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February 12, 2009     The Glenville Democrat
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February 12, 2009

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Have we forgotten room wiih the photographs of these Presidents in February, and ask us children to draw their pictures with crayons or to write a short essay about them. Moreover. because I lived in south- ern Indiana not far from Lincoln's birthplace at Hodgensvitle. KY. Morn an important historical and Dad would take me to the log cabin, where he was purportedly born. The very small structure was preserved in a large and impressive Greek Re- vival Building on the National Park's reserve. As I recall. I. as a lad. walked in and out of it. looking for indicators of Lincoln's usage of the building I1-1 ] Coinued from page 3A j A welcome sight in Viking Land Dear Editor, I would like to let the people of this small community know what they missed this past Fri.. Feb. 6. 2009. The Normantown Elementary School PTO sponsored a Donkey Bas- ketball Game. and I witnessed a sight that made me glad I returned home to Gilmer County several years ago. I' volunteered this night, but was still able to see the game periodically and the sight of a community enjoying themselves for an evening of family entertainment was welcomed. I would like to commend the mem- bers of the FFA. FCI-Gilmer. and both GSC Band teams foi" participat- ing and being brave enough to try to mount, steer, an0, hopetully, to stay on the donkeys, while chasing down . the basketball. Congratulations to the GSC band for the thrilling, sudden death overtime victory! The sight of any crowd of people enjoying themselves in a family at- mosphere is sometimes hard to find at this day and time. People need to stop for a moment and look around and see that what we have in this small community is special. The sight of all the kids (big and small) laughing throughout the game and riding the donkeys during the intermission was great. The happy memories they will carry on themselves as the contestants were trying to score baskets and being dragged from baseline to baseline. The contestants of the games all walked out of the gym under their own power and looked ready to ride another day. There was a small GCHS Class of '92 reunion in the 'concession stand which was race as three of us who volunteered could revisit the past and look in the crowd and see several other classmates and our own children who attended the event. Living in a small community is spe- cial to many people. It's race to see that people can still come out and forget all of their daily troubles, meet neighbors and long time friends, and still be able to laugh and show a positive environ- ment for our children. This night was a welcome sight. Jeff Maxwell, Normantown ::::?::::i:: ::::::i:i:?i:i??i:i:`+i:i:i:ii:i.i..:i:i:i:ii:i:i:i:i:i.!:i:i:i:!:i:i:i::i:i:?!::::::?:::::!:::i:!:?!:!:i. . :i!i:ii!iiiii!i:i!iiiiiiiJ:ii:i:iii:i:::iiiiiiiiii::i:i:iii.i::iii:i:iii:i:i:i:i:ii?ii`i:ii:..i:i!ii`iiiii.iiiii:iii:i):iiiiii:.iiiiiiii:ii:i:i?:.i:. i: ::. :.i:i:::i ::iii ::ii::i::; : ::::::::::::::: i ii ::i:: :iiiiiii:i i:::i::i:: ::;i ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: i:i:ii::: i:i:i !i: ::::::iii::/:: i::i:::ii ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: i ::iii:::::i:/:iizi :iili ::i::i:::i: :::-: ::i::: i::: : :" ":?"""::i:i:i:i:m::.:- .:4 "'":::'"":::::::: ": ::'" :::: "'" :"" :::: ": ::"" ":. "'" ::: " :" : : i Oieiiiiii::Oii nliiiii:i!iliTih ei::,iiiiOild::i::ili::!B::r i:dlg:e ? ii::i:.i!iN :e x t ::ii::::iW:: @ date: Lincoln's 200th When returning to that site a couple of years ago with my historian son, Patrick. we took the tour. but the log house has been roped off. so that visitors can't go inside anymore. The guide seemed to think that my memo- ries of walking inside of the shrine were erroneous, because "that's ille- gal." she snapped. (My memory may be lacking, but not that much. espe- cially when it comes to such a famous historic site.) Nevertheless. Lincoln was born in this humble cabin on February 12. 1809. the son of Thomas and Nancy Hanks Lincoln. Then. in 1816. the to- be 16th president's family moved to Spencer County, IN. where he grew up, playing in the creeks, exploring the caves, helping out on the farm. and reading his books. Even though he had little formal education, he al- ways liked to read and raised himself up by the bootstraps, via his self- education. Later, he moved to New Salem in southern Illinois. becoming a clerk in a store, prior to joining the state's volunteer guard to fight in the Black Hawk War of 1832. Afterwards. he studied the law. while working at jobs in New Salem. before moving to the State Capital of Springfield. Like per- haps some of you, I've toured his home there, as well as his impressive tomb. With his success as a trial lawyer, he quickly moved into politics, be- coming a State Legislator from 1834- 1842 and aU.S. Congressman in 1846. Joining the newly-formed Repub- lican Party which supplanted the dy- ing out Whigs, he challenged popular Democrat, Stephen A. Douglas, for the Illinois U.S. Senate seat in 1858. In that race, he ran on a platform of"a house divided against itself cannot stand," while Douglas soft-peddled the slavery issue. Lincoln, however. lost. even after seven historic debates showed him an equal to Douglas. In 1860, he became the first Repub- lican to win the presidency, the event that set off the Civil War. In his first Inaugural, he reiterated the constitutional doctrine that the contract (the U.S. Constitution) be- tween the states was binding and irre- vocable, even though seven states had seceded by that March 4, 1861 date. Many of us have visited the solemn battlefields of that war, including Gettysburg, PA, where he delivered birthday ... cont'd ... his perhaps most famous speech. I don't know about you, but I get choked up whenever going to Gettysburg, knowing that so many Americans died valiantly in fighting for their separate causes, even though one was "test." In fact. at night when walking through the downtown, one can al- most feel Lincoln's presence still, but moreso on the hallowed ground that he had dedicated as a National Cem- etery. The whole National Park grounds, which the monuments erected from the many states for their dead, provide a larger-than-life expe- rience for each visitor. Although not having the rock star- type of appeal that President Barack Obama has today. Lincoln was still an honorable gentleman, an understand- ing husband, a loving father, ahd a great president not deserving the violent end that he met at Ford's The- ater in Washington on April 14, 1865. Yes. America. we need to celebrate the life of Abraham Lincoln on the 200th anniversary of his birth on this Thurs.. Feb. 12. It is not only right, but also exemplary. Mr. Lincoln, in conjunction with this nation's great Founding Fathers, provided America with a workable. respected, and united democratic sys- tem one that assures each citizen of the opportunity, under the law and a strong federal government, to be all that he or she can be. regardless of race. color, creed, gender, or national origin. Maybe it's difficult to aspire to rise from humble, even poor beginnings to attain a high office in this land. but the Kentucky-born lawyer proved that it could be done. And, in that, he still gives hope to the younger and older generations of today, not to forget foreign governmental officials, that they, too, can succeed in life, provide equal opportunities to all. help others, make a difference for the good. and place their marks on history. Happy 200th Birthday, Mr. Lin- coln ! The end Have a good week, kind readers! And, I hope that the flu, which seems to be in season now. doesn't find you. Finally, good luck to all of our Gilmer County and GSC basketball teams, as they move closer to the tourneys. They've had really good seasons. Thursday, February 12, 2009 The Glenviile Democrat/Pathfinder =-- Page 5A 00ili Not Everyone Calls Me Father oil!i! ..... !iiiHi By Edwin Daschbach SVD " iii:: ....... "Remove the Plank From Your Own Eye" (Mt. 7) I "qh a These wordsofJesus, admonish- There is much criticism in , "} lng people to be slow in judging Western World over the use . others, has much to say about the stereotypes so lnany Americans har- bor against Muslims The terrorisl activities of some. which predomi- nate media news. have translated rote many Americans harboring hostile attitudes towards practically anyone practicing the Muslim faith It might surprise readers to hear the results of some recent studies com- paring American attitude towards Muslims with Muslim attitude m- wards Americans. A new book by John Esposito and Dalia Mogahed entitled Who Speaks for Islam'? What a Billion Muslims Really Think analyzes a Gallup study of the Muslim world, sam- pling tens of thousands of the 1.3 billion Islam believers. A reviewer in America magazine points out some stansucs that will surprise Americans. For example, theauthors report that it's not religion that has deter- mined the lack of democracy in Muslim nations, but their history and politics Our American inter- vention in their countries, and former European colonialism, is what has made them so skeptical of our el'- forts to bring them "democracy." Muslims are more likely to con- demn attacks on innocent civilians than are Americans. As much as 80% of Iranians for example, view such attacks as never justified. Only 46% of Americans share that view. shariah Islam law in the laws gov- erning predominant Muslim coun- tries. But how can Muslims take this criticism by us seriously when 50% of the American people believe our own country' s constitution should be Bible based'? Far more Americans disparage Muslims than the opposite. They love our technology and democracy, and admire our fi'eedoms. But 57% of Americans could list no qualities in Muslims that they would admire. And 22% wouldn't want a Muslim for a neighbor. Many Muslims rightly take great offense at the immoral values and practices they see in free democratic counmes. It has been shown that Americans rent as many as 800 mil- lion pornographic videos and DVD's every year. One filth of all rented videos are pornographic. And 66% of 18-34 year old males visit porn sites monthly. The phrase "'ugly American" (coined by William Lederer in his 1958 book detailing American corruption and arrogance in Asial easily comes to mind. How can we expect peoples to emulate our calls for democracy when they see such abuse in our democratic soci- ety? ....first take the plank out of yom own eye. and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from you, brother's eve." rMatthew 7:51 Father Ed can be contacted through his e-mail Parents, help your kids to crack the books! High Speed Internet for ALL of rural America[ ,/Available Nationwide Surf at least 10x faster than dial-'up Equipment only $49.00!!! after mail-in rebate z Hurry Promotion ends soon! 1-866-697-5992 *For first three months. S] 0 additional/me for remainder of: 12 month agreemen THE 'OLD BRIDGE' IN DOWNTOWN GLENVILLE: A BEAUTY OR A BEAST? -- In next week's newspaper, we will explore the above. question. In the meantime, if you want to help save it, mail in your contribuHons to: "Gilmer County Historic Landmarks Commission," (Note: "Old Bridge Fund" on your check), PO Box 91, G lenville WV 26351. If you desire more information about this worthy preservation cause, telephone him at either the History Center, 304-462-4295, or at home, 462-7507. Cancer Society: How the World's Largest Voluntary Health Organization Began The American Cancer Society was founded in 1913 as the American Society for the Control" Of Cancer (ASCC) by 15 prominent physicians and business leaders in New York City and has grown to an organization with more than two million volun- teers dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem. In 1913, 15 prominent New York City physicians and business leaders got together to discuss a taboo sub- ject: cancer. They were concerned about the toll the disease was taking on the country - 75,000 people died from cancer that year. Few people talked about cancer. Little was knOwn about it ... how to find it, how to treat it, and what might cause it. Some people even thought it was conta- gious. But in the remarkable moment when those concerned citizensj oined forces, a strong alliance was formed to help break through the centuries of silence, ignorance, and suffering, It was called the American Society for the Control of Cancer, which, in 1945, would become the American Cancer Soci- ety. In its early years, the Society's founders wrote articles for popular magazines and professional journal s , published the Campaign Notes monthly bulletin of cancer informa- tion, and recruited physicians through- out the country to help educate the public. The Women's Field Army was ,or- ganized in 1936 as part of the Society, with the sole purpose of waging war on cancer. Its members took to the streets to raise money and educate people. The Women's Field Army moved the Society to the forefront of voluntary health organizations. In 1946, Society volunteer Mary Lasker pushed the organization to make a bold move - to establish a research program. Lasker and her colleagues raised more than $1 mil- lion, and with the aid and assistance of dedicated volunteers like Lasker, the research program quickly began to bear fruit. The next year, Dr. Sidney Farber, one of the Society's first research grantees, achieved the first temporary cancer remission using the drug ami- nopterin, thus beginning the modern day era of chemotherapy for cancer treatment. Around the same time, the Society started its- first public educa- tion campaign, termed "Cancer's Danger Signals," to spread the word about the signs and symptoms of can- cer. Over the years, the American Can- cer Society has evolved, now fighting cancer on all fronts - research, educa- tion, advocacy, and patient services. Today, families and communities know more about cancer, are more pro-active about preventing it, and are surviving cancer longer and more often than at any other time in history. With the progress being made every year, conquering cancer as a major health problem is well within our reach. For more information on the Ameri- can Cancer Society and how to join with us in the fight against cancer, please call 1-800-227-2345 or visit International Water Tasting Feb. 19-22 The award-winning Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting competition welcomes more than 100 waters from across the country and around the globe on Saturday, Febru- ary 21. Held at The Country Inn in the historic spa town of Berkeley Springs, it is the largest wa!er-tasting competition in the world. For more details, call 304-258- 2210, or visit the website, www.thecountryinnatberkeleysprings.cont NewS|8, '05 Mini Cooper On/y 22.OOO mi/es, blue ................ '06 Suzuki Aerio Awo, blue ........................... NOW $1Q,880 M S 04 ercury Grand Marquis Ls, 40,OOOmiles, gold..NOW 9,980 '04 Chevy Silverado 4x2 , ..... . ......... : ..... , ...... 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