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February 26, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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February 26, 2004

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Thursday, Feb. 26, 2004 -- The Glenville Demoerat/Pathl der -- Page S Not All Legislators Retired and Wealthy loyalty that I had once felt for my credit card company quickly evapo- rated. In fact, after their buyout, Fleet wrote me a condescending form let- ter, one much like the one previously mentioned received by my student friend. In reviewing my credit history over the years, they found one or more of the following: late payments, skipped payments, not paying mini- mum balances, etc. Although they were correct in that over three de- cades my credit history wasn't spot- less, I can say, in my own defense, that my creditor always got paid -- in full --- eventually. Hence, when I recently paid them off for good, I wrote them a nasty letter --- venting my animosity to them. i stressed that their stupidity had lost them a for-certain fife-long customer and their lack of loyalty was heartless and shortsighted, not to mention a bad and unethical business practice. I believe that Fleet First Boston is one of those large banks now in financially stormy financial waters; I can understand why! Even though my letter was cross, yet factual, it drew not one response from their big shot executives they just apparently don't care about their little customers. After going through that episode and being shaken by it, I'm much more appreciative of having commu- nity-anchored banks to deal with here in Glenville. I like being able to sit down with our local bankers and to talk with them. I haven't been disap- pointed in that regard. Every time I think about FiBer's disloyalty to its customers, my tem- per flares up and blood boils. Yet, that's why my other credit card com- panies are making money now! The State Legislature Talking about becoming irate, I hope that the State Legislature gets its just due, relative to creating that sepa- rate Community and Technical Col- lege division. Last year, they ripped off one-third of GSC's student body through the transfer of our branch campus students into the New River and Fairmont State Community Col- leges. This year their intention is to take about one-half of Bluefield State College's students, leaving that fine school a shell of its former self. Fortunately, GSC isn't being dis- cussed very much in this session of the Legislature. At the same time, GSC's President Robert Freeman is working for a bill to permit us to offer graduate level classes here. rd like to know more about that because it makes sense. One of Dr. Freeman's goals is to obtain university status here, ideally to offer master's degrees in teacher edu- cation and criminal justice. Most im- portantly, with the number of teachers seeking master's degrees in this central region and the increased staffing needs of the local federal prison, he can prob- ably build a good case for a "Glenville State University" already. Conclusion Promising you an anger column this week, I trust that you weren't disap- pointed with it. If you were, just sit back and I may just try it again next week. Darn it all! Kristal Sheets's 'Don't Get Me Started' continued ... Continued from page 3 thinking?" when someone attempts ,,,,,( impossible, such as trying to watchable film versions of • " 7 oks like A Clockwork Orange or Catch-22. And how can one feel anything but the sweetest, most blessed relief- on behalf of multiple generations of readers, past and present - that nobody has been al- lowed to cast and film A Confed- eracy of Dunces or The Catcher in the Rye ? I'll usually choose reading over watching, period. I've been wired for it since the moment I learned to read. Once, during our weekly mall-crawl on a Friday night, my group of friends decided at the last minute to quit shop- ping and see a movie before one of our moms came to pick us up. That would have been fine. But the movie my friends wanted to see wasn't some- thing that I wanted to see. So I opted out. I went to a book- store and parked myself outside the cinema with my purchase. By the time Eddie Murphy's 1986 block- buster The Golden Child was over, I had read about half of Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut. It made me an in- stant, though long-lasting, object of eye-rolling ridicule. But I still have the paperback I bought that night and have read it twice since then; I won- der if my friends can even remember having seen that movie? In conclusion, I'I1 concede that I do have one line of defense should I ever be placed on the stand for my book- and movie-snobbery: I'd give any- thing to read the literary work on which the movie Airplane/is based. • By Delegate Brent Boggs Last week, an article appeared in one of the state daily newspapers, dealing with the demographics of the WV Leg- islature. The story alluded to the fact that most WV legislators were retired or wealthy. Just for the record, I do not fall into either category. Friday, February 20 marked the 38th day of the legislative session. To date, 1,797 bills have been introduced: In the Senate, 605 bills and in the HouseofDelegates, 1,192bills. Eight bills have passed both houses, with the Governor having signed three bills into law. For the third time, legislators ex- tended the conference committee of House and Senate members consider- ing HB 4022, relating to ATVs. Up to this point, there has evidently been little common ground found between the two versions We should get an update this week as to their progress. You may have followed last week's debate over Senate Bill 448. A HouseEducation Committee amend- ment to the bill would separate the state community and technical col- leges from the college and university system now under the Higher Educa- tion Policy Commission. I asked GSC President Freeman to go over the bill and amendments thor- oughly to make certain there was no damage or harm contained in SB 448 for GSC. Apparently, the damage to us was inflicted last year. Now, under this amended House version, Fairmont State and Bhiefield State are about to lose their community college compo- nents. It is unclear if the Senate will concur in the House amendment that separates the community college sys- tem from the HEPC. Obviously, legislators from Mer- cer and Marion Counties were op- posed to the House amendment. We certainly could have used their assis- tance last year when I and other House members fought the raid on Glenville State College community college cam- pus at Summersviile. One particular concern that I have with the bill is that it creates another agency to oversee a component of higher education. Another agency means higher costs. On the other hand, if this bill passes, maybe it will level the higher educa- tion playing field that was tilted against GSC last year. SB 448 is now back in the Senate for their action since it was amended in the House. Early last Thursday morning, con- cerned senators and delegates, along with representatives of senior citi- zens and case management agencies, met with Secretary Nusbaum and members of his staff. The discussions were open, direct and to the point. Several of us have concerns that funds DHHR is using to hire an outside firm to assess eligibility could be better used for the care of the aged and disabled instead. Prior to this 5-year, $10 million contract, eligibility ser- vices were performed at a much-re- duced cost to the State and its taxpay- ers by case management agencies. As I have stated on many occa- sions, I believe the Aged and Dis- abled Waiver program through Med- icaid is one of the best programs avail- able for eligible citizens. It provides for income eligible and nursing home eligible citizens to receive services that allow them to remain in their homes instead of going into a nursing home. As we struggle with the budget, you will be hearing more about this important program to our most vul- nerable citizens. Finally, on behalf of Jean, I want to thank everyone for the cards and con- cerns to her at the passing of her grandmother, Clova McKinney. While she had lived for many years in Columbus, OH, she was originally from Copen. Due to attending her memorial service last week, I was unable to meet with many friends attending the Rally for Life at the Legislature. I wish to thank everyone for attending and taking time in of support pro-life legislation. Please contact me if I may he of assistance. Please address your mail to my Capitol office: Building l,Room 220 East, Charleston, WV 25305 or to my home office: PO Box 254, Gassaway, WV 26624. By telephone, you may contact me at 340-3137 at the Capitol. For those with Internet access, my e-mail address is You can obtain additional legislative information from the Legislature's web site at http : //www. leg is.state, wv. us/ As always, please remember our troops - at home and abroad - and keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers. Until next week, take care. Investing in a 21st Century Y Dmr Editor, 'Hearing' is important to worm peace All my life I have heard that there was to be a famin of the word of GOd. It is only recently that I learned that this is not quite what the word of GOd says. In the book of Amos, chapter eight and verse eleven in the King James Bible, it says, "Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God; that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord." the ear, listening to, heeding, and learn- ing. I believe this has already begun to happen. One can famish for the word while sitting in a church pew if they refuse to hear. There are those who will not hear themselves and work to prevent others from hearing, also. Misery loves company. Perhaps the cruelest thing of all is denying little children the comfort of God's word and the knowledge of His love, as well as the salvation of their souls. There are those who say let them learn at By Governor Bob Wise Since I took office in 2001, my their own children are worthy of sal- administration has made education vation, the centerpiece of our effort to trans- If only everyone would hear the formWestVirginiaiseconomy. With word, even terrorism and homicide investments in early childhood ser- bombings would cease. We would truly vices, higher standards for our public live in a Utopian world. We all know schools and the expansion of higher this will never happen. So God is get- education opportunities with the ting ready to take the Hearing ones to PROMISE, we have laid the founda- heaven. Then the world will become tions for success in the decades to postive Mayhem. God is still the ere- come. ator and man the creature, We must make sure our commit- R. L. Pr/tt ment to academic excellence spans all Glenville levels of study. Research at our state Tech Corridor as a regional research- based economy similar to Silicon Valley in California and the Research Triangle in NorthCarolina. In both of these locations, entrepreneurship was sparked by students, researchers and graduates of institutions in the area. At our colleges and universities and in laboratories public and private, West Virginians are leading the globe in biometrics, neurosciences and en- ergy research. But we are not the only state that realizes the future of these industries; we must strengthen our commitment to research, and for that reason I am determined to invest $10 million in our institutions of higher preneurs with an idea can quickly become the world's next tech- nology super- power. However, these sto- ries do not occur in a vacuum. They are born where the com- munity has come together to support an economy of creativity and opportunity. They hap- pen Where the best professors and the brightest students teach and learn. It takes an investment, but when we see the next Hewlett-Packard or Apple Hearing, according to the dictio- home• They evidently don't believe universities and colleges will be the ,, mary, means receiving by means of key to continued growth in the high ' ' .......... tech fields in which West Virginia is learning to enable the growth of re-. creating jobs in West Virginia, we Academy :: ,muenge alrld p //c support fast becoming a world leader, search in the public and private sec- will be thankful that we chose to bet Looking forward, business and aca- tors. on the determination and intelligence - De F-d/to.r, Mountaineer Challenge AcademyHISTORY: During the late 1980's, de. mic leaders envision the 1-79 Hig What begins as one or two entre of our people z Know this is a long letter for needsy°ursupport'Y°ucanfindmore the Rockefeller Foundation identified ' letters to the editor, Itdoes, hoW_jrus in Jtfformation about what Challenge is the need in our country to provide I mG LJ NV'ILL] ever, ex lain what the re xs om the n we op rtunmesror oun ne worx , . P " p gram " about by g " g to mai bs'te. 13o " " y gpeop - mOOUt ;td is Important to get The address is http:/I nng to overcome problems in their congress now important w w w. w v c h a I l e n g e. o r g >. hves that include being a high school this is to keep operative. Thesupportwvchallenge.comwebsite dropout. In 1991 the Joint Armed s in reference to a letter to was created recently as a place for Services Committee directed the Na- the editor in the paper a couple those who wanted to lend help to tional Guard to develop a plan to "add week2s, ago in January 29th publics-easily be able to get in touch with value to America by providing val-lipS., ~ ~i uon, Mountaineer ChallengeAcad- representatives to voice support of ues, skills, education and self-disci- emy isn t being funded properly by Challenge pline to young people incorporating Ronald F. Kelly RR1 Box 32F Challenge is a twenty-two week thestructureandespritdecorpsfound nru.ceton Mills, WV 265251 had quasi-military volunteer program in the military model. The national rece|ved info about this program forat-risk youth. Challenge gives 16- Youth Challenge program began op- • • an rl ted to share it: 18-year-olds who have dropped out . erating in 1993 under.Public Law [[ Stralght Tall from Glenwlle State College- il . Academy has served WV for of school a second chance. During the 102-484. West Virginm is proud to be .tenyears, 1226graduatesrepresent- program, which runs two classes a one otthe original programs. .rag all 55 counties. Average grade year, the Cadets receive not only mili- MISSION: The mission of the|l Presidential Inauguration prospective students ma~ a o~.~o .ou.rre..~ II level gain of 2.5 years, largest tarydiscipline, but75%oftheCadets Mountaineer Challenge Academy is m[ students. GSC students are calling all of next fall's 1| mfnton'ngprogram in the state. Do- are able to pass their GED, and the to train and mentor selected at-risk |l On Friday, March 19, Olenville State College, the committed students and congratulating them on their I I nate(I 45,000 hours of community average gain in grade levels is over youth to become contributing mem- |1 Glenville community and special guests will come decision. In addition, they are cofita ng every high im service valued at nearly $250,000. 2.5 years! This is all done at no cost to bersofsociefy, using the 8 Core Com- Ill together to celebrate Dr. Robert N. Freeman s school senior who hasshown an inter t in GSC. 11 LocatedatCam Daw ...... IIInauguration as the 22nd president of the College. During their conversation, the GSC students are II -- Coun p son mPreston the Cadet or family, ponents m a quasl-nuhtary envu'on- I1 encouraging the prospective stude to a to GSC 11 ,i, ty near Bruceton Mills. Let them Know! merit during a 22-week residential M°untaineerCha]lengeAcademy To help save the Academy, please and one year follow-up program. II The Inauguration formally acknowledges Dr. and visit campus. [| "ts mdanger. The Academyis cur. contact the Governor and your Repre- Ill Freeman's selection as the President of GSC and " IN rently not funded beyond June 30th sentative Contact Governor at: http.-/ I] provides an opportunity to celebrate the history of the Two upcoming events will b "nng prospective students In Ill College while reaffirming our mission and goals. The to campus. The studentswi!! tour campus, meet with IN ofthisyear. Sixtycentsonthedollar /www. state, wv. us/g o ve rno r~ Xenni R. Johnson' ,i celebration showcases the importance of the College faculty from their academ interest and eat IN of federal funds will be lost if the New eform.cfm. Sand Fork |J !o the community, our faculty and staff and most lunch at the GSC Dining Room. Jl state does not contribute its forty all Senator and Delegate Ad- II ,mportantly - our students. , li dre.o,, oon,a, me a, 'l ., ,'..,.:, Jl offers parents and students a choice. [[ The Inauguration Committee is btmy preparing a day s(d ol senior who is interested in GSC next fall. 1| |! of events and ceremonies. An ~i Reception will ................. IN • • • |l be held at the Alumni House from ;[1:30.1:00 p.m. for ~pnng open House w,i oe nelo ~ P, pnl 1/..u~...n II Bush continues to mlsleadAmencan workers ,, all GSC alumni and theirfamille$ House IS open to any junK)r or senmr mteresteo In II I! Gsc in the f.ture. II F_d/tor, percent of West Virginians would get American jobs, the Democratic Party The Installation Ceremorly will .... n at 2:00 p.m. in il " ,~ g'h e~ ~mav For more information ebota GSC, Senior Visit Day or II While President Bush travels to an average of $24,105. continues to fight to keep good-pay- the Free Arts Auditonum. D.....= _.e ................ TP:nnsylvaniaonaneconomictripand While Americans lose II members of the GSC Board:d Governors and onng upen House,- pea=se_ ._contact me Ill their jobs tO /ngjobs here at home. tary Snow testifies on other nations and struggle to keep While Bush continues to help his li Presidential Search Commi wilt oresent Or Admissions at (304) 462-4128. If you are interested in [| Hill, the. Bush administration Republicans from cutting their over- rich contributors, Democrats are work- II Freeman with the__._.._._ceremonial --'-and "'-L:q;m:e-sklantiai ..... attending GSC, but are unable to attend these events, IN to nuslead the. nat,on by ame pay, Bush continues to praise ing together to protect the workers' II allion fc- qc. FaUt, a.. .... o ttm viepleaseandCalltourthecampusOffice of Ad s to set ups time to II .oung an economy mat exports outsourcing. According to the LA rights. The Democratic Party will al- |! Celebration will be held in e-'Plefl]n Student is. II ts .enean jobs. At this most crucial Times, the Bush Administration "em- ways "tell it like it is" to the public, II Union Ballroom ' II II L ...otl in.labor his!or,y, the Bush Ad- braced foreign outsourcing, an accel- while Republicans mislead working , " ....... WVlAC Basketball Tournament II .. The Pioneer and Lady Pioneer basketball teams head II 7orlrms,U'a., tlon has failed to stand for the crating trend that has contributed to people. l op.le. U.S. job losses in recent years." The For those workers still left in II " i"-'n "r'efl" r" -,= into WVIAC Tournament action next w k. The first 11 ni ....... .^ ..,;,., .... UJLm ' round of the tou ay l-at II ident Bush took office, administration made the .an,,nounce- America, life is becoming increas- ny Jo • ene on our . " • vLrgmla s unempmyment rate menteven asanalystspredict asmany ingly more difficult as well. From the |l t, o, o,,,, t,,m,*,˘ ,v ou, sites around the state, wRh the women' round on IN increased 12 percent and contin- as two million more U.S. white-collar loss of overtime pay and health care to Monday and the men's first round on Tuesday All of I[ if you plan to attend any of the J t uguration events, r=,m=injnn II _ues to grow across our state. In the jobs" will be exported. The elusive the repealing ofsafety regulations, the II R- vp t_'at aagJ 9_ ............. ................................... Ill .P .L three years, more than 13,300 "Bermuda loophole" that allowscom- Bush Administration has helped to II" ....... "--" ....... "" final competitions of the loumament. The women's II JObsg,ot ,.,m Jobs being in the manufacturinghave- been lost in West Virginia, ingrnanieSoffshore,t° avoidcostPayingAmericanstaXes by mov$155- impoveriShlaborers, more than eight million IIii Fall Numbers are on the' gameSWednesday,Will resumewhile t at the Charleston Civic_0n CenterTi uffKl :on IIii sector alone Under his administra- billion in 1998 alone and, while Bush Democrats understand the fact that II o . . . The semi-final games will be ~eyed on Friday, I1 million jobs were lost ha- claimsheis working to close it, hehas you cannot have a prosperous nation if |[ The Office or,,,,omissions is hap0 to announce mat followed by the ehampionsht 0ames on 8aturdsy. II un ly, oving that President Bush missed several opportunites to do just you don't have good-paying, reliable, IIstudent interest in GSC continues t9 grow. Nearly 30% - ' " I1 uoesn t get the facts, that in the past three years. Republican safe jobs. Rest assured that the Demo- IIof next year's freshman class is .committed to GSC will once again host • h0$1Y~alib/roem after each Ii f_acts..are that 34.6 million. Tom Delay has been the main source cratic Party will continue to fight this II atten.d, with additional students c itting daily. The of the College's games in Charleston. Stop by end II IInumoer ot applications continues f~Yrse as well. With enjoy some refreshments after the gamest II uans ave in poverty in the ot this delay. Of course this is not a Republican Administration that is at- th est nation in the orld. While surprise since the companies that take tempting to destroy these core Ameri- IIthe number of applications alrea above the total - I1 families struggle to make advantage of this ambiguity donated can values. IInumber for last year, we look fomlP to even higher GSC WVIAC Tournament HospitMity RoomIt' IIcommitments as we finish the s~ester. Charleston Civic Center - Parlor A ll meet, the wealthiest one percent more than $5 2 million to Bush since II .... Two houri following every game II OUr nation continues to grow its 2000. . Mike Callaghan example_450,000West, crswould ,.tlessff. Pres!dent Bush must be held ac.- Cha/rman, |[ For the second year in a row, students are ................... ,11 helping the enrollment contacting Please come out ana support the men s ana women s $:]00 fit axpay,˘ . .. _ge counta.ole for hns actmns. While .th s West Virginia State proapecfam students. The helpsPioneer basketball tesmsl 2004 ... , .smem uusn s proposea aormnnstratton promotes outsourcmg Democratic Parry cut, while the richest one /