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March 21, 1975     The Glenville Democrat
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March 21, 1975

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7.8 J Published By Aml For Gilmer County People GI.ENVilJ GH.MER COUNTY. WEST VIRGINIA Single Copy Price 15 [incl. Tax} Friday. March-2ii 1975 ........... II I IIIII III I II IIII I lull I II I, , ,, I 9 99 School Plan, funding After an hour and 40 minute deliberation last Friday. the West Virginia Board of Education approved school building plans for (;timer County. But state funding to the tune of $829,500 will not be awarded to Gilmer unless a local bond issue is passed. In a surprise move that stunned a local Board of Education contingent that journeyed to Charleston for a procedural hearing, the State Board of Education voted 4-3 approving the two-phased School Facilities Plan contingent upon passage of a local bond issue to raise a portion of funds matching the state share. The hoard turned down the recommendation of state Schools Superintendent Dr. Dan Taylor on the Gilmer County Plan, which would have had the board giving an immediate go-ahead and financing for Phase ! of its prepare, with Phase ii contingent upon the bond issue. Superintendent Ron Welty explained that Gilmer County had difficulty in getting bond issues approved and felt that once a new building is constructed and visible to the residents, they will be induced to approving a school bond issue to finish the program. Welty proposed a Phase I program of $829,000 for construction of Glenville Elementary School plus additions, maintenance and repairs to five other schools. To accomplish that program, he cited, state money would have to be released. But the hoard said they would not release state money until a S2.1 million bond issue was approved by Gilmar County voters. The entire plan outlined by Welty contained a total project cost of $2.9 million, which included the construction of three new buildings. The last bond issue put to a vote in Gilmer County failed in November, 1974, on a 48 per cent favorable vote. Center not in jeopardy Kirk L. Kopic, administrator of the Gilmer County Medical Center, has been suspended from his duties, according to minutes of a special Medical Center Board of Directors meeting last March 11. According to a statement read by Dr. Byron J. Turner, board vice president, Kopic was initially suspend- ed Frictay, March 7, by the board's operations committee. The full board approved Kopic's suspension at the special meeting. The 27-year-old administrator apparently ignored a request by the operations committee to meet and discuss a forthcoming audit of the Medical Center's finances and an overdrawn dental account, according to Dr. Turner's statement. Kopic and his wife left for a Florida vacation the day after the committee requested the meeting. This prompted Turner and board member John V. White to enter Kopic's office to obtain financial data No explanation has been provided for the alleged administra~iv~ shortcomings. Kopic was vacati~mi~ while the board met in a spe~:~at session and could not be reached f~w comment. [te was due to retur~a Monday, March 17. KopiCs contract with the board was recently extended from Febrm~ry 30 to lune 30. The (ootract couht be severed, the board determined, if "tl~e administrator's services are not rendered." Under the contra(t's terms, Kt)t)i(: was paid a salary of $1,000 a me~th Board member Stan Mesero[l asked the operations committee, which meets weekly, why it had not uncovered bookkeeping, and admini- strative shortcomings previously. White explained that the operations committee had tried in vain for over a year to get a proper financial statement from Kopic. White said he advised Kopic in November ~.o necessary to complete the audit. prepare a complete financial sta|e Man on the go, along Main St.. Glenvtlle. governor wiped at the end of ire session. But the restored $200 made. submitted the "Bare early enough to act on G//mr auemp/oyment rate 5.1 per cent Of a total labor force of 2,750 in Gilmer county, 140 persons or 5.1 per cent. were unemployed, according to the January statistics recently released by the West Virginia Department of Employment Security. Gilmer County registered the second lowest rate of unemployment in the state, according to the department's monthly manpower summary. Editor's Note: Delegates Burke and Long have recently introduced to the House Finance Committee a resolution to implement hydro-electric power installations in all locks and dams in West Virginia. Both delegates claim this would " be an economical way to provide electrical power to the citizens of our state." we approved a $55 per month salary increase for the State Police. We also voted for the defeated abortion bill. We believed in having a state law which would agree with the U.S. Supreme Court rulings on abortion laws. The present state law is simply not sufficient. The legislature also approved funds ,for the Regatta Festival at Sutton, the Braxton County Fair, and the Golden Delicious Festival at Clay. Continual on Paaa l i Janina Danko rises every morning to milk her cow, like many ladies in Gilmer County. But the European-horn farmlady possesses another skill that sets her apart from most rural folks in this area. She is an expert handwriting analyst or graphologist. The 35-year-old former teacher has been rigorously trained to analyze personality traits through the slants and loops and letter formations in handwriting. She learned her unique vocation after studying at the University of Tel-Arty in Israel and at the Institute of Applied Psychology in Zurich. Switzerland. After coming to the U.S. in 1967, Janina taught classes in Handwriting Analysis and Depth Psychology at a Kenton. O. YWCA and in adult education classes for the Cleveland Heights Board of Education. One of her most ardent students was Donald E. Cowan. Alliance [Ohio] payment of veterans bonuses. We gave teachers a $500 a year across-the-board raise in pay. We placed the New River and Birch River under the Natural Streams Preservation Act. The legislature appropriated $501.172 to the division of vocational to take care road fund appropriations were added, theirs. Sometimes, in order to get Our still seeking members and planning an ......... m, . . . ,,.. the Center recently," and that medical business unless it's the figure soared to more than $1.1 priorities passed we have to bend a August 16 dinner for John E. Arbuclde. ~L]~I'~ ~oara e|ecrs o~cers supplies have been ordered by staff 'wants. billion. What. in your opinion, were little to the Senate's priorities. It's the according to minutes of the Directors' personnel. ster politican. He is some of the key bills passed? democratic system and it's the best last meeting March 13. The Gilmer County Volunteer Fire An interchange between beard news how to dominate Burke: The legislature passed 210 bills, there is, but it's hard to get everyone to It was also agreed that future FBDDepartment Board of Directors met members and Medical Center staff and including 95 that originated in the agree on some issues, meetings would be held at 8 p.m. at the March 12 and elected Ed McElwee ofphysicians resulted in the admission by ~e Years the governor Senate and 115 in the House. A record I voted agent the food tax cut Court House Extension Conference Normantown chairman. Heis assistant board members that a physician's fee out with his vetoes; 55 bills were drafted in the Finance because it would ve cost the stateRoom. fire chief at Normantown. schedule at the Center must be 13 million worth last nearly $,30 million in revenue and the Paid membership in the Farm Greg Nicholson, Glenville assistant systematically designed, along with a ~ties are different than Committee. "i~ We passed a law requiring the first lesson I learned working with the Bureau has reached 179 persons, but fire chief, was elected secretary-trea- thorough renovation of accounting governor to fill the vacant seat in the Finance Committee is to protect the additional members are being sought, surer, procedures. this relate to the lOth Senatorial Dist. We legalized the revenues of the state. It was learned that the Farm The GCVFD board oversees county- White stated he would repeIt on Sual "bare bones use of studded snow tires from Nov. 1 We get a lot of services in return Bureau's Good Will Dinner will honor wide firefighting operations and acts the Center's financial status at the ? to April 1. This will benefit many of our for that food tax and ff we'd Kanawha Union Bank President John E. as a governing body for distribution ef Thursday board meeting, on is for the people, rural people whose roads during the elimimated it the tax load would're Arbuckle. The Farm Bureau will operating funds. Kopic was hired as Medical Center present a baler maintenance Nicholson also serves as county Administrator in November, 1973. to '-o can appropriatewinter are pretty rough, been increased somewhere else in the course at the GilmerCounty High: training officer, working with the replace Robert Arnold, who resigned, vernor can only We empowered the Public Service long run. y is to be spent. But Commission to hold hearings on fuel Gflmer, Braxten. Clay and Calhoun School Vo-Ag building at 7:30 p.m., assistance of West Virginia University tie had been campus minister for the do both, presentingcost adjustments which disallows counties also stand to gain some April 3 and all day April 4. A Fire Extension Service and the state Lutheran StudentFoundationatMiami the budget and public utilities from automatically surplus property through a bill welandscape school will be held at Town fire marshal's office in Charleston. University, Oxford, O.. lay position. input. This takes passing on the higher cost of fuel to the passed making for the disposal of Hall. April 8-10 at 7:30 p.m. the people. So,.this consumer. ~ obsolete and surplus state property. ~ ~ ~ I~ We appropriated $25 million to DeL Long and I worked diligently to to do something the Department of Veteran Affairs for get salary increases for certain school Handwntmg analyst says: service and auxiliary personnel. And Burke, representing~ his veto. Sure enough, he vetoed the rehabilitation. $350,300 to the Health iobHe V A. benefits Turner and White said they ment. even devising for Kopic an Harold V. Long, the discovered a stack of nearly 100 outline for making a financial rep~)rt District [Braxton, budget. But we overrode that veto. He Department, $1 million to the contends the budget is not valid Department of Mental Health, van to v|$|t here unpaid bllls, including statements from and a voucher outline for preparhL~~, B'a:] ~sCalhun'l~ome forClaY'a rest.and because the legislature passed $1,290,000 to the Board of Regents for A mobile van manned by Veterans DecemberUtility companies.1974, totalingSme datingnearlybaCk$3, bills. dar session of the 62nd supplementals. But these were last the West Virginia Osteopathic School Benefits Counselors will be touring recess until Anrll fiscal year's supplementals a~td he of Medicine, and $871,915 for the West Virginia in April as part of the They also found many past due bill Billy B. Burke, president of t!~ stuns to extend untilhasn't a leg to stand on now. Marshall University Medical School. National Assistance for Veterans notices and about $4,700 worth ofboard replied that the operation~ But. isn't it a shame to do theAll of these were supplementals. Program, according to Sam A. Tiano,undeposited checks. They found nocommittee had "made every effort to peoples business this way~ Some of that ' ' D&P: Were there any bills passed Director of the Huntington Regionalevidence of money shortages, set up an acceptable system of controls his home chores at the money recovered from his veto you tmrsonallv did not favor? office. The two board members worked and balances for the business 'are and tending to th~ - - " urge consented to euawas desperately needed by public ~ . .... The van will visit Glenville April 21. busily through last week fulfilling the operati'on of the Center." He also said institutions to pay utility and food bills. ,!~.i~: Yes. I did not reel . me from 10 a,m, to 4:30 p.m. and April 22 Medical Center's financial obligations, the Board merely extended Kopic's He's also refused to fill the vacancy teg~siamre snout a,.. appropma~e from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. alonR with the Medical Center staff, contract rather than renewing it in hfinder: Gee. Arch in the lOth Senatorial District (Mercer, $2,640,000 to me .rffnuct.anfft.~t~,rp. xor The mobile van program is Turner andWhitereported that thehopes he would "shape ups" referred to as Arch Monroe and Summers counties) thatAaron Burr s mr~npmce aT menner- designed to furnish one stop service for MedicalCenter was solvent and not in In addition, it was learned that t. He has rebuked thecame about with the resignation of nassett ~tana, r~or an t,,[ee~ me veterans and dependents who have not any jeopardy, none of the firms which were c~we, d Senate ~ speaker of Sen J C Dillon The Democratic Nationa~ irac~ ann rielo nan ot tame The board authorized the money made any effort to contact ~,~-~lnvokifi~ ~~i~ in tlmt ~li~trict~ ,dese*'vesfunding'[Editmr'~Nte:Abill made full use of their benefils: operat~0ns committee to send a board members to ir, fh~ence pa,,~(.m~ erve his own purposes, submitted three can~datas to the appropriating $852,500 for the hall Information and counseling will be offered in areas of education, hometelegram to Koplc notifying him of his of late bibs. ~ .... a problem for you. asgovernor. Under the law he has towas one vote short of final approval: loans, medical benefits, job training, suspension. The operating committee Staff members and physicians also the House finance appoint one of those to the ~acant it's expected to be passed when the apprenticeship, vocational rehabilita- was also authorized to write a letter to attended the special board meeting. senate seat. He has notdoneso~-,-lth,~ legislature reconvenes.) " tion, pension, compensation, death Kopic at hi~ home advising him toAlthough staff members can attend ~ desire to go on in people of that district are unde~-re;r~ I don't think it was in the best benefits, burial benefits and otherappear before them at a meeting last board meetings, they have not done so ~lLe Senate. nor to any sented, interests of the people to appropria[e state and federal benefits. Monday. Kepic was also invited toduring Kopic's tenure. Many staff ~ice. I'm going to stay D&P The bare bones b .... $2 million for Canaan Valley l,ot~ge, meet with the hoard Thursday. members said Kopic discouraged them : .... uoget tommo either In addition, the operating couit- from attending. ~. With that Understood $576.4 million in appropriations from Bui there are certain trade-ells Farm Bureau directors meet tee has been charged with carrying out A physician said that secretaries bones to pic~ wtth general revenue, By the time all between theSenate and the House. We ,~d other staff members have been he does make it supplemental, deficiency, special and have our priorities and they have The Gflmer County Farm Bureau is current administrative duties, running the day-to-day operations of