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April 9, 2015     The Glenville Democrat
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April 9, 2015

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Page 10 - Thursday, April 9, 2015 - The Glenville Democrat The Glenville Pathfinder - Glenville, WV 26351 GILMER COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA LEVY PAGE REGULAR CURRENT EXPENSE LEVY 2015-2016 Column E Certificate of Valuation Assessed Value for Tax Purposes Current Year cssl Personal Property $ 0 Public Utility 0 Total Class I $ CLASS. Real Estate $ 90.174.950 Personal Property 2.170.722 Total Class II $ 92l:451672 CLASS III Real Estate $ 51.412.580 Personal Property 86.140.733 Public Utility 64.459.420 Total Class III $ 20210121733 _ LAS_S_LV Real Estate $ 15.630.870 Personal Property 7.487.153 Public Utility 3.736.310 Total Class IV $ 2618541333 Levy Rm/Sl 14.30,, I I I 28.60 57.20 J 57.20 ] Taxes Levied $ 0 s 9 $ 257.900 6.208 $ 264t108 $ 294.080 492.725 368.708 $ lr1551513 $ 89.409 42.827 21.372 $ 151)8 $ 115731229 Total Value & Projected $ 321,212,738 Revenue Less Delinquencies, Exonerations & Uncollectable Taxes 500% 78.661 Less Tax Discounts 2.00% 29.891 Less Allowance for Tax Increment Financing - see worksheet 0 (Subtracted from regular current expense taxes levied only) Total Projected Property Tax Collection $ 1.464.677 Less Assessor Valuation Fund 200% 29.294 (Subtracted from regular current expense taxes levied only) Net Amount to be Raised by Levy of Property Taxes For Budget Purposes (Transfer amount to Workshset GCRev- Account No. 301-01) $ 1,435,383 GILMER COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA EXCESS LEVY PAGE Name: Vital Services 2015 - 2016 Current Year Column E Certificate of Valuation Assessed Value Levy Taxes for Tax Purposes Rata/$1 Levied G La_S_S_J Personal Property $ 0 [ 2.07 I $ 0 Public Utility 0 0 Total Class I $ 1 $ ) LGL_A_S_S_]! Real Estate $ 90A 74.950 I 4.14 I $ 37.332 Personal Property 2.170.722 899 Total Class II $ 9213451(72 $ 381231 Real Estate $ 51.412.580 I 8.28 I $ 42.570 Personal Property 86.140.73: 71.325 Public Utility 64.459.420 53.372 Total Class III $ 20210121733 $ 167.267 CLASS IV Real Estate $ 15.630.870 I 8.28 I $ 12.942 Personal Property 7.487.153 ' 6.199 B Public Utility 3.736.310 3.094 Total Class IV $ 26.854.333 $ Total Value & Projected $ 3211212r738 $ 227r733 Revenue Less Delinquencies, Exonerations & 5.00% 11.387 2.O0% 4.327 Less Tax Discounts Uncollectable Taxes Net Amount to be Raised by Levy of Property Taxes For Budget Purposes Included in the General Fund "Yes or No" EXCESS LEVY REPORTED ON GENERAL FUND REVENUE SUMMARY PAGE IN ACCOUNT # 301-90: Current Year GILMER COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA EXCESS LEVY PAGE Name:EmergencySelca 2015-2016 Column E Certlflcete of Valuation Assessed Value for Tax Purposes $ 212,019 I No I Sl I Levy Taxes Rm/Sl Levled CLASS I Personal Property $ 0 I 1.77 ] S 0 Public Utility 0 0 Total Class I $ 0 $ 0 CLASS. Real Estate $ 90.174.950 I 3.54 I $ 31.922 Personal Property 2.170.722 768 Total Class II $ 9213451672 $ 32,690 CLASS III Real Estate $ 51.412.580 I 7.08 I $ 36.400 Personal Property 86.140.733 60.988 Public Utility 64.459.420 45.637 Total Class III $ 202,012,733 $ 143025 CLASS IV Real Estate $ 15.630.870 I 7.08 I $ 11.067 Personal Property 7.487.153 5.301 Public Utility 3.736.310 2.645 Total Class IV $ 26,854,333 $ 19,013 Total Value & Projected $ 321,212,738 $ 1941728 Revenue Taxes 500% 9.736 2.00% 3.700 Less Delinquencies, Exonerations & Uncollectable Less Tax Discounts Net Amount to be Raised by Levy For Budget Purposes $ 181,202 Included In the General Fund "Yea or No" I No J EXCESS LEVY REPORTED ON GENERAL FUND REVENUE SUMMARY PAGE IN ACCOUNT # 301-91: $1 I Gilmer County Commission Levy Estimate (Budget) 2015 - 2016 Fiscal Year STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA County of: Gilmer, West Virginia tn accordance with WV Code 11-8-10. as amended, the Gilmer County Commission proceeded to make an estimate of the amounts necessary to be raised by a levy of taxes for the current year, and doth dtermine and estimate the several amounts to be as follows: Estimated General Fund Revenues Fund Balance $ 28,222 Property Taxes Current year 1,435,383 Prior Year Taxes 68,500 Tax Penalties, Interest & Publication Fees 60,000 Property Transfer Tax 17,000 Gas and Oil Severance Tax 90,000 Wine & Liquor Tax 40 Miscellaneous Permits 200 Federal Grants / Federal Payment in Lieu of Taxes 10,000 Charges for Services 4,200 Sheriff's Service of Process 1,500 County Clerk's Earnings 99,000 Circuit Clerk's Earnings 5,000 Accident Reports 150 Motor Vehicle License Fee 1,500 Rents & Concessions 19,844 Emergency 911 Fee 160,500 IRP Fees (Interstate Registration Plan) 7,000 Fines, Fees & Court Costs 2,000 Regional Jail Operations Partial Reimbursement 10,000 Interest Earned 50 Miscellaneous Revenue 1,000 Sheriff's Commission 13,000 Legal Advertisement Continued to Next Column Legal Advertisement Continued From Previous Column Gilmer County Commission Levy Estimate (Budget) 2014 - 2015 Fiscal Year General Fund Commissions Gaming Income Video Lottery Royalties Refunds / Reimbursements (Extemal Sources) Sale of Fixed Assets Dog & Kennel Reimbursement Transfers Assessor's Valuation Fund Total Estimated General Fund Revenues Eetlmated Revenues 800 1,000 50,000 4,000 12,000 6,751 8,612 49,837 $ 2,167,089 Coal Severance Tax Assigned Fund Balance Coal Severance Tax Interest Earned on Investment Total Coal Severance ESTIMATED EXPENDITURES GENERAL GOVERNMENT CountyCommission $ 316,966 County Clerk 205,201 Circuit Clerk 187,862 Sheriff - Treasurer 219,849 Prosecuting Attorney ' 198,069 Assessor 205,058 Assessor's Valuation Fund 49,837 Statewide Computer Network 40,316 Elections - County Clerk 64,100 Circuit Court 120 Courthouse 54,221 Other Buildings 11,000 Regional Development Authority .8,693 Industrial Development 7,700 Courthouse Annex TOTAL GENERAL GOVERNMENT 1,548,992 PUBLIC SAFETY Sheriff - Law Enforcement 145,542 Sheriff - Service of Process 57,677 Regional Jail 200,000 Communication Center 160,500 Dog Warden ! Humane Society 12,312 Flood Control 4,362 Local Law Enforcement Block Grant 20,000 TOTAL PUBLIC SAFETY 600,393 HEALTH AND SANITATION Mental Health 500 TOTAL HEALTH & SANITATION 500 I CAPITAL PROJECTS General Government 17,204 TOTAL CAPITAL OUTLAY 17,204 Total Expenditures $ 2,167,039 STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA GILMER COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA Eetlmated Revenues $ 77,000 15,000 100 $ 92,100 Coal General Severance Tax Fund Fund 47,500 9,600 35,000 92,100 $ 92,100 II I, Jean Butcher, Clerk of the County Commission of said county, do hereby certify that the foregoing are true copies from the record of orders made and entered by said commission of the 27th day of March 2015. Jean Butcher County Clerk Legal Class II-O, 2t 4-9 ............................................................................................................................... NOTICE OF REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS FOR ENGINEERING SERVICES The Gilmer County Public Service District, Gilmer County, West Virginia is in the process of obtaining statements of qualifications from qualified engineering consulting firms to provide engineer- mg services for Gilmer County Public Service District water extension to unserved areas and also alternate main line service for Federal Correctienal )sl"1'-eras a bal:up"wafe , source. Professional services will include the completion ofa preliminary engineering report to be used for funding applications and also will include, but not limlt"ed to, the following: project design; preparation of all necessary permit applications; preparation of construction plans, specifications, and bidding documents; assistance during bidding; construction administration services; and construction inspec- tion services. Sources of funding for these projects may include, but not limited to, the WV DEP Abandoned Mine Lands and Reclamation, the WV Bureau for Public Health Office of Environmental Health Services. WV Small Cities Block Grant Program, USDA Rural Utilities Service, Appalachian Regional Commis- sion, US Environmental Protection Agency, WV Drinking Water Treatment Revolving Fund, and WV Infrastructure & Jobs Development Council. Procurement of said services will be in accordance with WV Code Chapter 5G and24 CFR Part 85.34. All firms interested in being considered for this selection must submit at least five copies of a proposal detailing qualifications, technical expertise, management and staffing capabilities, related prior experience, and professional references. The goal of the competitive process is to Objectively select the firm who will provide the highest quality service Accordingly, technical expertise and related past experience will be weighed heavily. The candidates judged most qualified based on a revmw of the statements of qualifications will be interviewed. The firm determined to be the most qualified based on an evaluation of the interviews will be asked to prepare fee proposals for engineenng services asproject scopes are finalized. Please submit five copies of all requested information to: Mr. William Stalknaker, Chairman, Gilmer County PSD, PC Box 729, Glenvilla, WV 26351-0729. Proposals will be accepted until Friday, April 17, 2015. The District reserv"es the right to accept or reject any and/or all submissions. All work will be performed in accordance with the regulations issued by State and Federal agencies relative hereto. The selected candidate will be required to comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Executive Order 11245, Section 109 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1974, Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, Conflict of Interest Statement, and the Access to Records provisions. The District shall ensure, to the fullest extent possible, that positive efforts are made te utilize small businesses, including those in rural areas, minority-owned firms, and women-owned business enterprises. The District will afford full opportunity to women and minority owned business enterprises to submit a show of interest and response to this request and will not discriminate against any interested individual or firm on the grounds of race, creed, color, sex, age, handicap, or national origin in award of the contract. William Stalnaker, Chairman GIImar County PSD Legal ClaSs II 2t 4-9 ............................................................................. . ............................................... Courthouse News CIRCUIT COURT NEWS Judge Jack Alsop accepted a 2 year pretrial diversion agreement in the case of State of WV Vs. Janlce Co,Ins on Mar. 31, Collins was rep- resented by Steve Nanners of Buck- hannon and if she successfully com- pletes the program and turns over $100,400.00 plus interest to the es- tate of Rachel Reed she will be al- lowed to enter a no contest or Kennedy plea to the lesser included misde- meanor offense in the single count indictment returned against her on November 5, 2014 charging her with financial exploitation of an elderly per- son. Thurs., Apr. 2. Chief Judge Richard A. Facemire heard 2 cases in Gilmer County. One was a juvenile case and the other was a criminal case of State of WV Vs. Jennifer Sue Helmlck. Helmick was represented by Brian Bailey and asked to have alternative sentencing, which motion Facemire denied and she was remanded to CRJ to complete her sentence. FAMILY COURT NEWS On Apr. 1, Family Court Judge Larry Whited heard 10 cases in Gilmer County. One domestic violence mat- ter was continued to Apr. 15. Four cases had temporary orders entered in them, one case will be referred to Circuit Court for further heanng and 3 cases were handled by the Child Ad- vocate Bureau with Orders to come at a later date. GENESIS HEALTHCARE- GLENVILLE CENTER GLENVILL, WV Balance Sheet For the Year Ended December 31, 2014 Assets: Currant Assets Cash in Bank 9,567 Accounts Receivable 504,034 Inventories 13,391 Prepaid & Other Current Assets (15,068) Related Party Accounts 281,203 Total Current Assets 793,127 Property and Equipment Net 298,624 Identifiable Intangible Assets - Favorable Lease 0 Other Assets 0 Total Assets 1,091,751 Liabilities and Equity: Currant Liabilities Accounts Payable 161,433 Accrued Expenses & Payroll Withholdings 213,707 Current maturities of long-term obligations 0 Total Currant Liabilities 375,140 Long Term Liabilities Escheatable Funds 0 I_/1" Debt Capital Lease Obligation 0 Deferred G/L Straight-Lining Leases 54,536 LT Debt Financing Obligation 0 Total Long Term Liabilities 54,536 Equity 662,074 Total Liabilities and Equity 1,091,751 Income Statement For the Year Ended December 31, 2014 Revenue Nursing Home Revenue 5,181,334 Other Operating 1 F 152 Total OperaUng Revenue 5,182,466 Expenses Nursing Services 1,571,760 General and Administrative 1,231,896 Other Operating 1,318,682 Lease 760,225 Interest (1,839) Depreciation and Amortization 43,594 Total Expenses 4,924,319 Net Income 258,167 Adjustment to reconcile net Income Cash Flows from Operating Activities Depreciation & Amortization 43,594 Increase in trade receivables (74,390) increase in inventory (937) Decrease in prepaid & other current assets 386 Decrease in accounts payable & accrued expenses (90,101) Increase in related party accounts (158,560) Net cash provided by operating activities (21,842) Cash Flows from Investing Activities Increase in Property, Plant, & Equip (37,240) Decrease in deferred financing costs 0 Net cash used in investing activities (37240) Cash Flows from Flnanclng Actlvltles Increase in L/I" Debt Capital Lease Obligations 0 Contributed capital 0 Increase in LT Debt - Financing Obligation O Increase in Deferred G/L Straight-Lining Leases 21,849 Net cash provided by financing activities 21849 Decrease in cash balance (37,233) Cash, beginning of the year 46,800 Cash, end of the year 9,567 OWNERSHIP: Genesis WV Holdings LLC The statements are provided pursuant to the Health Care Facility Disclosure Laws. I certify that the above audited statements are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. This financial data is available for public inspection at the office of the West Virginia Health Care Cost Review Authority, 100 Dee Drive, Charleston, WV during regular hours, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on any business day. Genesis HealthCare Glenville Center Legal Class I It 4-9 ................................................................................................................................. Glenville McDonalds eeeeoeoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee NEW MENU ITEMS: TRY OUR NEW ARTISAN GRILLED CHICKEN AND OUR NEW SIRLOIN COMES IN THREE NEW FLAVORS DELUXE BACON AND CHEESE AND THE s.lmousE SIRLOIN AND COMING SOON: FLAVORED SWEET TEA PEACH AND SUMMER STRAWBERRY 8PEOL4&: ICE CREAM CONI .49 CENTS SNACK SIZE MC ]Ft,IU]EJEY $1.49 2015 Alumni Banquet Saturday, April 25th at 5:00 p.m. BANQUET GUESTS OF HONOR: Walter W. Turner '69 Alumnus of the Year Ressie (Brown) Thomas '90 Outstanding Public School Teacher Dr. J, Joe Evans '63 Alumni Achievement Award Tony Minney '08 Outstanding Young Alumnus Mike Lieving '76 Community Service Award Karina Kendrick '09 Outstanding Young Alumna GLEN0000/ILLE ST-T00 C',OLLEGE For more information about Alumni Day or to make reservations for the social and banquet on Saturday evening call GSC s Alumni Office at (304) 462-4122, local, or (866) 239-0285, toll free