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March 25, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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March 25, 2004

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Thursday, Mar. 25, 2004 -- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder -- Page 715 [FACTS OF LA---W By F. John Oshoway Annual Drinking Water Quaff Report 2003 CLERK OF THE COUNTY COMMISSION OF GILMER COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA I .................. . [ Glenville Utility Wata" Com]l~my NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION tO crcKIItors and Beneficladel I """ ="'"'"'" 1 603 W~t Main St. Theadministrau~n~fthe~sta~es~the~i~wingdeceased~ispendingbe~r~th~erk~heC~untyC~mi~~r~1~H~war~treet~ | . ~ :::,: | Glenvil] W'V 23651 Glenville, W.Va 26351. The names and addresses of the personal representative and the personal representative's attorney are set forth below. I : ] 9 March 17, 2004 Notice is hereby gNen that the estates of the following have been opened for probate. Any interested person ot~ectlng to the validity of the will, the | " ] V~ky am I ret~ ~ n~lpert. WV3301104 qualifications of the personal representative or the venue or ju~ of the court, shall tile notice of an objectic~ with the Covnty Commission v4thin | ~:i~- ; | ninety days after ttm date of the first publication or w~'dn 30 days of service of notice, whichever is later. If an objection is not timely filed, the objection I I~: ~,~! | ks custom=rs with thb =anual water quality report. Thb report expiah~ wl~r youz ~ comes I :~~ from, what it comains, and how .it compass to sumdavds set by regulatory agencies. The `~pers~nshav`ngcia`msagainstthe~state(~)~the=id~wigdeceased~whe~e~rn~t~am~`-~b"~'-~ev~c~r I | ] information m this report shows the results ofour monitoring for the pet'iod of January Ist to thereof, legallyvedfied, to the undersig~ed, at the County Clerk's Office on or before the 23rd day of June2OO4, otherwtse~w~yby~w~ex~ud~ | _. ~ :.!;!: 1 fr~m a~ benefit ~f said estate(s)~ ~ bene~ciades ~f said estate(s) may appear ~n ~r bef~re sa~ ~y ~ ~xami~ ~ c~ a~ ~e~e pr~te~ their | ~' "~, ~ ~:~. | December 31 st, 2003 or earlier ffnot on a yearly schedule, interests. Claims against the estate must be filed in accordance with West Virginia Code 44-1-14a. '1Under 4IF federal-law, l' rig-hts iRaI | If you have a~ay qu~tions concerning this report, you may contact W'dliam Wolfe 304-462-7021 or 304-462-7345. Monday through Friday (7:00 AM - 3:00 PM.) DECEDENT NAME PER.REP/NAME PER.REPJADDRESS ATTORNEY'S FIDJCOMMo Ipatent initially vest with the inven- I Uanha Be, ~es Davi0 Juror PeggsHC 65 Box,20 NAME/ADDRESS NAME/ADORES, Itor, not !he employer under w.h.osI Glenvitle, WV 26351 None Required None Required |employ me.m vemor was at the ttme[ lOt me creation, most employers re-I Madene H. Duelley Steve Duelley 260 Winding Trail. - None Required None Required Iquire employees to sign these rights I Ito them, however. I *** I Beulah Ellen Scott Howard Ralph Scott & 1518 B~ SV,,. I Martha Elizabeth Taylor Parkersburg, WV 26101 None Required None Required | A federal judge has ordered a Las l IVcga tax advisor to stop selling aI Total Cla s II 4 654 550 11 637 5 a~a book that contends that income taxes The date of the first publication of this Notice is March 25, 2004. | .... Beverly Marks Iare voluntary, and mat people can! Clerk of the County Commi~lon | lawfully escape them by filing re- Of Gilmef County, West Virginia Itums listing no income. ................................................ ,:: I .................................................. | Since it is in the public interest 2004-2005 FIIcal Y~r - . N()TICE TO CREDITORS. .. I for individuals to serve on a jury, l ~E - " /0 ~ ureolto~ arm uene.ctanes oI me . _ .- _ ,. __ Levy lmrnate Ester=of H=,+=rt E novis ,~=,,-,===,=,~ AIl,'=,r lyou cannot be nreo Ior oDeylrlg a sonshavlngclaimsagainsttheEshateofHerbert Icourt ordered summons to do so. In accordance with Code ' ' " 8" ll~l, T11me~/1 t~e~lou~cim "l PrOceeded tO make an estimate Of eEx hDl~d"~ m ewhethe ~hd;:our h~ tt hae e I; f,7oa ~O I ..... *** ...... be follow ................. "~ ............................. CURRENT REGULAR MUNICIPAL PURPOSES ESTIMATES " ' ' " " " " n " Th~==rn~,nl,"h,a~ru'ffh~amn~,nfthRt~llf'~~e~u~m~H~a~fe~m~ rp~d, H~ excluded from all beneflts of said estate. IPe de.d upon to meet any nauonai '"~1 I t'~t tJ~lV/~* ~1%1 ~dl4~Y tv O~11111 ~1~. "*" tlaem the real facts 1| ~E~t~JJ~JJ~ and otherwise protect the,r interest. I ...... Unencumbered Balance (July 1 ) 44,441 Dated ~is t~ ~Sm of March 2OO4. I -~oranam L.mcom Current Tax Receivab4e 90,701 | ~ " Supplemental Taxes 50 C. Joel Sp.h~cnesy, Fiduciary Commll~ioner I Connecticut has passed, and the Prior Taxes 500 .0. Box 133, Glenvflle, WV 28351 I ,overnor has sioned, a law that for- Tax Penal~es And Interest 200 Gilmer County, West Virginia I,.~ ~. . ~ ......... at r~ ~ I DIGS smoking In cslaDllsnmen[s WILrl Gas & Od Severance Tax ___ al C~ll II 2t 3-25 . . IRP Fees 4 5OO | more than five employees. Lottery Proceeds '180 ............................. I .. ~ . Excise Tax On Utilities 43,000 NOTICE TO CREDITORS I urought to you as a puo~ servwe oy Business And Occupation Tax 58,000 To the Creditors and Benef~tades of the | F. John Oshoway Wine And Liquor Tax 10,000 Estate of Robert D. Arnold, deceased, All per- | P.O. Box 1~6 Fines Fees ~ Court Costs . 4,000 sons having claims against the Estate of Robert I ~r-n*"-'P* uu~ .~,:~A,~ Parking Violatkms 1,700 D. Arnold, whether due or not are notified to I "J '= "=" "~;~ "" " ,,,u~-~ Licenses 5,000 exhibit same with the voucher the proof legally I 354-9204 BuiMingPermit Fees 100 verifiod to the undersigned on or before the15th , .............. " -..---. Franchise Fees 6,000 day of June, 2004, otherwise they may by law be Private Liquor Club Fee 1,000 excluded from all benefits of said estate. ~ ~ _ ~ .~ Municipal Service Fee 34,732 Allbeneflciadesofsaidestatemayappearon ~ ~ ~ B~..~ Parking Revenues 2,000 or before said day to examine said claims and 1 m J m / Interest Earned On Investment 25 othePaise protect their interest. 1 / - I I Accident Reports 125 . Dated this the 15th of March 2004. Total Revenues 306,954 C. Joel Shammy, Fiduciary Commissioner ~ ~ " I 1 ESTIMATED CURRENT EXPENDITURES P.O. Box 133, Glenvllle, WV 26351 ~ I " ! ~ GIImer County, West Virginia Office of Mayor 9,789 Legal Class II 2t 3-25 Members of 4 44 ............................... fi lill l l Office of Recorder 3,291 Region VI Worldorce ~J~ ~l~j[IM ~I~ Office of Treasurer 11,415 Investment Board Business Plan Available Litigation Resewe 0 for Public Review Regional Development 650 ~Jr~l~ Elections 2,180 Fairmont- The 2004-2005 Operational/Bust- City Hall 58,581 heSS Plan for the Region VI Workforce Invest- Police Department 131,390 ment Board (WlB) can be reviewed at the follow- . Fire Hydrants 3,122 ing locations: the Region VI WORKFORCE West ~1~ Street Department 67,692 Virginia Center (former Job Service Offices) Io- II~ 1 1 ~ Street Lights 13,000 cated in Fairmont, Morgantown, EIkins, and ~lllllll l Festivals " 500 Cla,-ksburg, and the Regkm Vl WIB webs~e at ~ ~ Libraries . 500 R may also be requested -.- Conti 0 by calling the Region VI WlB office at (304) 368= I I _ II _ TOTAL ESTIMATED CURRENT EXPENDITURES 306,954 9530. Comments on the plan can be mailed to : Ilal l COAL SEVERANCE TAX FUND REVENUE SOURCF Jeff Smith, Executive Director, Region Vl WIB, / ~ l~ I Unencumbered Balance (July l) 50(., 107-109 Adams StreeV Suite140 Fairmont, WV ~ ~BBBB~II~' ~ Co~ Severance Tax 3,500 26554.Commentswillbeaccepledth.roughApdl 1 I _' . II..,,,~ EST~TED~_~'~RES " " JeffSmlth EcecutlveDirector m /nmnm,m,,lar~m m Ablxeviatioml* you an,th=tfurth qucstiom, cotmm *stiOm.may, found in tbe table: plea ane of out .ly failed and she! Ee U.Haul ofdrifted back into a blockAnzna "lsh e 'nJ Ode .,no! sore cone caueo molll',, Law Enforcementl !. .==,,....._.1 0"*'== IpoliceAcademy,. scheduled wate~ board meetings held on the 3= Thursday of ~ month at 7.'~ p.m at the GlenviLte Utility offzce, 603 West Main St., Gk-nville, WV. Wlbe~ dees my water ceme from? Your water source is ran'face water from the Little Kanawha River. At tl~ cast t1 of town. This water is [romped to the trcatmcnI pianL where it is tested, treated, and tested again before your fa~:~ts. Total Class 3 300 4 2 Solace Water Anetm~t A Somo: Wate~ Assessment was conduclcd in 2003 by the West VhT, inia Bureau for Public H= tl (WVBPm. intake that supp s drinking w= r to Oie=vi Ut0i , .hp susceptibility to contamination, due to the s~sifive nam~ of surface wamr supplk:s potemial contaminant souree~ identE~ed within the area. This does not mea.n that this intake will become contaminated, only that eonditiom are inch that the surface water could be a potential comamimm source. Future co~n may be avoided by .impl~. rag. protecdw mca~ares. The souro: watcr assessmc~ report which coz~u.s morn i0~format]on zs gle roper tlleQ, the people startecl available for rev~w or a copy will be provided to you at our office durra8 business bous or from the WVBPH 304-558-29gl. theam~untsnecessan/t~beraisedby~evy~fta~sf~rthecurr~t~sca~y~ar~andd~esaet~rmine v=,.~;,~,,~,~o, ,,,~o,~,,o,~ .... h=~.=..o~,~ ] 'lamal~rmbcltevermthepcople. Why mist water be trt~ted? and estimate me severer amounts to as s: dm, of June 2004 otherwlse~hevmaub~,lawbe lit given the truth, they can be de- All drinking water comains various amounts and kinds of comamimnLs. F~lend and state ......... " ......... icris s The great point is to bring to reduce any subsequent health effects. ~taminnts in Water ~m order to emure ~ tap water ~ safe to drink, EPA IXeS~q~es reguletiom which limit the amot~, of certain conr~mimnts in w=~r provided by public wat~ ~ IDA r~,uhtions establish lhmits of contaminants in bottled ~ which must Provide the mmc protection for Drinking water, including bottled water, may reasonably be expec~ to contain at least small amounts of some comaminams. The presence of these contaminants does not necessarily indicate thin water poses a health risk. Mo~ information about contaminants and IxXendal health effects can be obtained by calling the Environmental Protection Agency's Safe Drinking Water Hotline (800-426.A791). The somoc of&inking water (both tap and boUlcd water) imludes rivers, lakes, streams, pomb, re~awobs, springs, and w~lls. As water traveb o~r the ~ of laz,A or throt~., t~ ~round. it dissolves mtura~-oo=m-~ mi~mds. ~ i~ sore, ca~s radioactive material, and can pick up substances rsuttmg from the lXCSCnC~ of animals or from human activity. Comamimms that may be prtsent in sotm:e water include: Mkrebial ceatamiaaBt~, such as viruses and bacteria, which may come from sewage treatment plants, septic systems, agricultural livestock opcmiom and wildlife. laorg~k v~tami~amts, such as salts and metals, which can be nmmally-oc~ or result from urban storm water runoff, industrial or domestic ~ discharges, oil and gas produo n, n ag. farm Pe~ki~ mad herbidde~, which may come fi'om a variety of som-ces such as agriculture, urban storm water runoff, and residemial uses. .Oq~de elR~i~l comamimm~ it, eluding syml~k: and volatile or~aic clm~:als, which ~e bY-.Ixod~ of industrial .processes and petroleum production, and can also come from gas staaom, urban storm water runotI; and septic systems. ~e emz~ta, which can be naturally-Detouring or th~ result of oil and gas Ixoduction and mining activities. Some .people may be more vulnentble to contaminants in drinkiag water tlma the g~.ral l~pubaon. ~mpmmised ire'sons as p=som with tam~ unripping ~'motherapy, Ix*sons who have ~nc orga~ transplams, people with HIV/AIDS or other mamu~c disordm's, some ckJ~qy, and m~ants ca~ bc particularly at risk from i~cctiom. These, should seek advice about drinking water from their health care pmvide~. EPAJCDC totalRevenue~. 4,000 23,2004. , " I d_,..IL._. .... .g .g~lincs on appropriate n~am to lessem the risk of infection by Cryt~um and other tmcrobial comaminams are available fiom tbe Safe Drinking Water Hotlit~ (80(0426-4791). E Wtte (~zali~ Dat= Table ~M~tTED CURRENT EXPENDITURES ', ........... :___. Definitions ofterm.s and abbreviatiom used in the table or report: ASSESSED VALUATIONS-PROPOSED LEVY RATES AND'TAXES LEVIED Charleston Samtary z _ FOR ALL PURPOSES II INTFItgF('TII}N 01 1 0 MCLG - Mmdmm Cmlam~gt Level Goll, or the im~l of,= o~ in drinking ( RATES ARE STATED IN CENTS PER EACH $100 VALUATION) ]~=,'~rJ=ZPt] *"~wtw'~l,~o d-~ ............... ,u~. , water below which there is no known or ex~ risk to lmalth. MCLG-s allow ~r a RATES uv~au ~j~j[~][a~ I,U i A ...... n _ . _ i margin of safety. Class l . 12.50 6.25 . IVIINERAL I~OAD Personal Property 3,300 4 2 = .. ....... rl ,CL-~-,,,Cm~tambtamLe~d, ortl~higtmmkweiofacomamizmmd~atis Public Utility Property 0 0 0 clean up site I Cvr, A r, oc II I aliw~lindrinkingwater'MCLsarsetascisettl~MCLGsasf~ufibleusing~ " State environmental regulators have I E i i availabletl81mcnttl~dmlU" " Classtl 25.00 12.50 accepted an application from the .KOADS, I Real Estate 4,526,2(X)0 11,316 s,0sa Charleston Sanitary Board to clean " [ fl MRDl.~-M~mRimldlmlDim~fe~amtLevdG~d, ortl~l~aflofdriakingwatm" I-'ersonalProperty 128,350 321 160 U "" " V "" " E--r r~rv~rr r~ p Lopcnna er rarK i disinfectant below which tlz~ is no known or expected rislk to health- MRDLGs do nOtreflect benefits ofusc ofdbinfectants to o~ntrol microbial com. .... The parkis ]ocated'a halfmile from i UL,~ VIL,~. I i * ~ - Maxim--, lb=ldmd l)tdmfeetam Level, or the higb~ E',~I of disinfectam Class IV 50.00 25.00 the intersection ofHannaDr, and West - - ' ' - ' _'._ ashmgton St. m Charleston. Seven- I allowed in drinking water. ~ is convincing evidence that addition of disinfctam is Real Estate - 9 256 720 48 284 23 142 W " " Public Utility Property 2,239,689 11,198 5,599 teen acres otthe ~u-acre parce~ wm ~c f B~sary to control microbial co~ wersonm eroperty 6,079,O98 30,395 1~,]~ .. ........ ~,~,~ TotaIClasslV 17,575,507 87,877 43,939 cleaned up under the Voluntary i ~ 1"!" - Trutmmt Tedludq~e, or a requirtd ~ minded to redm~ tim level of a Total Assessed Value 22.233 357 Remediaq^nan.~ r,^.~^. _,^ ..... .... Total Projected Property Revenue ' 99 518 49 759 . u u r~c~Juvctup~z~m.'-xt;t. 1 [#]~l |~[]k-lB IrJ/~ ! contaminant in drinking water. Loss" Estimated Oeli~es ex~rat~'s ' ' Fifteenacres containtwoinactive sew- u~loetables, and discounts.' 6,966 3,483 age sludge impoundments, and two Total Projected property Tax Collection 92 552 46 759 " , , acres contain pdes of Class B com- Assessors Fund (2%) 1,1351 . . i [1 ppm - parts per million or nfilfignms per liter Net nt __ be Raised ~ Le_ of Prope~ 90.701 46.276 " aou to bv w ove post material The compost material, i 0 ppb-pmts/x:rbillionormicrogramspcrlitcr STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA a result of early operation of the COUNTYOF GILMER comnostino nlant is nnt considered MUNICIPALITY OF GLENVILLE TO-WIT r o r ..................... [ {] NTU -, Nephdometric Turbidity Unit, used to ~ cloudin~ in w=ter . ' hazardous and was accumulated dur- -. ........ m earl test ru f ~et Your ~llmer ;ounty g y ns o the facility. [ loot Your llmer ounoj ~] NE-note~,ablished JCathyS. Nolan, RecoNlngOfflcerofsald QuestionsshouldbedircctedtoPaul I Event Announcement ~ N/A - not app~ municipality, do hereby certify that the foregoing am true copies from the record of (-,ekh~rA F~G,.o ,-d" Zc,.. ; ........ t ] ....... order= made and entered by the council of uld munllpality on the lOth dw ~ ~r~ -" ................. I un I rle intemetl : ao:ord" to , 2o04 " mediation, 1356 Hansford St. [ [ The Glenville Utility routLmly monitors for containnares in your drinking wat~ Given uncler my hand this 10th day of Msreh, 2004 rleston, WV: or by phone at (304) I .......... .4 .... YR o er .J -2508 www.W u='u= tl Federal aad State laws. Thetablesbebwshowtheremltsofourmonitoting forcontammams. Cath S Nolan~*~ ..... www.W~cz.~=W [ Tlble ef Te~t Re~l~ - Regulated Comaminams - C18s8 II--O 4--01C [~ !, =1 t] 15 Years in Graduate of W. Va State Courtbm s,e NewsII II GLENVlLLE CITY i, causing damage. ]1 F'J, Dt't/IPIl PITATIgMM(2 On March 18, 2004, David C. II V UI[, ...v,,.,v=. v,.~.,v,l~ Starcher, 19, of Belleville, driving a II .. un March 28:2..094, John ..Cu~is 2000 GMC truck, was in the parking lot ]1 I~enn~y, z4, Ol..H~ey, was. creo Dy of Pickens Hall when he Staded to ]l ur GlenwlleCityPotetorrunnmgastop back up, but struck a 1999 Dodge, [I .,,.. lX~ ~w. xv~v,o s,gn... .......... . . owned by Michael P. Facemier, 24, [[ un March ]/, zuu4, MIcnam of Glenville 11 Delamo Polmy, 36, of Frametown, GIL IER COUNTY II was cited by Glenville City Police for ........... II traveling 48 mph in a 25 mph speed SHP..HIPP UEPT, II zone [ I I" I I ,0 i,o CRASH REPORT II " II GLENvlLLE CITY POLICE on March 15, 2004, a female mb il , II lz ]lllL - II = CRASH REPORT nor, driviog a 2000 Pontiac Grand ]| II I II On March 18 9nna M~Jtth,r PdX. was backing onto Kanawha St. [[ l[~li~ ~I l 1 Townsend 34 ofPh = when she struck a 1999 Chevrolet S. ]l I 1 . 10 truck, owned by Stephanie R ) ,no van, was =- _ ........ -... - Jones, Zl, OT L lerWIile; accommg to Illlll" "2 I lempting tobaek up togoonto Johnson ............. 11 ....... St. when the brakes on the vehicle ......... II II dl IIB JI | II Democrat for Sheriff . ~' " ~=~== WNi.e~ u~orM~m MO~ M~.~S~Co.H,i,.~ | "~.~ * N 11.4 PPM ' ],~E~ 20 ~ ~rmm~ II / ~ N ]7.g PIPIVl 250 250 ~ "~ ~ ........ III / AND STATE WATER STANDARDS FOR 2003. [ All ofour.othtt test results indicated non detects for 2003 This report will not be mailed to you the custom,r: Copies are available upon request at the Gienville Util~y Office. - Glenville, - 462-7903 or after hours Pager # (304) 540-0401