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February 26, 2009     The Glenville Democrat
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February 26, 2009

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I have developed an all-natural skincare product called "Nature's Magic," which is made of all-natural ingredients with no harmful chemi- cals, to take care of all your skin problems. Our ingredients are: Bees- wax, Soy wax, Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, and essential oil. Yes, there are other natural products out there, but check their ingredients and benefits before you make your purchases. In conclusion, drink plenty of wa- ter, and check all ingredients of any product you are going to apply to your skin, because you and your body de- serve it. For questions or comments, visit: www. lostcreekcandleco, com. You can test our products on Sat., Mar. 7, 2009, at the Gilmer Senior Center in Glenville. West Virginia as a heavy equipment operator to help the Rosedale prison's inmates on their work programs. ROSHEIJ.S ANTIQUES. Here, he's seen on SR 5 in the Rock Quarry Road section, leveling out the land. (Photo courtesy of Mr. Burke) Garden Calendar #- Here are some tips for you garden-I BARGAIN.BARN / ers, courtesy of the West Virginia I I Department of Agriculture: [{_(iDinintj Sets- Coffe.ctilife Reco I February I' LAYAWA$ AVAILABLE P= ll I I'f'  145 .MAIN AVE WESTON l OPEN MON-SAT 9-5, SUN 1-5 PM  I Bring in this ad for 10% off! { Fork. Since it was exactly the same type of machine I had learned to run on the pipeline, it attracted my atten- tion. I stopped and talked with the superintendent and he told me he had fired the operator because of drinking on the job and he now had no opera- tor. I told him that I could run it and he asked me ifI would give it a try. 1 trammed it down to a rock pile and loaded a couple of trucks, and he put me to work making two dollars per hour. I also had the job of operating a large cleat track dozer there. It was about the same size as a D-8 Caterpil- lar. Those days in the quarry were a wonderful experience, and I made many friends among the prisoners who ran the jack hammers, dynamited the rock, loaded the hand- sized stone. and ran through the crusher to make stone base for many of the rural roads in the coianty. I'found mans of the prisoners very Interesting men. I al- ways ate lunch with them, which was a good hot meal, transported by truck from the labor camp at Rosedale. I would leave this job to go back to the pipeline, where I stayed for many years. One of the most ifiteresting things that happened and not recorded is a visit to my home after I had been working there about two weeks. At that time, 98% of the state road work- ers had to be approved by the county Democrat Chairman and the commit- tee. Usually, they also had ways to check on how they voted of the Demo- cratic Party. Alocal businessman and Chairman at that time was B. J. "Barney" Radcliff, the father of Helen James. Barney and a committeeman, Sage Ware, came to my home one evening inquiring how I got a job with the state without their permission and approval. I explained whathad hap- pened as detailed in the excerpt from my life history. That satisfied them, By the Hon. Billy Burke, Sand Fork It was delightful for me to read the story in this paper a couple of weeks ago about the Rosedale Prison Camp. I probably am the only living person that not only remembers but was em- ployed in the quarry just below Sand Fork when thousands of tons of stone were quarried, crushed, and used to provide bases for dozens of country roads that have since been black topped. The Sliding, Dusk Camp, Cedar Creek, some of French Run, and many others received stone from this quarry. It is hard to visualize where all of that stone came from. We took a lot of the soil off the top of some of the hardest and best sand stone in the country. We removed it from a depth of about 40 feet on the left of the road when going from Glenville to Sand Fork. The crusher sat on the site where the public access to the Little Kanawha River is now located.. All of the "sproul," sand, and sail was trucked to the mouth of Lynch Run and dumped by State road trucks driven by local drivers. That fill was made by hundreds of truck loads and raised the bottom that, at that time, flooded to make a very desirable site where Energy Corporation of America now stands. The picture is of me stacking sproul (waste) with a dozer so I could load it on trucks to be hauled to the Lynch Run fill site. The usable stone was loaded in trucks by the prisoners and dumped into the crusher. I am in the process of writing my life story which now covers over 200 pages and below is an excerpt from it about my em- ployment at the quarry Upon arriving home from pipelining in Georgia with Williard Frymeir in the summer of 1950, I noticed an Insley shovel parked at a rock quarry of a long-time Democratic family. Time passed and many years later, I was appointed by Governor Hewlett Smith to fill the vacancy resulting from the passing of the Honorable Paul Kidd in the WV House of Del- egates. Barney came to me and asked me to pass a law to establish manda- tory retirement at 70 years of age. He was 68 at the time and a very good employee of the tax department. I introduced it and gained passage; little did I dream that some day it would benefit me. Another interesting story from the Rosedale Prison camp while I was working there was an attempted es- cape by a prisoner. One has to realize the highway and traffic went right through the work area. There were two bus loads of prisoners that came from the Rosedale camp every morn- ing. Armed guards were stationed at each end of the quarry and along the river to make sure there were no es- capes. One hot dry summer Friday, it was very dusty. Each Friday a Stan- dard Oil tanker truck made deliveries in Gilmer County and traveled to- ward Sand Fork from Glenville. On this particular day, a black prisoner in the dust down at the crusher caught the truck and climbed up a ladder on the back of the tanker and rode past the guard. After getting out of the dust the guard saw the prisoner on the back of the truck. The guard shot a tire out from under the truck and it stopped. The prisoner ran across the bottom toward the river just above where Dave Montgomery's garage is now located. After a couple of shots were fired by the guard's rifle, he fell to the ground. Three of the guards ran to the man and handcuffed him. They then pulled his shoes off and made him walk back to the quarry barefoot. I never saw him after that escapade, but many times when I pass that site Attn: Bus,nesses: We're 109 Years Strong in a prison operation just below Sand although they knew I was a member I reminisce about that incident. --- ...... t,F=-_ ,,.,C--- - ._"> ij  7'/" ,' oa ....... , '. . 1   ' < g"-'  .) AuntieMegan:- [ Love, Aleesea I JLarge Assortment to meet your Kitchen's Heedsl Freezers Microwaves : @ i:.::.:i : ii :: i Dishwashers :- 2 I I i soa00a Refrigerators, Washers & Dryers Gas & Electric Ovens FREE DELIVERY of: quality Whirlpool appliances ,, FREE DI,POSAL of old appliances. W e s t e r n A u t o Shindaiwa Poulan 26...Apply dormant oil spray to fruit trees; . 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