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February 16, 1989     The Glenville Democrat
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February 16, 1989

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,% ;-L,~ i, . Thursday, February 16j The same trend is developing in the "hard drag" area. It is much Adam Heckert, a German-American from Philadelphia easier to keep track of the addicts among the lower crust of society the Pennsylvania Regiment during the Revolutionary War than among the more wealthy, for the wealthy have the means to Colonial cause. Heckerts are known to have served on oPl - sides in the American Revolution, the Civil War, World War procure and to hide their addiction. As the conversation at the library continued, my patron dropped a World War II. bombshell. Noting that we have tried, unsuccessftil'l.y.he noted, to The forefather of the Gilmer County Heckerts, Adam U Open Letter makereducingthecrimeSale ourf alcohOlexerciseillegal,in prohibitionand haVeactuallyfoundfosteredthat-insteadbig_timeOf settled in Aurora (now Preston County)in 1787, after theRt crime, he asked if it wasn't possible that we were also misguided in tionary War, and married Sara Eller (Ehler) also of German-A l Dear Concerned Citizen, our treatment of other drugs. If the money being spent to prevent can descent. Later they moved to Sugar Creek (Randolph- If we could find a job we would not be on welfare. Have you not their sale and distribution were to be spent in the education of soci- County area), and around 1810 moved with their family to ety about their effects, would it not be to the benefit of society? We now Troy, Gilmer County. There Adam built a large water heardworkersthatwetherelove ourare families.n jobs to get? And for most of us welfare can compare the drug "king pins that seem ,,m be gaining strength mill and between 1810 and 1820, built a two-story brick We don't look as if we profit. We are glad that the welfare every" day to the organized crime "king-pins of the flapper days. overlooking Leading Creek, with bricks manufactured by tlclm ! system can help us. Most of us had a job and got layer off and I say By removing the illegal status of alcohol, and by retaining some ily. A traditional story tells how Adam found an ideal depOlll v clay for brick making on the waters of Spruce Run of Lelf,cJ again, there is no jobs! legal control over its sale and use, we have at least removed the . " w Concerned citizen, you find us a job and we will be glad to work. profiteering advantages associated with its sale and distribution. Creek, about two miles from the homestead. This clay as We were taxpayers once, too. We have fights, too. We are all God's Are we actually steering society in the right direction by making to the family operated kiln where the bricks were made to bu l'ff.. children! so much of our "war on drugs?" No, don t get me wrong- I'm not home. This home, along with the Stalnaker brick home atfl An ex-taxpayer advocating the use of drugs. In fact, I'm not even saying we should also completed around 1820, was one of the earliest brick stru l consider the removal of the illegal status of drugs. What I am in Gilmer County. asking is, can we continue to accept addictive substances on one 'Adam and Sara (FJler-Ehler) Heckert had nine children. Open Letter hand and condemn the use of others? Can we legalize a drug that intermarriage of these children and their children with other causes more domestic violence and highway fatalities than any nent pion_eer f arn!lies led to the family history of the Heckert The next Parent Support Group meeting is February 23 at 6:30 other single source on one hand and condemn the use of others? ing like a who s who of Gilmer County. Mary Elizabell Par p.m. in the Health Department Conference Room. A representative Statistics tell us that most drug addicts will recount how they got eldest of Adam and Sarah s children, married Paulser Bush, from Handicapped Children s Services will be there. Children under their start with alcohol. Time and time again we read case studies roamed Peggy Stemple, Henry Eller married Mary Mone [ 2 l - who are financially eligible - either have or are suspected of of youth who got their first contact with alcohol in the home, only to Adam Jr. married Elizabeth Hurst, George married Nancy Cox, having an eligible medical condition such as: disorders which in- go outside the home to look for something stronger. volve hones, joines or muscles, heart defects at birth requiring sur- This subject has been debated around the world by individuals Sarah married George Washington Knisley. . The grand-children of Adam,and Sarah married into the sel gery and operable heart defects resulting from rheumatic heart dis- much more familiar with the statistics than I by persons much closer families of Cox(settlers of Cox s Mills), Brannon, Stallman,s & ease, epilepsy and other convulsive disorders, cerebral palsy, spina associated with drugs and their effect than I ever want to be. I Norman (settlers of Normantown), Westfall, Arnold, Fisher, t bifida, certain operable eye conditions, kidney and urological disor- don't, not for a moment suggest that I have a solution, but only ston, Bush, Keister, Farnsworth, Vamer, Means, Stalnaker, i fact that an alcoholic is not responsible for his/her actions. OF TROY AND COX'S MILLS Great amounts of money are spent in "don't drink and drive" campaigns, but very little effort is made to tell people "don't drink." This means d aat society is saying drinking is OK, so long as your In early colonial American times, tradition tells us that many Heckerts came to the colonies from Germany, then referred to as the drinking doesn't infringe upon the rights or safety of others. Some German Nation States (or Principalities) of the Holy Roman FJn- will insist that drinking in the home is the best solution - yet how pire, including the pfincipalites of the Rhineland-Palatinate (Rhein- many terrible domestic scenes result from "home intoxication." Pfalz) and Hesse. These German immigrants truly came to know There is a fine line of distinction created for those who routinely partake of the alcohol drug. We have conveniently created the the essence of the pioneering spirit that was to be the key to the settlement and development of their new homeland, including the "social drinker" who routinely consumes alcohol as a part of his/ rigors and hardship of frontier living, complete with the Indian her social life. We have little or no statistics to indicate how many threat on the new and expanding frontier. At first the Heckerts wealthy .l pople are actually addicted to alcohol, yet we can spout appeared to settle in Pennsylvania, most arriving at the port of plenty of aqem on the "skid-row" addicts. .... Philadelphia at various times prior to the American Revolution: ,, ' ............... Franz Heckert-1836, Johannes Heckert-1748, and Johannes B. [ The Glenville Democrat I Heckert-1754. During the War of Independence, many Heckerts entered the [ The Glenville Pathfinder i American Colonies, attached to units of German (Hessian) forces in | Ptadilh TIuadayl 51 wmltsof IIw Year. | America - expeditionary contingents serving in support of the Brit- ! Second Class Postage Paid at Glanvilla, WV 26351 I ish and allied with them as auxiliaries. At least eleven Heekerts have been identified among these Hessian forces, including Captain [ Noti to Postmaster: Please send address corrections to: | Johannes (Adam ?) Heckert, Johaxm Adam Hecke and Peter | P.O. BOX 458, Glanvilla, WV 26351 | Heckert of the Yon Huyne Regiment, Johannes Gottlieb ('?.) Heekert of the Anspach-Bryreuth Regiment, Johannes (?.) Heckert of the | Subscription Prk : $12.72 (tax included) in West Virginia; I Artillery of the Hesscn-Kassel Forces, and others of enlisled stature I $16 for Out-of-State Rosidonta | as refleCted in reliable sources both in America and Germany. sul plio for 10ss than six monlhs. Adam Heckert of the Von Huyne Regiment and David Heckert of the Von Dittfurth Regiment also saw service in America in 1776. county or the region, as the case may be, consistent with prehensive county plan prepared by the county planning sion; -- A timetable for the implementation of said plan; . -- A program for the cleanup, reclamation and stavw any open and unpermitted dumps; ....... -- The coordination of the p an wire me remtea lection and disposal services of municipalities and, ff aF other counties; . _ -- A program to en!ist the voluntary assistance of pnW try and civic groups in volunteer cleanup efforts to the tt practicable extent; - rts --- Lat.ovative incentives to promote recycling effo ; -- A program to identify the disposal of solid wastes not generated by source situated within the boundaries of or the region established pursuant to this section;.. - It -- Coordination with the Department of Htghways. local, state and federal agencies in control and femur- and the cleanup of open and unpenmtted dumps; ..;,-tl -- Establishment of a program to. encourage individuals incarcerated in the county jail and those niles sentenced to probation for the purposes of litter ,.&. Provision for the safe and sanitary disposal of all ! m rcec Vwn i i