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March 18, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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March 18, 2004

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i i illll I I I i :emenc alhoun daugh- of Mr. :grade ce Lab ~strates )rk and ith her of the ology. -ountv ~f Otis is al- le lab. ~s and ssign- Ip the donth :.d is a ol and Glen- work. tt and en the flents. ff the at/on. from d stu- dy as- Iways learn. ). you 3011- 'osis ; or 3, in l 17 [118 and Fable of 'Tiny College' in the hills & other futuristic fiction Let's gaze into our crystal balls and see what atiny College in fl~e hills could look like in the year 2014 --- a decade down the road. Will it remain the laid-back, small school devoted to educating teachers and a few other professionals that it is today? Moreover, will it still be anchored in this remote and rural area of the Appalachian Mountains? Finally, will it continue to be short-changed by gov- ernmental leaders, thereby elongating its fi- nancial instability? (Editor's Note: I normally don't write fables or futuristic projections, but stick to the cur- rent facts. Be mindful that my predictions in this commentary are pure fantasy in order to give you readers and our visitors from afar some entertainment, not to mention laughs. Most importantly, my visions neither repre- sent, in any way, any local academic planners nor President Robert Freeman who is being inaugurated this Friday, as far as I know. Be assured that I have not discussed these visions with either the College or anyone else; they're strictly fiction. Finally, since I'm Irish and this is St. Pat's Day week, some of these ideas may have been brewed over a few bottles of Guinnis or some other Emerald Isle stimulant.) Once upon a time ... For many years, there has been a fine little ~ege,!n the hills of cen~al West Virginia, ed Tiny College. It s been a good col- lege that was, at one time in its history, "great," being the institution of choice for educators across the whole kingdom. In fact, its teacher education programs produced most of the superintendents in the kingdom, teachers in every county and award-winning educators, The Corcoran / Iml Column ( ]11tl nationwide. Moreover, in those glory years, many noted doctors, lawyers, foresters, politi- cal and religious leaders and business people got their starts to successful careers at Tiny College. But, all of that seemed to change after a hundred years or so. At that time dark clouds appeared on the horizon because a big, bad city newspaper, The Charles.tun WorMNews, began a series of mean stories about the little college and kept writing them for over two decades. To the WorMNews --- a sensational paper of true Yellow Journalism, Tiny Col- lege could never do anything right. This bad press eroded its stature in the minds of poten- tiai students and the general public. As a result and over those dark years, the big, bad newspaper, in part, caused the Kingdom's Big Shots -- who governed the land from the far-offshores of the Big Kanawha River-- to keep cutting the budget of the little college in the hills every year and, even, machinated a plan to close it. The latter attack had been concocted for the Big Shots by Dr. Negativity who thought he was in charge of the kingdom's colleges and universities. By quoting truckloads of dull statistics, he lulled many of the good people of the kingdom into believing that they "had too many colleges" and that there weren't enough students to go to Tiny College anymore. This was that really a sad time for the beautiful little college and its town. But, the good thing was the kingdom's re- ally genuine and knowledgeable people didn't believe either Dr. Negativity or the Big Shots. From everywhere, they converged on the Big Marble Building on the Big Kanawha River in order to chastise Dr. Negativity and the Big Shots for even thinking about eliminating their small college in the hills. Even, Sir Alan, a knight in shining armor, came from the nation's Biggest Political City, to the rescue, taking out his sword and swinging it far and wide in defense of Tiny College. In the end, all was good because the small college in the hills was saved. Students from all over the state --- many of them poor young adults who couldn't afford a higher education elsewhere--- continued to come to the college because of its low tuition. They were thankful that they could learn their professions and/or subjects at Tiny College where they could actually get to know their professors. Some of the school's financial problems, though, didn't cease with the end of Dr. Negativity's and the Big Shots attacks. It seems that the kingdom, itself, kept losing people, thereby decreasing its tax base and ability to finance the tiny college. Continued on page 5A 'Don't Get Me Started' I'm Michael Jackson, reporting from Neverland By Kristal Sheets, of the withholding of important technical in- from Washington" on the benefits and effec- City Editor & Columnist formation from key policy makers for politi- tiveness of the new Medicare Law. cal reasons. Stay tuned." The problem is, these glowing news spots You can't change the worm So maybe the deceptions weren't so al- - one in Spanish with a "reporter" named But you can change the facts leged. Over this past weekend, Foster dis- "Alberto Ortega," and some of which feature And when you change the facts closed publicly that the Bush administration Bush receiving a standing ovation while he You change points of view threatened to terminate him if he disclosed to signs the Medicare Law - arc fake "reports" If you change points of view Congress the true costs of the prescription- conjured by a production company called You may change a vote drug bill. Home Front Communications and distrib- And when you change a vote Members of Congress - Democrats, Re- uted by the Department of Health and Human You may change the worM. publicans and Independents - made it clear Services. that they would be uneasy with any figure The "reporters" are actors who were hired Dcpeche Mode, "New Dress" above a ten-year, $400 billion budget limit, to read from scripts prepared by the govern- So when the administration found out from ment, says Homeland Communications. But To say that the Bush administration likes to Foster that the new package would probably the videos are being released as actual news play fast and loose with the facts is like saying cost as much as $551 billion, they decided to stories. that a drunk likes a sip ofbooze now and then, lie to Congress in order to push the bill through. There are Federal laws prohibiting the use orthataccountantsliketheirdecimalpointsto Representative Sue Myrick, a Republican of federal money for "publicity or propa- line up in neat rows. from North Carolina who was reassured by a ganda purposes" not authorized by Congress, But I shouldn't insult drunks or accoun- $395 billion estimate, voted ia favor of the bill. which is a disturbingly worded fact in itself. tants by comparing them with the People in But she said last week, "I think a lot of While the difference I letween "education" Charge right now. people probably would have reconsidered and "propaganda'"often rests with the roe/p/- The recent Medicare prescription-drug bill because we said that $400 billion was our top ent, in thiscase the administrationhaslaunched that was signed into law by President Bush has of the line." a campaign which is, according to Frank been fraught with controversy since Day One, On Friday, House Democrats asked for an Lautenberg, a Democrat of New Jersey, "a mainly because of the alleged deceptions era- investigation into Foster's charges that his job covert attempt to manipulate the press." ployed to get the flu'rig passed by Congress. was threatened if he revealed the truth about I know. It's hard to believe anything like this On June 26, 2003, Richard S. Foster, the the costs of the bill. could appear with the blessing of the Bush chiefcostestimatorwiththeCentersforMedi- And now the General Accounting Office, Administration. Up until now, they've been so care and Medicaid Services, sent the follow- which is part of Congress, has launched an honest and so dedicated to the truth when it ing in an e-mail to Knight-Ridder news ser- investigation into the distribution of some comes to presenting reliable facts regarding vices: "This whole episode which has now information about the new Medicare Law. their policies and agendas. I, too, was shocked goneonforthreeweekshasbeenprettynight- Several "news packages" have been dis- - shocked! - to read about these faux news marish. I'm perhaps no longer in grave dan- tributed to local television news programs, reports. get of being fired, but there remains a strong and feature what appears to be a news reporter Right. And I'm Michael Jackson, reporting likelihood that I will have to resign in protest named "Karen Ryan," supposedly "reporting from Neverland Ranch. Musings of an oldtimer -- Thoughts about By Frances Myers Sehmetzer, . Glenville Columnist :: "Let's go into the house," was often my grandmother's comment as we finished noon Is hesandshetookoffherapron.Thatpuzzled ,he as a very young child. Once I retorted, "But we're in the house!" I think she answered, "I mean the front room." .Training from Dad made me aware that I had Just "talked back," an absolute no-no, so I bit my tongue after that, and puzzled over it. Later, two experiences enlightened me. the expression, 'Going into the house' First, Mother and I were among luncheon ing. Then, the ladies of the house made guests in a home built in the 1700s. The themselves ready for callers and sat down to formal dining room was in the basement and sew or read until someone came. Or they put ourhostessexplainedthatthesummerkitchen on hats and gloves and went visiting. So my had burned, so all the cooking was now done grandmother's hidden meaning was that we in the house. And the basement was cooler were ready for anyone who came to the door. than upstairs. Now that we are in fire season, my thoughts It was an "a-ha" moment for me. Thereturned to the destroyed summer kitchen kitchen-work is done, so let's go into the and finished work. Nowadays I would solike house! to feel that my work is done and I am ready The second experience was reading, and to sit down, read, and wait for callers! I guess rereading, Louisa May Alcott's books. Morn- I am wishing to go into the house. ings were for cleaning, cooking and garden- Patrick Gainer's reply to Pastor Keenan's &tter about 'Baptism' Dear Editor, Them are 19 definitions of "for" in my English dictionary. If you want to be the Greek scholar, find for us the definitions in Greek for the Greek word e/s, as if you were !nterepreting the passage for a Greek-speak- mg person. Now for each of those words, find English translations. I suspect you will fill the whole column. The multiple ambiguity of translating from any language to any other is sufficient to do great damage to the principle ofsola scriptura. If you are implying that you .are justified in using any one of those mean- rags at will, then the Bible is meaningless, or statement of the truths of Judeo-Christian beliefs. If one wants to know how the early Chris- tians interpreted this word in this context, one must refer to tradition. Tradition was the teacher of faith for the 300 or so years before the official text of the Bible was agreed upon, and for over 1000 years after that, for the majority of people could not read. You cannot prove the truth of one meaning or the other by citing ambiguities. You must have an unambiguous authority or impec- cable logic to solve the ambiguity. Otherwise, you must be convinced that God does not important thing as Baptism. But is there an ambiguity? Paul was told by Ananias immediately after he was given back his sight (Acts 22:16): "And why tarriest thou? Arise, and he baptized, and wash away thy sins, calling on the name of the Lord." It was obviously a matter of some urgency. Paul had been chosen directly by God, and yet he still had to be baptized without delay. This time the text unambiguously tells us that he will wash away his sins through Baptism. You~ for the love of Christ, Patrick A. Gainer at_least cannot be used alone for an authentic want us to know about such a potentially More 'Letters to th~ Editor' on Page 5A Our 'Letters to the Editor' Policy IjWe are in need of more letters to the editor. Feel free to send them in to us. sign the letter via snail mail. Deadlines for letters are Mondays at 10 a.m. for ]Ju~ remember our policy on the letters, that week's paper. After 10 a.m., they can be accepted for that week as paid /t.Oeal nenewspal~" have long been the sounding boards for political, advertisements. However, it would appear for free in a future edition. [Pe~nal, ar~ patriotic views and this paper is no exception! Also, for writers who consistently send in Letters week after week, these l Relative to writing responses, please keep in mind our Editorial Policy: we messages are constantly evaluated as to content and to purpose, so they may i ilw~d~cce~ letters on a space available basis on/y and they will be subject to he considered as an advertisement, especially if they are weekly, lengthy, and line Editor s scrutiny as to content relative to libel, good taste and timeliness, repetitious of previous letters. Nevertheless, you will be contacted if the latter IA good length is generally one to one-and-a-half standard typing pages, is the case and will he charged only our regular advertising rate. Ldouble-spac~ The decision of the Senior Editor will he final. Letters must For more i nforrnatio,0, contact either Dave Corcoran, Sr. or Jodi at 304-462- [oc slgued in order to be published - e-mailed letters must include a phone 7309 'e Imzmber where your identity can be verified, but you may still be required to " ! Last Issue Before Electron. News, Letters, & Ads [ .The long-standingl~liey of this newspaper has always been that if, in the issue beforcan election, one candidateor citizen makes allegations about anotl~r candidate | ~ ]~e, that the other party be given the right of rebuttal. Readers of this newspaper know that we editors have had this policy in effect for the past eight years in '~._Qer to make r.ertain that the journalistic and ethical principles of fairness and equality be assured on these pages relative to both the news and advertising side~ Welcome, visiting Glenville, GSC and Freeman's Inaugural Ceremony For almost all of Glenville State College's students and Gilmer County residents, the Inaugural Ceremony this Friday of Dr. Robert Freeman as the College's 22rid president will he a first. We just don't see a lot of presidential inaugurations here. At the same time, this age-old academic ritual of induction is a special occasion in the life of any college, especially dramatizing -- for the most part -- a change of leaders, of presidential styles and of top-level administrative goals. Under past president Thomas H. Powell (now president of Mt. St. Mary's College and Seminary), he prudently chose to cancel his own inauguration as Glenville State College's 21st chief academic leader in order to save the College money. Sadly, during each one of his four years, State Government either cut the College's budget, drastically, or mandated expenditures that weren't in the budget. Dr. Powell felt that the money used for an inauguration could be better spent elsewhere in the College to advance special projects. Today, though, is a new day -- one, in which, GSC is coming off, perhaps, the worst attack in its history by the State Legislature. Last year, the lawmakers, initially, threatened to close the College, but ended up wrestling away our four branch campuses in Lewis, Braxton, Nicholas and Roane counties ---dividing them among Fairmont State, New River and WVU-Parkersburg. Simultaneously, the law (House Bill, No. 2224) assured GSC's community and friends that the College would remain a four-year, degree-granting institution o~" higher learning. In other words, and in spite of the frequent and unwarranted political attacks on our Central West Virginia College here, it's still alive and well. Most importantly, with Dr. Freeman's official installation as the school's president this Friday, that sends the loud signal across the state that GSC is here to stay. Hence, for you visiting dignitaries from the State Capitol, from communities and organizations in this region and from several other colleges and universities, we Gilmer Countians can affirm, "Welcome to Glenville and GSC ! You'll see that Dr. Freeman is here to stay, too!" We editors, therefore, congratulate Dr. and Mrs. Freeman for taking on this giant inaugural project and commend all of our visitors for traveling to Glenville to participate in it. Finally, we encourage and challenge all of GSC's students to attend this rare and regal event. Most importantly, listen closely to what Dr. Freeman has to say! We're certain that his inaugural address will be meaty, meaningful and mirror our College's future academic directions. Some of his initiatives and/or approaches to problem-solving may be helpful to you, as a student. Note: The ceremony starts at 2 p.m. this Friday in the Fine Arts Building's Auditorium. DHC, St,., Publisher-Editor SOMEWHERE IN A CAVE IN AFGHANISTAN EDGE OF THE WORLD - EDGE OF "~ICT, J., 5OJl~Ol~ ~ "l~tt O$#IMA WITH "mOX,,H'rs OFISEX-~'USr ~ vHE vE,~.S (VIA SATELLITE) THE TERRORISTS ARE ALIVE AND WELL -- A couple of weeks ago our award-winning cartoonist sent in the above cartoon. GSC Professor Emeritus George Harper must have been looking into his crystal ball when drawing it, for another terrorist tragedy has been perpetrated on innocent people since then. Last week a train travelling into Madrid, Spain was blown up by the use of several well- placed bombs. Nearly 200 people -- unsuspecting travelers from six different countries (but mainly Spain) -- were killed in the blasts. Although the Spanish Government had initially accused their foes in the Basque Territory of Spain of the mindless deed, al- Qaida ultimately stepped forward and took credit for this latest act of terrorism. Some commentators beii ve that because Spain has supported the United States in its War against Terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq, that was the real mason for the attack. Being the most deadly terrorist attack on Europe since the PanAm 103 disaster over Scotland, this dastardly deed shows that these madmen and women of aI-Qaida will go to any lengths to kill those whom they consider to be their enemies. The people of Spain, who have been deeply hurt by this tragedy, didn't deserve this attack, but the incident clearly demonstrates that a multi-nation coalition is needed to fight terrorism around the world. We editors lament the loss of life anywhere and at anytime, especially the senseless killing of innocent people. The continuing acts, like this one, make us proud to be Americans and to be supporting our troops abroad and at home who am united in trying to stamp out the aI-Qaida terrorist network once and for all. This specific calling of our American fighting personnel and their associated peace-makers is, indeed, a very high one -- a mission that every U. S. citizen, especially our nation's veterans, can stand up to be counted and be very proud of it. DHC, Sr., Publisher-Editor