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March 29, 1979     The Glenville Democrat
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March 29, 1979

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2 1 he (;lenviHe Democrat/ Pathfinder IAN MMEN by Ron Coincidences are sometimes strange indeed. One reminder of that occurred this past week. In the mail we received a news release from the American Medical Association. There isn't anything too unusual about that, but the topic of the release immediately caught our eye. The first line of the first paragraph, especially, grabbed our attention. "Does your community need a doctor?" it ask- ed. Interesting in light of the recent controversy that closed down the medical clinic at the Gilmer County Medical Center. Actually, the article concerned itself with a new AMA publication, Physician Placement Register. In the Register, the article says, are the names of 5,076 physicians who are looking for a new place to practice. Interesting when one con- siders how difficult the Medical Center's Recruitment Com- mittee has found it in the past to find new physicians for the Center. Of course, the release also says the AMA is holding re- quests for physicians from some 9,000 communities. Natural- ly. we assume, Gilmer County must be included in that group of requests. , All of which causes us to comment again on something we discussed in this space long before the latest comedy of errors at the Medical Center. Somewhere, somehow, we are going to have to detemine how many docotors Gilmer County can sup- port economically. We rather guess we may be reaching the saturation point with three practicing physicains. Certainly," the county may "need" more doctors, but we can logically on- ly have as many as we can support. • It is a questionable practice, indeed, for the Board of Direc- i tors at the Medical Center to continue to attempt to recruit new physicians to the community. There will be nothing to gain if the arrival of every new doctor--if there are any who will come here--will cause the departure of an established doctor. Surely, the Board is not determined to move our pre- sent doctors completely out of the county. On second thought, we withdraw the assumption made in the last sentence of the preceding paragraph. Who knows what the intentions of the Board are? Oh. yes. Copies of the Register may be ordered directly from the AMA. A fee is involved.--RG tilllll, II - II - :: "l,llll,llll, tl,llll(ll'ltllll (: ' :llllll~) To The DemocragPathfinder: This letter is an attempt to point out the poor, or rather lack of, coverage of the forensics team from our high school. We are astounded at the incompetence of a newspaper that fails to inform the citizens of its community of the outstanding accomplishments of hardworking students. Forensics is a very neglected area of high school coverage. We feel the people of Gilmer Cotmty are not at all aware of the hard work and dedica- tion these devoted students put into their endeavors. These students, Greg Adolfson, Kent Woofer and Kim Evans, have qualified for a national competition, not a state or local match, and we feel that they deserve more recognition than this newspaper afforded them. It is obvious to anyone who reads the paper that out-of-county coverage of this event was better than The Glenville Democrat's. The tournaments the team attends involve at least as much, if not more, mental stress and hysical strain as any athletic event. Students often must leave as early as 5 a.m to reach their destination, and the gruelling rounds often last until as late as 11 p.m. We hope that this letter will serve to enlighten the community members and fellow students of the team's accomplishments. We are. as all Gilmer Countians should be, more proud of the Titan basketball team than we can say. Our hope is that the rest of Gilmer County will also share our pride in the national recogni on the Gflmer County High School forensics team has brought to us. thank you, Debl mnzman fusan C, ates Lois Miller Alison Lowe Patty Kirchberg Dawn Himunan Darlene VonHern Bonita Williams Dabble Rsaser Dabble Marks Melody McHenry Sue Ann Reed Pare Mlnish Audy l fl erd m Marcia Nulff Myra Clflco They sure can't handle a tournament in Morgantown the way they can in Charleston. Maybe I should re-phrase that: they don't handle tournaments in Morgantown the way they do in Charleston. Really, Riven the plusses Charleston has, I doubt if Morganton could do the job as well. For one thing. Morgantown does not have the good overnight lodging Charleston has available. People in Morgantown for the State High School Basketball Tournament sometimes drive as far as Uniontown, Pennsylvania, for a decent motel room. Too, there aren't nearly as many eateries in Morgantown as in Charleston. When one gets past the usual fast food spots, there aren't many other places to go. My main argument for Charleston, though, has to do with press accemodations. The people at the Civic Center know how to run a first- class operation from top to bottom. Charleston has going for it the thoroughly-professional Ushers Service group. This organization pro- vides a large contingent of people to direct fans to their seats or other places of need. One doesn't take five steps in Charleston without seeing an usher. In Morgantown, I hardly saw one. Charleston is fortunate in that the Ushers Service is a group of professional in viduals who donate their time to civic events. These men work regularly at events in the Civic Center and Municipal Auditorium. They charge nothing. If Charleston had to pay them, it could be tough. Lucky is the word for Charleston in this regard. As far as press accomodations are concern- ed, my problem there was really the lack of ushers. When my two favorite ladies, Mrs. Yvonne King, Darlene, and I arrived at the Red Gate to pick up our credentials for the tourney. we were told absolutely nothing about where we were to sit or anything else. In Charleston, the man at the door fills you in on the latest tips, and gives you full information as to what to do and where to go. We wandered into the arena in Morgantown and had absolutely no idea where we were sup- posed to go. We finally decided to sit down and worry about where the press was supposed to sit at half time. Sitting in the stands, I noted Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Moore and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Smith, Jr., of Glenville. Also, the Gilmer High students displayed a great deal of enthusiam and support not only for the team but for the cheerleaders as well. All of us remarked several times on the fine performance put on by the leaders and the entire cheering section. It made one proud, and they received recognition by being named Best Cheering Section. At half-time, we journeyed down to the floor. Mrs. King and Darlene had noted that our press credentials entitled us to visit the Hospitality Room. The only problem was---you guessed it--we had no idea where it was. I spotted Publisher Robert Arnold and our dar- ing Danny Cline and asked them where we were supposed to sit. Nobody had told them either. Then, I inquired if they knew the loca- tion of the Hospitality Room. They didn't. When Mrs. King walked up to talk with some friends, I Finally saw a man with an "official" badge and Darlene asked him where the Hospitality Room is located. He pointed to the upper level and said it was somewhere. Great. Disgusted, we simply walked we had been sitting and I said I the blasted room. After walking round, I found it and it was indeed was plenty of cold cuts for eggs. chips and drinks. Too bad where it was, and too bad one had to mile to it. I brought Darlene and Mrs. King a the room and we sat and watched the half of the contest. Northfork im with their natural ability. Most of see that they were a coached team. They did all the correctly and I was impressed. did a very good job and they have be ashamed of their performance. We watched the second half and cut out since we hadn't had time to eat on the way to Morgantown. All of us that it would be wise to travel to eat since the eating establishments in town would probably be filled to ca just shows how much we know. In Fairmont, we searched for 45 a place to eat. finally findin ly's-or-something restaurant. Darlene King had cubed steak sandwiches and I I super club. The meal was good--only it 30 minutes late. We then set sail in the darkness villa, arriving around midnight. I'll when the new Civic Center is done tourney goes back to Charleston. As part of our continuing ef- forts to keep the public as fully in- formed as possible concerning the Gilmer County Medical Center, we have excerpted por- tions of the West Virglnia Code dealing with powers and authorities relating to such facilities along with annotations of interpretations on court rul- ings an the applicability of such laws. 17-3-14. Authority to acquire and operate hospitals, clinics, longterm care facilities and other related facilities; f'mandng. The County court of any county is hereby authorized and empowered to acquire by purchase or construction and to thereafter own, equip, fur- nish, operate, lease, improve and extend a public hospital; clinic, long- term care facility and other related facilities, with aH appurtenances, in- cluding the necessary real estate as a site therefor. Any such county public hospital acquired pursuant hereto may include a nurses home and nurses training school. The county court is further authorized and era- powered, upon acquiring a hospital, clinic, long-term care facility or other related facility, to lease to others any or aH such facilities for such rentals and upon such terms and conditions as the county court may deem advisable... (Since authority of trustees is subordinate to county court'8 control of fiscal a|- faire.---Mthoulh |7-3-15 places the administration and management of county hospitals in a board of trustees, the control by such trustees is subordinated to the constitutionally imposed duty on county courts to superintend and administer the internal fiscal affairs of their coun- ties. 49 Op. Att'y Gen. 24 (1960)). §7-3-15a. "Hospital," "clhdc" and "long-term care facility" deflaed. The following terms whenever used in this article shah have the follow- ing meanings: (a) The term "hospital" shall mean any general hospital, chronic disease hospital, mental hospital and other related facilities. (b) The term "clinic" shah mean any community medical clinic, mental health center and other related facilities. (c) The term "long-term care facility" shaw mean any nursing home, rest home, housing facility for aged citizens and other related facilities. (1965, c.25.} 7-3-15. Board of trustees for hospital, clinic or king-term care facility. The administration and management of any county public hospital, clinic, long-term care facility or other related facility acquired, equipped, furnished, improved or extended under section fourteen (§7-3-14) of this article shah be vested in a board of trustees, consisting of not less than five members appointed by the county court. Prior to the issuance of any bonds under the provisions of section fourteen of this article, the county court shall appoint two of such trustees for a term of two years, two trustees for a term of four years, and one trustee for a term of six years from the first day of the month during which appointed, Upon the expira- tion of such initia, appointments, the term of each new appointee shall be six years, except that any person appointed to fill a vacancy occurring prior to the eXl: ation of the term for which his predecessor was ap- pointed shall bt tppointed only for the remainder of such term. trustee shall be eligible for reappointment upon the expiration " term. The trustees shall receive no compensation for their shall be reimbursed for any expenses incurred in the their duties. Any trustee may be removed by the county court competency, neglect of duty or malfeasance in office to be heard at a public hearing befor the county court. At the meeting of the board of trustees, and annually thereafter, it organize by designating one of its members as chairman and by ting a secretary who may, but need not, be a trustee. The sheriff county shall be ex officio treasurer of the board. Such board of trustees shall provide for the employment of and the compensation for and remove at pleasure all professional and other employees, skilled or unskilled, as it may deem the operation and maintenance of the hospital, clinic, long-term facility or other related facility: and disbursement of funds in such tion and maintenance shall be made only upon rules and governing its meetings and the operation of the hospital, clinic, care facility or other related facility. (1951. c. 43; 1965, c.25.) (Courts cannot interfere with di~cretiua of bem'd.--The power vested in the board ! statute does not relate to. is not limited to, any particLdar licensed pracitioner or to anya of medicine, but to the overall duty and responsibility of the board in the management of the hospital, for the purpose for which created, the best greatest number of the people in the community and in the exercise of that board, without arbitratiness, caprice or discrimination, the courts cannot interfere. ington v. Zinn. 146 W.Va. 147. 118 S.E. 2d 526 {1961) Trustees may determine what rules are necessary to maintain dlsclpllne.--It is powers of the board of trustees to determine what rules are necessary in a manner that will enable them to successfully operate the hospital, and the justified in attempting to avoid the happening of a situation which could result in possibility of operat/ng and maintaining the hospital. WallinRton v, Zinn. 146 W.Va. S.E. 2d 526 (1961}. Board members may not be interested in contract made by of a county hospital has authority to administer, manage, and operate the hospital, members of the board may not have a pecuniary interest ,in the proceeds of any service made by the board. 45 Up, Att'y Gem 274 (1953)." Nor may they sell property to county court for use of lmqdtuL--A member of hospital trustees is prohibited by theterms of | 61-10-15. from seUing prope~ or in which he has a pecuniary interest, to the county court, for the use and hospital whose facilities and revenues are managed by such board\of Op. Att'y Gem 512 (1963) But conflict of interests statute does not prevent staff physician bmwd.---Although the members of boards of trustees appointed pursuant to this governed by the general conflict of interests prevision of !i 61-10-15. a staff physictsn not, merely by virtue of his position as such physician, be precluded from board, but would only be prohibited from being either directly or indirectly tsrestsd in any contract or purchase made by the board, as are all members of such 8 of trtmtees. 51 Up. Att'y Gen. 215 (1965). Nor does any other statute prohibit his appointment.--There is no express hibition against appointing a staff physician of a county hospital to the board such hospital. 51 Up. Att'y Gen. 214 {1965). Presecut~8 atterney represents bom'd.--It is the duty of the prosecuting represent, in litigation and in an advisory capacity, the beardof trustees of a count 46 Up. Att'y Gem 515 (t953). To The Democrat I Pathfinder:. Durin all the confusion, chargos and counter-charges, I for one am To "l'ne Dmnoorat/Pathflnder: : I just finished the article by Run Gregory dated (NOTE--Unfortunately, a newspaper has only one front page each 15. It very interesting. I would very much like to know his secret of getting week. It is, therefore, the sometimes unhappy duty of the Editor to deter- thanldul that Dr. Hoover is staying in Gilmer County. The county needs a miae what stories So on page one and what stories go inside the paper. Medical Doctor and in this writer's opinion she is a good one. Glenville to Washington in 5 hours. I drive from qmite frankly, we thought our recent coverage of the foremdcs team's ac- Clarksburg then to Pennsboro in Ritchie County and it takes x 5 eomp ents was at least adequate, lh'lndpal wmiam j. Plercy com- . Last fall broke a beer bottle against our truck causl if I only have a short stop and much longer if I stop more. This to 40. 48 then I 79 to Route 50. plimented our coverage. We ran a stmT and photo, and that is certainly tra nents to ny into our yard. My grandson was playing in the yard new not the first time we nave reported concerning the team. We recall at " (my ano ived a severe cut on his finer. Since it was a weekend, a least one front page story. We are proud of the foreuics team and the in- doctor wesn t readily available. Someone on duty at the Medical Center Sometimes I drive Route 50 from here. It is a lot more relaxi divtd members mentioned. They deserve praise and we offer it. We contacted_ Dr. Hoover for us and she readily agreed to meet us there. She do it in summer and spring and if I have plenty of time. I keep Lndividushregrot the obvioUSwho signedSc°rnthis°Urletter.edit°rialweabilityare dolnghas causedthe bestt°we he can.cast Thst'sbY the c . hm from her home and very graciously took time to calm our rand. most of the way. It takes two hours to goto Baltimore and all we can do.---RG) son. en proceeded with the stitching and did a very good job too. Today hours to the outskirts and another to go through. In regarding the newspapers, The Sunpapers publishes ing and Sunday. I know the Suaday Sun carries movie ads because it every week. In regard to the other one that sounds like American. They only have two major papers. I just talked to my who lives in Baltimore and she says it hasn't changed its wovie ads in daily and Sunday. I know it used to when we lived one can scarcely tell his finger was injured. It's about time people discarded their deep-rooted prejudices and ao- cept people for what really are. It doesn't seem to mean a thing flint Mrs. Hoover has spent more than half her life obtaining the education and skills which she possesses. (NOTE--Once mere: I said driving time. Stops don't count. It err m" re- the Nm -Amm it ! did not find eme tirol day. I have The tho paper. The dmet is The Event-S Sun. Still no Some very fine people hold positions on the Board, but in view of all that has happened recently, an all new board would seem to be the loaical solution. The Medical Center being used as an armm would / to be slightly out of line. The facility should be used to serve the people s needs and not a {6 exerc e eir authority. Gl vllio