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April 9, 1976     The Glenville Democrat
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April 9, 1976

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2:e Glenville i}emocrat/Pathrmder April 9. 1 ;,:: CALENDAR OF EVENTS Cedar Game Club holds its regular meting, Saturday night, April 10 at 7:30 at the clubhouse. Woman's Club and Retired School Employees, combined Bicentennial Program, April 12 at 8 p.m. - First Baptist Church [basement]. Public invited. Note: Woman's Club Business - 7:30. April 10- Saturday. Glenville Rotary Club will host Australian Group Study Team at meeting at 5:00 p.m. at Comad Restaurant. . .... There will lle a "Shooting Match'Alfi'i117; startht at .......... 11 o'clock at the White Pine Association Building sponsored by the association. There will be music and singing at the Association Building, April 17 starting at 7:30 p.m. Everyone welcome. Little Kanawha Valley Cit_ins Band Club will sponsor a spaghetti dinner April 17 - 4-6:30 p.m. at G|enville Rebecca Lodge Building. Open to the public. Small fee is charged. April 11, 1976 becoming at 1:00 Dr. Aspinal will co.duct coggnnis test for horses, at the mouth of Leading Creek, sponsored by Gilmer County 3"rail Riders. Smell fee is charged. Gilmer Co. Trail Riders meeting, April 9th at the clubhouse. The annual meeting of the Committee of Hiney Union Chapel and Cemetery will be at 2 p.m. Saturday April lOth. All committee members please be present. .% There will be a special meeting of all veteran's who wish to know more about VA benefits for themselves and their dependents April 8 at 7:30 p.m. in the city hall. Power Company to make refunds the company's then known costs. Hayes said that as a result of lower fuel costs during that three-month period than had been estimated as of April 1. the PSC has ordered a one-time adjustment on the bills of Monongahela's West Virginia customers beginning in April, 1976. The adjustment will be based on the number of kilowatt-hours used in the April 1 to June 28, 1975 period and most refund credits on residential customers' bills will be in the range of 50 cents to $4.00, Hayes said. , Monongahela Power Company has announced that it will be making small ne-time refunds to its customers uring the next two months as a result of slightly lower fuel costs than had boen estimated for the period April 1 to ]une 28, 1975. Ben Hayes, Comptroller of onongahela, explained that early in :1975. the West Virginia Public Service mmission ordered discontinuance of Ttlel adjustment clauses in electric rates and the filing of new rates, ::,effective April 1. 1975, incorporating stimated fixed costs of fuel based on Published Every. Frida -- By GILMER COUNTY PUBLISHING, INC. At 109 E. Main St. Glonvflle, WV 26381 Phone 462-7309 : Second-Clams poe|age paid at Glenviile and at additional mailing officee Subscription price 6.50 tax included in Gilrner County;, other West .Virginia residents $6.00 tax included. Out of state sulmcriptiom $7.00. Cannot accept subscriptions for lees than 6 months. (ALL PRICES EFFECTIVE FEB. 1st, 1976.) ROBERT D. ARNOLD PRESIDENT/PUBLIsHER CHUCK CAVALLO EDITOR JOAN LAYNE r : OFFICE MANAGER Bits & Pieces: by Chuck Cavallo tlave you ever got up in the morning, washed, had your coffee then strolled out to your car to go to work only to horribly realize that between your front door and the car you have had the misfortune to find out the hard way a dog has crept through your yard in the night? Stray Dogs a Problem...and a Hazard You know what I mean! And you don't even have a dog. Stray dogs are a big problem in Glenville. At most anytime of the day, you can see one or two casually strolling down Main Street. The real problem is, most all stray dogs had a home at one time but due to various reasons the owner could no longer keep the pet. I have found the usual practice is to take the dog far away from its home (some think if they leave it near the city, it will have a better chance at finding a new home). This is not only cruelty to the animal, but it is an infringement on the rights of others. Strays cost the city hundreds of dollars a year. These a! Your dollars go towards housing it for a period of! not claimed, its eventual Strays are ev you have a dog and a kennel, don't put it off oni you see a stray dog, don't i dog catcher. Remember. stray threat. Food Day reminds America of world's food needs by Robert Pickferd Tender. grain fed roast beef. Baked "new" potatoes with gravy. Young buttered peas. saurkraut, whole milk, home baked muffins, applesauce, and cherry pie. This time of year the advent of another gardening season brings to mind many pleasant thoughts of the bounty awaiting us during coming months. Our livestock will fatten, our gardens will grow. and by the grace of God we will enjoy dozens of delicious meals s a result, For most of us April blossoms and April rains extend this promise of another year of wholesome eating. April also brings us FOOD DAY on the 8th of the month and with it, a reminder that not all of our world's citizens can look forward to as well fed a year as we. In fact, it is calculated that there are 460,000,000 starving or malnourished people in the world today. Standilg hand in hand this crowd could encircle the globe more than six times and, unfortunately, their number is likely to increase, rather than decrease, during coming years. Some experts are predicting that severe, extensive famine will grip many areas of the underdeveloped world before the turn of the century. These are very unhappy facts indeed, and ones seemingly far removed from our own lives. FOOD DAY, however, has been designed to inform us about this sad situation and" to suggest ways in which each of us can help. As Americans, we have a special responsibility to this problem because America produces such great quantities of surplus food. much of it with the help of mineral resources extracted from poorly fed regions of the world. The United States, it should be noted, controls a  greater percentage of the world's grain (protein food} than the Arab nations do of the world's oil. But much of this grain is fed to animals and much is sold for high profits to relatively developed nations such as the Soviet Union. Little {4.7 million tons in 1975. down from nine million tons in 1962) finds its way to the most desperately hungry areas of the world. Food rich as it is, the United States ranks 13th among the 16 aid giving nations of the world in terms of percentage of Gross National Product donated. FOOD DAY seeks to draw attention to facts such as these and to suggest little ways each American citizen might contribute to a better fed world. One of these ways might be to set aside one day each week in your family as a "'meatless day." Since it takes about 16 poundsof grain protein to produce one pound of beef protein, by eating less meat (eating lower on the food chain) you leave more protein food for other people. If all Americans were to adopt week. 15 million I freed each year: a sum three total amount of aid by the Am, their greater food your America, producer, carry world's food that our people Soviet cattle) and kept out of th who would personal gain. And with a small eat as well as prayer of abundance that Editor's Note: The opinions expressed in our Letters to the Editor column are solely the opinions of the writer and not those of the Glenvil]e Democrat. Names are withheld on request, but letters must be signed. Dear Editor; Have you heard of the former Gilmer Countians, now living near Parkersburg who do not pay a garbage bill? What's so great about not paying a garbage bill you ask? Aside from the fact they save a little money, the important thing is that their children are being taught to:conserve. They save their cans and glass for recclg, burn their papers: they have not found a /:loi'ecycle paper. d tCh!:sh : hen't ma,,on their garden.' Does G[ner[ where? "''" '" *''  r ............ i ..... __ _ _ ,-,-,,, If we are to fight inflation it cannot be done standing on the street corner complaining about it. Some may think this family is on welfare. Not so! They are paying for a home. Some people on welfare do not bother to save. they don't have to. It is not my intention to criticize people on welfare, as a child my family was "on relief'' and I may be again. But the point is, do everything you can to help yourself first, and in doing so, help your country. Name witheld upon request. News for Consumers Atty. Gen. Chauncey Browning An increasing number of families are finding it difficult, if not impossible, to find a home at a price they can afford. The scarcity of single-family dwellings, the high cost of building materials, and the relatively few suitable home sites have led many consumers to consider the mobile home and the modular home as attractive alternatives. This increased interest has not only opened the market for new manufacturers and dealers but it, also, has led to the development of laws and regulations to insure quality and safety. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase a mobile home, the following suggestions may help you to get the most for your money. Your best bargain will not always come from the dealer offering the lowest prices since they may reflect low overhead, inadequate service facilities or lack of replacement parts. Therefore, it will be advantageous to shop for a mobile home as you would for any other purchase. Find our how long the dealer has been in business and check the permanence of the sales lot. In addition, ask friends about the quality of service they have obtained from a dealer where they bought a mobile home. More than 75% of the mobile homes manufactured today are built to meet standards developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). These include four basic areas of mobile home construction: body and frame, plumbing system, heating system, and the electrical system. You should look for two seals displayed near the door of the home which certify that it meets the standards of ANSI and the West Virginia Mobile Home Safety Act. Elaborate features, such as plush draperies and sunken bathtubs, actually increase the cost of the mobile home but do not necessarily"vpresent higher quality. Since a mobile home is an expensive purchase, be sure that you allow adequate time to review all the terms of the contract. You may even want to go over the contract with an aflorney. Don't rely on oral promises by the salesperson: and insist that any extras, terms of the setup and guarantees be in writing. In arranging for a loan, naturally you will want to'finance it in the least expensive way. Shop at various lending institutions to find a loan with the lowest annual percentage rate since finance charges will substantially increase the total cost of your home. My next column will provide information about the delivery of a mobile home, the location on which you choose to put it. and what |0doff you enqunter any problems with a mobile home or mobile hob.n,,, dealer. Studded tires" Motorists are reminded that studded tires are illegal in West Virginia after April 1, according to Highways Commissioner W. S. Ritchie, Jr. "There seems to be some confusion this year concerning the deadline for removal of studded tires," said Ritchie. "In the past we have varied the deadline as necessary, but now April 1 is the yearly deadline." As passed by the West Virignia Legislature in February 1975, the present guidelines for use i and April 1 each recommended than 40 pounds prohibited the any time. The regulation in "We regret April 1 deadline West Virginia added. Kites and power lines "Kites are fun - aS'long *as you Never fly says Reddy Kilowatt his friends Monongahela Power Company. Milder temperatures and gusting winds create ideal weather for flying kites. But the kite flying season also renews the danger of accidents, which could result in serious or even fatal injuries. According to M. W. Forsythe, manager, public information for the utility, such accidents can be avoided just by observing a few simple rules. These safety tips should be especially stressed with children. Choose a wide-open field so you can avoid getting your kites caught in SBUtllity lines, TV antennas or trees. usy streets and highways should be avoided, too. paper in your metal. A metal in it, comes in contact or if there is a could be If your power line. Monongahela Do not pull the poles. If it on a building, it's i there. It's new kite than or leg. And if wire-controlled Monongahela follow these Byrd's.Eye  By U.S. Senator Robert Violent Crime All the public opinion surveys show that crime continues to be a major concern of American citi- zens--and for good reason, because crime, especially acts of violence, continues to increase at alarming rates. For example, a recently- released report r e v e a I s that, from 1969 to 1974. the overall crime rate jumped by 38 percent. And the 969,820 murders, rapes. aggravated assaults, and robberies that occurred in 1974 represented a stagger- ing 47 percent increase over the number of violent crimes recorded in 1969. There were an estimated 20,600 murders in the United States in 1974- up 40 percent since 1969. There were an estimated 55,210 forcible rapes in / 1974 a 49 percent increase since 1969. The 1974 figures for ag- gravated assaults and rob- beries wet'(" 452.720 and 441,2.X}, resl)ectively: and Ihose figures mean 'that. between 1969 and 1974. the increase in aggravaled as- saults was 47 lercvnl, and the rise in robbery offen,'s was 48 l)ereenl. Americans have ex- pressed shock and outrage al our spiralling crime rate for the past several years: i)Ul Iht're iS evi(iem'e Iha! OUI" enlo| ionll t'e.lX)llS(' |() a('ls el' vh)h.n('e Illay IlOVt" I)e followed with a positive re.,|)O[lSt .. A| ;t .JilJn|ary meeting of a tinguished stance, a approved calling to suspended parole. Criminals, should serve sentence in jail leans should hard fact that tion. however has simply not and criminals sent to jail formed, but gotten off the The panel'S caused by the criminals who allowed to ,alk and repeat time and time estimated viewed by till crime for whiC arrested 1974, reiaterS were 68 percent : sault. 65 bery. 79 The fact l)rofessiona Is dietary men| are firmly with I)tlnd to Ix' !he American to those of US lalive hrarCh long advoca 1 manda I ory out SII,  ,ne i)siliVC gelling the Ihe sl rt,els. { , : :. . : _: ..........