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April 3, 2003     The Glenville Democrat
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April 3, 2003

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Page 6 -- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder -- Thursday, April 3, 2003 JUST ARRIVED Mowers (riding and push-type), tillers, string trimmers and brush cutters. Name brands include Wizard, Poulan Pro, MTD, Stihl and Shindaiwa. \\ Featuring the ever-popular Briggs & Stratton engines on our 4-cycle units. We service what we sell. Hours: 8-5 Mon.-Fri. • 8-3 Sat. - Phone: 462-5631 315 W. Main St. - • • m First inmates come to ... l Continued from 1 been turned off. On eommenting on a theydeservemuchofthecreditforthe Continued from page 1 and desktop publishing," she says. been placed JI page Letter to the Editor m this newspaper desk[ timates FCI-Gilmer s employee " " " . . . . prison's being located in GiimerContinuing, she adds, 'Tmjusttry- whereAlS°'sheatearnedGlenvilleher associate'sState Collegede_ njoy, That's"creating~:~ t comnlement at 91~ In 919 whereanarearesidentcomplameaot County. ing to serve people." ..eeds." c ..... ,-'7".'7-- -" .. , the light pollution in this rural region, "And, if someone (in the general Why did she start this new, yet gree in business and marketing, she business material J e 11 soon pc nlrlng correcuonal . ,. .... officers, skilled trades rsons, and Mr. McLeod says, Allormesengnts public) has to miss the Grand Open- competitive business? participated in SIFE (Students in Free tions, babyand factory personnelThe again,willhe divulges, bright.Mostofthemhave t .ur lare pointed down, but they do get giveing dUethemtO abeingspecial°Ut'°f-t°wn'tour later,'Wehell I have'I'm qualifiedwanted foUnd thiSdo, whatiS somethingi went to sheEnterpriSe)states, and learned much there, mentS,name it;andrll des can' / prison industryrenovate college for, and what I enjoy doing," Born in Grantsville, she a home- 'J[ has lived in As • - . ,, . off for economy reasons, but mey assures. md]tary forklifts. Once this factory . " Also relative to the community, he she relates. Gilmer County about all of her life. asks that her gets uo-and-runnine,_ may get. ,pretty theWlliprisonbe turnedgets morebaCk Oninmates.,,agam when mentions that the prison will buy lo- For this 1998 Gilmer County High She's the daughter of Roger and Ter- her at 304-462-411 , bus due to the war, he points out .......... Y • , School graduate, she recalls, "In high esa Lydick, of Glenville. and the wife make arrangeme#r _.: ......... i....^tl~ Altllou n nemg apoiogeuc adorn cally --- whenever they can. If we design t Of pllbUll Uit::I.IUUIb, 111 I. ;115 VVU • ." -, - •-- school, I used to make graduationof Austin Nicholas," a Flying "W" to do the .... .......... the hghtmg promem, nematcatesneed something fast, we'll buy it io- up dull t lid C d IUt UI UilII)IU~U¢; tUI IIUY¢;I. . _ . [ At FCI-Gilmer, we did have one per- .that there's nothing tney can ao about cally," he says. AtourBusinessSemi- announcements and I did it for those Plastics employee, you,' she says. I nat's, some local suppliers were repre- who couldn t afford the regular ones Now, you might ask, "How did she e's ) J son who was called military lt.Tbemediurn.secuntypnsonersare. " sented and are !,e ning our purchas- from the printers." come up with the name of 'Tanzan See related buS _ duty for Irao But, there Is about an • - . TheGlenvillebusinesswomancred- Design?' " Classified Pug ei"ht t 10 en han eatan fed scheduled to t)e transrerred here later ingprocedures. - o-percic g y - . ...... Creatively,Jennifer just merged the 1 r m April, somore lights will be turneo era p ison per year because employ- The prison'seventual total employ- its Mrs. Cheryl McCallister, a long- ment has been estimated as high as time, yet recently retired teacher at initials of her two children: Taylor A. In conclusion, ees just want to climb up the career on then. A grand opening 383, its annual budget will be about the Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center, Nicholas (2 1/2 years old)and Zachary adds with a smilc,.~U! ladder. As they step up (to new skills' ... ..... find the unique, c#L t onnrtmng umt mere will be a levels), they see other and better op- .-. .... $30 million, and its potential inmate as being her inspiration to excel in her A. Nicholas (1 -year-old); hence, like these to add ...... t_,rano upening for me generalpub- population, 1,500 max. own business. "Mrs. McCallister T.A.N.-Z.AN. mentin v,ourlife., i ,' portunmes w thm our bureau. , . _ ,L_ __: .m,o q..ktin., iic, he states, ' We're just waiting for Conclusion taught me how to use the computers As stated on her poster which has O. u.: pl~t, ~ l ~z t; I Admitting that the prison's lights Senator(Robert)ByrdandCon.gress- With the question-and-answer for- are brb,ht he mentions that for the man (Alan)Moilohan to be avmlable mat, no member of the community "-"---'-- ......... to participate in it "He indicates that pastseveralweeks,mostofthemhave " ForumWentaway from this Kiwanis PubliCwithout their inquiry being rea Briefs LEPC's emergen,.7 • zcnsavailedthemselvesofthisinfor- "'" .,_Jill mative opportunity. Continued from page 1 early morning, a high speed The Special Finally, on Men., Mar. 24, Gilmer wanton endangerment, one count of apparently ensued Tingler, then, m;ni a -not County history was made when the malicious assault, three counts of kid- wrecked his vehicle on Third Run, ~~cU2d~'~ I first group of federal prisoners were napping, and one count of burglary, and was blocked in getting back onto :E oneaccuS¢/J ] transferredintotheirnewinstitutional In addition, theofficerwasindicted the road by Police Sgt. Kendall, ac- t't-t led- a-fair and | I home, FCI-Gilmer. This fact con- on one misdemeanor count of de- cordingtoGlenvillePoliceChiefJohn the American sy.s. firmed by one of the facilitys two struction of property. Mossinapreviousreporttothisnews- eryone is untii proven guilt i: associate wardens, Ron McLeod, an According to Circuit Clerk Lane paper. Ha. za,':rOj affable, nearly 50-year-did career Smith who processed the indictments Sgt. Kendall was then struck on the prison official, through his office, it is rare that a left leg when Mr. Tingler tried to , , Special Grand Jury is called into ses- drive his vehicle back onto the road. tion sion. In or around that time, Sgt. Kendall ing emergencies that might arise as a fl0a! result of the current war, the subject Concurring, Prosecutor Houghfired a shot into the pick-up's door, in Relative to offlondingwasbroached.DarrenFeit notes, "In this case, the Grand Jury what was described as an effort to get storms, andterrO brought into the discussion several found probable cause on 10 counts the suspect to surrender, vey,the mitigadOna l[ ' Zande & Associ#J key points regarding the rain gauges against the officer." Following the arrest, the officer used by the county, along with col- As to the kidnapping count allega- purportedly got t~ermission to search wantstodevelopa..~hr leered dam of past rain events, to tions, the officials explain that when the suspect s'[rhird Run family's resi- effects of either ql predict rainfall, a person (or persons) is held at gun- dence -- a request granted by his disasters in this t~-~ EMERGENCY PLANNING IN FULL SWING - Piers took on while Felt cited these gauges as "the old point againsthisorherwill, that isthe father, Chief John Moss related. At this ThurS-,Y~)lk't, Denzil Hess (second from right), the county's DNR Officer, speaks standard" for predictions that could legal definition of kidnapping. Rela- Sgt. Kendall is currently on medi- localmissi°nofficialsmeeting{ andt r during the most recent LEPC meeting. For the general public, the avertfloodingdisastersintheeventof tive to this incident, threeTannerarea calleave, duetotheinjurytohisknee, . Issues local emergency planners are maldng available a West Virginia state government-published booklet entitled, "Getting Ready: A a heavy rain season, suggesting that people-- the Tingler family -- were the Chief confirms. the gauges in use right now need to be held at gpnpoint at 3:43 a.m. onMar. " ' dge Family Emergency Guide." Pick up your free copy at the Gilm checked, perhaps moved from cur- 7 in their home, an official verifies. Glenvllle Moose Up County Courthouse or at this newspaper's office. (St pt o by rent locations, and augmented. The whole issue revolves around KristalSheets) It was annourg~l early on that Jacob an early morning, Mar. 7 shooting of Dennison had resigned as head of adooronaFordS-10pick-uptruck Continued from page 1 the Gilmer County Family Resource Gilmer County's Homeland Security operated by Kevin Michael Tingler, * immediate releases to iocal and public Network, reported that this organiza- effort, andthatareplacementisbeing ofSmithville, who was later charged radioandtelevisionstations, areadaily tion is working on keeping certain sought. This program makes local in Gilmer County Magistrate's Court newspapers, and through police scan- amounts of water and food on hand distinctions for security on a county- with fleeing and assault on a police Friday, April 1 net reports, for the public in the event of a :risis wide basis and reports to the W. Va. officer. These charges were filed by Dinner at 6 p.m. and the sb0] < Many other agencies have plans in situation. State Police. the Glenville City Police Dept. against Members & qualified qttt t motion for handling emergency situa- In addition to discussions concern- The next meeting of the LEPC will Mr. Tingler on that same date. tions, too. Donna Waddell, director of Continued in right columnbe Thurs., May 15. When Tingler left Glenville in the Please, support your Moose Lod I I ,I , IIIIIIII I III IIIIIL II !,! ' I '| "~ , Make P "pt" il ree ..... .... Programs rescrl ion Drugs Ava able F !i!i!!!i~i~!!~iiii (NAPSA)-It has often been Many drug manufacturers estimated value of $1.5 billion, and procedures, and helpsexpe- said that the best things in life sponsor what are called "pa- Most people, however, includ- dite the submission process. are free-and that expression can tient assistance programs." ing qualified doctors, nurses, so- Once patients are approved, the even be applied to something These programs are intended cial workers and other health free medicationisgenerallysent that's usually associated with a to help those who otherwise professionals-are not even in just two to three weeks. high price tag: prescription can'taffordprescriptiondrugs- aware that these programs even Because of the organization' s drugs, including people who are un- exist. Fortunately, there's now groundbreaking work in this As the cost of prescription employed orlack health insur- a volunteer organization dedi- area, physicians nationwide are ...... medications continues to in-ance, and seniors who don't cated to pointing people in need currently distributing Free crease, often making them have prescription drug cover- in the right direction. Medicine Program brochures to- unaffordable for people without age under Medicare-obtain the The Free Medicine Program their patients. Even Social Se- insurance, the drug manufactur- medications they need. In2001 cuts through the red tape of the curity offices have brochures ers themselves are helping get alone, patient assistance pro- application process by helping available for their constituents. their products to the people who grams helped 3.1 million people enroll in patient assis- For more information or to ap- A popular program helps people charge.need them-practically free of millionAmericanSprescriptions-withfill more than anl0 tance. .fyr° erams" It also. hel. ps stmphpz rules, gutdelmes ply, call (646) 205-8000 or visit obtain the prescription drugs they, need, free of charge. ORTHODONTISTS Dr. Michael Bunner 17 Garton Plaza Weston • 269-7985 PHYSICAL THERAPY Glenville Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy GSC Physical Education Bldg. Glenville • 462-8933 HOSPITALS Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital 230 Hospital Plaza Weston ° 269-8000 809 GlenviUe Medical Mineral Road,Glenville, WV.26351 FIND HOW TO OBTAIN GOOD HEALTH, GILMER PRIMARY CARE A DIvisiON OF MINNIE HAMILTON H ALTIt CARE CENTER 809 Mineral Road-Glenville, WV.26351 (304) 462-7322 Dr. carl Glenviile Dr. College ale'nville" [ A DIVISION OF HEALTH CARE CENTER 809 Mineral Road-Glenvme, WV.26351 E/U:I, NOSE 8t THROAT E.N. T. Associates 125 N. 6th St. Clarksburg • 623-6533 HUSARI • GLENVILLE MEDICAL 809 Mineral Road-Glenville, WV.26351 (304) 462-5708 11 Bridgeport