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February 9, 1989     The Glenville Democrat
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February 9, 1989

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4" i' w~ iE ;! 2 The Glenville Democrat-Pathfinder Thursday, FebruarY --- Democratic legislators being interviewed on TV, and his that the upcoming legislative session should go very well now have a Democratic governor and the legislators will willing to work WITH him than with the past Republican. .wi ....... stration. (His words, not mine.) It is a sad mm of affairs .. ir We are constantly being asked, "are you going to' lude church politicians will admit that the legislative session of 1988 L Another "Special Thank You histories in the county history?" The answer to that question is of in _history as the worst in the state's history simply beca , 1 The Gilmer County Special Olympics Committee would like to course, an emphatic YES, and we are asking anyone with a church didn t want to cooperate with a governor from "other' thank everyone who donated money or purchased candy bars to help history to please submit it. Most churches should have someone in party. In essence, he was saying that they weren t too inte support Special Olympics during the month of January. Due to the the congregation who could prepare a history, and there is no per- the welfare of the state so long as they could keep the goa! great response to the milk chocolate and almond candy bars, we tion of our pioneer history more important,,than that of the churches, from looking good. cu have recently ordered another case to be sold during the month of Tradition tells us that the "meeting house there religious services I don't mean to imply that this is peculiar to the lq February. , could be held was the first requirement of our pioneers, once they party. It is well known that whatever the party, once A very "Special' thank you goes to Williams and Lowe, Inc., Bill had established a home. power and remain in power for untold terms, that situation McCollough, Eastern American Energy Corporation, Kenny Fogle- Both the Baptists and Methodists were active in sending minis- Politics seem to get rotten regardless of the party in power. song, employees of Cash Tire, staffs of Gilmer County High ters into the frontier settlements to establish churches, and the Bap- Much has been made concerning the unprecedented rem a School, and the employees of I. L. Morris's Well Service.tists pride themselves with having established "Associations" of forestry from the control of the Secretary of Agriculture. are A ve , "Spe.cial" thank you also goes to Hardman's Home Cen- which there are several very good histories available, seem strange that the Secretary of Agriculture's department ter, Stout s True Value and Kline Somerville s Exxon for helping to As an example of the type history we axe seeking, we are includ- have been the only constitutionally mandated department sell these candy bars by displaying them in their stores, ing a brief history of the Mt. Pisgah Baptist Association as this in the re-organization suggested by the governor, now d A very "Special" thank you also goes to Jack's Supper Club and week s "History of the week." One must wonder if this act was not politically motivated, sit J the GlenviUe C-Mart for permitting donation jars to be placed in Secretary of Agriculture is the only Republican elected to [ their businesses. So far, customers of Jack s Supper Club have do- office (excepting the Legislative offices of course). . L nated over $20.00 and customers of the C-Mart have donated over One informant told me that when the opposition to thiSJ,., $5.00. Your donations are greatly appreciated, became obvious and when farmers from all over the state vejlttke A very "Special' thank you also goes to Jack Conrad, who after their opposition, the govemor is reported to have said that it w lttte, reading an article in The Glenville Democrat about Gilmer County late to withdraw the plan to remove forestry from the "packa . Special Olympics, called a committee member and purchased candy this would give every other department a precedent and they bars and donated money to help support Special Olympics. Thank all start scrambling to retain their organizational status. Ap R you. the governor didn t consider his stand strong enough to aona je. A very "Special" thank you also goes to the parents and students he had made a mistake - that his re-organization should never dLl . of the Gilmer County Trainable Center for selling almost 100 candy addressed a constitutional department. While there is no oo%,,ee bars. the troth of the governor's statement, there is plenty of The Gilmer County Special Olympics Committee would also like question the wisdom of including the Agricultural Department to thank Kelly Arnold and The Gienville Democrat for the expo- shuffling to begin with, and certainly any oecision to withd Wl sure that Special Olympics has received in the paper, relocation of the forestry division could have been explained The Gilmer County Special Olympics Committee is proud to manner by a strong governor: Unless, of course, the leade announce that 720 candy bars have been sold in Gilmer County the legislature had made it clear that this was one of the during the months of December and January. This is truly remark- in their rubber stamp of his program., .dill[[ able. The money raised will benefit 32 Gilmer County Special Edu- Now that the forestry has been relocated, won t it be ,:2 R cation students who plan to attend the West Virginia Special Olym- appoint a director over this division of the newly constructed -- pies in Huntington in June. ment? I would think such would definitely be a necessity,_ Anyone wanting to donate money to Gilmer County Special were a betting man, would be willing to wager a month's p ,rr Olympics or purchase candy bars can do so by calling Girmy who that appointee will be. Anyone else have a candidate? .A" Kirkpatrick at 462-8553 or Terri L. Leach at 462-5510. There are, of course, other considerations we must be anti .. Thank your for your continued support, as the legislature convenes for its regular session. For exam 9 If there be other taxes facing us in the immediate future. Gilmer County S. O. Committee tions thus far can be trusted, it is entirely probable that we Ginny Kirkpatrick, Terri L. Leach, the new re-appraisal taxes going into effect before the year !c- Cheryl Heater, Judy Jaffre, Of course, some of that money might be retumed by incest and Marie Schimmei wages of state employees. Be that as it may, the fact remaP A BRIEF HISTORY taxes on the top of taxes do not solve economic woes. OF THE MT. PISGAH BAPTIST ASSOCIATION West Virginia's economy cannot be bolstered by taking In the very early history when the Colonies were being estab- out of circulation through taxes. Oh, there is a circulation lished, we find William Clarke, a Baptist minister, establishing the but government expenditures aren't nearly as effective as Dear Sir: first Baptist Church on American soil in Rhode Island. Due to the available money in the market place, buying consumer goods. Having recently bought a replacement for my aged and decrepit oppression of the Puritans and the Pilgrims, he retumed to England One question legislators MUST face is what to do with washing machine, I was interested in learning something about the and there he spent twelve years to secure a treaty of separation of retary of the Treasury. There is a hue and cry around the quality of our water supply. My new owner's manual explained that Church and state and freedom of worship for all people of America. have Manchin resign his office, and others that are saying the degree of "hardness" affects directly the degree of cleanliness of The Baptists started to spread, putting down roots in Virginia and ment (if he refuses to resign). It is not possible to determir . clothing when it is taken from the machine: the harder the water is moving across the mountains into Western Virginia, (which later information that has been made public to date whether or not: the more it interferes with the action of soaps or detergents in the became West Virginia), establishing churches as they went. Sev- was any duplicity or wrong-doing on the part of the Secre t washing cycle. I decided to visit our water plant to learn what I eral pioneers of the Baptist faith were placed in prison, beaten, and brought about the loss in the millions of dollars from the could about the quality of our water, stoned to death for the cause of Christ and the Baptist faith, managed fund, but at this stage that seems to be a moot point. n The interior of the old building has been completely remodeled; At a regular meeting of the Broad Run Association, held with the is fact is that Secretary Manchin was in charge of the fund, it is now bright and spotlessly clean, and new equipment is much in Big Sandy Baptist Church, (now Clendenin, Kanawha County, West was loosing this much money without his knowledge, he evidence. (When I last visited the plant some years ago, such was Virginia) on Sept. 1st through 3rd, 1854, the subject of a division in wasn't minding the store very well. Ofcourse, he can sa' not the I was shown an impressive record, obviously metieu- the association for the purpose of organizing a new association was subordinates, but when it is all said and done, he was lously kept, of the many tests that are made and recorded daily, introduced. After due deliberation, a division was agreed upon, sponsible. Nor is former Governor Moore completely water hardness being only-one of and was pleas ed to find'that with the Little Kanawha Rive asfl enew boundary line. Churches for he too had responsibility in the matter, and couldn't our water is not hard at all. It varies well within the range of soft- on or near that line were to have the privilege of joining the new monitoring things too closely. waster limits. Judging on a scale of 1 to 4 - soft to very hard - ours is safely in the range of 1, soft enough to preclude the use of"condi- tioners" to make it an efficient co-operator with laundry detergents. Little that is good is being said about Glenville these days. Bow- ing to the great god Parking Space, our local "mall" has painfully and alarmingly crippled Main Street and our town at large. Its grow- ing number of empty stores bodes no good for the public weal. (Is it possible, however, that poor Main Street still has a certain small- town atmosphere and charm that cannot be claimed by the graceless barrenness of the Foodland "Plaza"?.) Be that as it may, in the midst of worry and gloom we do have the water department to be thankful for, and in that facility, at least, we can take pride. Yours very truly, Carl A. Kerr association or remaining in the Broad Run Baptist Association. The Finally, we are looking to the legislature to get their clerk was empowered to issue letters of dismission to such churches grindstone and begin immediately planning for the repeal of as desired to join the new organization, enacted on food in thespecial session. I can accept the In accordance with this agreement, letters were issued to the fol- emergency measure to pay off outstanding debts, but lowing churches: ML Pisgah Baptist Church, Leading Creek Bap- debts are eliminated, repeal should be next on the agenda. tist Church, Hepzibah Baptist Church, Bethlehem Baptist Church, years, they should have plenty of time to work toward Tanner's Fork Baptist Church, Elk River Baptist Church, Big Sandy expansion to provide the money to keep the state's cofferS Baptist Church, Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Hollywood Baptist black. Church, Flat Fork Baptist Church, Cedar Creek Baptist Church, It is generally agreed that the upcoming legislative Grass Lick Baptist Church, and Little Creek Baptist Church. These be one of the most important in West Virginia's history. churches would now comprise the new Mt. Pisgah Baptist Associa- need to keep an eagle eye on proceedings, and realize tion. for complacently sitting by and trusting politicians to do Delegates representing these churches met at the Mt. Pisgah Bap- best for the state is no longer possible. Too often they fist Church, Stumptown in Gilmer County, on Oct. 27, 1854 for the forget constituents, or at least forget that they represent purpose of organizing a new association, number of people. Significantly, it seems that The council was called to order by Elder John Woofter, and or- have been there year after year begin to put more em ganized by appointing elder J. S. Griffin, Moderator, and Elder John status and ranking in the legislative body than on the wishes Woofter as secretary. Delegates from 13 churches were enrolled, constituents. Our responsibility is to keep a close watch Dear Editor representing a membership of 408. The introductory sermon was voting record of these veterans and remind them Our state is supposed to be going broke, fight?. Have you ever preached by Elder J. S. Griff'm. Elder John Stump and elder Daniel walked in the Post Office on the first of the month? Huffman were appointed as a committee to draft a constitution and .... A lot of our young people are there waiting for their Welfare The council met the next day at the home of elder Daniel checks they receive from having babies by young men who profit Huffman. After singing a hymn of praise, a consecrating prayer by living with these women. We, the tax payers, have to keep these was offered by Elder J. A. Wright, chargeby Elder J. S. Griffin. people. Is this being fair to us who have to work to support these Elder John Bennett lead in extending the hand of fellowship to the men? Our Welfare System is a good cause for what it is for, but it's newly .form.ed .association and was followed by various other breth- being abused very badly by the young, in our county. What can the era. lne.cnurcnes, .fl ugh their delegates, signed the constitution, Last adv--, young who will someday be the leaders of this county, do if all they rules oi oecomrn, ano articles of faith. As officers for the ensuing ' year, Elder John Bennett was elected Moderator and Elder John thin .tterri know is to go to the post office and get a check every month? Woofter was elected clerk and treasurer. After tram acting routine business,_ the Association adjourned to inL Thispm' t A concerned citizen mere. me fiext year at the Mt. Pisgah Church of Stumptown. -an d ............ e minutes or this nrst meeting were published in the Mountain " Wha ation where the govert2m_ Messenger of Morgantown, and also in the Baptist Recorder. b ymiS . .The meeting of the Mt. Pisgah Association is an annual event, but dunng the Civil War, no annual meeting was held for four years- . Intercepted Letter 1861 to 1865. In 1865 the Association met at the Mt. Pisgah Baptist to"l see a fium-ber fo people who really m nee(! _and neePl Church on September 8, 9, and 10. This being the first meeting set of gul o_" w l_e on.. w" tl Dear Mrs. Gwardin, after the Civil War, the work of the churches was in bad condition, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you wha!,a pleasure having been neglected during the war. At that meeting, Spencer Whl f# ieally teasm t; "- c r asrg a Y.b R-UN --ae lunatyt aptistshipThe of the Mt.t';nurch AssociatiOn,Pisgah appl Baptist ied for adm associationiSSin and hasWas stood recetheivedtest intOof fellw" t epe time, I Ym is virtu p -- ill gtm . sometimes adding churches and at times losing members. Member- taxes on an v e _rtgxetlf If I can ever be of assistance to you or any one else in Gilmer ship in. Association at this time (sept., 1988) stands at 13. the County please feel free to contact me at home (587-7537) or at the u.Ssoc aun st arteO out over one-hundred and thirty years ago with of living below tta, " ,hi Capitol ,349-3126). . hrteen cn...urcne.s com pnsing the association, and today thirteen thI point ,owne uaevery p p c_ e-se-be n-e-fi' t -b --'-mg-cu-tne wat?hafiv e ,t. c urcnes still make up ner membership. I see these benefits being cut one at a time, but me .,,iu Sincerely, The following churches hold membership in the Mt. Pisgah Bap- li r the nec .ssitie.s Randy Schoonover tist Association: Beech Grove Community, Crooked fork, Dawson, "- House of DelegatesDu. ck Cr k, Dusk Camp. Ebenezer, Frozen Chapel, Hardman Fork, ,,ol no w l s I tremes is just as wro-o :all 9th District L L |.rty mu, Roseate, Sycamore, and Upper Steer Run Baptist othe ,. o ate tof, nur.ches of WestV,rginia, along with the ML Pisgah Missionary me..n -j uapust t:nurcn ot unaton, Ohio. m erea_te, and m a nr 'dve ' The Glenville' Democrat Subn tt by Wilda Mohr Jenkins The Glenville Pathfinder that such a plan cou|o P" ,. those in need. . 'dcs suc Thul 51 Year. There is a lot more to this plan than can be put m arut., Second Class PostagePaid at Glonvilla, WV 26351 this, but this is the essence of it, the basic idea. Notice to Postmaster: Please send address corrections to: Of course, as in any such program, there would have P.O. Box 458, Glenvilla, WV 26351 Subscription Prk : $12.72 (tax includad) in West Virginia; $16,00 for Out-of-State R sidonta Cannot accept subscriptions for less than six months. It I I 1 I III I I I that pay cash for administrative people, so still the Last week's column touched on the "rubber stamp" legislature, potential, also. the one that met in special session to endorse the new governor's Those receiving could have the joy and blessings proposals. That he enjoyed a fine week-long honeymoon is not at earning what .they received, but aLso the privilege of all surprising, what with the huge imbalance we have in the state care for those who are unable to do any work. government in the Democrat versus Republican area is taken into . Continued on Page 4