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April 9, 2009     The Glenville Democrat
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April 9, 2009

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- .; ilHli/llJIli H , -'LIDINJi! _ i IHilifltgiidiilIaBiillli The Common Place is open; the downtown, advancing, & Happy Easter cont'd ... for numerous civic, family, school. church, and community groups. In Glenvilte. the Folk Festival stands out as adowntown institution, making for a unique statewide event each June. Pittsburgh, too. has its Three Rivers Festival. which is marked by festive activities throughout the downtown. Fifthly. the downtown is pedestrian friendly. In Glenville. people pause from their daily business duties to go into the Common Place, Smokehouse, Pizza Hut, or Go- Mart fbr their morning coffee breaks. along with McDonald's at Hays City, if they are m more of a hurry. In addition to restaurants. Pittsburgh has several clubs downtown, where people meet to keep up with the news and gossip daily. The one thing that the Steel City has that we. in Glenville. need more of is historical signage. Almost every building, as visitors walk through the downtown, has some sort of indica- tion that something important hap- pened there in the past. i.e. the first Kaufman's store, the original Mellon Bank. a French & Indian War cem- etery of the 1760s. first Black news- paper office, etc. While some awe- some history happened there, we have some noteworthy events and people to be placed on signs here. so that our rich heritage, too. can be enjoyed by pedestrians. Sixthly, downtowns encourage people to linger. And, in these fast- paced days, taking a break from the scurry of a person's daily career tasks can often-times be a healthful en- deavor. Seventhly, the downtowns engen- der a high level of community owner- ship. Everyone feels that when events happen in a downtown, they are meam for the general public, and each fam- ily, to enjoy, whether or not they are rich or poor. sick or well. fit or handi- capped, managers or store emplos,- ees. etc. All know that they are wel-'- come downtown and that these events. like parades, are done for their special benefit and enjoyment. Finally, I'd only add to Donna's list that downtowns are the hearts of any community. You wouldn't have a true community, if there wasn't a down- town or some Other center for neigh- borhood activities. Glenville's down- town draws people here for a variety of reasons, but mainly because it is the heart of the city and county. Perhaps this is why so many differ- ent groups are working for its revital- ization. Downtowns do age, so with advancing years, like withus humans. some cosmetics are needed a new bench here. a tree there, a fixed or replaced sidewalk over yonder, a dance hall for area and college youths. a park for musical entertainment, and. yes. a River Packet Museum. so that no one will forget this colorful era that put Glenville on the map in the first place. The community, Donna Waddell assures me. will have an input on what is to be revitalized or constructed in the downtown. No city can have progress without the full and strong support of its City government and residents. No one is being forgotten as this new planning phase moves forward. Thanks-to Donna. FRN. and her small army of dedicated volunteers who are now putting many of our city's long-term plans and dreams for a more attractive downtown into ac- tion! Deputy Jimmy Moss We editors hate to see Jimmy Moss. Gilmer County Sheriff Dept.'s nearly 30- year veteran, retire. This Chief Deputy has brought much continuity and stability to the Sheriffs Dept over the years, as one sheriff would replace another, elec- tion after election. Upon assuming office four years ago, current Sheriff Mickey Metz promptly recognized Deputy Moss's knowledge, know-how, and ability, relative to the county's law enforce 2 ment big picture and in field opera- tions. Like his predecessors, the Sher- iff therefore retained Mr. Moss as the Chief Deputy, or as the Sheriffs right- hand man. We. at this newspaper, will miss the retired Chief Deputy greatly, because he has been a wonderful help to us over the years. He. like Sheriff Metz, : ,:::i,::::::::::,ii',i:ii,',:;:,',i','i':,'i;i i4 ::::i:,:,::::i',',',',:,i':',':i::,':;:::::,!',':',!::iii:i;':',',i ', i':i': ::':':,':':: :;i:i'i'i::':',':',':i",'i',:',',',i:,ii!i!,i', i::; t i iiiii::::' 'ii'::''i'ii':':'i':::';  ::i:"ii"::':":":i'::'::;';'':::';:;'  ":;i'!:':;i::':!':i'::::'iP i::i',:: i!:'::,:'::!, ':ili:: i::i,::,:i::',!'i:,?"::::::;:,:,i:,::':': i i!i';::, ;ii:::i:',::',ii::',i',,i':',::',:,,::':::!'::iii::',',':,i ', 0:!ii),i:i!,i:ii!i!,,:iiiiiiii!{,ii,lii :?:: :,:, ii/; i,,::ili!i; :iii ",:: i::',:,: ':: ';'::i::,' :::: :i: ::: !i::iiii', i::1i::!:!::i::::}::ii!::ii:::!i!i:!!!iii::e:!!iii!i!i!{i!}!iiii:i)i ,iiiii':ii:'i:'iiiii''::i';::' 00iiii!iii00iii00iii00iiiii0000iiiiiiiii00i00i00i00i00i!i!i00iii!0000i00i00i!i00i00ii00i!000000!00iiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiii00!!0000ii00i00i00iii00i00i00i00i00!i00000000!!i!i00iii!iii00!i00!i00iii!ii00ii!00iiiii00i!i00i00i00iiiiii!iii00i!ii0000i Small schools cont'd. . . . cares. When my dad and I debated con- solidation in 1968. I told him that by voting to close the county's high schools he would effectively end his political career. To that point, he had been the leading vote-getter when seeking election to the board. Dad thought parents and students would see how great the improve- ment was and vote him back into office. He was wrong. In the next election, he wassoundly defeated.He ,.later ran -fo count, o0m]ssionnd lost by an even greater margin. I do not write this because I think I was right and my dad was wrong. In most cases, he comprehended far more than I will ever know. But I think the evidence of these past 40 years points to the mistakes made in 1968. When was the last time Glenville State College' s gymnasium was filled for a high school basketball game? When Glenville and Normantown played there, it was always standing room only. Normantown's gym was always packed for Viking games, as were the gyms at Sand Fork, Glen- ville and Troy. Athletics is not the key goal of education. But I think the participa- tion and attendance shows that Gilmer County High School. where I served as student body president in its first year, has never been accepted in the community at large. All of this is designed to say I think it w!d be wise lbr everyonetopau  a mimlte andtake a lesson from his tory. Is it really wse to consider clos- ing grade schools in Normantown. Troy and Sand Fork? Is GCHS the shining example of educational and athletic excellence proponents said it would be 40 years ago? How many state championship trophies line the hallways? In the final analysis, small schools are best for our children. I hope the leadership in Gilmer County will fol- low that goal and refurbish, restore Praise the ripe field, not the green corn. mIrish Proverb Pediatric Clinic Right here in your hometown! Did you know that the Minnie Hamilton Health System Glenville Office hosts a full-time pediatric clinic? Dr. "Terry" Linnon and her staff invite you to make an appointment for your child today. The pediatric clinic at our Glenville office is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:30-4:30. Wednesdays, the clinic is open 10:30-5:30. What does Minnie Hamilton Health System " 9 offer in Glenvllle. Family and General Medical Services Pediatric Clinic Physical Therapy Radiology Laboratory School Based Health Center Glenville State College Medical Services I I I I I Minnie Hamilton HEalth SgstEm Road 186 Hospital Drive 809 Mineral Glenville WV Grantsville WV 462-7322 354-9244 and rebuild the existing grade schools. I would hate to see them go. Ron Gregory, Charleston 304-533-5185 (Editor's Note: Mr. Gregory is the father of last week's Letter to the Editor writer, both having the same name. DHC, Sr.) % APR Financing 2008-2010 Vehicles \\; '05 Dodge 1500 4x4 crew cab. charcoal gray......,..... BO '07 Honda CRV AWE completely loaded. MUST SEE, ice blue ......... : .............................. $,, f,O '07 Ford Freestar SEL leather, DVD, green ................. $|3,880 '04 Ford F-250 4x4 reg. cab, gold. 48,000 miles, REALLY SHARP ..................... $|,80 '04 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 crew cab, has always worked well with the press. They understand that if they are to prevent crime and to get that impor- tant job done. they need to inform the press of their needs, because the press then passes this information on to you readers, who may be in a position to assist these law enforcement officers. Hence. we're happy that Chief Deputy Moss got a gala Retirement Party at the Courthouse on Fri.. Mar 27. and we editors, like his many colleagues, family and friends present, were glad to share in him and his family's happiness on this joyous oc- casion. Congratulations. Gilmer County Deputy Jimmy Moss. on an outstand- ing career at the Sheriff's Dept., but especially in helping the area's people and ;ictims. when they had the most desperate need of you! Recession & Final Four More congratulations are also in line. This time for President Barack Obama. who. uncannily, picked the 2009 NCAA champion in his White House Pool. when he chose the Uni- versity of North Carolina to take home to the Tarheel State college basketball's premier trophy. On Mon- day evening, UNC dismantled Michi- gan State in Detroit before a record 72.000 NCAA Final Four crowd al- most totally from Michigan, which made the Tarheel victory even sweeter. If President Obama can just do as well at picking a coherent plan to stop the current recession, and to jolt up America into a bullish recovery, he'll be "Time Magazine's" Man of the Decade. In the final NCAA game. I routed for Michigan State. because the Wol- verine State has suffered the worst from the recession. Its Big Three Automobile manufacturers GM. Ford and Chrysler have all been financially ailing, and a national cham- pionship by a Michigan team would have helped to cheer the people up. Hence. f'd hope that we Americans will support our country's automakers, when it comes to buying cars or trucks. The end: Happy Easter Hey, kind folks. Happy Easter! Hope that you and yours will be able to get together and to celebrate this holiday in a compassionate, healing, and loving way. Thursday, April 9, 2009 .The Glenville Democrat Page 5A ,ii! The annual occurrence of Holy Thursday easily reminds me of many things. It was the night of the Last Supper. the final Paschal meal Jesus celebrated with his disciples the night before his death. It is the night of the Agony in the garden, the betrayal. the arrest. But mostly it reminds me of the Eucharist. On this night Jesus for the first time changed bread and wine into his own Body and Blood. He united that supper with his sacrifi- cial death the next day and commis- sioned his disciples ( "Do this in re- membrance of me"3 to celebrate in continuance that Last Supper down through history. Catholics have thus always seen in that Last Supper the institution of the priesthood. I was marvelously blessed to be born into a family of deeply commit- ted Christian parents. I can never. never remember a Sunday when we as a family did not worship together by participating in Mass. Our home was graced with prayer and religious symbolism. A crucifix was on the wall of our living room and each bedroom. We prayed the rosary to- gether each evening during May as it was broadcast over radio. In our din- ing room hung a plaque of the Last Supper. and somewhere - I forget today the location - hun another plaque on which was inscribed: "Christ is the head of this house: the unseen host at every meah the silent listener to every conversation." I have a brother two years older than I am. Something happened at our births that morn kept secret as we were growing up. When we were born and presented in mom's arms Not Everyone Calls Me Father By Edwin Daschbach SVD Holy Thursday for the first time. she offered each of us to God as priests. Twenty-seven years after those births, the two sons were ordained to the priesthood. clearly showing God's acceptance of her generous offer. Only then. after the 2nd ordination, did morn share with us her present to God. She never told us earlier because she didn't want to unduly influence that free decision on our parts. Which brings me to an additional .remembrance 1 have every Holy Thursday. Back in 1989, as I was leaving the sanctuary after celebrat- ing Mass Holy Thursday evening, my parish phone in Welch rang. I picked it up to hear my sister's voice saying that morn had just passed away. This woman, who lived a deeply committed Christian life. who had generously offered each of her sons to God for his priestly ministry, died on the very mght Jesus insti- tuted the sacrament of ordination to the priesthood. This sacrifice morn (and dad who surely knew of her offering) had generously made. forestalled any chance of grandchildren through these sons because of priesdy celi- bacy. Their sacrifice, and the experi- ence of such a solid Catholic Chris- tian upbringing, has made it over the years very hard for me to understand religion unfaithfulness in so many of professed followers of Christ. The fulfillment the Son of God brings to his followers can only be realized when the faith is truly lived. It's never a case of Christianity be- ing tried and found wanting. Rather it's always a case of Christianity not being really tried. Father Ed can be contacted through his e-mail svdglenville@rtoLnet High Speed Internet for ALL of rural America! 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