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April 17, 2003     The Glenville Democrat
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April 17, 2003

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Thursday, April 17, 2003 -- Page 3 i i on Glenville State College's accreditation process, but it's probably ok c child',ville State College's recent ..... ~j~oject. local educators -- ~'v~d~n~I~e college arc cautiously Corcoran | IIItll i, Column . llllt, !1111 !Oo, cor |IIIlll heirti4L~w and heard in the two can~PersOnally attended early last [h their.Is It~k g~,::! for GSC'rcla- the team mentioned that the students gave nuation of its institutional .:tanY~i~. laudatory testimony about the college. I'm D~,,~ Norlh Central. certain that these accolades were not as flow- cry as those given by the alumni and friends of the college that evening. Dr. Carl Armour. a former Math & Sci- ence Division head, contends lhal the num- bers he sees about GSC arc bcnel-icial toentire state of West Virginia. "Our students remain in the state by a rate of 85 percent," he states, adding, "Many first generation college goers attend GSC, along with young single mothers who couldn't afford to get their college educa- tions elsewhere." With the local economy depending on a vibrant college, t~, Dr. Armour contends, "We can get more political support in the future." Interjecting a point at this time, Dr, John R. Campbell, the former president of Oklahoma State University and the accreditation team's ~e~iew of College . aarW~n, or so, sessions with the :.:.:~kvok place from Sunday *-,~,'lh,~.,_nsby~Y covering all of the ,~,, ~ncies I attended the two ~'"'-I[l~i:~'~'alE'l~st' to me as a community 1 Dr. Thomas Pow- ,.rvicwof achievements over to the NCA team, GSC'.s ~, most administrators, soy- One observer -- me. physical changes making were significant. college are in ,ion, and outstand- a Glcnvillc attorney, suggests that what the community can do is to volunteer some of their time to helping GSC. "Many people in this room are volunteers for the college, so we need to expand on this," he urges. Denny Pounds, the owner of Glenville McDonald's, points out lhat our Lady Pio- neers basketball team is a class act. "They set a good example for others to follow," he says. Also, in talking al-~mt ladies, two ladies -- one from RichwocuJ and the other, Webster County -- spoke with great love for the col- lege. They noted ihat it t(x~k them one-and-a- half hours to drive to Glenvillc from their hometowns, but wouldn't have missed the chance 1o .,,peak up for GSC before the Ac- creditation team. In the main, the bottom line is: "Are our sludenls doing okay'?" And, wc editors belie ve that they are." The North Central Association's accred- iting team got an up close and personal over- view of GSC, and what they saw, based on the two meeting wc attended, was truthful. Our Clay County connection Mr. Clinton Nichols. publisher of the Clay County Free Press in Clay. telephoned mc the other day asking the status of the college. I assured him that GSC is alive, well, and ac- cepting students. He told me that it was a great shame that the legislators chose to attack GSC during this We editors hope that your Easter holiday will Ix: pleasant, restful, and meaningful! Wilh Ibis celebration of the Lord's rising from the dead, it gives us -- both old-timers and new-timers to Gilmer County -- the opportunity to catalogue our spiritual and temporal achievements during the past year and to improve, or to raise up, ourselves to make our aspirations come true. Also, Ior newcomers to our communities, you will find that a wide variety of church services will he going on-- from the daybreak, sunrise cercm~mics to the tradi!ional Sunday church fare. You can choose whatever you fccl the most comfortable in doing. Our area's churches, ministers, and congregations arc eager to invite you to attend. And, if you haven't been going to church since moving to Gi hncr County, Easter Sunday's service can make fi~r an ideal re-introduction to your particular faith in this area. We editors don't believe that, based on the ministers and faithful whom wc know in this area, that you'll bc disappointed. in addition, the Glcnville area has one of the host Community Easter Egg Hunts anywhere to I",c found. Annually sponsored by Dr. John Wcstfall, his staff, and several contributing businesses, the Easter Egg Hunt, which is open to all children 12 and under, gets underway "womptly at I I a.m. on this Sat., Apr. 19 at the Lower Sheller at the Gilmer County Recrealion Center. Everyone is welcome Io this fun- filled, rain-or-shine morning on Holy Saturday -- the day belore Easter. And, yes, the Easter Bunny will bc there to help the youngest children find their eggs because no child leaves without an Ew, lcr prize. Dr. Westfall, who has been spearheading this charitable effort lot years, believes that many of our counly's residents want to come together s~x:ially to celebralc Ibis important holiday, so he and his staff put in long volunteer hours to make this colorful event come off ~rfcctly every year. Moreover, for any newcomers who don't have their families living here, this Community Hunt provides an excellent opportunity for their children to associate with kids in their same age groups. Of course, the event doesn't last too long because the children run into their age-bracket's area to seek and find the eggs -- pronto. Our appreciation is, once again, extended to Dr. John Wcstfall for sponsoring this worthwhile and badly-needed community event. Then on Sunday from I I a.m.-2 p.m., a special Easter Brunch will take place at Glcnviile State College's Heflin Student Union's Dining Room sponsored by Aramark. There may be additional Easter Dinners in the area, but Aramark is the only restaurant that has been advertising its Easter Brunch for the past several weeks. If you haven't eaten there, or haven't been loony of their Premium Dinners, you've missed something -- tasty. Moreover, no one walks out of the Dining R~xom hungry. See the related ad m this edition for more details. peal college's mis- chair, suggested that the college have its new past legislative session. "GSC has stood by its Manager Steve Shattuck is to be commended for opening these special meals to the general entral West Virginia's graduates go to each of their legislators in Clay County students over the years and has mblic. DHC, Sr., Publisher-Editor ' Proj -- lb,.*.''u citizens. Moreover, the order to build future support for the belea- provided dozens of teachers to their school ~a $ocmty s Easter ect [Y is doing an excellent job in guered institution of higher education, system," he explains. [~,l~0POunds. As to a question asked by one of the He'd like to see this close relationship be- Every Easter season, the Gilmer County Chapter of the American Cancer Society ~eollege's calling in terms of - accrcditors, she said, "What is the community tween the college and Clay County continue, /ngon the campus emphasiz-doing for the college'?" but he's noticed that the college's recruitment I~ of"Tradition, Innovation, IOmmunity.'' Most impor- college creating excel- several specialized ar- 1 ~ofSharedValues"initia- ~l~esented to the North Central Mr. R. Terry Butcher, Esq., the college board's chairman, relates that the Gilmer County Economic Development Association's Vision Plan promises to make Glenville a more esthetically pleasing place to live. By making Gienville more attractive to prospec- tive students, the enrollment will go up. efforts in Clay County aren't as aggressive as they once were. I related that there have been some personnel changes in GSC's recruitment office. Nevertheless, from what 1 hear, the GSC recruiters are now going full speed ahead. All in all, Clinton just wants the people at the college and in Glenville to know that he ~ integral part of buildingAt this time, I injected that the Vision Plan supports them. |'wcialized areas at the college," is not "pie in the sky," but a rare opportunity Thanks, Clinton! Indeed, we need more .... for Glenville and Gilmer County to become newspaper editors and publishers in the state /~emic improvements, he more attractive to outsiders who are thinking like you! lll~,degree programs have beenabout moving to the city or attending the 'All my Murders' k~,~t hours for graduation have college. Moreover, this $80,000 study should The murder mystery that was performed at ]i~~ .e~perative programs haveopen the door to other federal and state funds the Moose Lodge's Dinner Theater on last ~5.0~hh Marshall and Fairmont to make the downtown and Hays City areas' Fri. evening, Apr. I I proved t6 be most enter- ~.~...~'~rs, and Pioneer Village was more beautiful, taining, dramatic, and downright comical at ,s~,~a~aOdern dormitory complex Added to that, the Vision Plan is already times. Z;J t0d,, - " ~ $,f,~..~develon an academic corn- underway, in that a $280,000 grant was oh- With this play and dinner, the new Moose ~"'- ~eresl~ct what others say," he rained by the Economic Development Asso- Lodge in downtown Glcnville is becoming ..,.,$~at this is all a part of the ciation and the city ofGlenville toconstrueta more active and socially responsible. The ea:~.~m ACademic Excellence that trail from the downtown to Hays City with a group of actors and actresses was small, but ~$ff~ "~althe opening week Convo- spur going up to the college. Hence, college they made up for their lack of numbers by ~a~$1' POwell's talk. Vic-e Presi- s T'~h.." students will be safer in their weekly walks to acting with a lot of heart, to say nothing about HavsCitytogetgroceries, amongothcritems, their overall skill. ,~e Advancement, Rosemary As to the legislative political attacl(against GSC's DennisWcmm was the groups spon- sor and director and mogt :of the actors were ~I~t"GSC is a campus with a the college earlier this year, t emphasized that 7~)~ett~help students toachieve the entire community came together in de- college students. ,- e. lense of the college. The County Cmnmis- What's the next event at the Moose Lodge: ~'~'~Uced fivesO.]dents and one sioners. City Council, EDA and many others On this Sat., Apr. 19, the Moose will sponsor ~0" l~host exemplify the Shared ...... h'':'l''" t-ecollegewantsevcry- drove down to the Legislature in Charleston an OId-TimeRock N Roll Dance, fea- to voice" their concerns about the issue of turingtheband,SecondHeipings, ltstartsat 4~i~udents are Shaun Old- closing or merging the college. Hence, the 9 p.m. and will run until I a.m. ~._ Toby Murray, Jennifer community was well represented at the meet- A modest admission's charge will apply to , ~'~Ya Parks Evie McPherson ~,~leeed~ut. "71~se are all living, ings with Governor Bob Wise, and the Sen- this particular social event. ate and House. of Dcleeates- ' leadership. For reservations, call Lodge Governor Vincc ~,~'~es of|.~,,~e what Shared Values Mr. Bill Deel, a Huntington-area alumnus, Miller at the East Main Street club, 462-4423. adds meetings from small towns. "The kidscan grow and get There is always a necessity to serve our lUl/~ ~ ".r ~.t~,~accreditation team met the basics here, later on becoming attorneys, fellow mcn,,;specially those people whoneed "- the alumni and several teachers, and other professionals," he pulls the help the most. The Moose Lodge is work- others. " During theout of the college's history, ing hard to give that service opportunity to ~,~th community members, Anotheralumnus, Mr. Tim Butcber, Esq,, each one of its members. timer -- oetl~ ~es do happen, even with- of the booklet available been put out by the Itary Affairs and Office of The back cover has 22 for Gilmer County bile wading through the 1 was reminded of a ,!ng ahead. In 1964, the with my parents a new job in California. Before he left, Bill and Mother and 1 were up Mother and Dad on the first floor. talking about the house being old and made of About the time I opened the kitchen door, wood and needing an escape plan in case of my second daughter, Karen, had climbed back fire. One of us mentioned a window from a in the window and opened the bedroom door second floor bedroom to a porch roof with a (which I had closed) to try to go down the tree touching it. stairs. The smoke sent her back to the roof, but Mother commented, "'Don't tell the chil- now we had a draft from the kitchen to the dren orthey willnevergooutthedooragain!" upstairs bedroom. The unthinkable happened. You can guess the rest. About 1:30 a.m. on a January night, I heard I got back to lift them across to the tree and my son, then seven-years-old, calling "'Morn. we all got away with only one sprained ankle Morn!'" Not only was smoke lxmring up the The next morning there were five chimneys stairs, but the hallway floor already was red standing and smoking ashes on the ground. along the back edge. I got the four children out Knowing what to do made all the difference of the window.The tree wasabit too faraway, for me. The booklet is available at the court- but i got on it without being hurt, left the kids house and at the newspaper office. on the roof and ran around the house to wake It is not fun, but I recommend it. Thomas Powell has S lll ) done a good job at GSC ,~4 to return to and enjoy our stay. one would think thai it was his Alma Mater. nty As ~l,~: Ale,,.. sociation of Glenvillc Hc and Mrs. Powell would certainly get the We regret his leaving, but want to let him ~'9~i"m~ Would like to use this award for the most hospilablc hosts of any know we apprcciatc all ofhis cfforts for Glen- ~l_~el~'~ ng OUr aonreciation to Dr campus in West Virginia. This has been noted ~'ille State College. We wish him and Mrs. ie e ail he I as done for Glen- by prospec,ivc students as well as alumni. Powcll well in his new position. '~tSZ t~se past four years It ~s ()nc GSC alumnus remarked that Dr. Pow- Mary Martin ~k~tl~; can recommend to h,gh ell has been so zealous in his efforts ,,, im- Grant County Alumni Association -" aCampus that we feel free prove and keep Glenville State College that Petersburg WEB SITE j se a r c h. u s aj o bs .opm .gov/ YEAR-ROUND STUDENT TEMPO- summary.asp'?OPMControl=IM2415 RARY EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM PHARMACY TECHNICIAN GS-06/04/ (CLERK) GS-02/03 0412412003 22/2003 Clarksburg WV http:// PARKERSBURG WV blip:l/j s e a r c h. u s a j o b s. o p m . g o v / j s e a r c h . u s a j o b s . o p m . g o v / summary.asp?OPMContr.l=IM270 summary.asp?OPMControl=lM5161 ECOLOG IST G S- I I / 12 04/3012003 IT SPECIALIST (NETWORK) GS- I ELKINS WV http://jsearch.u 04/21/2003 PARKERSBURG WV http:// summary.asp?OPMConirol=lM2094 j s e a r c h . u s aj o b s . o p m . g o v / DISTRICTCONSERVATIONISTGS-12/ summary.asp?OPMControl=lM3810 12 05/14/2003 MORGANTOWN WV PROGRAM ASSISTANT GS-O3/(kl 05/ KINGWOOD WV 0412003 THROUGHOUT WV http:// Continued on page 5 i~.' ~,~]h openings have all the ~fertl~ to apply, including the iK~4e" ~'~ ofvou who have com rnet . ]~ IJs,, ~Ceess. The jobs that say i~'.~Y vacOr "Nation-wide arc jobs ,ot iancies throughout the na- isted by location but they ig ~sl~l Jobs. this format: c o., o lu'FI, IE jN OF JOB, WEB AD- OB ON THE USA JOBS brightens up everyone's Holy Week festivities by putting colorful Easter eggs on sale. This annual Easter Egg fund-raiser for the American Cancer Society finds over 2,000 peanut-butter fillings being made up beforehand by the staff of GSC's Aramark Food Service and, then, hying decorated by local Cancer Society volunteers at the Kanawha Drive Community Center. Finally, the handsome and large finished products are distributed to the many businesses in this area for selling to the public. So, look for these large and delicious Easter eggs in Gilmer County's stores -- they're inexpensive, but will brighten up your season at home or work. Local chapter President Rosa Belle Gainer takes much pride in this Easter Egg volunteer effort that is novel within the state of West Virginia. In addition to Aramark, the egg making volunteers this year were as follows: Arleta Davis, Richard Turner, Kay Peters, Brenda McCartney, Amanda Frymier, Sandy Cunningham, Helen James, Mescal Kuhl, Doris Norman, Monique Call, Betty White, Rcva Bennett, Lenita Reale, and Rosa Belie Gainer. Egg dippers and decorators were: Reva Bennett, Martha Harold, Helen James, Virginia Creech, Rachel Curry, Virginia Lydick, Pebble Pritt, Vonda Kuhl, Margaret Stalnaker, Barbara Reed, Bonnie Drake, Wilda Kuhl, Lcnita Reale, Wilma Jean Capps, Joyce Cain, Betty Smith, Merceline-Bennett, Rose Ann Frymier, Louella Stalnakcr, Edith Eilyson, Mary Lou James, Donzella Villers, Ruth Chisler, Leona Beall, Judy Watson (Cancer Society's Regional Director), Sadie Kelble, Dessie Louise Wolfe, Grace Oppe, and Rosa Belle Gainer. The deliverymen were Creed Barton, Denzil Huff, Gone Ellyson, John Kuhl, Don Bailey, Linwo~xl Reaser, and Denzil Huff. Finally, the GilmerCounty Cancer Unit, also, acknowledges with gratitude the Kanawha Drive Community for the use of their buildings, the four retail outlets that save boxes for egg storage and distribution, the large number of businesses selling eggs, and The Glenville Democrat for publicizing their projects throughout the year. To the contrary, we editors are humbled by Mrs. Gainer's words. She more need to commend all of her hard-working, dedicated, and generous Gihncr County Cancer Society volunteers. Their jobs are difficult and time-consuming, but are necessary if we are ever to find the cure for the dreaded d!sease. If you didn't contribute to this specific Easter Egg cause, then be sure to put Fri. evening, May 16 on your calendar --- that's the time the annual Relay h~r Life will take place al the GSC football field. See related advertisement for more details. DHC, St, The fall of Baghdad MEANWHILE AT THE IRAQI MINISTRY OF INFORMATION... EDGE OFTHE M GE x,S,SU~ YOU. AS t~tl~.S'rl~ OF ZNFO~I~TZON. THERE ARE NO U.S. COAI..t'TTON FOI~E$ A~ IN ]~A6HDAD. THEY ARE LYlN6-A$ USUAL. ~/E ARE WINNING IN BAGHDADV (OR PLAIN STUPIDITY?) IRAQI WAR: BEGINNING OF THE END -- Operation Iraqi Freedom is being brought to a slow, but sure ending, even if Saddam's administration doesn't want to admit it. GSC Professor Emeritus George Harper, the college's retired art teacher and our award-winning cartoonist, finds the Iraqi government's statements to be very ironic and wants to make that point from "The Edge of (his home's) Meadow." Professor Harper, also, commends our American troops for a job well done. DHC, Sr. i i ,i, i,i i ul i The Glenville Democrat~Pathfinder David H. Corcoran, Sr., Publisher-Editor P.O. Box 458; 108 N. Court St., Glenville, WV 26351 PHONE 304-462-7309 FAX 304-462-7300 E-MAIL -- VISA & Mastercard are now accepted II II IIII Illlll I II I II I I I IIIIIHII II