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February 5, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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February 5, 2004

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Page 6A -- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfmder -- Thursday, Feb. 5, 2004 UNLIMITED night and weekend minutes +1000 mobile to mobile minutes +400 or more anytime minutes Long distance included from your home airtime MODELS: Eunice Collins and Bill Bennett's"Butch" rate area. Store Hours: 8-5 Mon.-Fri. 8-3 Sat. w. verizorrw ire iess. corn 315 W. Main St. - 462-5631 l ! Ooo OOO Continued from page 1 tion, county government, the public library and other local entities on it," he adds, stressing that GSC will get a T3 line out of it to enhance its educa- tional process. He, further, argues that this CANA system will be affordable for the col- lege and community. Contesting that, Ramezan responds, "You're focusing on cost, but what about reliability?" He goes on to ex- plain that. Gilmer County and Glen- ville are full of "dead spots" where allegedly wireless broadband won't work. "We're living in dead spot U.S.A. Nobody in West Virginia has done this (gone to a rural wireless system) because it's like your cell phone," he contends, mentioning that cell phones work in some places but not in others. Looking at the GSC officials, Rame- zan voiced criticism, "You're telling everyone that this (wireless broad- band) is okay." Another example: On the educa- tion front, Ramezan claims that when he spoke with CANA grants origina- tor, John Whitehill, this CMU agent talked of using wireless broadband in the classrooms and eliminating local teachers via distance learning cen- ters. "I don't like this philosophy; I'm for our teachers and jobs," he stresses. In general, Mr. Ramezan sees this CANA project as a governmental boondoggle -- "a grant that will hurt private businesses. This is a free coun- try, so people can do what they want. If someone says, 'I want the whole pie, though,' that's bad!" The GSC response GSC Business Manager, Bob Hardman, affirms, "This is mekely a pilot project." Concurring, GSC's Baker instructs, firstly, "If this project works, you'll (RAMCO) have more business in computers and their parts" than ever before. Additionally, Mr. Ramezan's company can generate more income by installing the wireless broadband' boxes on the users' private homes and offices. GSC, a state institution, can- not perform installations on private property, Mr. Baker explains. Secondly, the CANA system will allow GSC to access a T3 line for educational purposes. "I can't afford the $36,000 that it would take (to get a T3 line installed here when a wire- less broadband system will offer that option to us)," he says. Thirdly, for the local customers, the cost will be an affordable $20.00 per month, he estimates. Fourthly, GSC has aligned itself with WVNet, a Morgantown-based non-profit company that has worked up ~e plan for the system. Also, CANA is doing this project at no- profit to itself. Finally, if this CANA project suc- ceeds at GSC and in Glenville, it could go national. Thus, with its start being here, the college will receive a corresponding benefit statewide, pre- sumably just at the right time -- when it needs to attract new students. County Commission President Larry Chapman urged both parties to work together to get on the same page on this issue. He noted that the other Internet provider in town, MyServerOnLine, had been invited to this meeting, but didn't show up. Also, Dan Brown, of Glenville PC, another computer enterprise, had been invited. A relatively heavy snow did fall the night before, so the streets were slippery on that Friday morn- ing. Conclusion Following the meeting, the princi- pals on both sides seemed to be happy, in that everyone had the opportunity to address the issues that were rel- evant to them. (Editor's Note: At the first of this week, Mr. David Ramezan brought in the following statement to our of- fice relative to his take on last Friday's meeting and the GSC-CANA project. We regret that we didn't have enough time before this week's deadline to get the college's response to this ad- ditional information. Nevertheless, we are printing the document in its entirety and will offer CANA or the College equal space in any future issue.) Mr. Ramezaa's conclusions Mr. David Ranmzan: "It was great to have the meeting on Friday to go over and clarify some of the concerns that the public has had over the wireless issue. I would like to highlight some of the facts and conclusions of the meeting. 1.) Broadband/wideband has always existed in ourcommunity. The myth needs to be cleared up. 2.) Users can obtain the broadband quite affordably today with minimal cost over what they are paying now. 3.) The wireless broadband will not be 4p used by the college and their only interest in the whole project is obtaining the T3. They already use WiFi for wireless com- munication, and according to Mr. Baker, are not planning to use this service. 4.) To use the wireless, the actual cost for a business/residence is $400 forequip- ment and $50 per month or lease for about $20 per month. 5.) Security issues with wireless are of a greater concern. 6.) The reliability of coverage in areas of the town due to geographical terrain is also a concern. (Many dead spots ex- pected.) 7.) Wireless proposal cannot be used by IT companies in town via their notebooks as it is not designed for that purpose, which results in no attraction for any new business. 8.) The wireless service will not give businesses any additional service over the services they currently have. The only justification for offering it to businesses is to help pay for the T3 line. 9.) Issues over centralized versus dis- tributed. 10.) Basically, the service is a subscrip- tion service-to research material and will not help the average public (a huge library of books scanned. One still needs to have access to the Interact as everyone knows Continued from Page 1 it, with all the information and capabilities it offers wl~ich is used by all Interact users. 11 .) The wireless projection proposes to a full slate of candidates was anticipated. In fact, Gilmer Countians will have a chance serve only within a two mile radius of to vote on every elected office in the courthouse, the county's magistrate positions, and Glenvilie, versus the existing Interact set- one county commission seat (Glenville District). vices which serve everyone in the county. The following individuals have filed for elective offices and have paid the comrqen- Glenville's geographical terrain with all surate filing fees in Gilmer County since last week: the hills and valleys does not lend itself to Board of Education (non-partisan) satisfactory and reliable results. Wireless Alton Lane Skinner, II (Glenville District); $25.00 filing fee technology was tested by local business on Sheriff" a two-hundred foot tower in Glenville in Jimmy Charles Gregory (Democrat); $349.25 filing fee 2000 and was found to he neither reliable Tommy Ratliff's resignation from BOE nor cost effective for the area. Unfortu- nately, it is believed that when taxpayers' RelativetoTommy Ratliffsresignation fromthenon-partisanGilmerCounty Board funds are used, one does not worry about of Education, he wants to clarify that he was instructed to do so in a January 8, 2004 cost effectiveness, which seems to be the letter from Lewis G. Brewer who is legal counsel for the state's Ethics Commission in case here. Charleston. In short, if the only motive of Glenville "Some people have asked me why I resigned and why I didn't fulfill my term?" Mr. State College is to get a 1"3 line, they Ratliff, a local contractor, relays. should pursue it differently, not at the "I have wanted to run for the County Commission for some time and I'm not getting expense of local businesses, local school any younger, so now was the fight time for me to declare my candidacy," he says. systems, or local public government to In requesting instructions from the state's Ethics Commission, Mr. Ratliff received share the high cost of a T3 line as well as this reply from Mr. Brewer via a January 8 letter: "Based on the School Board Advisory cost for the use of scanned information Opinions issued by the (Ethics) Commission to-date, it is my opinion that onee you file (Interact 2). your candidacy for an elected office, such as County Commissioner, you are barred As we have stressed and would like to from continuing to serve as a Board Member. Once you file for public office, any stress again, we want the best for GSC. official action you thereafter take as a Board Member would be subject to legal Their success is everyone's success, but challenge. Therefore, it is recommended that you ... submit your fgrmal resignation to here one has to question whether their the Board." actual motives are at all healthy for any Mr.RatliffhadservedontheBOEsinceJuly 2002 and became its president in May type of economic development in the 2003. He is now running for a County Commission seat as a Democrat from the county." Glenville District. 1 Continued from page 1 The fire started at about or after 3 p.m., and the parents were there, re- port officials of the Gilmer County Sheriffs Department who covered the incident. Mr. Hosey's brother, Tony, Fur- 3-month old dies in Sand Fork house fire cont'd ... has gone into a state of mourning, it is for the "Hosey Fund" on the according to Wendell Tomblin, owner check), and mail it or drop it off at of Tomblin's Service Center at Sand the 115 E. Main Street office, Glen- Fork. Sgt. Gerwig adds, "There's no ville 26351. laughing or joking here, but just con- For any other inquiries, call Mrs. cern for the family." Waddell who has set up a special Mr. Hosey was apparently self-em- bank account for the bereaved fam- ily. Contact her at 462-7545. portedly pulled his brother out of the , ployed, so the family has very little, if flaming structure. Mrs. Hosey was any, financial resources to fall back taken to an area hospital for treat- on. As a result, the Gilmer County ment. "She seemed to he in a state of Family Resource Network (FRN) is shock," relays Sgt. Larry Ge~g, of . ~pear!r~ding a monetary and house- the Sheriff's Department: " "~"hold supplies earnpaign to raise money At about 4 p.m. when the Deputy to help the family tO get through this Sheriffgot to the scene, the home was crisis. "FRN's Showcase (115 E Main wholly engulfed, but the Gilmer Street, Gienville) is open from 8 a.m.- County Volunteer Fire Department 4 p.m. daily during the week, and we'll was trying frantically to extinguish be the drop-off point," states FRN's the blaze. Executive Director Donna Waddell. According to local Fire Department Continuing, she outlines, "In addi- officials, the blaze started in the front tion to financialcontributions, the faro- of the house which faces SR 5. The ily needs all of the following house- fire became so intense that it caught hold items: food, clothing, dishes, etc." several overhead utility wires on fire, She, also, notes that if the Hosey faro- cutting off electric, cable and tele- ilycan'tfindauseforallofthedonated phone services in parts of the commu- items, FRN will save them for the next nity. On Tuesday, some arearesidents IQcat disaster. were still without their utilities. To contribute, just write out a tax- The community, which has cur-deductiblechecktothe"GilmerCounty rently been celebrating its centennial, Family Resource Network," (note that The county's Volunteer Fire De- partment, EMTs, and Sheriffs Depart- ment were all on the scene. Although no foul play is suspected, Sgt. Gerwig and the State Fire Marshal's office are continuing their investigation in order to reconstruct how the tragedy happened. THE TIM HOSEY HOME --- DESTROYED BY FIRE ON FEB. 2 'Ip,,- t I.