruitment :dents completed their degree require- and friends in our cheerful, scenic, and relaxing lounge! :ments including Jamie Baxter of w c rW rlrr :'¢ =r =r ,,, -,, the number of degree seeking students approach. This new combination of efforts " -w " ,, ,. ., . ), .~.L.z., vA ,-,.., ,,. ~ 1.~ ,-. vv r-;ml vliunl arul : r rmU aU nc ' 'ad'¢rm, d uta deg r:; .DriakSpec mi, (v. li=pgvttour:Mon..FrL, S.7p. (Drinks&attendinguniversities,WestwhichVirginia'SincreasedPUblic2.3%.=lIeges and seems ,o be making a positive impression.. . " • , ~'-". ~ Appetizers.l/2 Price) * Tues. --- Drinks 1/2 Price * Thurs, -- Ladies' Night program m women s studi s. • ..... Women's Basketball Continues AmongWVlZsmid-yearl raduates meru,.Aur~rko Fri.-.. Open MikeAcousttc Night (Brmgyour AS the number of students at GSC continues to Their Streak , mstrumentandplay Startsat8pm) were: Chapman, Joshua A., Coxs " " " grow, the Office of Admissions is also , Mills, Environmental Protection; _ . . , Drake, Sara, Glenville, Family andlntroaucing our new regu7 weekly Friday Dinner Special': experiencing increased interest in fall 2004. The The GSC Women s Basketball team has Consumer Sciences; Wolfe, Jeremy, .,. .... number of prospective students interested in extended their home-game win streak to 56 Glenville, Safeiy Management. me _/l go GSC programs exceeds 6,000 for this coming games with their win on Saturday over Bluefield Those student who were honored fall. In addition, applications for next fall have " State College. They also extended their confer- being,placed on the Dean's and Choice of Potatoes, Salad & Hot Rolls (Stiwting at 5p.m.) already increased 45% over what they were ence record to 8-0. The Lady Pioneers now hold President s List were: Chambers, '" last January. the longest home win streak in college basket- Lindsey M., Glenville, Visual Arts; .,,,,= ball. On Thursday, February 5, they will take on Chapman, Joshua A., Cox s Mills,. IJ / II " (k Along with the increase in prospective students, their largest conference challenge so far this Environmental Protection; Westfall, y G v IO ~'~ LaurenP., len tile, Pry-B" logy;and " £ the College is also gaining momentum in new year against West Libel,. State College et 5:15. Woodford, Lance R., Glenville, r" d L,O/MTtTg geographic locations throughout the state. Following the women s game, the fens AgribusinessManagement and RuralThe Ioun:e --" -, ,:7- Additionally, out-of-state interest in GSC has basketball team will also take on West Liberty Development. g is conveniently Iocaledinthcroomconn¢ctingtoourrcstaurantbeskl¢ increased. This marks an important shift aswe State College in the second game of the Best Western on State Route 5 just east of Glenville, Phone: 462-0212. attract students outside of our former ten-county double-header, Please come out and support Concentrate on finding your Locally owned and operated by Treza & Dan Shock service region. The private school feel at a state Pioneer Basketball! then concentrate on reach.Restaurant Hou--" "" - --- .......... r$ 7 t u m y m Men , aun /1 a m o ing ill--Col. Miehael Friedsam .... - /1.. .- . . . .. | I