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March 26, 2009     The Glenville Democrat
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March 26, 2009

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Thursday, March 26, 2009 -- The Glenville Democrat Page 5 = rC [ -. I Not Everyone Calls Me Father rap..0 ii i! i SVD By Edwin Daschbach Getting to know those folks from Heaven &Promtsed" Land cont'd Unfortunately, Paul contracted a -- an occurrence which is rare forthat clear view of the lodge, creek, hill- ther, Charles E. Moser, always ca -~r God's Mercy...and Hell deadly form ofcancerabout twoyears area. side, and farm field across the creek ried one for good luck. In addition, I ago, and died earlier this year. He was About a month later, and the Sun- -- it was a spot of great beauty and spread Holy Oil in the grave that had God is an infinite Being. Scripture It might seem cruel and heartles~, fortunate, though, to have his loving daymorningafterthelargeturnoutfor fond memories, says that he not only loves, but IS to really love and care for people and wife, Sue, andsons, Frank and Paul, Paul'sMemorialServiceinIndianapo- To digress, and with some humor love. He is love without limit. He yetnotbepainedbytheirsufferingor by his side at the time of his passing, lie on that Saturday, we traveled down that Paul would have laughed at, the possesses all attributes in an infinite even possible eternal damnation. As What more could one ask for at such to Buck Creek Lodge to bury his re- old sayingis that we"editors have the manner: beauty, goodness, mercy, regards the latter, Kreeft has some- a monumental time'? maining ashes. Sue and her sister and last word." To.the contrary, I always But God is also just. How does one thing interesting to offer as well. Among his wishes were to be ere- brother-in-law were there, along with have pointed out that really "under- reconcile mercy and justice'?Taking his cue from the " " mated, with his ashes spread in the Frank and his wife, Brenna, and their takers" have thelast word. I guessthat St. Therese ofLisieux, the"Little C.S. Lewis, Kreft further shows that beautiful Pacific Ocean (as Paul and infant son, Lukas. My son, Patrick, in Paul's burial, both were true for me. Flower", pondering that question, thoseinhellcan'tbeloved(ormissed) Sue made their home in Seattle, WA) and I arrived first, giving us time to After his wife, Sue, an Episcopal came to the conclusion that hell - because they simply aren't people andatBuckCreekLodge (ourfamily's size up the situation and to seeifPaul's minister, read from scripture at the which she believed existed- must be any more. They are only remains. To summer get-away in southern Indi- ashes could be buried in the best poe- gravesite, and concluded with: "The empty of souls. For how could God, make a comparison, envision the ana). And, hiswife carried those final sible place. No one was there, so we burial will now take place," I inter- or anyone in heaven, be happy if burning of a log. After the burn, you arrangement wishes out to a tee. had the run of the three-acres in front rupted to say, "Hold the presses!" there were people suffering in hell? have gasses, heat, and ash. You have Now, when Sue and a friend went of the Lodge. Withthat, asIhavepreviouslymen- I suspect many others have surmised "remains." Lewis writes: "'To have out to spread his ashes at his favorite I identified a tree next to a brook tioned to you readers, my son,Patrick, the same conclusion, that hell may been a log means now being these place in the Pacific, they, ironically, emptying into Buck Creek, wherewe, placed a buckeye in the hole with be simply a theoretical possibility three things." Matthew 25: 34, 4 saw anumber of eagles flying around as youths, had fished. It also had a Paul's remains, because our grandfa- but that it forever continues as an says that hell is a place never made empty void. for men. So what winds up in hell is Peter Kreeft, Professor ofPhiloso- to be banished from humanity. It is phy at Boston College, offers asolu- not a "man" who goes there. It is tion to the problem in his book Ev..= remains. It is garbage. You Ever Wanted to Know This is not to say that the damned About Heaven. First, if there's free don't exist. They very much do, but will, there has to be a hell. Life is a as indicated above. Souls there exist, drama, a game, and "if a game is but only as privations. Kreeft says it played, itmustbepossibletoloseit." is like blindness. Blindness is not Second, he distinguishes between it's a privation - but it is a reality. active and passive love. Active love Hell is not a place to aspire to. says, "How could you do this to wind up there is to suffer deprivation yourself?" Passive loves says, "How of everything good and dear. The could you do this to me'?" Kreeft suffering must be intense. While we :: suggests that God (and the saved in have no revelation from God con- heaven) love with the first love (the firming anyone's presence there, the ..... ~ active love of caring), but not with way Jesus spoke about the necessity the second (the passive love of hurt), of virtuous living (He referred to hell The two loves are on earth "together 5 times in the Sermon on the Mount) in fact but distinguishable in supposes the definite possibility of thought." In heaven they are not only such an hereafter. distinguished but separated - in fact. THE FAMILY GATHERED AT THE GRAVE SITE -- Paul Francis Buche, Sr. was laicl to rest in front of his loving family at a private service at Buck Creek Lodge in southern Indiana on Sun., Mar. 1. From left to Patrick Corcoran (Paul's cousin.) right are this editor (Paul's only first cousin on the Moser side); his wife, The inset is Buck Creek Lodge, a Sue; his son, Frank; his wife, Brenna, their new baby, Lukas, and rock's throw from the grave site. Wake up and smell the coffee, Gilmer County/cont'd ... is a "dirty" word now, but it allows for grant funding to be used by all students, rather than being butchered into small amounts that don't stretch far enough. The system will still need the same number of teachers to adequately provide sufficient class/teacher ratios. Concerns I once had for removing my children from the GC school system have been replaced with thankfulness. I hope that middle ground is soon found, because the only ones who suffer are the children. Carolyn Ramsey, North Port, FL been blessed by Pope Benedict XVI. That concluded the very simple, but meaningful internment ceremony. Oh, not quite! A short time later, either cousin Frank or son Patrick spoke up loudly, pointing out to us at that time that "two hawks" were flying from tree to tree on the Lodge's property. They were definitely happy creatures, fly- ing without a worry in the world, and were appreciative to have found their quiet, peaceful, and out-of-the-way "Promised Land." To be honest, I didn't understand my younger rela- tives' great interest in this particular event in nature, but I commented that in all of my first 18 years of exploring, overnighting, and enjoying Buck Creek Lodge and its 10 acres and the creek, I had never seen a bird of prey there. It was a unique and joyful expe- rience for me to observe, reminding me of our many pleasant family get- togethers at Kentucky Lake. Final note: After making the long trip back to West Virginia on that fateful Sunday (a trip of 540 miles), I began checking my e-mails, with one from my daughter, Catherine, catch- ing my eye first. In it, she related, "Dad, I'm sorry that I couldn't go with you and Patrick to Paul's Memorial Service and burial, but even though I wasn't there, this morning when I went out on the porch, a 'large red-tailed hawk' sat m my yard and wasn't frightened away by me. I remember from our Kentucky Lake trips that Paul loved these large birds of prey. I felt like Paul was telling me, 'Look, I'm all right, am enjoying Heaven now, and don't worry anymore about me.' After that, I felt relieved about Paul's unexpected pass- ing." And, to Paul, with tears in my eyes, I say, "Thanks for your friendship, love, and encouragement for all of these years, but, most of all, thank you for giving your family that final sign. I'm glad that you are flying high and protected under an eagle or hawk's wings." The conclusion May all of you fine readers always fly high in your lives and careers under eagles' wings, and may God keep you safe and sound, during this week and well into the future. Father Ed can be contacted through his e-mail High Speed Internet for ALL of rural America! Available Nationwide Surf at least 10x faster than dial-up Equipment only S49.00!!! .... ,-in r bat Hurry Promotion ends soon[ 1-866-697-5992 *For first three months. $ I0 additional/too for remainder of 12 month agreement A father may turn his back on his child, brothers and sisters may become inveterate enemies, husbands may desert their wives, wives their husbands. But a mother's love endures through all. --Washington Irving Stirring the Pot (Part Two) (Editor's Note: The following is the conclusion of Jim Lucas's letter from last week.) Dear Editor, l have my own suspicions for why there are so few of West Virginia's cases overturned by the "federal courts," and those suspicions have nothing to do with how "fair" the state courts are. It has to do with (l) the fact that West Virginia judges occupy the federal district court positions located in West Virginia and are clearly just sanctioning the "system" misconduct, and (2) in light of the overt and undeniable misconduct in West Virginia's courts, it is clear that the Federal Circuit Court in Richmond does not have the backbone to take on West Virginia's corrupt system. The relationship between the lower-level federal judges and state judges at all levels is one of a warped variant of reciprocity - a mutual sharing of privileges, if you will. It was proven to me when they covered up the corruption in this writer's case, that the federal district courts, whether intentional or not, are crucial to the system's "protection" and are not going to change anything. Unfortunately, the forefathers did not possess the foresight to discern what politics and the level of politicians' obsessive vices was going to be like in the 20th and 21st centuries. Regrettably, other than the limited specific guarantees enumerated in the Bill of Rights, the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment has very limited guidance in the field of criminal law. As a result of that obvious weakness, 42 out of 50 states have recognized the failure of the Federal Constitution to address the possibility that innocent people are being convicted of crimes - and considering the seriousness of the consequences to the accused of a wrongful conviction, have established intermediate appellate courts. Seven other states have adopted a right to appellate review. West Virginia is clearly not concerning itself with the consequences suffered by wrongfully convicted citizens, and has done neither. Why does this state refuse to take steps that will detect unfairness in criminal proceedings and then insist on foisting the burden of building more prisons onto the backs of taxpayers? Could it possibly have anything to do with federal $$$$$$$? ls this a new problem? ls this appellate debacle something that state politicians have not been made aware of and could not have been prepared for? Of course not - to both questions. Back in 1997 (very shortly after opening the new prison at Mount Olive), West Virginia'shigh court was apparently made aware of the fact that the demands of serving the citizens of the state were not being sufficiently met, because a 38-member commission was appointed to study the problem. The commission was charged with the task of researching and "reporting on the state of the West Virginia court system and making recommendations for improvement." The commission came up with a number of recommendations toward the end of ensuring the accessibility to, and efficiency of, West Virginia's present, seriously deficient appellate process. The first recommen- dation on the list was "the legislature should create an Intermediate Court of Appeals as soon as possible." Another noteworthy recommendation provides that, regardless of the nature of their case, each litigant should be guaranteed one appeal-of-right, either at the Intermediate Court of Appeals or at the Supreme Court (wouldn't that make the system "fair" for everyone, Justices Davis/Maynard?)." These recommendations were made nearly 12 years ago, and to date, none of the Commission's recommendations have been considered or adopted by the State Legislature. Building a new prison would do nothing but ease the current crisis until such time ( 10 to 15 years hence, if past history is a credible yardstick) that the existing state politics and politicians would once again find themselves facing the same overcrowding problem, and asking for the same relief. What the good2ol'-boy state needs is effective legislation that will force West Virginia judges (state and federal) to take seriously the duty of protecting its citizens from a shamefully neglected and inept criminal justice system. It needs to weed out spineless politicians who find it easier to force taxparers to support their prison habit than to hurt their good-ol'-boy colleagues' feelings by demanding loyalty to the federal constitution. It needs to weed out state an_rid federal judges who are of the mind that a "conviction," regardless of how fraudulent, cures any and all due process violations. Convictions are routinely used in West Virginia to justify and cover up the criminal deprivation of constitutional guarantees, and the Federal Courts know its.t I don't know if West Virginia's whole state hierarchy is corrupt, but 1 do know the entire state hierarchy, and that includes the state's federal district courts, is assisting in covering up the corruption in the state's criminal justice system...and as far as rm concerned, it is soup out of the same kettle! Submitted, James Lucas, Mount Olive Correctional Facility, Montgomery iii i (!i~! + HYBRID: EPA-estim~te~ 23 city/34 fiwy mpg, comb ned 27 mpg, Fusion S. I-4 automatic M ds ze c ass per R L Polk & Co i7! 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