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April 23, 1976     The Glenville Democrat
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April 23, 1976

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...... GSC bowling _o oR OA O tournament, emerged cloudless blue sky, a bright sun. and a temperature was no day to be inside. Instead, I paddled my little red Kanawha, weaving in and out and under the shaded the now green water of this picturesque, yet fished. I was content to just sit and silently slip wildlife that calls this river home. Two ducks the bend ahead. Turtles plopped from their mud-caked riverbank. A red squirrel paused on its hind legs, flicked its bushy tail, and wrinkled its the strange creature floating by. the bow into the fast water, pumped once, then without even scraping bottom. But a tilting over the watery path leading to a quiet pool As I ducked my head to avoid losing my cap, I an old abandoned limb line some thoughtless I straightened, my paddle was suddenly yanked Was about to cuss the careless {and now illegal} joker gling from that limb, I heard a loud guffaw. out and the bow smashed into a submerged {I always carry a spare}, the guffawing combination of French and English. "Vite, over." I didn't have time then to look up. I was from an unscheduled dunking. But I recognized the Y Canadian from the backwoods of the Baskatong. He that I expected to see on that Saturday sojourn. back-paddled into an eddy, then looked for my old on a thick limb midway op the tree, sipping from his jUice and nimbly waving a booted foot at me - his way had my canoe paddle in his lap. me?" I shouted. "And what are you doing here that I saw the strange - looking mammal, about the size the flat just behind the tree. ' turtle meat," Benoit babbled as he unwound a wire loop Paddle that he had so deftly snared from my hands. It after all. 1 paddled toward the bank, looking for a Came all the way down here for turtle? You've got I said. "And who's your friend over there? Is he tree and met me as I beached the boat. "It's tUrtles, they still sleep. I had a hanker for turtle soup all those rascals we saw when we gator-fished for I could get a whole sack full," he explained. "And regulations say so. Snarin's okay until May 15." loop is for, I thought. Snaring turtles. Benoit can victorious to claim GSC's first national title. The Planers began the champion- ship series rather slowly, finishing fourth after a days' competition with an even four and four mark. Of the four losses, two went to Area VI champ West Liberty. Second round action saw the Pioneer keglers sweep four games from Winona State of Minnesota and Harding College of Arkansas while dropping one to 1974 Champs, Clarion State. Glenville, wrapped up the cham- pionship by defeating Oregon State in the final round to end with a 10-5 record for the tournament. Placing second was Oregon with West Liberty finishing third. At the end of fifteen games, Sam Ferrell had accumulated a pinfall of 3,030 with games of 259, 246, 235, for a high average of 202. Ferrell, a senior physical education major from Pt. Pleasant, was named Outstanding Bowler of the Tournament and was selected by the other teams to win the A.O. Doer award and was named to the NAIA All-Tournament team. He and teammate Tom Newberry placed second in doubles with 215 and 193 averages, respectively. Tom Newberry, a senior physical education major from Parkersburg finished with a 187 average in the tournament to place eighth of the forty bowlers. He received a plaque and was named to the All-Tournament team. David Twyman, a freshman from Parkersburg, is a physical education and quicker than a cat. He told me how he had major and is a member of the College banks until he'd find a turtle taking a sun bath. Golf Team. His average was 183 for the wire loop, from overhead, slip it over the tournament. and yank it in. "I got half a sack of 'el a!ready, ' Mark Smith, also a freshman from d me that flask of pungent pine brew. Have a Parkersburg, is a Business Adminis- refused tration reeler and bowled an avers e already settled by then, so I , " " g i fuany looking creature over there?" I asked. What s of 179 pins in the tourney. ar readers of this column know, has a backwoods almals that he has trained to do his hunting and T'aAIm llIIAAIRI at use a gun nor a rod and reel as most sane W ' Iltdll [J exclaimed: "That's Matilda. and she s a, mongoose, teher this side of India, and she's gettin anxious to qllllA IAIII her in action?" I d once read how some Africans I NIl l|mmmml ee mongoose to help wi**:[1 fishing, but for : w. wwV : :wwvwwm,  ,r, ,* one on me. ,, Am y _ . "Let's see what she can do. Benoit whistled to t Mt slid into the river before we could get waterborne. Ii- || Ell| O .... --j glare, we pushed off and followed. Like a muskrat e mongoose suddenly disappeared. "Maybe she ............. ., _ . IiIE-- - - ., .... , ..... 1 no blmtur litans snappou a 81x - said It seems mat "tilly.' as me L, anaman .... .__. _. . ..,  -. v " " " i d in the mudd sumu Losing streak wlm a QOUDJe- Would spot a bigger snapper bur e y ' . header sweep of St. Marys, 4-3 and r up behind it, snatch it by the tail, then swim 11-7 here Saturday afternoon. !g the poor critter so dizzy that it was easy for The victories were the Titans first zed turtle into his 'tater sack. , of the young season. Bill Lilly paced the e oes," Benoit shouted ' It's a beeg one I could k wit we-run s ..: g " ' , .' Gilmer attac " h a t ingle in ter. But something was wrong. ' Tilly" cut a the first game and came back to drive tream - not a circle. "Paddle,' Benoit cried. Then I home two runners in the nightc_ap. We been nearly 4 feet across and it was towing Tilly Randy Miller collected three RBI s in rt, s taft as ff afraid to let go. The big river-runnin the second contest also. far Matilda to handle. Mongooses {geese?) are St. Mary 101 10-3 3 2 Plr didn t know that and it swam like a fullback Gilmer Co. ' 400 Ox-46 5 Frantic minnows lept all over the river to get out of WP - Pat Minney {1-5} SO: 2 BB: 3 Water combatants. LP - Williams SO: 0 BB: 2 0ida t keep up. The river ahead narrowedl Another Everett 4 ip SO: 6 BB: 1 0that log. The turtle dove under and poor Matilda hit Top Sticks: Kevin Kennedy, 3-3 {G}. r e sh 2nd Game , ellision shook the Asiatic mammal loose and e ,ravel h St. Marys 00610 - 7 3 3 t .... " ,.eried, and his paddle fairly flew As we grounded, Gflmer .128 Ox - 11 7 4 Ill ..... , ....  ..... WP - Kevin Kennedy {1-0} 1 ip SO" 0 BB"  s sLOe. She alive, murmurea uenoit, 'ano sne s 3 " " aer mouth" I went over to the two and offered what ......... LI " . Liu Liuy Z ip SO" 1 BB" 2 escapade ended the turtle hunt. Poor Matilda had a .... .., ^ ", tehed . . jerry uoomy u ip u'u u" z ,. Benoit carry his turtle hunter, nestled m his ....... "-" " lo his ............ Mae Minney z ip SO: 1 BB: 1 . oacKwoos ouggy parKeo oesiae me roaa. t no ................ I d .... o ....... br" - u. wuson z lp bU: J DU: _, eCl(]ed were more than Benoit an(] Madl(]a ine , ...... 1/. :- or, , o I! $_ Dl'tlllllllldl" 7J lp C)U: U DD; /. - mr. Harper 1 ip SO: 3 BB: - 2b - Pat Minney {G). | 3b - Bill Lilly {G}. County Dental Clinic. I I Remember that the deedline for all I1  mJllL".'.l,____._l - jL____jI__I| and advertising in the Glenviile O WrK wl[n people an(] nan(]le I I Democrat/Pathfinder is Monday at 5 "able. To apply call 462-7343] I p.m. On Hi=y  the deec, i.e may uental Cliff " I I be even earlier. Have your news and -T .... ,'" I ismg In early to avoid diuppotnt l n,,,. mm ttl PINE MANOR GROCERY GLENVILLE erni a.uto .22 rifle reg. 7S.00 Sale 60.00 22 S .., eli auto.nile th scope used Sale 50.00 U 22-250 th see thru scope mounts ,.._ Sale 95.00 used 22-250, .222 or .243 new..reg. 124.95 Sale 110.00 '_U0 BDL 7 MM Magnum shghtly used Sale 175.00  BO 1 k.. L 7MM Magnum with 4x12 Weaver scope -.. still mike new Sale 235.00 model 94 30-30 used but still hke" new 70.00 aUto Pistol 6" barrel with scope t holster used . Sale price 75.00 :,c pistol 6" barrel new 79.95 RICES GOOD THIS WEEK ONLY April 22, 1976 The Gienville Democrat/Pathfinder team emer00 NAIA champions rain m m Glenville' State liege-won the iAIA National liowling Championship last week in Kansas City. Coach Robert Dollsener, left, is pictured with team members Mark Smith, Sam FerreU, Dave Twyman, Mike Hickman and Tom Newberry. Mike Hickman, a freshman from Dunbar, a physical education majorfinished with a 166 average. Glenvilh Variety Shop The Pioneers are now eligible to compete in the Second Annual HOBBIES ORIGINAL PAINTINGS CRAFTS National Collegiate Bowling Specta- cular '76 in Oklahoma City, May 5,6, GROCERIES GASOLINE GREENWARE and7. The competition will include the We Now Have Unle ded Gas! ACUI Area Champions, the NAIA a Champs, the National lunior College champions and two teams at large. In HANDMADE NECKLACES all, twelve teams will compromise the competition. 907 N. Lewis St., Glenville, W.Va. 462.8635 According to Coach Dr. Robert Dollenger, the NAIA title marks the first ofanykindtocome to Glenville Purl Farmers @ State College. Dr. Dollenger also stated na he believes this may only be West Virginia's third, with a national Chows Friend football title going to Fair|ant and a ;ntincallSeC ertitlegingtDavisand We carry a complete line of Purina College officials stated that the Chovs El" Health Care Products. also a i team will be honored with a dance at " : the college, to be held WecLesday, complete Imne of Protein Blocks, Salts Et ! April 28. Supplements. i m Custom Mixed Feeds i DAWSON TACK SUPPLY ;i m Glen|lie, W V ; i I GLENVILLE FORD SALES i l B-a.SABIG t SELECTION 0r li ! ! ' 1975CHEV. MONTECARLO m .i mi m 13,120 Miles, 2 Door, Air Cond., m / ".,ad ,\\;\ I " , .s Auto. Trans. = m [ 1974 FORD GRAND TORINO m i 16,514 Miles, Blue V. Roof, V-8, v ..... m m Auto. Trans., Power Steering, 2 m m m ooor m m m 11971 FORD GALAXIE 500 I 1973 MERCURY COMET n V-Roof, Blue Exterior, V-8, m V-8, Auto. Trans., Power m m P-Steering, 4 Door. m Steering, Air, 60,502, 4 Door. m m 1972 FORD GRAND TORINO m 1970 FORD MAVERICK I m Red - Anr Cond., 4 Door, Power l 6 Cyl, Auto. Trans, 2 Door n ! Steering, 47,300 m m m ! I 1971 PONTIAC VENTURA I 1969 FORD 2 DOOR LTD I m 6 Cyl., Auto. Trans., 2-door, II v-e, P.Steering, Automatic m m Power Steering, .40,129 m m l 1972 DATSUN 11971 FORD TORINO 1 I Station Wagon I 4 Door, V-8 m m 1971 I lm | | I HORNET 2 DOOR 1968 BUICK m . Cyl, St. Trans. ' Good Work Car i m 1970 PLYMOUTH DUSTER I n I V'8' Aut" *rans" 40'406 Miles" m _l_gt l 1 " l GLENVILLE ! ! m _ i ii |ii i iiii .... iiii  J mmmmmmmmmmllllll IHII :-mmmmm rl I r IIil [ Ill I I I mill i i 111 I II IIIII ...... I