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March 12, 2009     The Glenville Democrat
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March 12, 2009

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f I Getting up close and personal with St. My business." foot and at night, on a dangerousjour- He obeyed the Lord. taking off, on hey from one end of Ireland to the J Why do good people leave, why consolidation, and many other educational questions ? Dear Editor, First. before reading this letter. know that I was born and raised in the city of Glenville and was a graduate of Glenville High School. My veins run with Red Terror blood (old-tim- ers will know what this means). It seems that the Gilmer County school system has always been in turmoil. Can&apos;t everyone, for once.just consider what is best for the children? It would be good if everyone would think about the following: • Phyllis Starkey, Alton Skinner. and Misty Pritt were elected to the Board by the people, and they were elected primarily based on their com- mitment to maintain community schools. If a minority of the elite who think they run the county don't like that too bad. This is a democracy, something that some people seem to forget. I believe it is called majority rule which most Americans prefer to mob rule. • The Board of Education is not elected to look after the interest of any one person. • The Superintendent serves at the will and pleasure of the Board of Education. not the other way around. • Could someone give specific de- tails to explain how one elementary school in a county as geographically large as Gilmer, and with the danger- ous roads, is in the best interest of children? • Are there no other alternatives to one county elementary school? • How many with a child as young as four-years-old would like that child to ride a bus from as far away as Rosedale or other outlying communi- ties to Glenville and, then, back home? we have only one elementary school in Glenville? • How safe is Glenville Elementary, since it is too close to a factory that has had explosions and could emit toxic materials? • How many school employees will lose their jobs as a results of consoli- dation? This is a particularly impor- tant issue during a time that every job is needed and every job helps boost the local economy? Not everyone is married to an attorney, nor can they afford not to work. • Why is it that schools were good enough to go through extensive re- modeling in the 1980's are not so ter- rible that they need to be closed down? If they are so bad. why have they not been properly maintained? Isn't that what part of the special levy was for? Isn't school maintenance a major re sponsibility of a Superintendent? • With regards to the recent full- page ad in your paper which listed all the things the current Superintendent has done; not many, if any, were above and beyond what any Superintendent should do as part of his or her job anyway. • The angry mob mentality that oc- curred at the Tuesday (Feb. 24) Board of Education meeting, with threats. obscenities, and childlike behavior. coming from supposed mature and educated elite, was unbelievable. To top that, some consider themselves to be pillars of their respective churches. This is just some more of the local Harper Valley PTO-like hypocrisy. • Any so-called police officer who would stand by and watch what hap- pened at this meeting deserves to be fired. It is against the law to disturb a • When thenati0nt1 trend is away ° gb.etfi$ht/tt'mig,,bt; titan'; 1he 'from"eonsolidated schoots:-why is"ity3otieeeff'ten picaceandehoose what Gilmer County even considering one elementary school? • Don't studies show that small schools are more effective and safer for children? • Gilmer County has been on the decline for years, and soon will re- place Wirt as the smallest populated county in the state. The death of our elementary schools will only contrib- ute to the demise of our many rural communities. • How many children will transfer to nearby counties to attend school if laws they want to enforce and against whom they wish to enforce them. Why wasn't he doing his job patrolling the city? • Loud noise, misbehavior, adults acting childlike, etc. will only make Board members more stubborn, and why shouldn't it? • And finally, is it no wonder that so many good people have left Gilmer County? Michael J. Lewis, Bridgeport What a FIASCO.t.t Dear Editor, I had the rare pleasure of attending the Gilmer County Board of Education meeting last Tuesday evening (Feb.24). What a FIASCO! Until then, I thought a Board of Education member was a volunteer position, but. 1o and behold, one of the speakers indicated they were paid $150 for the two or three hour privilege of making "light" of our system. I've never heard so many 'T' want for my district. All the time, I kept reminding myself, "This is all good for children of Gilmer County!" In a time when almost all counties in West Virginia are providing modern school buildings with the most up-to-date equipment and facilities for their children, we, in Gilmer County, relegate our children to cope with 1920-era buildings and all these associated problems that accompany century-old buildings. When modernizauon is attempted, it is very costly and many times botched in an unattractive manner. Yes, I'm over 3/4 century old and went through the Gilmer County System. Yes, they were good enough for me and my generation, but they are not adequate for our children or grandchildren. I gathered from the conversation of Board members last Tuesday evening, they plan to build an elementary school for $800,000-at Normantown. Build another elementary school at Linn for Troy and Lewis County at approxi- mately the same cost, and the third school for Glenville and Sand Fork at a similer price or about $24 Million for three schools. As I could only pick up tidbits of information from the board's conversation (I don't think they want the public to hear), the Board will ask the West Virginia School Building Authority for all the money it will provide, then float a bond for the remaining funds, As the Board President said. "The people of Gilmer County have never voted a school down." And I keep reminding myself, "It's all for the good of the children !" From what I understand, the SBA would build a modern, state-of-the-art Elementary school at approximately $12,000,000 for Gilmer County at a minimal or no cost to Gilmer County, if only the Board would acquiesce. All future cost would go down: heating & air conditioning, electricity, and maintenance. Transportation would be less because bus routes would be duplicated. Sewage systems would no longer be a problem. Children traveling more than 30 minutes would be given lap-top computers with supplemental assignments as it is currently done in many other states. Let's not exaggerate ttme spent on school buses. There are so fnany advantages to be gained, if only we parents would put aside our selfish, one- sided views and do "What's right for the children of Gilmer County "As well, the Board must put children's welfare first and foremost. The Board President seemed to be afraid of layoffs. We have sufficient funding now and with the savings, even more. As personnel retire, the work force could minimize. If necessary, however, we should keep personnel to make our children "top in the State." Denzil Huff, 304.462-8738 Legals Ads have personal prop- erty information in an easy-to- read formal Read them! III Continued from page 3A Patrick & a festival cont'd ... other a trek that would make our modern-day "TV Survivors' feats" look childish. Indeed. Patrick had to look around every tree. every house. and under every bridge, making cer- tain that his master or his thugs weren't hiding and ready to capture him. In dreams, and at the Irish Sea. God told Patrick where to go and which ship to seek passage on to return to the British Isles. Alas. after that tense and exhausting trip to the southern coast. he succeeded in returning home to the relief of his parents. They, though, didn't like the idea of his going into the ministry; instead, they urged him to stay at home and to take over the management of the family's large farm. To the contrary, not only did he go into the Christian ministry, he did so well in his studies that the Roman church's hierarchy assigned him to the tough Irish diocese in order to convert those heathen tribes on that distant isle. What a letdown to be ordered to go back to the place where re-enslavement was a distinct possi- bility. But. Patrick accepted this chal- lenge and settled in modern-day Northern Ireland. where he was promptly named as bishop. He did not find the going easy, as he'd have to travel into hostile territo- ries. one after another, to gain con- verts to Christianity. In each. he would have to win over the head chieftains and druids (the local witch doctors), and, finally, convince the people of the value of Christ's ways over pagan- ism. As a former slave and with his ability to speak the native Gaelic lan- guage, he did bring many slaves to Christ, not to mention the free men and women. His life has shone a supe- rior dedication to seeing that Christ's mission on earth was spread through- out the Emerald Island. Why has he become so important? After 30 years of his evangeliza- tion. almost all of Ireland's tribes. except for some remote pockets of paganism, were converted to Chris- tianity, thereby opening up the isle to new ideas, progress, and civilization. While visiting Ireland in the year 2000.I thiseditor wanted to see, desired to see. craved to see, and was drawn to see the Holy Mountain, called "Craigh Patrick." There. in 441, he through his oratory and saintliness converted thousands to the Christian faith. Most significantly, ever since that 5th Century revival, pilgrims travel there in order to pray and to thank God for their many blessings, mostly through St. Patrick's interces- sion. As I walked up that sacred moun- tain. I could feel God's presence, if not St. Patrick's. Like in Patrick's Breastplate Prayer. I could feel God in front of me. behind me. on top of me, under my feet. in the wind and on that mountain. I. then. knew why I was called to go there. It was an eye- opening faith experience, one that I will treasure forever prompted by my interest in my family's Irish heri- tage and their devotion to the saint who made that island famous. So. while I'll drink to'St. Pat's life on this next Tuesday after putting the newspaper to bed. I will also be thank- ful that he was given to us. both as a role model and as a man of vision and faith. If he could overcome such ad- verse odds which worked against him all throughout his life. there's hope for all of us to be similarly successful. Local Irish lest To catcha little of this Irish spirit, I'd recommend that you attend part of the 28th Annual Irish Spring Festival in Ireland tLewis County), West Vir- ginia. It runs from this Thurs.. Mar. 12 to Fri.. Mar. 20. The gala parade is on this Sat.. Mar. 14. and many other activities, notably Road Bowling, take place that same day. People, mainly of Irish descent. come from all over the country to this festival. Jim and Anne Flynn. of Glenville, always participate in the Harp Workshop on this Saturday. More information on all of the events for young and seniors alike can be obtained at www.angelfire. corrdwv/irishspringfestival The end Until next week, "top of the week" to all of you and, better yet, may the luck of the Irish be with you all of you kind readers and good folks. Best of all, may the powerful spirit of St. Pat touch you personally, via God's intercession with abundant blessings. Oh, in addition, check out our St. Pat's Day pages in this edition for good Irish humor, interesting facts, and other trivia, but mainly a lot of good deals from our advertisers. '03 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 quad cab $17,880 ., '06 Jeep Grand Cherokee x, a, an, sharp, teat ..$1 . 4 S  '06 Jeep Grand Cherokee x4, clean, sharp, eiiv, r. 1[ /0 . .,, 03 Ford F-150 4x4, Supar Crew, $ X." Ladatpkg.,moonroof, heatsaats ................................ ,880 ; , $ s 05 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4, moon roof, dr* gr, en    g/ ) 04 Dodge 1500 x4, quadcab, blue ..............................  3.90 .;," '06 Ford F-150 4x4,XLT, white ........................... S  71#880 .' '06 Ford Explorer 4x4, XL T, 3rd seat, rear air, red ........ $      Thursday,. March 12, 2009 The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder Page 5A Not Everyone Calls Me Father By Edwin Daschbach SVD Is Psalm 118 the center of the Bible? Over the last several months. I've received various e-mails with beau- tifully photographed slideshows a c- companied by biblical texts and the statemen.t that Psalm 118 is the middle chapter of the Bible. And. it is argued: the central verse of the Bible is Psalm 118:8 "It is better to take reyuge in the Lord than to trust in HI(lit. Is this an indication that. despite what biblical scholarship says about human writing of the text (though still divinely inspired ). that the Bible is instead a book dictated by God word for word to stenographers who wrote what he said verbatim ? In this view. the Bible was written by God alone in order to make Psalm 118:8 ItS center. So I decided to check it out with on the internet. For those of you not acquainted with it is the place to go to check out internet and e-mail state- ments or ads to verify their authen- ucity. As Snopes first points out. if you are trying to determine the center of the Bible you have to ask "which Bible'?" The Biblical text divinely inspired by God is the original Old Testament Hebrew (and Catholics would add some Greek as well ), and the New Testament Greek The ar- gument of centrality being made is clearly based on the King James Version - which is only an English translation. And translations are only protected by inspiration to the extent they are faithful to the original. Furthermore. contin- ues. the Hebrew Bible has portions of Esther and Daniel that the King James Version does not include (They are. incidentally, in the Catho- lic Biblel In addition, the Catholic Bible has 7 additional Old Testament books missing from the Protestzm Scriptures. So again, whose Bible . the one to determine what is the cen- tral text of the Scriptures? The King James Version was used to deter- mine the central text. but that is only a human translation and excludes books the majority of Christians in the world tqday (Catholics, Ortho- dox) hold to be Sacred Scripture (World Christianity statistics: Catho- lics 53°A. Protestant 36%. Orthodox 11%).. As continues: there are 1189 chapters in the King James, so the center chapter would be the 595th one...which is Psalm 117 (.not 118). Psalm 117 is indeed the Bible' s shortest chapter: O praise the Lord. all ye nattons: praise hint. all ye people. For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the Lord endureth forever. Praise ye the Lord. A wonderful message of course. But is this, or the reputed King James center 118:8 "It is better to take ref- uge in the Lord than to trust in man "' the central message of Scripture? Everywhere you look in Scripture you find similar important directives for human living. quotes James Mont- gomery Boice's Psalms: An Exposi- tional Commentary (Vol. 3): "Shouldn't the middle verse of the Bible be John 3:16....orat least about "God is love" (I John 4:8)." I agree. Nice as the effort is to defend the above 118:8 centrality, one cannot validly argue for that centrality - ei- ther as to Biblical position (given the Hebrew/Greek original) or Biblical message. Father Ed can be contacted through his e-mail High Speed Internet for ALL of rural Americ • Available Nationwide • Surf at least 10x faster than dial-up • Equipment only S49.00[!! aera,-n rebate Hurry Promotion ends soon! 1-866-697-5992 *For first three months..< 10 additional/mo for remainder of 12 montn agreemen '05 Ford Mustang Fastback, YELLOW/ TO G’ 00R00HER00! , ,n= Dodge Dakota 4x4, quadcab, loaded, silver ......... $1 , 80 '04 Dodge Ourango 4x4, p.w., p.l., CD, gold ..................... $ 10,880 ,. 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