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March 12, 2009     The Glenville Democrat
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March 12, 2009

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Pat&apos;s Chat Pat Ridpath, Burnsville 472-5102 or 888-294-5401 A Day Tour of Burnsville Hello. Pat's Chat Readers: I'm Joanna Barnett Henthorne. fill- ing in lbr Pat this week. I think John hid Pat's track shoes for awhile, but she tbund them. She is going to Penn- sylvania and then to Connecticut with her brother. Harry Wiant. I want to borrow those track shoes and see if I click the heels together they will take me to Waterloo. AL. to see friends I've kept in touch with but haven't seen in probably 50 years. If those track shoes take her where she wants to go, I see no reason why those shoes would have a problem taking me south; so hurry back. Pat. Writing this Chat gave me an ex- cuse to go to Burnsville. I always like to see if anything on my wish list for Burnsville has been done. I'm al- ways amazed how quickly I can get there now. I usually get on 1-79 at the Roanoke entrance, but I decided this time to get on the one that is not far from my house. It's a bit shorter that way, I think. So I guess that night's sleep I lost so many years ago because of those 18-wheelers was worth it, although at the time I wasn't too thrilled. It took me only about 20 minutes to get to Burnsville this time. So. come with me. a Transplant, on a tour. and I will make you a little homesick for your roots. My first stop was at the K of P cemetery. I heard there were two pine trees down from a wind storm and I wanted to check on Ken's grave and my nephew Ronnie's grave. They were both okay. I heard that Larry Wine had cut the trees up (thank you, Larry!). It has opened up the view a lot. Here is a suggestion: there is another pine tree that will cause a problem some day. Wouldn't it be wise to take it down now and not have to deal with it later? I don't know who is in charge of this, but if you read this. consider this suggestion. As I drove slowly down the hill from the cemetery, I stopped and looked at the houses. People I know who used to live there are now gone. I felt a pang of sadness, but then I realized there were some new houses and new people living there; and al- though I don't know them, it brought me joy. Sadness and joy are both a part of life. I guess I shouldn't visit Burnsville very often, as it brings so many memories. But then most of them were good. There was a pretty house next to the place that I grew up, and that brightened my day. My next stop was at "Willie's." What a nice young man he is. I asked the man behind tile counter if he was Larry Carson, and sure enough .he was. I had taken some badges with me of some of our classmates. These badges have pictures of us. so I gave Larry his badge. I said. "This is the Larry I knew." He didn't know me until I showed him a badge with a picture ofmyself. Then I didn't feel too bad not knowing him when I vis- ited Willie' s a year or so ago (so much for years past). But I did have to chide Larry a bit for not answering letters and phone calls about our class reunions. I hope you make it this year, Larry. I also met a man, (I hope I got his name right), Gene Stewart. Hegradu- ated from Sand Fork. He looked at my picture and said. "The only thing changed about you is your hair (that made the trip worthwhile)." He was very nice to talk to. Then Willie and I decided that everything at Burnsville was COOL! Of course, that might depend on who you talk to. The per- son who owns the storage buildings might not think it's so "cool." since the road to them is closed. I couldn't go that way; I don't know what the problem is. As I left Willie's. I heard a train whistle, that is a lonesome sound. I hadn't heard that for a long time. Wouldn't that be cool if that whistle could be changed to play "The West Virginia Hills." or "Way down South in Dixie." or something besides that lonesome sound? I went to the Napa Store and met Rob Singleton. He is certainly a nice person to talk to. He suggested I go to the Town Hall, which I did and met Pam Wine. I learned that Burnsville has pur- chased the cutest white Mini Mitsubishi dump truck. Now that's a truck that looks like fun! I saw some- one driving it twice before I left Burnsville. Also. Burnsville has two policemen whom I didn't know, Jim Ball and John Stump. Howard Wine used to be a policeman, when I lived in Burnsville. I then drove to the Burnsville Dam and counted eight pontoon boats un-. der that pretty green roof. Then I counted 11 or 12 house boats. These boats are just waiting for summer. There was still some ice in the water where you launch your boat. Pat's Beauty shop was the next stop. I thought if she wasn't busy, I would get my hair cut and get some news. I got neither, just a very wel- come greeting and an invitation to come back. The next stop was the school. I saw the sign that said "A School of Excel- lence for 2005-2006." I hope they win again and get an updated sign for this year. I think of Burnsville as a school of excellence. I hope a lot of people watched the documentary on the History Channel. It had one of Burnsville's Class of '52 graduates. Franklin Strader. in it. So chalk up another point for Burnsville. Somany students from Burnsville have really done well for themselves. I stopped at the Burnsville Library and met the new director, Jennifer Barker. Their feature for the month of March is "Crafting," from Straw Sculpturing to Basket Weaving to Painting to Needle Work. You can find books there that will show how to do those crafts, if you are interested. I heard someone say, "Joanna. is that you?" I looked to see who it was, and itwasPatricia (PatWine). Wehugged and talked an:iaughed, and" {hen I realized wc were in a library. I said, "We are supposed to be quiet in here." There were two other people there, but Jennifer assured us we wouldn't be thrown out. It was nine for lunch. Since the Dairy Queen or Goodies wasn't opened, I went to the 79'er Restau- rant. Since I couldn't get a shake at Goodies. I settled for Pecan Pie. I had to bring half of it home. While eating, I thought about what a nice visit I had with all those I had talked to. West Virginia has been made fun of; we have all experienced that. But the people are the greatest, and I'm proud to be a West Virginian. I received an e-mail that I think will give you a chuckle or two. It is called LIVIN' IN THE HILLS. It said that Possums sleep in the middle of the road with their feet in the air, and that there are 5.000 types of snakes on earth and 4.998 live in West Virginia. Now there's your laugh for today. Sonny Wiant has memories of Burnsville. I'll share this embarrass- ing memory of mine. funny now but not then. l took my little brother, Carl, to school with me one after- noon. Hewas aboutfourorfive years old. He did great, until the teacher gave out our spelling words. I guess he thought he would help her out because after several words. Carl said "GUTS !" I couldn't believe my ears ! Then after another word or two was given out he said, "Chicken guts!" I couldn't get him to shut up. The bell rang, and it must have scared him. because he ran out the door onto the balcony. When I finally got hold of him, I took him home. I don't re- member if I just went in the house and cried, or if I got a switch and let him have it. He is 65 years old today, and of course doesn't remember a thing about this. except he says his behind still hurts today. So I must have got- ten the switch and I did a good job! Now, Carl. this is your PAYBACK! But I forgive and still love you. There is going to be a Bike and Trike Show on May 2. 2009. from noon to 4:00 p.m. sponsored by the Burnsville Voluntary Fire Depart- ment. It will be at the Burnsville Elementary Ball Field or, if it rains, it will be held at the Town Hall. There will be two Judges Awards, one People Choice award, and a $5.00 entry fe.e per Bike. There will be Motorcycle games. Venders will be present, and there will be concessions by the Burnsville Volunteer Fire Depart- ment, All proceeds will go to the Burnsville Volunteer Fire Depart- ment. You can call Paul Bragg at 304-853-2650 or Joe at 304-853-2379 for more information. The Fire De- partment number is 304-853-2518. They will not be responsible for acci- dents. I spent three hours and 45 minutes at Burrtsville and enjoyed every minute of it. Now, you other Trans- plants, are you just a wee bit home- sick? Until another Chat. be kind to one another. Joanna I really appreciate Joanna doing this Chat. as I have been so busy getting everything done before going to State College, PA, to accompany my brother on a trip. to see an old friend. Harry is soon (if his house sells) moving to the Seattle area. so he wants to check in with some friends before leaving. I am excited about the chanceto go with him. After reading Joanna's column. I just have to add a poem Harry (Sonny) wrote, and I want Daphne to write a column for me in the near future, or Pat Blake. Is some- one else interested? YOUTH (1-10-59. U. Ga.) It seems youth is held in clumsy baby hands To be torn from our grasp before we know its worth And leaves to us but dreams of yesteryear, The play, the toil, the sorrow, and the mirth But we watch others with this price- less gift And wonder at how lightly it's es- teemed But then remember. "twas but yes- terday We did the same and laughed while others dreamed. Harry V. Wiant, Jr. Maranatha/ [ Conings News Springing Forward We have been having spring-like weather. I have seen the early spring flowers coming through the ground. I have also seen Robins. and I saw my first groundhog of the season. He was out on his own; nobody had to pull J him out of his hole. These March winds are helping to dry up the mud. which is very helpful. Lanta Radcliff is feeling much bet- ter. He is allowed to drive, so he can .,get out now. At least the temperatures make you want to get out. The time has moved ahead one hour. Now iris time to adjust sleep time; it takes me a while to adjust. A prudent person profits from personal experience, a wise one from the experience of others. --Joseph Collins in Techn010 & Equipment To Serve You Better 1-Down Draft Paint / Bake Booth 1 - Cross Draft Paint Booth K, or 80]mrs S/'dCE 1948 In BIs/mss Using PPG Products l II Color Technology Thursday , March 12, 2009 The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder -- Page 7B Orlantlo News Kate Posey 452-8427 Enjoy Some 'Dangerous' Hello ever 3 one !! Prayers are needed for: Jean Allen. Juanita Clay, Albert Clay, Jane Sprouse. Freda Heater. Randy Ratliff, Billy Conrad. Barbara Conrad. Rena Posey, Elsie Pritt. Thelma West. Unc Skinner. Roy Conrad. Sis Conrad. Iva Ramsey, Dibbles Conrad and Vorris and Madeline Scott. Happy Birthday to each of the fol- lowing: Freda Heater. Lou Young, Donna Saliano. Emmy Walker. Dylan Ratliff. Reba Ratliff. Polly Teter. Jack Bosley, Gary Ratliff. Lilly Conrad. and Rosa Sisk. Visitors ofReba Ratliffwere Emily Walker. Ronnie Waites. Sissie Waites. Allie Pritt. Bailey Marie Pritt, Dy|an Ratliff. Cody Thomas Pritt. Randy Ratliff. Richard (Cody) Ratliff. Martha and Junior Pritt. Libby Waites, Matt Pritt. and Mike Waites. Billy Blake spent some time shop- ping in Buckhannon. Charles Bennett visited Bud Henline. Visitors of Charles Bennett were John Bennett. Kate Posey, Rusty Posey and Ray Fisher. Shawn Posey and I visited Tommy and Vada Conrad on Saturday, and I recently visited Ruby Hitt. Sometimes you just need a choco- late cake for yourself, so this week's recipe is for: 5- Minute Chocolate Mug Cake 4 tablespoons flour 4 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons cocoa 1 egg 3 tablespoons milk 3 tablespoons oil 3 tablespoons chocolate chips (op- tional) A small splash of vanilla extract Cake! 1 large coffee mug (microwave- safe) Add dry ingredients to mug, ant mix well. Add the egg and mix tho# oughly. Pour in the milk and oil and mix well. Add the chocolate chips (il" using) and vanilla extract and tnlx again. Put your mug in the mmrowav:e and cook for three mmutes at 10130 watts. The cake will rise over the tolp of the mug, but don't be alarmed! Allow to cool a little, and tip out onto a plate if desired. EAT (this can serve two. if you want to feel slighffy more virtuous)! This is the most dangerous cake recipe in the world, because now we are all only five minutes away from. chocolate cake at any time of the day or night! 'Broadway in Charleston' Presents The Pajama Game On Wednesday, April 1.. the Broad- way musical The Pajama Game will be performed at The Clay Center. For more information, please call (304) 561-3570. or visit the website www. BARBARA M. ROBERTS, A.K.A. BARBIE She Doesn't Look a Day Over 49! Do you .know Barbara Millicent Roberts? If you dont recognize the name. you may know her better as "Barbie." It's hard to believe, but Barbie. the face that launched a billiondoltar in- dustry, just turned 50! She's the iconic doll who has it all: looks, friends, boyfriends, careers, cars. clothes, shoes, andbeachhouses. Universally adored by little girls (and big girls alike!), glamourous Barbie has done it all and done it best. Who wouldn't want to possess that kind of confidence and style? Although a certain WV Legislator would like to ban her. we say, "Happy Birthday, Barbie!" 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