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April 28, 1977     The Glenville Democrat
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April 28, 1977

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2 The Glenvflle Democrat/ Pathfinder Apr 28, 19i7 IB I Editorials & Comments Going p ub fic "The peep)e, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. The people insist on remaining informed so that they may retain control ;; over the instruments of government they have created." These lines from West Virginia's new Freedom of Information law should be tacked on the office wall of every public official. Although this suggestion is not included in the new law, the document is still strong enough to arm the people with a tool to pry public records from reluctant officials. The new law is primarily a reassertion of old public records laws, with a few additions. Officials now must supply copies of public documents within five days of a request. If an official denies access to a public record, he must state his reason in writing. Any person denied the right to access can institute proceedings in circuit court. Trade secrets,  information of a personal nature, records of law enforcement agencies that deal with the investigation of a crime, internal memoranda and letters written by public officials are exempt from public scrutiny. The primary value of the new law lies in the fact that the legislature has followed the post-Watergate trend of making government more open to the public. Calendar .:. .v::. , ::::::.::: ::::::::: ;::..::' : : :$y:::::::::::::::.,:..:.:...:: - ..  (::, : III I wed, april 27 The 4-H junior Leaders will meet in the WVU Extension office at 7 p.m. v 29 fri, april .... t The Gilmer County Democratic Women's Club will meet in Town Hall at 7:30 p.m. New members are welcome. The Sand Fork 4-H Club will sponsor a dance at the Gilmer County Recreation Center from 9 p.m. until midnight. sat, april 30 The 4-H Area Roundup will be held at Braxton County High School at 9:30 a.m. The Troy 4-H Club will host a benefit dance at 8 p,m. in the Troy gym. Lee and the Country Swingers will play music, An Old time gospel sing will be held at the Trace Fork United Methodist Church at 7:30 p.m. The public and all singers are invited. There will be a gospel sing at the Church of God of Prophecy on Dusk Camp at 7:30 p.m. The public and all singers are invited. sun, may 1 Revival services will begin May 1, at 7:30 p.m. at the Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church at Stumptown. The Rev. Cecil Butcher, Pastor of Fairview Baptist Church, Clay will be the evangelist. The pastor is Elder Rodney C. Minney. Tuesday will be youth night, with the Sand Fork Baptist Youth Choir as guest singers. A revival will begin at the Church of God of Prophecy on Dusk Camp at 7:30 p.m. Evangelist Bobby Furr of Fairmont will preach each night. Red Cross volunteer will begin their week-long fund drive today. They will canvass residences on May 1 and spend the rest of the week soliciting from businesses. fri, may 6 There will be a revival May 6-8 at the Gospel Tabernacle on Walnut St., beginning each night at 7:30 p.m. The evangelist will be Rev. Randy Hughes of jane Law. sat, may 7 The Gilmer County Health Department will hold their second annual Health Fair at the Health Department from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Gilmer County 4-H Fun Day will begin at g a.m. at the Recreation Center. wed, may 11 The DAV Field Service Unit will be in front of the Glenville Post.Office from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. State specialist previews garden problems BY J.F. BANIECKI F, xt onsion Specialist Plant Pathology ud Entomology Did the cold winter kill all the bugs? We can be certain that no bugs or insects were wiped out during the winter. The insects that normally occur in West Virginia are well adapted to the climate and are capable of tolerating a wide temperature range. They are especially tolerant to rather low temperatures in their overwintsring stages, The type of weather we get during the next few months, when our insect populations are on the increase, will play the major role in how many bugs we will have around in the summer. If we have a cold wet spring and early summer, the numbers will be low, but if the weather holds warm and relatively dry, the insect numbers will be up. Again, it is felt that no great effect on the 1977 insect populations is expected as a result of this past winter's cold. SIUC GALL APHIDS Eggs of the Spruce Gall Aphid are formed after mid-April. So, if persons are interested in controlling these aphids, they better do it now, because sprays are not of much value when used after mid-April. Either gavin Carbaryl} or SImctracide (Diazinon) is effective in killing the overwintering form of the gall aphids. Therefore, this is one of those do it now suggestions for control. EASTEIN TENT CATEEPllJAR From the West Virginia Coopera- tive Plant Pest Control, the first hatch of larvae of Eastern Tent Caterpillar was reported in Kanawha County on March 14. EARLY BLIGHT TOLERANT TOMATOS In a three year study conducted by the University of Kentucky, the following varieties were considered Early Blight Tolerant and in addition, top ytelders out of 12 varieties of tomatoes: Ramapo (Ver ticillium-Fnsa rium Wilt resistant} Supersonic [Ve rticillium-Fusarium Wilt resistant} Better Boy [Verticillium-Fusarium Wilt  istant plus matode j'si Jet Star {Verticillium-FuSarinfli Wilt resistant) Beef Master {Verticillium-Fusar- ium Wilt resistant plus nematode resistance) The tolerant varieties yielded 10-13 pound of tomatoes per plant as compared to 6-8 pounds for more diseased varieties. rot caused by either Fusarium, Pithium or Rhizoctonia, virus, aphid, or unseasonable weather conditions. All these appear to play a part in the poor bean crop of 1976. Bean Yellow Mosaic Virus, was thought to be one of the culprits. Bush and half-runner beans were severely affected by the virus. Growers observed that certain bush varieties were more tolerant than others. Yet. the same tolerant varieties in other areas became severely diseased. There are several reported strains of this virus. Certain bean varieties were tolerant of some strains but very susceptible to others. Top Crop is apparently the only bush bean that has tolerance to most of the virus {Bean Yellow Mosaic Viurs} strains. It will often show mosaic symptoms but infection will not usually be severe enough to cause significant yield loss. All half-runner beans are very susceptible. If half-runner beans are grown, the severity of Bean Yellow Mosaic Virus infections may be reduced by either eliminating white clover a 100 feet from planting, or by planting beans in a plot boarded by several rows of corn. The corn is an aphid barrier for the half-runner and white clover. SWEET CORN Sweet corn throughout West Virginia was severely affected by Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus. Sweet Corn varieties tolerant to Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus included: Capitan, Onanza, Resister, Bellringer, Chero- kee, Aztec, Wintergreen and Sun- dance. The question, however, as it is many times in the case, is that of availability. Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus is aphid spread, and the chance of that site location to again have the problem, is very great. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to limit the spread of aphid borne viruses with aphid insecticides. Aphids can acquire the virus within plants within 15 seconds. The time required to kill an aphid with a systemic insecticide can be as long as 10 minutes. loutof4 for00 lira BEANS 1976 bush and half-runner beans were severely affected. A number of factors were said to be involved: root IIIII II I 1111 I IIIIII I L i/ii .......... Clover Line by Roma Adkins I I II On-behal of Ms. Dorothy Reneau, 1976 West Virginia International Foreign Youth exchange student to France, thanks to all of you who helped provide such a warm welcome for her this past Friday evening. Eleven Junior Leaders were guests with Dorothy at my home for dinner that evening and had an opportunity to talk with her prior to the scheduled evening program. I am rateful to these young people for being such fine hostesses to Dorothy. Everyone appeared to ,have a good time. Dave Skinner and Alton Skinner identified some "unknown" trees on our land while Bob Hatten and Patty White devoured hamburgers in their absence. In additiou, warm Gflmor County hospitality was further displayed by all the county 4-H club members, leaders and friends of 4-H who attended the public meeting at the Recreation Center. Through the slide series, Ms. Reneau presented her discussion of life in France during her six-month tour. I believe everyone who was present Would have to agree that we probably know more about France than Texas which is larger and closer home. It was a most enjoyable and informative program. I am already anxious for next year's West Virginia  representative, aren't you? Good luck to all the Gilmer County 4-H members who will travel to Braxtou County High School this Saturday to compete in Area Roundup--visual presentation, talent and public speaking events. I will be attending this event, as both my husband and I will serve as Judges and Anna omm of our extension office will be room chairman. So yOu can see that Gilmer County will be well represented by 4-H and adult l.derehip. All friends of 4-H are invited to attend this event. You will need to bring a sack lunch and beverage since no food will be available at the high 'school. Do plan to come out in support of our county competitors. County 4-H clubs are encouraged to hgin practicing for the events to be held at Gilmer County Fun Day, Saturday, lay 7 from 9 a.m. until noon at the Gilmsr.County Recreation Center. A list of the activities for competition were sent to all county 4-H leaders last week in order for club representatives to be chosen for each event. Best of luck in your preparations for this fun-filled eventl by 'Howdy "A crew of four aboard an army helicopter en narrowly missed a mid-air collision with an object anything produced on earth. Coyne, a veteran of 19 yearS said a strange craft hovered over the helicopter for s t glanced at the altimeter and noticed the helicopter 3,800 feet although none of the crew members felt the normally felt when a helicopter rises. The helicopter Mansfield Airport, but got no response. The unusual lasted about 10 minutes" (Cleveland Plain Dealer Oct. 20, "John Gilligan is sure the thing he saw in the sky bird or a plane. Gilligan, who is the Governor of Ohio, watched a vertical shaped amber colored obiect for 30 to driving to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Gilligan said he did not know was... He said the object penetrated a cloud cover cover broke up" {United Press International and 1973} And so it goes. A 1973 Gallup poll reveals that 15 to have seen a UFO. This number is steadily be hallucinaling? Is it possible that one of every 12 AmericS, of life, as well as scientists, police and military personnel, are liars? Sure, it is possible but very unlikely. It is to these stories and figure out what they mean. Are we electronic monsters? Are our enemies spying on us i machines? Are we falling victim to collective psychosis? Or is we are being visited by space-crafts from other Out of all the possible answers, the last one seems to even though many of the reported UFO incidents hallucinatory. It is very likely after several get hysterical and begin "seeing things." But this does not every UFO encounter is an hallucinationl As often ha of the family finds a tick on their leg, others too feel crawlin i feel itchy and apprehensive even though they have no first tick was very real1 Lets, examine the possibility that our Earth is, space-crafts from other planets. Is it at all possible beings hostile towards us? Do they want to destroy us? And, s such thing as beings from the outer space? Our Galaxy is composed of billions of stars, millions Sun with systems resembling our Solar System, and Earth. Among these, thousands some of them perhaps much more advanced than childish and presumptous to suppose that we intelligent beings in the Universel And if we are space-ships to other planets, why can't we assume that our do the same? Why are they doing it? Why not??H Why are we doing i t?l of course. In order to explore, and find out "what is from the outer space hostile towards us? This is a hard question for me to answer because with them. I assume, however, that they are like us, we sending our Apollos and Mariners to other planets out conquer and destroy poor Martians? Not at all - although at the present, possibly immature stage of human, "colonize" Mars if we found things there which or cheap labor. But the primary motivation for our curiosity. There is no reason to assume it is different with our Another theory claims that our little planet has observation ever since the first atomic explosion occured. photos of UFO's near Salvador, Brawl, Helio photographer, lost consciousness. When he woke written message in his hand. "ATOMIC PURPOSES SHALL BE DEFINITELY STOPPED... THE UNIVERSE IS THREATENED, WE WILL REMAIN INTERFERE." It is more than likely, many Urologists claim, systems are very concerned about the fact that we around with weapons capable of causing cataclysmic , know very little about the delicate ecological balance operates and we can probably cause much irreparable realize it. As a matter of self-preservation, our neighbors fro may be determined to prevent us from commiting such To further support their claims, those who adhere to the indisputable fact that the UFO sightings greatly kept increasing ever since. Moreover, they claim experiment and every new missile brings about a new This is only a theory but I hope it is true Why? Becat concerned about the dangers coming from such threateni as: greed, aggression, and intolerance, than about haven't harmed anybody. And I wish SOMEONE would threat of global dataclysm becomes serious V.A. News Q - My brother recently passed away and at the burial ceremonies, the U.S. flag which draped the casket was presented to his wife. Why wasn't our mother entitled to this flag? A -- One burial flag is presented to the next of kin in the following order: widow, children, father, mother, brothers, sisters, etc. Q -- I am in the process of filing a claim with the VA and want representation by a service organiza- tion. May I have more than one service organization represent me at the same ae? A --.No. Only one service i organization may filing a claim with Q -- How veteran receive assistance? A -- An receive up to months, with e $78O. Q -- Are VA federal income A -- No, Interest paid o dividends left taxation. Published Every Thursday By GILMER COUNTY PUBLISHING, INC. At 100 E. Main St, Glenville, WV 26351 Phone 462-7309 Second-Class postage paid m 6 and m additional mailing office Subscription price t6.50 tax included in Gilmer CountY; residers $6.00 tax Included. Om of state subscri subscriptiom for less than li months, iALL PRICES ROBERT D. ARNOLD PRESI PAUL BROWN JOAN LAYNE OFFll