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March 12, 1976     The Glenville Democrat
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March 12, 1976

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2 The Glonvllle Democrat/Pathfinder Slid I I Bits & Pieces Rural Post Offices seem doomed by Chuck Cavallo Congressman Ken Hechler and several other members of congress have teamed up to stop the U.S. Postal Services plan to close 448 small post offices in West Virginia. Unless Hecl'der and his group are successful, two thirds of the post offices will close June 20, the rest by October 1. I urge everyone to write our representatives in Washington and Cash or charge? CALENDAR OF EVENTS Tuesday March 16 - Exercise session, welht reduction class in the Medical C4mt basement at 7:30 p.m. Booimmobile Schedule - NormantoEImentarySchool, March 17, 1-3 p.m.; Main Street Glenville, March 17, 4-7 p.m. and Marr 18 from 11-3 p.m. March 13 - The Cedar Creek Game Club will hold its regular mfltng at 7:30 p.m. in the clubhouse. All members are urged to attired and refreshments will be served. March 20 - The Gilmer County Coon Hunters Association will coaduct a United Kennel Club bench show and wild coon hunt at the county recreation center beginning at 1 p.m. The monthly oodhandlers Conference School scheduled for tmfljht has been cancelled. The school bus has been ro.Jwdulod for Tuesday, April 20 at 7:30 p.m. at the Gllmer County Health Department. Saturday, March 13 - two singing groups, one from Parknraburg end une from Elizabethtown will sing at the United Methodist Church in Cox's Mill. The sing will begin at 7:30 p.m. There will be a shooting match at the White Pine Association Building, March 13, starting at 11 o'clock, sponsored by the association. Not responsible for accidents. Modday, March 15, The Gilmer County S hriners Dinner at the Comrad Restam'ant at 6 p.m. Thursday, March 18 - Glenville Branch of the American Aomciation of University Women will meet at 7 p.m. in the amnex of the First Baptist Church [formerly Dr. Smith's house] at 215 East Main. Members please note the change of date and lecatton. Monday, March 16 - 6:00 P.M. Retired School Employees will have a covered dish dinner, at the First Baptist Church, Glenville. Income Tax Panel is also slated. ALL pareats interested in enrolling their sons in the county scouting program, PLEASE attend a meeting on March 11 at 7:30 p.m. in the basement of the First Baptist Church in Glenvllle. Thursday, March 11 - Glenville Rotary Golden Anniversary Dinner 6:O0 p.m. at the Conrad Restaurant. Open to n-Rotarlans through reservations by March 9. Call 462-7840. [A cover charge is required.] There will be singing at the association building at White Pine every third Saturday night starting at 7:30. Everyone welcome. No charge. Publiehsd Every itdoy By GILMER COUNTY PUBLISHING, INC. At 100 E. Main St. Glenville, WV 26361 Phone 462-7309 Second-Class pottage paid at Glenvllle and at additional nuilirql offices de(:dption price #6.80 tax included in Gilmer County;, other West Virginia residents $6.00 tax included. Out of state subscriptions $7.00. Cannot accept subscriptions for less than ti months. (ALL PRICES EFFECTIVE FEB. 1st, 1976.) CHUCK CAVALLO EDITOR JOAN LAYNE CIRCULATION MANAGER urge them on in this very worthwhile endeavor. Postal service these days does have its problems. An increase in rates is one thing, but to arbitrarily close down 448 small post offices as a means to cut cost is another. Instead, I think the matter can better be solved by cutting big-wig salaries, a five day delivery week, eliminating congressional franking privileges and mass mailings, and a cut back on extraneous spending in every area of the system. Congressman Hechier has also went a step further by asking Rap. David Henderson (D.-N.C.), Chairman of the House Post Office and Civil Service Committee and Senator Gale McGee (D-Wyoming), Chairman of the Senate Post Office and Civil Service Committee to launch an immediate investigation and place a hold order against any more small post office closures. Though I don't really put hard service until lately, that drastic now taking a firm as displayed by Rep. action. Though I don't penny post card will age of the 13 cent post offices can still future...if ever. What to do about consumer product injuries Everyday West Virginia citizens are admitted to hospitals due to injuries associated with consumer products. Believing that something could be done to reduce such risk of loss and injury, Congress, in 1972, passed the Consumer Product Safety Act, establishing a new federal regulatory agency known as the Consumer Product Safety Commission {CPSC}. The Commfssion's primary goal is to substantially reduce injuries associated with consumer products by evaluating the comparative safety of the products, developing uniform safety standards and promoting research into the causes and prevention of product-related injuries, illnesses, and deaths. rhe Commission has the authority to issue and enforce safety standards governing the design, construction, contents, performance, packaging and labeling of well over 10,000 consumer products from glass, stairwells and power tools to ladders and lawn mowers. It can ban hazardous products and obtain civil penalties of up to $500,000 from knowing violators of the law. When an individual is admitted to a hospital emergency room due to a product-related injury, information about the injury may be collected and sent to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System {NEISS}. NEISS, which is operated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, each year, produces a comprehensive index of product-related injuries. This index is used by the Commission to determine which products need modification, removal from the marketplace or additional research. High utility bills? .,00,,laik to :the PSC In recent months, utility bills have become the number one concern of West Virginia consumers. The substantial increases in the cost of electricity, natural gas and water have affected us all, but have been particularly devasting to the budgets of those consumers on fixed incomes. While this is a nationwide problem, each of the several states regulates the public utilities operating within their borders, and the consumer should be aware of who is responsible for that regulation and how the consumer can take part in this vital process. The Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General's Office has no jurisdiction to handle complaints involving public utilities. The Legislature has deiogated that responsibility solely to the W. Va. Public Service Commission (PSC), and all complaints must be submitted to that body, Utility companies by necessity are monopolistic,, that is, they have no competition. It is impossible to provide the consumer with a choice of service from several utilities because it would be impractical to have multiple systems for the transmission of electricity, natural gas, and water to the same households in a community. Thus, to avoid the evils which can result from the lack of competition, the Public Service Commission was created to regulate utility companies. The Comsumer Product Hazard Index for ranked bicycles, stairs, lawn mowers, equipment, baseball and playground equipment leading safety hazards. The Commission is developing safety standards for three of these products. Public attention to the work of the CPSC is important. The Commission cannot function without information on the performance consumer products, and that information can be provided by the users of such products. The provides for direct consumer involvement in regulatory process. Consumers can petition CPSC to establish a specific safety standard particular consumer product. But public ment is important for yet another reason. There is! doubt that the CPSC can require safety which could all but eliminate risk of injury, but standards must be established with a view utility and economy. For example, an number of safety devices could be attached lawnmowers, but if the modifications increase .1 east of ,s00owe0000 ,o,nt man00 ,00o4 Hetl can no longer afford them, the value of the sa features then becomes questionable. h.. ,lkE',as The CPSC has vast quanhhes of information ff' 4th its workings and on specific consumer produc Should you desire any of that information or hayS1  , particular question in this area, you may call, free, 1-800-638-2666 or write the Consumer Safety Commission, Washington, D. C. 20207. The activities of the PSC which most directly affect consumer are three in number. The Commission approves the rates charged natural gas and water. No public utility can raise the charged its customers without first having applied for increase. In some instances, rates may be temporarily under bond, but no increase becomes until the Commission is satisfied that the same is Secondly, the PSC can inquire into the quality and of service provided and can order a utility to improve quality of its service or th e quantity of electricity, natural or water provided when such would be in the public i, Byrd's-Eye View By UJ. SemLtor Robert C. Byrd Russia's AJriean Failures Veterans Ask... q - I recentiv read that I may be entitled to an additional nine numtlm of schooling under the GI !". Is correct? A - Yes, if you were originally entitled to 36 months entitlement: were enrolled in a standard undergraduate college or first professional degree program when your entitlement was exhausted; if you have not completed requirements for a baccalaureate or high degree, and if you need up to nine months to continue your pursuit of a bachelor or first professional degree. Q - I know that l caa claim unusual medical expmmee at the end of the year to reduce my income for VA pension purposes. I am on a special diet which includes expensive foods and vitamins. Can these item. be included in my claim? A - Yes. Cost of foods, beverages and vitamins, when specially pre- scribed by a doctor for treatment of illness and in addition to, not as substitute for, regular diet are allowed as medical expenses. A statement from your doctor must accompany your claim. Q - Does VA mske allowances for refresher tralnin 8 in a program fr which the veterun was prevtousiy qualified through former schooling or experience? A - Yes. A new program of refresher training for a maximum of six months allows updating former experience or education gained prior to service. Q - How and to whom may a Presidential Memorial Certificate be issued? A - Normally a certificate is issued automatically to the veteran's next of kin. Your nearest VA regional office can assist with application procedures. q - I wish to review my records maintained by the VA to determine validity, of certain decuments. Who should I ceatact? A - The Privacy Act of 1974 grants individuals the right to access and to seek correction or amendment of records pertaining to the veteran or beneficiary. Submit a written request to the VA regional office that maintains your records. Finally, the Commission has inspectors responsibility it is to determine the accuracy of the measuring the amounts of electricity, natural gas and used to insure that the customer pays for no more consuInes. Inquiries, requests and complaints concerning utilities may be submitted to the PSC by calling 348-2980. or by writing Mrs. Eloise Pruden, Complaints Divi Public Service Commission, State Capitol, Charleston. 25 The Soviet Union's in- The volvement in the civil war similar in Angola has not only geria, pointed out the weaknesses dan in the policy of detente, a single but also has highlighted Thus, evel t h e shortsightedness o f supported Russia's foreign policy. Through the tragic Viet- infusion nam. experience, the United tary States learned the futility of trying to buy, either control through massive military tion, it is aid or direct military in- itself tervention, influence in the nothing i underdeveloped world. Yet, That is Russia persists in its at- the tempts at interference, let the military and politically, in in Angola's internal affairs. Through Ironically, the Soviets' nels, previous adventures in be Africa--adventures which attempt consistently resulted in powers failures--should have been war. And lessons enough to convince is now Russia to stay out of An- of gola. should let For instance, in the ers knoV/ Congo---now called Zaire--- terms the Soviets-sent military An supplies to rebel forces in future 1960, only to have the rebels defeated despite the If heavy Russian investment, policy The Soviets also under- tween era, wrote the government of should Ghana for several years, and stop but were thrown out when of civil a coup overturned the gov- ernment in 1966. Another gala. tinues to Russian setback was suf- fered last year in Mozam- warring chances bique, when, after the Soviet-hacked group took power, the Russians were can Soviet denied the military bases the and political influence tbey the confi had demanded.