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February 26, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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February 26, 2004

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Ill II I I II en . ~: iv.-o ............. CHESTNUT LICK ONE ROOM SCHOOL IN THE EARLY 1930'S aldineMarks 462-7477 Thursday, Feb. 26, 2004 -- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder -- Page 9 Regional meeting to be held A third regional dinner meeting for farmers is being held March 8, 2004 at Jackson's Mill. The speaker will be Rod Smith, editor of Feedstuffs Newspaper and his presentation is titled "Birds on the Wire." However, it's not about poul- try; it's about us. It's about farmers and livestock producers, their suppli- ers and buyers and everyone from Main Street to other places that pro- vide farmers with resources and tech- nology. The dinner will be March 8 at 6:30 p.m. at the Dining Hall at Jackson's Mill followed by the program at 7:30 The Jan. monthly meeting was well attended despite the bad weather that evening. I appreciate those who braved the elements to attend. Hot topic once again, dress code for the farm show was discussed. One and all came away satisfied with what was worked out. Farm Shows rules will be coming out soon so all participating will have no surprise on the day of the show. Those present discussed the possibility of purchasing weigh-in scales for the farm show. We will keep you up- dated of any further information re- garding this topic. After reviewing the Constitution and By-Laws, sev- eral changes were made to update them. The meeting lasted approxi- mately 2 1/2 hours with ideas shared from everyone. I was pleased to hear the Kick -Off Dinner was so well attended. I regret I was unable to attend, but my job sent me out of town to sunny Pineviile, for two weeks. I would like to thank one and all who helped in preparation of p.m. at the Assembly Hall. Reserva- tions are required and can be made by calling the Gilmer County Extension Office at 462-7061. Reservations must be made by March 5. The dinner and program cost nothing to attend thanks to sponsors, which include West Fork Conservation District and Wes-Mon- Ty RC&D. 1930fS - -- the dinner and then the clean -up. The silent auction was a great success. The students in this picture were weather than wedo. hole on the ground, Apples really Eunice Collins Thanks, ladies!Youcanalwayscount on having good workers in Farm Bu- identified by Ruby Meadows. Ruby One of my readers Arlene Deulley kept good that way. John Howes lives akes Dean!s List reau. was a student at the Chestnut Lick Stalnaker who lives in Oberlin, OH., near the location of the Fen'ell s 1913 In school, butshewasabsentthedaythis fell and broke her hip in last week's home. When I was going to high Our 2004 year is offto a great start, we have 205 paid membership re- picture was taken. . very slick ice and snow. Arlene grew school,the Farrellslived in Rosedale, EuniceCollins, the daughterofJerry newals, which means we only need 'i The students are: left to right, trom up on Crooki d Fork and the last time but sometimes Uncle Billy walked to row, Lee Hardman, Madge Moore Iheardfromhershewashandquilting the farm and spent the day working CollinsofGlenvilleandAvonArnold 140 more to reach quota. RitaHuffis a quilt that Barbara Frame Westfall, there. V?noy, Mac Minney Burns, Flora of Chambersburg, PA, was recently ChairpersonoftheMembershipCom- ilson, Garnett Wilson, Glenn also from Crooked Fork had pieced. I remember wearing long black named to the Dean's List at West mittee and would appreciate your help Hardman, Duard Putnam', Perry We wish you a speedy recovery, stockings like baby Thelma has on, VirginiaUniversitylnstituteofTech- in recruiting new FB members. Just a "Tinker" Parsons, DaleSee, Unknown, Arlene. when I was growing up. When I was nology in Montgomery. reminder: if you sign up five new members, you will receive aFB jacket. ,,rand- i Jason Putnam and Farrell Wilson. I really enjoyed the 1913 picture of old enough to choose the color of Eunicc is attending college to re- krthur Second row: Alda See, Geneva storing apples for the winter in my long stockings, I always got tan ones. ceive her Bachelors el Science in If you have any questions regarding i ,, ,, .,,.,> membership, please contact Henry at .Heis Putnam, Unknown, Okey Parsons, Feb. !2 newspaper. Bonnie Farrell I, along with most girls in our one 2005. 462-8641. t.:ecfl Meadows, Arthur Minney, Ear- Smith s parents, Billy Farrell on the room school, wore long stockings in rginiai nest Parsons, Unknown, John _S, ee, left in picture and Dosha is on the winter until we got to maybe the Gilmer Co. FB once again traveled ,,radu- Lyle Hardman and Earnie Parson s. right, both are holding baskets of re- seventh grade, to Morgantown for Food Check-Out icine. I Back row" Usa Minney, Fern ally nice apples. Dosha's father, I think Spring is just around the Day on Feb, 5. Donations for canned t phy- I Minney, Carl" Minney, Usa Parsons, Solomon Burns, was the man with the comer, our songbirds are back. They food and non perishable items were oollected at our annual Kick-OffDin- ital in i: Oorothy Putnam, Unknown, possibly long white beard and Bonnie's sister, sure sound pretty. Tae Chi Classes Offered ner in December. The FB Ladies are ency, Flora "Moore" Frame, HarperThelmawas beside Solomon. Bonnie I was sorry to llearofthe death of Sensei: Mickey E. Metz will be planning to conduct a food drive later llow-I rlardman, Unknown, Roy Parsons, hadn't been born yet. Marion Goff. Ralph and I bought teaching a class in Tae Chi at the this month. Please keep watch in The May I Orton Moore, Deb Parsons, Dorsey Bonnie said her grandpa Solomon purebred Hereford cows from him a Gilmer County Senior Center on GlenvilleDemoeratforfurtherinfor- Meadows, Jesse Minney and Oral and his wife, Mahalia Rogers Burns, timeortwo. He had a really nice farm March 4, 11,18 and 24 at 1:00 P.M.. - ! Richards teacher One hundred year livedinthehouseatthefootofthehill, and excellent cattle.. °ldCrayMinneyisoneofthestudents We passed this house going to our I was surprised to learn that It is open to all, free of charge. Call or come in to sign up for the possibly one of the unknowns. Counts Ridge Home when l was grow- Marian s wife Jesse Lavonne had class 462-5761 lift i Wehavebeenhavingcoolbutpretty ingup.Solomonwasdeadandhisson, Crooked Fork roots. Her grandpa I Weather. Son Steven lives in Win- Sammy Burns, lived there then. Lester Blain "Bee" Moore was a Thurs., Feb. 26-Beef Stew, Cole chester, Va. ,and he still has ice coy- Evidently the Farrells were going to grandson of Crooked Fork's first set- Slaw, Applesauce, Cornbread a the slip- r and ip on I1. :.He ~aTle IOw- arch ty. with elen : ill- ive rv. ,Ut- } W his les hi- i ith ng cy yn tin It, la h. C- I ! ered snow. Usually they have better bury their winter supply of apples in a tier, John J. Moore. a computer or have Call (304) 462-7181 or (304) 692-5020 and ask for Josh or send an email If you're looking for a computer, I have several systems for sale. All have been tested and are in good working order. S3;stems are loaded with all the software you need for your home, office, or school needs. All are internet and most are network ready. Complete systems rang- from $100-$300. your computer needs work call for a free estimate. Larry K. Kennan, Pastor In addition with the effects of "BAPTISM"!. After all, John cer- baptism, we must keep in mind tainly knew the word for he uses it thatbaptismneedstobedealtwith in John 1:25, 26, 28, 31 and 33. If in the same way that we dealt with John had meant for John 3:5 to be the Last Supper. It is necessary to baptism, he would have so stated. know in what sense baptism saves The reason why he did not is be- us. I will examine many of the cause the real subject of the Lord's Scripture verses which are used conversation with Nicodemas is the by those who teach that regenera- Spirit of God andhisrelationship to tion comes by baptism in water. In regeneration or being born again. the past in regard to my articles, a In John 3:5 being".., born of wa- man from Tanner challenged me ter and the spirit..."seems to indi- in a letter to the editor and said cate two sources for the one birth. that I should deal with John 3:5. There is only one source and one Therefore, I will start with John birthinthe,,passage.Thewordtrans, 3:5 and then move on to other lated 'OF' is tbe Greek word "EK verses used by those who preach and precedes the word water; how- the water gospel, ever, the second' OF' you will no- John 3:5 is found in the middle lice is in italics because there is no of a discussion which occurred manuscriptsupport.ltwassupplied between Jesus and a Pharisee by the trahslators. The word 'AND" namedNicodemus.Thefirstthing is the Greek word "KAI" and ac- to understand is the fact that Jesus cording to Vine's Expository Dic- was giving Nicodemus present fionary, can have an epexegtic or truth because he says in verse 10 explanatory use which makes sense " thou a master of Israel and in the context of this verse. The knowest not these things?" There word is often times rendered"even" are several interpretations that are such as "God," even the father". It placed on John 3:5, but when ex- gives further information in order amined with regard to the imme- to clarify and emphasize what the diate context and the words that writer is saying, Water is emblem- are used, I believe the reader can atic of the Spirit of God as in John see the truth of the Lord's teach- 7:38, 39. The phrase in John 3:5, ing. There are those who want to "... born EK water KAI spirit would make water mean baptism in this therefore read,"born of water, even verse. Thus, they would say it the spirit", which is thereal subject means born of baptism and of the in view because in John 3:8, Jesus spirit. However, in context, there again reiterates that the subject is is nothing in this passage which the Spirit and notice he does not indicates that the word 'water; repeat the word water as the source means baptism. For those who of the birth. claim that it does mean baptism, This (John 3:5) is an explanation the burden of proof is on their which Jesus gives Nicodcmus to shoulders, I was recently reading explainwhatJohntheBaptistmeant a tract frdm a church which be- in John 1:33 when he said "... the lieves in baptismal regeneration same is he which baptizeth with the and the author (commenting on Holy Ghost". John 3:5) asked what better word More on baptism and its effects than water could John have used? next article. My answer to his question is You tend to your crops. We'll tend to your taxes. KANAWItA DRIVE CHURCIt Rte. 5, Gknvtlle, W.Va. To learn more about ehemi~ry in everyday life, visit www.cromp toneorp.eom. : FACTS OF LAW By F. John Oshoway Certified Criminal Trial lawyer by M.B.T.A. FrL, Feb. 27 .Covered Dish Mon., March. 1 -Pork Cutlet, Corn, Green Beans, WAV Bread Cinnamon Applesauce Tues., March 2 - Roast Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, W/W ROll, Fresh Fruit Wed., March 3- Beef Stroganoff, Peas, Salad, W/W Bread, Apricots Under the federal Fair Credit Act, a creditor is ~tted to share a debtor's name, addres and facts about transac- tions and experience with the creditor among the creditor's affiliated compa- nies. In residential areas, local rules of zoning often restrict artificial (con- structed) baekyard fences to a height of six feet. "Necessity if the mistress and guide of nature. Necessity is the theme and the artiricer of nature, the bridle and eternal law," -Leonardo da Vinci (1500) A federal Appeals Court in Califor- nia has found that a Los Angeles towing law violated the rights of the owner of the car by failing to provide him with a hearing within 48 hours of the towing. -David v. City of Los Angeles, 2002 WL 31255J~27 ~* Under the new federal No Child Left Behind law, certain specific teacher qualification requirements are set forth, including degrees, eompetencies and training for established teachers and for those being certified. Brought to you as a public service by F. John Oshoway P.O. Box 156 Grantsville, WV 26147 3ful-9204 If you want to make farm life le~s taxin9. talk to the professionals at H&R Block. Our preparers can answer questions about things like the sale or exchange of farm assets, income averaging, and di-,~ste~ ~st~. Ws just another pa~t of the H&R Block AAvantage. Call 1.800-HRBLO0( or visit hrblodt.¢om Nlat III.OQK" 208 ~ast Main Street Glenville, WV 26351 (3O4) 462-5688 Mon-Sat 9:00a.m. - 6:00p.m. ! [ 02004 H< ~110~ "r,= ~a~v,~s, It~ mation. Our county also donated $150.00 to be used to purchase needed supplies for the Ronald McDonald House. Become an active member and participate in this rewarding ex- perience- for more information con- tact Priscilla Bailey at 462-7419. Legislative session began Jan. 14, and will be in session for sixty days. During this time, we may contact FB members to call their representatives on important issues. We also traveled to Charleston to the State Capitol on Feb. 25 for Legislature Day and the Taste of WV Reception. Stacy Hawkins WVU Extension Agent was present at the meeting. We appreciate her attendance and would like to invite he back to our meetings. She is already showing us she is will- ing to be a working partner with the GCFB on planning up-coming events. Some upcoming events she announced were as follows: Agriculture/Pond management Feb. 9, Consumer Beef Marketing-March 8. For further in- formation contact Bruce Lloyd at 269- 4660. Barbara Boggs passes out informa- tion on the prevention of spreading infectious diseases. With the thought of flu season in mind, these tips might help control the spreading of the flu virus. She also handed out an activity sheet on finding the potential farm hazards for kid safety use. Two years ago John Walseck, Poly Waldeck, Barbara and myself went to Buckhannon to attend a picnic at the Sapp Farm. It was a festive event and we enjoyed it very much. I would like to try the same thing this year. All we need is a host farm for the event. If someone is interested, please contact me at 462-8641. Upon receiving your call, we will start preparation to show off your farm and hospitality. Closing Comments: "We Pull The Most When We Pull Together" GCFB President Henry Boggs Grantsville, WV 26417 "SINCE 1927" "The Spirit of American Style." 304-269-3600 "We'll be there." 02, IJICK RENDEZVOUS CXL 60 MONTHS @ 4.25% 02 CHEVROLET CAVALIER 60 MONTHS @ 4.25% 01 (; IIMMY 60 MONTHS @ 4.25% :,MONTH 02 FORD RANGER XLT 60 MONTHS @ 4.25% 01 SATUR DR. SC1 60 MONTI 4.25% dowl~ Otl approved credit. 99 FORD CONTOUR 48 MONTHS @ 5.5% Trade.ins wekome.