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February 10, 1977     The Glenville Democrat
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February 10, 1977

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istrate court action judgements were January by Gilmer Robert Minnigh Wolfe. John W. Hoover--illegal Dale Queen--trespassing William Greer--drunk Ernest Montgomery-- vehicle under control Ross Young and Sylvia put under a peace 17, Lonnie Lash--public [7, Frances Pyles--public Mr. and Mrs. Charles a civil suit against J and and Joe Putnam. Clifford Manley--child B.G. Roberts filed a civil Jan. 21. Hunter J. Conrad and Mervin Hinkle were put under a peace warrant. Jan. 24, Smith Brothers Inc. filed a civil suit against Hannah Lou Taylor and Gregory Taylor. Jan. 24, Gregory Taylor--bad check Jan. 24, Kenneth Murphy--fight- ing. Jan. 24, Bernard E. Bush--driving while drunk. Jan. 24, Blair Lydick--public intoxication. Jan. 25. Walter Henline--failure to have vehicle under control. Jan. 25, I.R. Wayne--six-inch excess overhang. Jan. 25, John M. Swann--failure to have vehicle under control. Jan. 27, Argle L. Stump--bad check. Jan. 31, Gregory Taylor--bad Junior Self. check. B.C. Roberts filed a civil Jan. 31, Gregory Taylor--bad ttarloan Alltop. check. Gflmer woman freezes to death !r:Gilmer County woman Radabaugh. Her husband, Bud C. ozen to death in her back Freeman, died in 1946. khannon, Jan. 30. Surviving" are one son, Lynn atrice C. Freeman, 78, of Freeman, of Buckhannon: two daugh- b gt., Buckhannon was found ters, Mrs Ethel Jeanne Lipscomb, of et from her back door with Richwood, and Mrs. Mary Ann Sellers, clothes she was carrying, of Vienna; one brother, Dale Lnty Coroner, Dr. I.F. Radabaugh, of Buckhannon; three said that he believed the sisters, Mrs. Irene Jacobsen of Long Ly have fallen and died about Beach, Ca.; Mrs. Opal Hinlde of Folsom earlier. She was wearing a and Mrs. Lucille Kozolwski, of Bowie, her destination was not Md.; ten grandchildren and four L great g&apos;randchildren. freeman was born May 19, She was a member of the Pt. er, a daughter of the late Pleasant United Methodist Church and and Louise Skinner the Abbott Farm Women s Club. dng livestock watered during .=r becomes grownng problem trent sie e of cold freezin many farms and that his office had g g ,s caused tremedous losses received reports of numerous livestock : owners in the Mountain deaths and injuries caused by weather :ordin to Agriculture associated problems, such as freezing g Let Gus R. Douglass. and exposure and those related to dd the livestock feed supply drinking water supplies. s in an emergency state on It is difficult to keep water m=======-=-==-- supplies for livestock from freezing mffi;ffi::s:= during an extend  oT'dld  taAH|h VH weather. Livestock owners frequently IIUI.It IVU chop small holes in farm ponds or |V Tn streams to allow livestock to drink. lllllgi IV Reports of several livestock being IARRI.VILU: drowned or frozen to death after ............ falling through the ice into a farm pond mR vnH or stream have been received by the - ,-,I . vv. Agriculture Department office. A OR USED central West Virginia dairy farmer OR TRUK! As Important A New Or It Jmt Makem To SeeThe Who Sells In Volume, Being In A Rural Sell For Le. We Have A Group Of y Very p You Happy Your Vehicle. NSON Parke00urg 422.1051 Harrisdlle 643-2927 recently lost 15 animals that apparently had walked onto an ice-covered farm pond to drink. Douglass urged all livestock (cattle, sheep, horses, and hogs} owners to make sure that adequate water supplies were available to their animals and that the access to such supplies be as safe as possible. He pointed out that the ice on frozen pond ponds and streams would become much more dangerous to livestock as it thaws. Douglass emphasized that farm animals cannot eat enough snow to provide the water they need and that daily water supplies to livestock are important to their general health and production. Livestock can live longer with out food than weter. As a general rule mature cows and horses need approximately 12 gallons of water per day, sheep one gallon, and hogs one gallon per 100 pounds of body weight. Dairy cows and other animals with new born have higher daily water requirements because four to five quarts of water are required to produce one quart of milk. Water is also critical to an animal's ability to maintain or gain weight because the first effect of thirst is a decrease in feed consumption and efficiency of use, which can lead to digestive nutritional and disease problems. The Towne Bookstore Glenville Valentines, includinq boxes of classmate Valentines Old Farme(s t977 Almanac 3 Irving Wallace Novels The Plot The Word The 7 Minutes Virginia, U.S.A. a treasury of exciting & a gallery of outstanding pictures Men.- Fd. 9:00- 6:00 5:00 Sun. 10:00-12:30 February 10, 1977 The GienvDle Democrat/ Patlflder e students to present The Miracle Workerc The Glenville State College drama department will present The Mh'acle Worker on February 17, 18 and 19 in the GSC auditorium. The drama, written by William Gibson, exemplifies the true story of Helen Keller. Born in 1une of 1880, Helen Keller soon developed acute congestion which caused ber to become blind, deaf and mute. The scene is set during the 1880's in the Keller homestead in Tuscumbia, Alabama; in the Perkins Institulion for the Blind, Boston, Mass., and the Tuscumbia depot This moving, spine-tingling story shows Helen Keller for what she was at age 5 - an animal. Gibson has given us the story of Annie Sullivan's first week with Helen Keller. Annie Sullivan was herself an abandoned child, illiterate, once blind. She was hired at age 20 by the agonized parents to teach the raging tattered, pathetic Helen knowledge and self-reliance. Tickets for The Miracle Worker can be purchased by calling 462-7361, extension 318. Helen will be played by Mary Morton. She is a senior P.E. Major. Ms. Morton played Roe in Winnie the Pooh. and Robin in Dragon of Nitt. She has also acted in several high school plays, and has extension technical exper- ience. Also, Ms. Morton is a member of Alpha Psi Omega, and is the secretary Not all West Virginians of Ohnimgohow players. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James N. Morton of Harrisville, West Virginia, Beth Steidl, a newcomer to theatre, will play Annie Sullivan She is a senior, junior homecoming princess, a member of Student Congress, and Kappa Delta Phi. Ms. Steidl is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Grant Steidl of Beckley. Jim Dotson will play the Doctor. He is a sophomore speech major from Alkol, WV. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Dotson, he is a newcomer to the GSC stage. Bob Hays. a marketing and retailing senior, will play Captain Keller. He has played leads in Never Too Late and Of Mice and Men. He was voted best actor in 1976, is a past President of Theta Xi, and is the Student Congress treasurer. He is the make-up. Ms McCartney is the Vice-President of Ohnimgohow, Play. ors, member of Alpha Psi Omega, and was in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. Percy will be played by Ray Powell; Aunt Ev by Brenda Henthorn. Both were in the recent production of 6 RMS RIV U. Billy Hutchinson will portray James Robert Godfrey will play Anagnos; Kim Fittro, Joanna Icenhower. Jacquette Maben and Charlotte Eary will play the blind 8iris. Tina Crump will,"portray Viney, and Martha will be played by Cheryl Burns. Tickets are now on sale in the Campus Information Center, or by calling the speech department at 462-7361, ext. 318. son of Mr. and Mrs, Roy D. Hays of iqr*H;wTo;ako*****i descendents of Cincinnati, Oh. Kyle McCartney is cast in the part of Kate. She is a senior, and an English  A IArlArl --  m m ant] peecn malor. ne nas pmyea m : : mountain TOIK You Can't Take It With You and in :. income tax ,: several children's shows. She has been . ---- .. ,, stage manager in two productions and , aeouctlon Ot : . . " " " has worked with ro s ubhclt and "I think it s time we set the record "I ve been m houses where the P P , P Y, man fn .1  strazght" forezgn language zs sl the only : ,  * So "says Joseph J Slmom" ", West language spoken." he said. "But in _., ............................ *: ,,"', cou,oL-  Snow you a way :* Virginia_ University. sociologist who is some other .............. homes, where their  IklTIf"l ] : to clmm" .................. a Fednral incnma conducting an extensive study into the experiences have been somewhat  a I V II |  =.- -- I " tax deduction of as much : social and cultural history of West ad:c, ofthheirPeP!rt h:ve become  ti  ;oSu,lwSo0rrk eaedrY yr st Virginia ethnic groups. " e " ag . I  A I m I I A i . . .  money to provioe Tar your * .... Often times, he observed the , . Dr. S,mon, thinks the picture most  Kl::-ur'l::lNIlq  .... n roqr .... ' .... 'a "" ..... values of the foreign born or first  zl ". ............... "" Americans have of West Vr zma s  ...... ! b ,n e g .......... , e t rested? , t ed th - " " cksk generauonAmerzcansmHerrom thmr s g-r-r-irr- 2; anec ents is e familiar bu in  rr r z, . ....... . ,, offs "n , It you re working ano not . pm g The parents are more clad "mountaineer or slow-talking  V  k ti " covered bv a -enslon ,qan " "hillbilly." inclined to cling to their past whereas I rt o rt o A &Ji li . i may be able'to " n,,, ,,o oeoro-h .... ;,,o* ,,,-'t r,, the children integrate into the culture t IK , K.U, rK/t#VtP : . " : more readily because of educational  : ....................... - $ thousands of today's West Virgimans. .    = - q,m,  sion Reform Act and if . tr and sacral pressures . : 'The per ayal of West Virginia " . . tI ck ==U.I/I I"b  . you're not taking advan- . history up to this point has been rather Nonetheless, even as the ethnic   : rage of it you're missing ! imbalanced" observed Dr Simoni, groups become assimilated they  .... |J out. w th li resent being labled as szm le hose grandfa er was an Ira "an , P Eves Examined . ,at me s,ow ,o, . immigrant. 'mountain folk." l "  : was meant to help you. : "What needs to be done is to focus I don't mean to run down those  L,, A.m=,u.|,&m.,m& ] : Call : on various other social groups--for people who should be proud of their ; u? F't,lmamalaiilm t : HUNTERB. BEALL. JR. t lia mountain culture hemtage, Smom example, the I a " ns, Spanish, Greeks, . . " , . " ....  .... | 813 Grand Central Avenue ; ovakt w explained Mountain culture s : Vienna " Germans, SI "ans, Poles, ]e s. . ' " I Phone 462-8314 || ,w.v==m Blacks and others -- who have something to be valued. However.  .....  : Offic.i304)29rz-4181 : contributed to the development of the there are people m many of the state s | Corner of Howard || . eidence(304}2643 , state " 55 counties -- say, Harrison, Cabell, or tt o ,,.-.___ ; : Oln : . .... : " " ---.-'Tr--'. Dr Stmonti s goal zs to compile Ohio -- who do not remotely xdentify ;  %,o,ee  u/t,. ,,., ....... * ;,,r,,,,, .... these oro,,,s and make with the mountain culture image.  *'I .... ".11--  : ,,,.,.t,zutuncnm,w : ............ a --" ..... MetropoLitan Life Ins. Co.. N.Y., N.y. * it available to historians, schools, Wove been living.under these  *************************** health stereotypes for too long, he sald I social workers, clergy, public " .' workers, and to anyone who could use think there is a real need to bring the =================================================================== the data in his work picture of all of West Virginia's .i .,,. .. ... . .=  th t's ethni peoples back rote balance His interest in e e c Cln00ed 00aturtta00. heritage began shortly after he moved . .. !!i v, ...........  to t Virginia from SouthSend, Ind. -- -' - ....... " ' _ ii " 1t'1 ' 1 J .' ,':"  . His grandfather, Benjamin Ferro, '--"-'---"-----'<*'i: .I," lltFe .4kI) ...... ....... originally had immigrated to Benwood YeA. News s __ __ i= __ y_ !1-_. L .a__. and had worked on railroads m the :': .lgK_flln _ NI"IfliI&41W " ........ :.: ,,,wvs. w .- ,,w area. ,. , ' :::: . - . "That piqued my interest," Simoni !i ' t th WVU Histo Q I was honorably discharged a said. 'So I wen the e " ry - ' .00ii Knr0000l'00 Iin, nn Rnb" Department and to the West Vzrgmm m 1970 and have had problems m :::: --. ... , , Collection (of historical documents.), obtaining employment. Can I return to ..c:..! lenVllle, But I couldn t find, a single school under the GI Bill to obtain my Y:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::>;:% volume on West Virginia s Italian- high school diploma and then continue Americans. After further digging I realized that it wasn't just Italian- Americans but many other ethnic groups that have been ignored." Simoni expects it. will take him about 10 years to compile his research. That's partly because it requires personal interviews with people and consulting available archival mater- ials. In his research so far, he has found ethnic groups in some areas have adhered rigidly to their old country customs. 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