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March 18, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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March 18, 2004

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GLENvlLLE STATE COLLEGE IS CENTRAL WEST VIRGINIA'S COLLEGE -- J orcoran The 'New' Tiny College "' When the black, dismal days of despondency had darkened Tiny Col- " lege and its small town for many m~nths, a ray of light broke through the clouds in the north. That-angelic sign charted a pathway for Big Uni- versity in Metropolis to the North to find Tiny Town and Tiny College. Representing Big University was Sir Baron Whitemountain, a good and intelligent spokesman who blended the finest waits of his education and business expertise to make something novel for both institutions. As a first step, he and Big Univer- sity -- out of the goodness of their hearts and the handsome treasury given them from a large government and private foundation grant -- con- " structed an Information Autobahn through Tiny Town which linked it to ~the world. The community's mer- chants then began to prosper and get ' rich; its teachers made Tiny Town's "students smarter and won more aca- demic awards; and the town's people became happy and contented. Truly, they had not felt the pleasures of prosperity for many years. The innovative curriculum As for Tiny College, it continued to train teachers and students in a ~-~uple of other professions. In addi- -.on, it began offering its students all of the subjects that had to be elimi- nated in the past years, such as the- ater, art, foreign languages, journal- ism, student newspapering, and phi- losophy- subjects that are all needed to provide a well-rounded education. Specifically, Tiny College's students got to choose from many dozens of extra classes from Big University in history, political science, sociology, criminal justice, psychology, math- ematics, chemistry, physics, biology, nursing, business, economics and English and the humanities. Although the local newspaper's two pages of Tiny College's classes had dwindled down to only 3/4th's of a page, the new classes jacked the stu- dent offering up to a four pages. So, with all of the new classes, even more freshman students began to enroll in iiii?~;iiiii~!!iiii!/i/i!ii!i!il filial:/i: L ~ii ~!ii ! Tiny College year after year. (Thedelivercalvesontheirlargeplantation. local newspaper's publisher got so (That gave the Metro students a real wealthy that he built a gigantic dormi- feel for rural life, not to mention the tory to shelter all of the new students chance to kiss their mates on the hay- coming to town. Before that, he was ride.) an old miser, penny-pinching from In fact, Sir Baron Whitemountain week to week, just like many of Tiny got a large money grant to make Tiny Town's other merchants.) So, with College a field model for Big Univer- busloads of new students coming in sity, so that students from both col- every year, all of the area's stores had leges could take advantage of the edu- to be enlarged to handle the increased cational assets of the other. This worked trade, out very well for Tiny College, in par- New courses how-to? ticular, in that the kingdom's funds With Big University connecting the weren't underwriting most of the ex- Information Autobahn (IA) to Tiny penses. Ironically, when the Big Shots Town, themetroprofessorscouidthen of the Big Kanawha saw all of this teach these many additional classe~ positive learning activity at the school, over the IA system. Now, another they changed their minds about the benefit to the small school's students small school, giving it a more equitable is that the Big University's faculty share of the kingdom's tax revenues. was ranked among the highest and Ali's well that ends well best in the nation. They were good In the end, and under this full spec- hearted and brilliant people who also trum educational model, both the presi- showed their altruism, viewing their dents and faculties of Big University instruction of Tiny College students and Tiny College lived happily ever as a "good deed." Also, they got to afier. They could go to sleep at night in visit Tiny Town regularly in order to peace and satisfaction, knowing that further their own research into moun- they had established a new, innovative tain life and communities. With this and viable practicum program in every new, fresh research approach, they educational department -- manifold began to win many academic and hu- offerings that gave their students the manitarian awards, field experiences needed to truly un- Most importantly, Tiny College's derstand the textbook theories. students felt more well-prepared for Finally, thisjointeducational project life because they could now take the made each school stronger, more pros- classes they needed for their profes- perous and efficient. sions of choice (they didn't have to Odds 'n' Ends wait several semesters to get them This editor does appreciate the "fan anymore and could even graduate on mail" that you readers pen to me when schedule), renewing your subscriptions. On the other hand, Big University's The kind words of Hannah Davis students, who were very smart and and Bonnie M. Bush certainly didn't very affluent, got the opportunity to go unnoticed and was deeply appreci- interact with Tiny College's students ated. and to take classes in the newly ore- Also, the patience of our faithful ated "Semester at Tiny College." This reader and noted Western author, Bill academic term was all good and all Holstein, knownforhisbook, TheHand enlightening because when, for ex- of God, is heartening. To do a book ample, a Big University history stu- review for the newspaper is always an dent studied aboutAmerica'sagrarian editor's hardest task because we not economy of the Colonial Era, he or only have to write it but also to read it, she could actually see agriculture in FIRST. the Tiny Town area. Sir and Lady But, the book is a pleasure to read, I Burke would even take them on old- eye its pages at night while going to fashioned"hayrides" and let them help bed, and you subscribers can look for a review here in the near future. Survey - Close the Elementary Schools? 'NO!' Dear Editor, of keeping young children near their than building newer, larger ones and Note to student: Your Survey ques- homes. Quite apart from the long bus buying more school buses. tions reflect a problem in many, many tides, small local schools have in- Change is slow, but the tide is turn- questionnaires: they slant the results, volvement of parents far more fre- You ask us to answer as though school quently than if they must drive many closings will happen and give noplace miles to attend events, especially ones to mark an unconditional refusal to that happen at night. admit this. Social judgments move in peaks When you summarize your results, and valleys over time, and the era ~f it will appear that Gilmer County has school consolidation has passed its given up and will-bow to the "inevi- highest point. As in an ocean wave, it .table." That bias is especially damag- has now become a breaker. The press mg if the state Board of Education has recorded the fighting of parents believes they can do that to Gilmer over 'losing' their children, and now County's children without a fight, there are stories of finding money to However, news reports show that repair local buildings as being better educators are moving in the direction ing. Please reflect this in your final report on your Survey,. I commend you for caring about this phenomena. You are learning skills of critical thinking that will help you the rest of your life. Frances M. Schmetzer Glenville (Editor's Note: Would the social studies student please come in and pick up the rest of these Survey Forms? DHC, Sr.) GHS Alumni Association President Dear Editor, We continue to be commited to Rehabilitation Center,The Gilmer We GHS alumni commend you remembering the important things of County Economic Devleopement As- and your staff for an excellent the past but are more concerned about sociationandTheCalhounBankshave Supplement on our Glenville High providing opportunities for today's our most sincere thanks for their sup- School Reunion last summer and graduates to obtain a college educa- port of this project. also for information on our upcom- tion so they can become the educated Please remember to mark the dates ing Reunion on June 25-26 this year. citizens who will assume the respon- of June 25-26 and plan to join us for Hopefully, this information will sibility for the next generation's fu- our "Best Reunion Ever" at the Senior enourage many of our members to ture. Citizens' Center on June 25 and at the attend the Reunion this summer and We would like to especially extend Herin Center on June 26. also encourage many more to con- our appreciation to the sponsors of i~e to give to our Scholarship Fund the publication who have helped get Sincerely, that more Giimer County youngour message to the public. The GSC B///Gainer people can attend college. Foundation, The SunBridge Care and President, GHSAA Harry Potter books 'good'for Idds, not anti-Christian DcarF_.d/tor, thatNOWHEREinANYofthebooks The Nancy Drew series by Carolyn Helloeveryone,mynameisDeanna does she urge or even suggest that Keene, The lUiad and The Odyssey by Waldrop. children turn to witchcraft! In fact, Homer, Legend of Sleepy Hollow and It has taken me quite a few weeks to she says in the books constantly; it's Rip Van Winkle by Washington lrving, write this letter in response to Mrs. something you are born with, notFinnegan's Wake by James Joyce, R.L. Pritt's letter in which she praises something you can just decide to do. Rikki-Tikki, Tavi by Rudyard Kipling, TV preachers, puts down J.K. Also in her books, witches and wiz- The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe, Trea. Rowlings for writing the Harry Potter ards are never to do magic in front of surelslandbyRobertLouisStevenson, books (which, God forbid, made non-magicpeople. SirGalahadbyAifredLordTennyson, money! Gasp!!)And askedmy hus- And in her books, sheteacbeschil- Mark Twainand H.G. Wells. And, I band if he is a Christian. (ken, how to deal with emotionalhave left out many more! To answer her question, YES! My abuse, the death of their parents, be- Not to mention your Greek, Roman, husband is a Christian: As am I. We ing over-shadowed by siblings and Norse and Egyptian mythology! She both believe in God and have ac- how to overcome racism, calls a lot of these works into play in oepted Jesus as our personal savior. Ninety-to-ninety five percent ofher books. So are you saying Nancy Now in my anger at her assumption what she does is pure fantasy con- Drew is also a witch? that my husband was not a Christian, ceived in her brilliant mind. She talks I, personally, had the same view of I had started a letter in which I put in a way that children can understand J.K. Rowling's books as you do, until I down TV preachers (quoting scrip- and deals with issues children can picked one up and read it. Then, I saw tur) and did a lot of research on the identify with. that the only ~'magic" in her books is witch-hunts of old. Oddly enough, As a physically and emotionally the magic of being able to escape into Mrs. Pritt, widows were the first ac- abused child who was overshadowed a fantasy for a few hours at a time! cused. If you had an animal (cat, dog, by five siblings, I would have loved Even the Vatican's spokesperson, bird, rat, owl, toad, weasel, rabbit, to have her books to see how Harry Father Peter Fleetwood, defends the ferret, mole, mouse, even a bee or deals with the abuse that his aunt, Potterbooks,"Theyareneithereviinor grnsssbopper.) that was automatically uncle, and cousin dish out. promoting anti-Christian ideology," considered a "demonic animal." If Also, if you research some of the said Father Fieetwood. "I don't think #ou had a broom in your house, or if names in the books, it literally opens any of us grew up without fantasy you had a mole or birthmark....that up a whole new world of knowledge: worlds which sometimes were popu- wasjnst further proof that you were a As in all works by J.R.R. Tolkien, lated with wizards, fairies, and angels witeh, itwascalledthe"witch'smark," Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, and witches." Father Fleetwood ~'ou were burned! WizardofOzbyFrankBauhm,Alice's claimed that the books help children But, I have again lost sight of the Adventures in Wonderland and separate good and evil. reason for my letter, to defend LK. Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Rowling. If you were to read one of Carroll, King Henry V and Romeo Deanna Waldrop the Harry Potter books, you would see and Juliet by William Shakespeare, Troy Thursday, Mar. 18 2004 -- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder -- Page 5 Reader not 'passionate' about Mel's movie - or President Dear Editor, my milk duds and popcorn to see the embarrass us, and crucify him at the I have not seen Mel Gibson's flesh ofadelusional man come offin polls in November. "The Passion of the Christ" and pieces in slow motion than I do to As for Mel, he will make a lot of probably will not. I read the book watch the burning of a hysterical money on this movie. He can afford and it was not that hot. woman at the stake or to witness the a mountain ofpiUs and hosts ofthera- They do show, however, what stoning of a recalcitrant child, piststohelphimgetridofthemassive horrendous treatment the mentally We have come a long way both in guilt complex he seems to have ac- ill once got. Just think; If they had the treatment of mental illness and in quired. If he would rather feed his today's scientific knowledge in child rearing. Forexample, President sadomasochisticfetish, wecan fithim Jesus's time, he could have been Bush has a delusion that he is any- with a fashionable cilice. treated, and lived out his life as a thingbutadull-wittedTexasredneck. well adjusted if mediocre carpen- We can help him ! We can fill him full Shalom, ter. of Prozac and Paxil, shuffle him back Hugh McGough I have no more desire to sit with to the ranch where he can no longer Glenville ( 4-H'ers Experience @ Q Back Row: Becky Marks, Stacey Hawkins, Sophia Youngs, Samantha Marks, Bill Stemple (Delegate), Brent Boggs (Delegate), Roxanne Cann, Justin Messenger, Brianna Long, Terne Wimer, Delbert Shackleford, Nancy Shackleford Back Row: Monique Call, Marsha Benson, Becky Gray, Chelsea Miller, Katie RoSe, Brittany Adkins, Brian Collins, Jessica Gross, Catisha Adkins, Ashley Moss, Teresa Wine, Rachel Bush Gilmer ou You can read about the law-making process. Or you can discover the leg- islative process the 4-H way: Go to Charleston and experience it. The learn-by-doing fun of 4-H took Gilmer County 4-H members to visit other 4-H'ers from all over West Virginia in Charleston on Tuesday, March 2, to be part of WVU Exten- sion Day at the Legislature. The youth were kept busy learning about the functions of each branch of state government, discovering the steps a bill must follow to become a nty Visits Legislature law and observing the House and the community and economic develop- Senate in session. They also visited ment. the Cultural Center. WVU Extension Day at the Legis- Duringtheirexperiencein theCapi- lature brought many diverse Exten- tol, 4-H'ers learned more about West sion learning communities together Virginia and the West Virginia Uni- on March 2. That's because Extension versity Extension Service, which co- educators work with a variety of local ordinates 4-H and many other educa- groups to help them address their re- tional programs in all 55 counties of spective educational and service the state, needs. Among those represented were WVU Extension's program areas Community Educational Out-reach include agriculture, natural resources, Service members, Master Gardeners, health education, family life, con- Energy Express families, farmers, sumersciences, safety, and work force, firefighters and volunteers. Free at Mar. 23-Apr. 29: ! Computer Classes From March 23 through April 29, Connie Hall and Jennifer Morris will be part of a free computer training program offered at the new Gilmer County Technology Opportunity2004. Center at GilmerCounty High School. These classes are sponsored by the The classes offered are classified EdVentureGroup of Morgantown. as Basic, and offers an introduction to For more information on register- Microsoft (MS) Word, MS Excel, ing for classes, please contact Gloria and MS PgwerPoint. Particpants will Patterson at EdVenture: 1-888-862- also learn how to use the Internet. 0505, or the Gilmer County BOard of Sessions will last three hours, from Education at 462-7386. 6 p.m. until 9 p.m., and will meet ten Cooperation is Slp~lled with two times, on each Tuesday and Thurs- letter,---Wig. day between March 23 and April 29, Straight Talk from GlenviUe State College Freeman Inauguration As indicated in the theme for the day, "Celebrating GSC... Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow," much of the day's focus This Friday, March 19, Glenville State College will hold the will not only be on Dr. Freeman and his new position aa Presidential Inauguration of Dr. Robert N Freeman, for- President, but also on the wonderful history and tradition mally acknowledging Freeman as the new president, of the College. Important to the College will be the Several dignitaries will be in attendance, bringing greet- presence of several of GSC's past presidents. Their ings on behalf of the State of West Virginia, including attendance will mark their strong support of GSC's present William R Sharpe, Jr., Senator from the West Virginia and future, just as it was in the past. Past Presidents Harry Senate, Brent Boggs, Delegate from the West Virginia Hefiin (1947-1964), William K. Simmons (1977-1998), J. House of Delegates, KayGoodwin, Secretary of the West Lowell Peterson (1988-1989) and Bruce C. Flack Virginia Department of Education and the Arts, and (1998-1999) will be in attendance. Michael Mullen, Ph.D., Chancellor of the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission. From the Glenville Several administrators from the State's institutions of area, Larry Chapman, President of the Gilmer County higher education will also be in attendance, representing Commission, will speak on behalf of Gilmer County and AIderson-Broaddus College, Fairmont State College, Ohio Valley College, Salem International University, Brian Kennedy, Mayor of the City of Glenville, will speak ShepherdiCollege, West Virginia University, West Virglnia on behalf of the City. University Institute of Technology, West Virginia Northern Representing GSC at the inauguration, members of the Community College and West Virginia Wesleyan College. faculty, staff, students and alumni will all speak during There will also be a representative from Slippery the ceremony, welcoming Dr. Freeman to his new role at Rock University. the College. Dr. Kevin Evans, Associate Professor at the College, will represent the faculty. Ann Grogg, President of the Classified Staff Council, will represent the staff, and Ralph Holder '56, First Vice President of GSC Alumni Association, will represent the College's alumni. Music dunng the ceremony will be provided by the GSC Concert Choir, under the direction of GSC Assistant Professor Chades Miller and the GSC Concert Band, under the direction of GSC Assistant Professor Philip Rossano. Representatives from each GSC class will also speak. Each Following the Inauguration ceremony, a GSC Celebration of the students will welcome Freeman from their respective will be held in the Heflin Student Union. This event will give classes, as well as from their positions of student leadership the entire community an opportunity to celebrate Glenville at the College. Jennifer Butler, Past President of the Student State College and our new President. During the ceiebra- Govemrnent Association (SGA), will represent the senior tion, the James Atkins Ensemble, which is comprised class. Nicole Maxwell, President of the SGA, will represent entirely of GSC alumni, will provide the entertainment. the junior class. Sarah Rodriguez, a member of the SGA, Members of the James Atkins Ensemble include Jamie will represent the sophomore dess. Marissa Thrasher, a Atkins '98, Sarah Gower '02, Josh Martin '03, Lori member of the SGA, will represent the freshman class. Schoonmaker '97 and Matt Schoonmaker '00. Heavy hors d'oeuvres will be served throughout the evening. During the Investiture Ceremony, Marjorie Burke, Chair of the GSC Board of Governors, along with R. Terry Butcher, A special memento was created specifically for the Chair of the Presidential Search Committee and member Inauguration. Alcon Labels graciously created and donated of the Board of Govemors, and Butler will formally bookmarks to be handed out to attendees of the event. acknowledge the election of Freeman as the 22nd President of Glenville State College. Dunng the ceremony, The Inauguration Ceremony and GSC Celebration are Burke, assisted by Butler, will present Freeman with the open to the entire Glenville community. We hope to see presidential medallion, everyone them! The Presidential Medallion is one of the symbols of the College presidency. Each side features a seal applicable to GSC. For ceremonial use, the medallion is a visible link with our past - our traditions - and our future. Assisted by John McKinney, Chief Faculty Marshal, Jody Pauley, a representative of the students, Unda Graft, a representative from the GSC staff, and Wanda Bailey Reed, an alumni representative, Butcher will present Freeman with the College mace. The mace serves to remind the community that the power and the integrity of ttle College belong to the people and that the College's calling and promise to society is vested with spe(:~l responsibilities. We're Proud of Youl The 2003-04 Women's Basketball Season has finally come to a close after several months of excitement. On Monday night, the Lady Pioneers lost a very tough, but hard fought mat=h-up with California University of Pennsylvania in the NCAA East Regional Championship game. Senior Tracy Wyatt and Freshman Rachel Redick were named to the East Regional All-Tournament team.~- The Lady Pioneers ended the season with a 29-4 record. Congratulations to GSC seniors Tracy Wyatt, Carrie Triplett and Katie Martin for their outstanding college basketball careers.