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May 4, 2012     The Glenville Democrat
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May 4, 2012

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. -. . le Bal 1 1 1 , 1 I i i . 1 I i 1 I 1 1 i I 1 I 1 1 I i 1 I I 1 1 I 1 I I 1 1 I 1 I I 1 I I 1 I I I + +.;+ i GlimMER COUN , WV - OFFICIAl; BALLOT IN.$TRUCTIONS.TO VOTER +-11 "rOi&apos;Ot,you must darken the oyal (qD) mpletely next to the candidate or issue of your choice. NATIONAL TICKET OFFICIAL BALLOT OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY ,; ; :,::!'+-;' ';' STATE TICKET I COU..TICKET I - ,Sample Ballot Sample Ballot Sample Ballot Sample Ballot., Sample Ballot. ' OFFICIAL BALLOT OII"HE REPUBLICAN.PARTY " '&"'' e I J PRIMARY ELECTION" l:l "I + MAY 8, 2012 ] I I FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER (Vote For ONE) NCI ffte Ien One resl(Jonl 3f et magsrec3i o+stl may be e]e. IARREN FElT troy Deka-Troy O= FOR PRESIDENT (Vote For ONE O Mi'rr ROMNE. Be kr't. MA NEWT GINGRICH McLean VA RICK SANTORUM Great Falls. VA RON PAUL [.axe JacXson TX CHARLES "Buddy" ROEMER Bal0e Re, FOR U.S. SENATOR {Vote For ONEi JOHN R, RAESE Morganlowll Moncgaha Co. FOR U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 1st CongresS=onal District (Vote For ONE' DAVID BMcKINLEY Wheahng Oh,o Co STATE TICKET FOR GOVERNOR '(Vote For ONEt BILL MALONEY Morganl'n Mononlla Co. RALPH WILLIAM CLARK tkxganlown Mormngalia CO. FOR SEGRETARY OF STATE (Vote For ONE) DRIAN SAVILLA Soulhside Mason Co FOR AUDITOR (Vole For ONE) O LARRY V. FAIRCLOTH Marbnsburg Rerkeley Co. FOR TREASURER "'+ (Vole For ONE MIKE HALL Hurre Puam Co. STEPHEN R. "Steve" CONNOLLY Pumam Co FOR COMMISSIONER OF AGRICULTURE (Vote For ONE) NO CANDIDATE(S) FILED ;ll FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL (Vole For ONE. PATRICK MORRISEY Harpers Ferry dellerson CO. FOR JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT OF APPEALS (Vole For NOt More Than TWO) FOR PROSECUTING ATrORNEY (Vole FOr ONE) ALLEN LOUGHRY Charleslor Kanawha CO JOHN YOOER Pla,'pe Fer JeflersonCo. FOR STATE SENATOR 12th Senatorial District (Vole For ONE) NO CAND(RATE(S) FILED FOR MEMBER OF HOUSE OF DELEGATES 34th Delegate O,strict (Vote For ONE) NO CANDIDATE(S) FILED NO CANDIDATE(S) RLED FOR SHERIFF Vote For ONE) NO CANDIDATE(S) FILED FOR ASSESSOR (Vole FOr ONE) NO CANDIDATE(S) FILED FOR MAGISTRATE Vote For Nol More Thai1 TWO I LORI ROSENSURG Toy NO CANDIDATE(S) RLED FOR SURVEYOR (vote For ONEI NO CARDIDATE(S) FILED POLL CLERKS VOTE BOTH SIDES (Ballot'= mv,', idde is below) ,ll mmm OFFICIAL BALLOT OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY " MAYR 2"t: "l. " (Delegates Continued) 51 GI.MER COUNTY, WV NATIONAL CONVENTION .. [+" "'FORDEI.EGATE TO'THE NATIONAL CONVENTION - AT LARGE + .... ALLISON ,U)AMS Ke=meysle Jefferson (Ging let1) O BOB ADAMS KeameF.e Jeemon "(Get.n) Kova, Wayr+ (Ging,'-') ZCKERY E. ASaURY JUDIE L BROWN OENMIS W CARPEITER : S. Ra,e . , (Gingach -  MIK CARPENTER Sencc Roa' i (Gingneh) JENNer E DINSMORE oramo.orz  (C,.') .  STEFANIE P, HtNIS , + - Gf=ORGE W. JOHNSON '/ ', ', HOLLY McCANTH JOHN'ON High Vmw Narpi e  .nch r FRED H. JOSEPH +"  ' THORNEY UERERMAN + .i C, Boston. Kawha -+.nch) : + + , + ;J MICHAEL F. McCLUNG +L: ,'! ( <: BOB MURTO 2L" + 1 I PRIMARY EECT ON (Delegates Continued) JOHN HARTSOCH endgepcd, TaylOr (.l GARY G. HOWELL Keyse, Mir, eral (Uncunm SAVANNAH A HUDSON Chax's TOWn. Jefle.',n (.} O BETTY IRELAND Cnesto. Ka's '" (Unowa. JEAN )L JACO$ Shephh-lon. Jeffer,.e (Lt. ) LAURA KENNEDY C R YAN KENNF..,QY OsOug. r, (Uncomm) PAMELA KRUSHANSKY PATRICK LANE  C<,s Las. Ka (Uncom.) KEVIN MACE . w. Woo o (u,r BILL MALONEY Mo+g=nom', m it.ira:Dram.) SHARON Md.NEY , _ + Morgtg li= (.c='nm) O DOUG McKINNEY 8+I. Hatrl,son (U;o,"nm.} 'g . +, +. + ,:+ m MICHEL 0, MFIAI'T' , ,'" "Ht'nme, Puna,' ' (U) - PATRICK klORISEY Hat0exs Fern/+ Jtterso (m). ERIC NELSON' Cneaeelo, Wnat,li {Unounm ) RRK MARNETT "c C ,L '. :'l I l 1 1 l: I 1 i [] 1 I i ...... i I I 1 ; 1 I GILMER COUNTY, WV I 1 ,i NATIONAL CONVENTION 1 FOR DELEGATE TO THE NATIONAL CONVENTION I . . 15t Congressional District ' (Vote For ,ot More Than THREE 1 1 l: I "i 1 o 1 o 1 o 1 1 1 o ,DOLRH SANTORINE Wheeling, Ohio I" '++ iuss S.YDER Lost C:eek I'arttson THOMAS AZtNGER - ]lr'A] ,3o  .> rt1, hey ) DEVIN C. DAtNES  " a,oecn. Harr,so omney) ROBERT "Bob" HARMAN . Kevser mera Rtrmey: 'GE,A HAYNES' Y Parkersbur Wc1 i:omne JACK'MERINAR ardgepon. arr+ (omnev) RICK MODESI Farersur a, WOOd l'ej CHRIS PHILLIPS uCtlanon. Bar,our Romevl ROBERT K. "Bob" TEBAY ParkeIurg, Wo.xJ - (Pomneyl DIANA BARTLEY mbertn. namson UPcom FRANK DEEM + +.v+,.anna WOOd " Uncorm KEVIN SC01-r POE Morantown Monet,galls unccmm (uncotrm 1 (UnComrn 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i: o I I BECKY STILES McMecnen Marshall tuncomm KENTON BARTON Parkesu.g. wol (G+ngnc) SUSAN OGLINSKY COOKMAN wheng, Ohio Gmgch) WILUAM T. "Ted" CUPPETT Morgartown, MoP t'Rjll t Gn(Jncfll *-Q - :\\;SALLY WELLS EZELL Wee,ng, Diem (Cngchl ED KOHOUT Morgantown, Mongada (G*ngnch) " ELGINE HECETA McARDLE Wl=eehng. Ohx G*rJrich) _. ADAM T. PERINE andgepon arTISO (GmCh! LEWIS H. REXROAD Parke+sbug WO0 (G+nanc } ALLEN S, ROSS Parlelsut Wood (G ngnc) SUE SMITH venn WOOd (G,ngnch  BUDDY A. GUTHRIE Mor antown MOongaUa Pau STEPHEN McELROY Brlgeprt art;so /Pault WILLIAM 7.. MERRIRELD  a+r ,'onl Marion Paur  ANDREW A SABAK ,, Fatrmont Uarlon (Sanlorum) 'e; R'ewettaroc (Santomm) + ..... -+;+:+;-;'77"---. ++ . ---:; OFFICIAL NON-PARTISAN BALLOT OFFICIAL LEVY BALLOT + ' OF ELECTION OF r CONTINUATION OF THE MEMBERS OF THE EMERG.NCY SERVICES LEVY GILMER COUNTY COUNTY COMMISSION OF THE " BOARD-OF EDUCATION COUNTY OF GILMER May B, 2012 NON-PARTISAN BOARD OF An Eetion to author,ze cenunumg term EDUCATION for Ce fiscal year beg,nntng July I, 2013, {Vote Fort'lot More t'han ]3N01 July1, 2014, July 1 2015 and July 1, 2Ct6 Mx'um cqsble t0 be elected Irom dIstrrcls; tO provide nds for genual expenses of Cenle OiSl. {2), Oly Otst (1); OeKalb Dst (1); G;enwUe DiI (t) .. operation for GILMER COUNTY FrRE AND AMBULANCE EMERGENCY SERVICES LEVY '" Acco:ding to the order of the Coun  Commission of Gilmer Count'/. West Vlrgntle entered on e 7th day of Februan/2012 The proposed excess e+ o Class ! Class tl+ Class +11 and Class IV prope is listed respectively following the purpose for which it is intended atd :s as follows. : " G+LMER AMBULANCE SERVICE For General expense of operation: :! Class [ property shall be t.18 cents per $100 00 of assessed value;  , Class tl property shall be 2.36 cents per " $1OO 00 of assessed value: Class I property shall be 4.7T efits per ; $10000 of assessed value Class tV property shall be 4 71 cents per $100 00 of assessed value GILMER COUNTY FIRE DEPARMEN'P: For General expense el operaeon ,CssI property shall be 0.59 cents per $,1 ofsessed value. Cla,ss,II property shall be I 8 cents per $ t00 OO of assessed value: Class UI property shall be 237 ents per $ !OO of assessed value . Class IV properq staU be 2 37 cents oer $1OO 00 Or assessed vame TOTAL LE TE :Class I propb all  1 77  oer $100.00 of assessed value: , Class II 'operly shall be 3.54 cents 0or $1OO.00 of assessed value: Class III property shall be 7 08 cents per $100.00 of assessed value, Class IV proe shall be 7.08 cents er $1OO.} of assessed value@ ( , MISTY PRrFr St:k Cter DSt TRACY REXROAD Stouts Mdls Gleville D,St [ TAMMY CUNDIFF Glenville Oekal.Try Disl WlkLIAM K, SIMMONS , OXS Mills Oeka-T D,st - KRIS PHARES SNYDER Glenvile Cter Oisl Wr.:e ,/i. If APy Wtlre+tc It Any OFFIAL NON-PARTISAN BALLOT FOR CONSERVATION DISTRICT " ' SUPERVISOR West Fork District {Vote POt ONE] JANE COLUNS Tanner INSTRUCTION TO VOTERS Those favoring the continuance of such levy darken the oval completely next to "For the Levy", lnd those against the levy darken the oval completely next to "Against the Levy" '+" "Fortfle Levy Againstthe Levy =1'1 '-:' ' - -'_-+_ -'j - - - :0011 : 1.42.o 1 Ol 250317  Ele=o Syue & so,. , 19al. 2OO2 +""',L&r c0ninued 0it;pag ec ER  11 Plans Under Way for Amazing Week- Anue Ders, Veo Soug Weston's Amazing Week will take place Fri., June 22 through Sat., June 30, with a number of activities planned. The highlight of the week will be the Street Fair/Antique Show, which will be held on Main Avenue, on Sat., June 30. It is also the same day as the Glass Museum's .Bottle Show at the Main Avenue location. Vendors for food, crafts and enter- tainment are invited to call the City of Weston at 304-269-6141 to sign up or email mayorjulia26452 The Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asy- lum has also offered to provide Flash- light Tours on Fri., June 29 from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. for a $10 fee as part of the celebration Other activities during the week To tile Voters of Gilmer County After a+/ong career in public school and higher education, which covered evrything from teachingseventh grade English through being Chancellorof the West Virginia Board of Regents, I have decided to put my educ.0n and experience to use in bringing positive changes to Gilmer CBunty Schools. Whale'S] educational systems-are complicated and faccontinual challenge,, there are key factors that must exist and be known and understood'if our students are to receive a competitive educational experein;'From my own educational history and from forty plus years of teaching:and administrative experience. I understand what it takes to make a successful school or school system. If I am ected to the Gilmer CoUnty Board of Education, I can promise an honegt+S'ffort to accomplish he following goals for our schools: 1) Addrs the deficiencies cited in the State audit and regain control of the County School System. + " 2) InsiS[;%n hiring the most capable-teaching and administrative staff for the County.  3) Work to have comprehensive study of the County's facilities 'needs done by firi outside, independent professional study group, 4) DevelOp a long-range plan for Gilmer County Schools which sets forth a vn for our county sc[!ols including goals of achievement and unique p@ram opportunities t'0r the future. Plan must be communicated and undetood by school petSOtnel, parents and the general public. 5) Proe a County System.that is transparent, open and accountable. ,,,[ clear lines of Communication from the schools to the willbeToursatTALA;WVBirthday RAn 6) Deye op c,,..= ,.,,. :. ("",' I public.  ....... KEVlNL. NOEH==nglon.Cabe, ...... ;;([Cch)'::"  IsFetff. Jde,soJR0['Nl'" V " t=.; : "":W''O .CZR..: !._q':" l !;hank you in.advance for your support. . Party; Family Fun Night; Cornhole , .,.,,,.,el.- +,. ,,ue, e=. (,.,..) . om,,.,,, ()I ,  Tournament; pet event; and more. at 304-269-3683. " . o RANOYBT.TS. + :;!:[: o =.ES.., 0 +--..zom ':7:l I - f+r',+  /f r  q a O , , , -- + r CH'D STORY +'+'++T'i" +'--'H L  ++ ' "+ ++++to,,+ ........ ++ izemorel[I M.,,L+. , -toy++,+.,,) s.c.,+..a.,.. (.,,.} +;'*"+:""" ="")1 0 TRIIM SIART. --" ,++ 0 DARILL J L',=" BLACK 0 '%1 " $: ''; / o.ow,. +,,+ o+...o,++++ +o,.,j+.. "il DanD. S ar+m .",m ; rch Clamshell   :' Pa) a== Mm=.,= (S==um) I O' RAT WASKE ;': ' O S)JLA CHAPMAN r 0 STEPHANIE ASRAMOW  WENDS FARMER + 1 Ctaes. Kara f "mrn.)  soe Oepot Putnam (Pad) +-+ 00ouseo/ nORA ANKROM [: 0 JES=CA MYERS HAYn 1 + r  . " Imnt.) Felng Walets. Berkeley Pa c) T,M ARMSTaD '.::, " 0 L,mNA,aY.+S..m.Err [] :,;+:7 EIke,. Kanawha ,,m.) - Manlnturg, Berkeley {peel) : NewCurnuxI, Hancock, ,[(tJlm.) Ctdeslon, Kana.m'la {paul) ""''""''"'"=""'=' [] 0 PEGGY MILLER BAHN'S ;, + O MONtOUEHMIOS .... __+ c+ .... - < " Dee00-lgates 0 RONALD "Rmni" BELU. 2, r 0 MICHAEL IHLE [] Charles Town Jeeerson . (;omm.) Ravensod JacWaon Paul) ERNEST BENNETT '+ ' O STACEY LANDRUM . West Le , I.) c=-,asto.. K='a (pau0 1 0 C m P' BL" ::11;;k5 ; + :; c..,s LG= ' - .,tll. I ' ' O LAKIN BOARO  : :,:. '; O+ +DUA E F MA00V m,.,,-,, m,... +,) 0==,. ,. (,, 1 o _o._,s+:,_ _+o-- -- +- - -- <+'" +,''"' " " ' "it's time to get Paden Cily, WeLzeL m. + + "'+ tOSl Cm. Nllnilan p [] +C:::) GARO. DICKENS ", '''' + "0 IN.LTA, I.KINOTON .... :: [,+ "- +""+ " th00ngs donei" H F=iy. Jelflrso " lllltm.) St. AlIml. I (Paul I 0 OARYN" : 1 ; 0 BKAWN.=AVE. 1 - , ,. ,H Fe. erson +, . , NI l'IVlm MlUmm  (Pad} ,4P Euz,,mtTH e.Euone + 0 DAMIL CLmRI 1 . ,nun.s, unoar.m. t Firmom,  "(Rmwr ...._ m ,,jr the Candidate + (Continuedon the Following Co}ura :, -" iont/no oe liFogonll COJ,+I,), eBB I eBB I []