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March 29, 1979     The Glenville Democrat
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March 29, 1979

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29. 1979 The Glenvllle D4m adfl ds Jbf 9 I __l [ ..... ~ 11 -- :: :; ") n t),qil)(| ,, _ .. _ III ond Mrs. "-""-"---" ....... rs llNa - -,--" : q-c Normontown talent wmne Cart celebrate $5 years Mr. and Mrs. Clark Carr great-grandchildren, and five great- by The News Bird March 19 at Normantown Elemen- nets were:re: flrstnn 'leb ted their Fifty fifth Wedding grandchildren ,, o ,: :: tarv Schl have beenarnnUnCoed;thIn the kindergarten thoughfu place, tm]o wi'th aDe ati, xq!rsary March 18, at the home Flowers were white muss and red neneff son and family Howard, carnations given to them by their ' ,,hl;c invlt, d to attend grade category, first place winners piano; and..tbL" Mrs. Heeler Radchff is m the and thep ............ . nrlT'n Turner ana "--r-- Gu tJale and Howard Jr. three daughters, Violet Ask|us of " " " meetin ............... I a . lr_e,ssts .were Mr. and Mrs. John Germantown, Ohio; Virgie Dalton ofStonewall Jackson Hospflal m this g. ""'-"" 7"7" .%, formed on the Weston. She is getting along well Mr. and Mrs Church Beaver and Fisher who sang for their talent. ,s urr'StY ano.lracy of New Mar- Miamisburg, Ohio: and Naomi latviaand hopes to be able to leave thechildren from East Liverpool, Ohio. cond place, wmfe ooV eeUhoaA sYo .. 8; and Mrs Hey Robinson of Franklin, Ohio. anddatSUttn; and Mrs. i uby Pritt and They were prestended with a two- hce ital in a few days have been visiting Mrs. Mavis Cole btewart an.o .Marc ...... lace P .. " " t few sang tor me r talent lmrQ p Th- ,_ughter. tier cake decorated with bride and Recent wmtors of Mr. and Mrs. and other relahves the pas . . "--- - Oral S r ben have been" Mr and days winner was jenniter l ongers wno . ,. e t.arrs nave nine children, 29 groom furnished by June Cart. Mrs. Rrt Spurgeon and Dan and Recent visitors of Mrs. Amy Smith performed a gymnastics routme. / "re and Mr and Mrs Randy have been" Mrs Thelma Gray, Mrs. ._, - ...... try " " " " " n Vernon i nero will alm p . . Sp. geon... alJ fromoHurn,can; M,ss Max,he Bennett .and_s , ing at 7:30 p.m., notes m the news.., v,, me :: purgeon from ureas; ana [rom yuc annon, __._ the Stouts Ctmpel Mrs. Marie Flaherty trom.Morgan. own; and Mr. ana rvirs. BIRTH ANNOUNCEMF.Nn.. , Church on p mnm wm Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Greathouse Carolton Mameney a.nfl an ,y rom Mr. and Mrs. William Haro]. ol. be the Gos e[ gveryo e Mrs. Tish Davis took eight Gilmer Career Center, spending a Henry Sanders over the weekend. College ,he, first hil oht r r a is welcome of St. Marys visited Rev. and Mrs. Pinch. Sandy is a student in bienviue Buckhannon announce the birth ot , L'- udents--RogerCottriHCharleshalfda.,inth, cla..oftJ~irP~ rmielny` ~.pe~ :h a nwdeekM r sd ~ h Ji: !~hi ~aga 2~dc: !is ~ u~i:t aHe~e~ :w~! ! i b~iip~ h ;?lldnH~i! ~~ae~~ U~~~- +o dW. +, + ++ vo )arles Byrd, Ronnie Morris, Dina h A ricuit'ure teacher, took six of his l' 'nee andbankRandYandTomey_on a triPthe post office MarkStudents--MikeBailey. RandyHattn'peggs,Larry MikeI ' Gaines where the big ones ard and how toAmber Renee ! ....,uwmg. ~purungClassrmtnaiStudYtney Ofsnow.SUch MemorialPeters andFar.err S ltin Wardensvillet" ~~~~ubrr~~:~at~7?io~r:iiWoelel IHwinCatNC~hslh~e~m~el 'r " J y rage on-- [_" ces. She has the highest praise West Virginia Performance Tested +"".. ti: tesestudents conduct on this Bull Sale March 22 at Reym n H te Te nt hal " IH, II If y J s ph Hosp,tal m Buckhannon: She Ne;S anG r3etetn : 1re 1MilaltP er:: l NEW [ Ib Woodford from Glenville will be our is out of the hospital and spendmg a Eugene Harold of Tazewell, V rgmm.., = Mw m' | | mterest in the things they were Also that day they visited a fish hat- " g " : g P ' " ' I on sometld u and shown and partiacipated chery in Elkins, stopped at Seneca s ker This is s onsored by the few days with her daughter, Cristine The father is a union construction =u=t to | pea . p . . . ! , ,,- _ _ tuuus v and well in discus Rocks and Smokehole ve and Home Demonstratmn Club Munday and family m Buckhannon. worker, t the de |O Nl~2,~e" [ $ o .- " Ca ms. lb. | tns:..Th*rty-one Juniors are making went on to the Gilmer-Northfork . : ! P:r ''rtm Z l tneduled visits to the Calhoun state tourney basketball game at ' We have leRw I [ Morgantown ...... Mike Peters : O t I emlNo~ who try ~ ~ to represented ,,, = , THANK YOU . ! k. ,o. .. ." " " SOCIAL ,. $JH9 c,al sturl;. = ;..;.. March 9 as Soil Conservation A. "Om- ashioned Be. ocial." ! ^,..,, u ,- u r t n e v n s n o w [ nnlll '"" " ..... "" District Youth Member ......The comnlete with box auction, fish L U U, a . , -- ,_ , JJqL!b ll/tlsm " I [ following students took Agriculture po l ," cake wa s., guess pies and recuperating- " at home afl wlsnes to l' 11 ill..___ , .... Education Achievement Tests March cakes, pretty g rl and boy contest, | , ,unnea at 55C 13. 14 and 15: Doran Flower. me and anewer"Chinese Auction." will snncerely thank those who expressed , l Hatton, Donald Hess, Rick King, be held at the Cox s Mi!ls Commu .ity $ .., ,-. ,.t ,. ,,t nu,'*r hic rm mnt illness. ! )r _ _. | Roger Lydick, Mike Peters and Picky lb. $|V Glenville c, .......... Sprouse, Seniors; and Jimmy AdkimL Center Saturday, April 7. begmnmg , lUtw umu vw ,- ,,.v .......... I I .... _ ouege wiu nest Steve Bradv. CI F_ yson Junior Ed- at 7"3Opm. . . Theevent is jointly spon-, . . $ ....... ,,, ,,,-,,, a, L' I yv. "p~.-ker)lmrg4~12-1~;$., | FirstelementaryRegional Social Studies wards. Jones, Fra Kimble, wed by the Cox s Mills .Semor AS ( UU TUU /AI. ! Hm, rimdlleg4}'~_,,,,jJ for and secondary Dave Moss and Greg Shackelford,Citizens, and Friends of the Library, I.. ......------" aOols Thursday. _ io and the Jolly Miller s 4-H Club. Sl++ L e .-cunties, Gilmer, Braxton Jun rs. u..'t'alhoun. have been invited to mrucipate in the competition from ) L'),, $1 3@ Ld ich d!,vision winners will compete ,,; __ _ = yirg a Social Studies menus tev ' marshall University on May O SlS9 :nd 19. sliwiec, The following will be se.rved in C 0 According to DOlores M rdinator of Yl . Gilmer County schools durmg the ant p--- -m rmr ano Asms- - O ,._ .- 'e'f_.ru .essor in Sociology at CSC, ,, m,o.* J 'to alr IS to e ...... hi,--- - ........... e | , ea- - .-courage interest inm h t'i r nfr, trm r, ra . l en I ~ o! social studio ........ v ........ nd R vy g ,. 'Ine students ..--2".. - . beans, purple plums, roll, aria milk. ao researcn Tuesday, Apz4J 3 Pig in a blanket $ 6@ do.ethen display that research m 1 t!) ct form ' M ........ with meat sauce, tri taters, corn, " /Ve want t'h., _?. mysnwmc sa)o. pineapple apple juice and milk. thro " moents in grades ' . A 4 S ettl ugh 12 to re ...... esday. . pagh 3ies i ahze that socml ........... a ""ted chrome s not a a . . meat sauc uuu 8" .... and .ury. out tossed salad, fruited jeUo, roll. iriumethmg relevant m which the e .i . art,cipate... Y orange juice, and milk. e categories i ..... They, April 5. Pizza, tossed ii +ropology .... - me rmr are: an-salad peas, pear with cottage iilStorv ' ?uaomics. geograpny, o,,A ,,,;It. litical' uc,Ology. psychology with SCI~ .... ' ---'-'*'.~, "*i"" "" ..... ~ ....... J II speciaI .... ham, spinach, applesauce, onions, d nce, mterdmciplmary Im ,. tneme-res onsime .... h 8 "race and milk I zenshi P ,.,,,,,,read, orang ) | nere will be th .... +Dfiri_ ilmV' eek. ?Cotmty racles fo .... L rue mv smns: High School students will'have the ou "- mrougn six and ten gh 12. : ...... ophon to substitute a pepperom roll ].ects will or group and cheese stick for the protein por- Lfirst place , . lion of the menu. :'cgruP and in' di iUduwm oe given l,... JlO ]p':h flivio,..-- al prelects m " "" best-+,, .u plus grand prize for prolect in each di sion. COst '1 c0.erf planned Cost-share assistance for the ap- plication of 2,4,5.-T and 2.4,5-TP has been suspended by the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Sero LUp and coming in the spring is the vice (ASCS) in response to the recent rner County Intermediate Choir announcement by Secretary of frnr 3 t ,e concert will be per-Agriculture Bob Borgland. The use of these herbicides to con- : gh 17 at 7:30 p.min the trol brush and weeds on forest and eir ,gY.mnasium. and withpastureland has been banned by the f.. ,yme ..Stag. Sing, America," tes mre the music of the UnitedEnvironmental Protection Agency {EPA} because of the potential health LS os, and other small group songshazards incurred during their ap- ell as full choir number o plication. =farmed for the performanc:. ASCS personnel are currently out the theme, the choir will reviewing their cost-share agreements and contract= in an of- SOngs of the patriotic, folk, fort to comply with the suspension pop, rock and country and order Area producers are asked to styles. contact the local ASCS Office if they 'r--j r. is composed of students wish to use a substitute herbicide in , -u.es hve through eight fromtheir efforts to control Mull|flora ott the elementary schools. =o.uly performance duringRose. mch combines the voice of students who wish to par- DKMO~T~-WI~ ~lhm~ County =rid wUms meet m,m'r :e from all five elementary week. Call let m get /$1 Saturday, March 31 = Starting at 10 a.m. at Orma 1 GE Electric Refd erstor: tric Toas,-- g , Bowl Kitchen Sink, 1 Elec- = lugs .nd'Zlylectric I_ron; 1 Couch and Chair; Full Size Bed, six- Sewing M,...',_z.wess; 2 Dressers; 3 Gas Heaters; Treadle lnger ,., .,stone In Cabinet: 1 Cr a w n., 1 . -'lay Pen .... " adl_ S_.i...,, good condilton; Flat condition; Hand Made Quilts, ae, condltie 1 metal Trunk- "--- lids; Used Clothi' Green Glass Jars, complete with wire ziin 1 - - rig;Lota of tools. ' eivtnator 37-inch Ran , 2 Wall Cab,--- ge good condition; 2 Base Cabinets; 1 Dinette Set with Spreads ,,,. _. : 6 chairs; 1 Reclln r;, Pillows, Mad. ` end Shed.s;+ RUt, Good C...,.= ...d u --,-,,u !able (chestnut) unflni -- nfinlehed: F .... shed, 1 Gun P4N:k (cheefmlt) que Rou . Jars, some empty, some full; 1 Old Metld Anli- =..-L__ ,,u Trunk with Tray;, Old FaslMoned Bottom ,._ Knlck.Kns;(s"ulr , 1 Set Twin Tubs; Lotl of Old OIitlol" ; veml Antklu . * Not Responsible For Accidents--Refreshments Available #. M- CLARK MINNEY, Auctioneer FL AND MRS. 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