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May 6, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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May 6, 2004

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!n, Thursday, Apr. 29, 2004 -- The Gienville Democrat/Pathfinder-- Page 5B be furs. Apr. 29, ~lunteer ary and ars, will /Gilmer /e Sell" CSS sel-- aritable 5 being :o show 0-year- ng this 'ill take oom at 055 or he cor- Court IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF GILMER COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA ARNOLD COOK, Administrator of the Es- tate of Clayton Kerehaw Utmman, Plaintiff, CAvil Actlon No. g3-,C-23 ARNOLD COOK, m is, Def~dants. NOTICE TO: Arnold Cook, Lynn Bottone, Paul Libuman, Gi~_;o Pharmacy, Inc., P.R. Pascasio, M.D., and United Bank, and to all others creddors of Clayton Kershaw Libsman. You will please take notice as foSows: To all creditors of CJayton Kershaw Libsman, deceased, including those holding liens by judg- ment or otherwise on his real estate, or any part thereof. In pursuance of a decree of the Circuit Court, of the county of Gilmer, made in a cause thereto pending, to subject the real estate of the said Clayton Kershaw Ubsman to the payment of his debts, including those which are liens on such real estate, or any part of it, you are hereby required to present your claims to the undersigned for adjudi- cation, at 374 Main Street, PO Box 156, Grentsvitte, WV 26147, on or before the 21st day of May, 2004; otherwise you may by law be excluded from all benefit of such real estate. Given under my hand this 19th day of April, 2004. F. John Olhoway Commissioner Legal Class II 2t - 5-6 SunBddge Care Center for Glenville Balance Sheet Foe Year Ended December 2003 (Unaudited) ASSETS: Cash ....................................... 220,167.52 Accounts Recewable ................................ 277,778.39 Prepaid Expenses & Other Receivables ............... Total Current Assets ...... 548,373.55 Net Property, Plant & Equipment .......................... 169,959.81 Other Assets .................................... Total Assets .................................. 740,56g.~ Liabilities and Owner's Equity: Accounts Payable ..................................... 139,624.58 Salanes Payable ............................................. 56,019.52 Taxes Payable .................................................. 32,895.45 Other Current Liabilities .......................................... Total Current I.Jabilities ............................ ------24,894.29 Capital Stock ..................................................... -0.00 Retained Earnings ......................................... Total Shareholder's Equity ..................................... 715,875.67 Total Itabil~es & Shareholder's Equity .................. SunBrldge Cam Canter for Glenville Income Stat~ For the Year ended December 31, 2003 (Unaudited) Room & Board Revenue .3,642,489.05 Ancillary Expenses .............................. 102,199.06 Other Revenue -~ Total Revenue ................................. 3,769,298.67 Public Notice Pursuant of the West Virginia Code 3-5-21 and the Rules and Regulations for the Govern- ment of the Democratic Party in West Virginia. NOTICE is hereby given to all recognized mere- pets of the Democratic Party in Gilmer County, thai a Mass Convention will be hetd for the Dekall0- Troy, Glenville, Center and City Magisterial Dis- tricts at the Gilmer County Senior Center on Sunday, Apn125, 2004 immediately following the Meat Your Candidates Rally. The purpose for the named convent~n shall be to elect delegates to the West Virginia State Democratk: party Convention on Saturday, June 12, 2004, at the Chadeston Civic Center. Temporary Chair for the Mass Convention shall be Bob Radabaugh. Delegates elected at the Mass Coun~ Con- vention shall be: 1 man and 1 woman from Glenvil,e District. 1 man and 1 woman from Center District. 1 man and 1 woman lrom DeKalb--Troy Dis- trict. 1 man and 1 woman from City District. Sandra A. Pettit Co-Chairperton of Gilmer County Democratic Executive Committee. Legal Class II-O 2t 4-26 Public Notice All customers of the Gilmer County Public Sen~ce District are advised that the 2003 Con- sumer Confidence Repo~ is available for their examinatior~ at 232 West Main Street during regu- lar business hours. If you have any questions, please call 462-4272. Brenda Lawson, Mgr. Legal Class II 2t 4-29 Notice Pursuant to Chapter 3, Art~e 4A, Section 26 of the West Virginia Code, notice is hereby given that the County Commission of Gilmer County, West Virginia, will convene on Tuesday May 4. 2004 at 9:30 am, to conduct a test run on the OPTICAL SCANNER, which will be used to tabu- late the votes for the May 11, 2004 Pnmary Elec- tion. The test will be conducted in the County Commi~ Room of the Gilmer County Court- house, 10 Howard Street, Glenville, West Virginia. The test is open to representatives of tt~e political parties, candidates, the press and the public Larry Chapman, Pre=Idmt County Commlealon of Gllmer County, WV Legal Class I - 0 It 4-29 Direct Expenses --2,124,187.85 Ancillary Expenses ........................... 330,537.78 Depreciation / Interest / Rent ............................... 265,499.26 Insurance & Taxes ............................... 540,514.67 Total Expenses .................................... CITY OF GLENVILLE POLICE CITATIONS On April 17, 2004, Richard Barrett, 71, of Glenville, reported damage done to his vehicle, a 2002 Chevy Blazer, Net Income / (Net Loss) SunBrldge Care & Rehebilttation for Gienville State of Change= in Equity For the Year Ended December 31, 2003 (Unaudited) Beginning Balance .207,116.56 Adj. Due to Revaluation of Assets 0.00 Net Income I (Net Loss) Ending Balance ,715,675.67 SunBrldge Cam & Rehabllltation for Glenvllle Llcensed Operator Care Enterprlsea, Inc. Statement of Ownenlhlp For the Year Ended Dncemb~r 31, 2003 Care Enterpnses, Inc. which is a 100% owned subsidiary of Regency Heaitt~ Se~, Inc. which is a 100% owr~cl subsidiary of Sun Healthoare Group, Inc. Sun Health Group, Inc. ('Sun') is the parent company of all of these subsidiaries Stockholder having at least 5% interest in Sun Healthcare Group as of December 312003 are Greenwich Street Capital Partners I1, L.P. (7.9*/,,) Stephen Feinberg (5.4%.) The remaining shares of Sun Heallhcare Group, Inc. are publicly owned, and Sun does not know of any o~er shareholder who owns 5 percent or more of Sun Healthcare Group, Inc. Details concerning the contents of the advertisement along ~ other reports and s~rnissto~s are available for copying and public inspoct~n at the Health Care Authority, 100 Dee Drive, Suite 201, Charleston, WV 25311. SunBrldge Care & Rehabllltlltion for Glenville Legal Class i-- O lt-4-29 Shallots are for babies; Onions are for men; garlic is for heroes --unknown street signs on College Street. W. VA. STATE POLICE TRAFFIC CITATIONS On April 1, 2004, Sharon S. Rob.- erta was cited by W. Va. which was parked in his yard. State Police for driving too According to the police fastforroadconditionsand report, Barrett believes for having no proof of in- the damage was done i surance- I with a beer bottle found On April 6, 2004, Luces near the vehicle. Brant Miller was cited by On April 18, W. Va. State Police for 2004, David speeding. Alan Minor OnApn118, 2004, Robin o 24,ofAubum Lee Burkowski was cited was cited by W. Va. State Police for Glenville City Police for GSC CAMPUS driving on a suspended license. SECURITY On April 21, 2004, Cynthia A. On April l2, 2004, Joshua P. Perry . Szabo, 42, of Glenville, was cited by was cited by GSC Campus Security Glenville City Police for failure to obey for driving the wrong way on a one- traffic device, and for an expired regis- way street. tration. On April 26, 2004, Christine Lee GILMER COUNTY Moran, 19, of Glenville, was cited by SHERIFF'S DEPT. Glenville City Police for driving without TRAFFIC CITATIONS an operator's license. On Apd123, 2004, Stephen A. Bair On Apnl 22, 2004, David Nathanwas cited by the Gilmer County Boone, 20, of Glenville, was cited by Sherfff's Dept. for underage consump- G lenville City Police for removing street tion. stgns on College Street. On April 17, 2004~ Glennie M. On Apnl 22, 2004, Jason Grant FeggswascitedbytheGilmerCounty Chidester, 20, of Glenville, was cited Sheriff's Dept. for failure to maintain by Glenville City Police for removing control, and for no proof of insurance. Lend a hand to the businesses that you see advertising on these pages! By patronizing them, you help our county and region grow. "e A native of Gilmer County, graduate of Gilmer County High School and Glenville State College with a Business Management Degree. As Sheriff: oi will manage the Sheriffs department in a professional manner to collect taxes and work more efficiently to operate within the budget. I will increase patrols and decrease response time on all calls, day or night. I will write grants to obtain funds for equipment and manpower to be more effective for Gilmer County. I will be available to assist officers on all shifts, including weeken ls. Parental neglect of a child in- volves the failure to provide ad- equate shelter, clothing, food, "rea- sonably necessary" medical atten- tion and supervision. All states have parental child abuse and neglect laws. *** The Wisconsin State Senate has passed a law that would require libraries to tell parents who ask, what books and videos their chil- dren were checking out. Some states require that you in- form your doctor that you've writ- ten a living will. "A lie on the throne is a lie, still and truth in a dungeon is truth, still: and a lie on the throne is on the to defeat, and truth in a dungeon is on the way to victory." -Anonymous, quoted in the the New York Times in 1937 A Chicago federal judge has dis- missed a lawsuit by descendants of slaves from across the country that sought reparations from corpora- tions that they contend profited from slavery. Brought to you as a public service by F. John Oshoway P.O. Box 156 Grantsville, WV 26147 354-9204 I have worked hard for a living, and it is time to elect a Sheriff that will work hard for the citizens of Gilmer County. we can make a difference in the candida e Gilmer County! John is Hard W'orlcmg, De&'cated, Experienced, zad will make the th t our County, Needs!!!!! Pd. for by Family members of the candidate, Morn Hickman, Charlene, Brenda, and Lix Block Scheduling has been tried in different forms for a long time. It started in Canada in the sixties and was called semestering. It was mstly abandoned at that time because it had a negative impact on the teaching and learning of math. It was also called modular scheduling, 4 by 4, straight block, alternating block, split block, etc. Our own West Virginia State Department of Education, aware of the negatives attached to the title 'Block Scheduling" has coveniently referred to it as "Alternative Scheduling." By the 1980's, articles promoting Block Scheduling began to appear more frequently in educational journals. Proponents of block scheduling made a lot of money by selling books and cassette tapes and by charging for presentations to school systems across the country. In the 90's Canady and Rettig sold a book titled Block Scheduling: A Catalyst For Change in High Schools. Also, from the University of Minnesota, The Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvment (CAREI) vigorously promoted the case for block scheduling. But all things run a course. Parents are beginning to questio the value of block scheduling. The WV Legislature has had bills submitted to end the practice of Block Scheduling. Some school systems have gone off Block. Others are comtemplating the idea. I believe their motives are wrong. Block Scheduling costs more money and requires more teachers, but the reason they should quit Block Scheduling is because it is bad for academics - bad for kids. Teachers may not resist abandoning block if their jobs and security become tied to test scores. They know that good.test.scores run parallel.with more time on task. Also, teachers might not resist a return to a traditional scn eaule ff the L~.lpslature ehminated the double planning period. Ci .a~sses taught m a block scheduling scheme attempt to keep students on task for 90 minutes. What about the attention span of the mmnstreamed child, the attention deficit disordered child? Television producers strictly adhere to the 30 minute sitcom. Even with the best available photo-video equipment, gorgeous models, professional actors/actresses, and the best writers that money can afford, they realize that limited attention spans keep them inside the 30-minute zone. With block scheduling, consider when a child becomes ill. Consider when the teacher is ill. What about picture taking day? Because block dasses are taught for one semester, every loss of time is a double loss in the block scheduling formula. What happens to a child who moves into the neighborhood or out of the neighborhood during the school year? Despite teachers' love affair with th double planning period-despite principals' love for fewer class changes and fewer students in the hall-these arenot sufficient reasons to justify block scheduling. Block scheduling fails because it defies simple math. All forms of Block Scheduling are bad. Here is some simple math: Because every teacher is entitled to a duty-free planning period, in a 7 or 8 period day, one out of seven or eight teachers is not teaching. In a block sytem, one out of four teachers is not teaching. In a block system each course is 8100 minutes, or, 90 minutes times 5 days a week tor 18 weeks. In a traditional system, 50-minute periods times 5 days a week for 36 weeks equals 9000 minutes for each course, or ~m minutes more than the block system. Nine hundred divided by 5~is 18 class periods more for each subject. Looking another way, depending on whether it is a 7 or an 8 period day, a student could receive 126 instructional periods more than a block system can provide. This is significant because of the carry-over from class to class. Simply put, studying English helps with most other courses. Studying Math helps with Chemistry. Studying History, etc. In an alternating block system for a two-week period, a student has class every other day for ninety minutes or a total of 450 minutes. Contrasted with a 7 or 8 period system, a 50-minute class meeting daily for two weeks equals 500 minutes. The non-block benefits with fifty minutes more time on task every two weeks. I believe that a study will soon be made that will prove that the dramatic increase in the percentage of college students that are now required to take remediation classes without credit is parallel to the numbers of students entering college who have completed all four years of high school in a Block Schedule system. During this recent session of the legislature, there was talk about prohibiting students from taking remediation at the college level and requiring them to return to their high school until the deficiencies are made up. What would that do the credibility of the local high schools? Would parents and community demand that changes be made if that happened to their child? Imagine the blame game that would be played. Block scheduling is repugnant to musicians because it contradicts everything that they are about. Music teachers know about attention spans. They tell their students to practice slowly, practice a very few measures at a time, repeat these measures. Since they are asking for a high level of thinking it is best that their students practice for shorter time periods but more often. When the task is complicated, instead of practicing for an hour, practice for fifteen minutes four times a day. This is how band students learn. The lesson learned with band is that if this works with music it will work with other kowledge based ares as well. Most good music students have excellent GPAs. Block Sceduling makes it difficult for students to take sequential electives like band throughout high school. Band directors work with different age levels in the same group. Band directors are comfortable with huge numbers of students, often more than one hundred. In Band, the seniors and more experienced players will be assigned the difficult parts and younger developing musicians get a good idea of what will soon be expected of them. Pity the band whose older and most talented students are prevented from scheduling band. Band students volunteer themselves to scrutiny and exposure during rehearsals. They stay after school to practice. They march in bad weather. They sell things. Their parents work to support the programs. Parents like the structure and the supervision, and they like for their kids to be challenged. They like it when their kids are busy, that they don't have time for drugs and mischief. Parents enjoy feeling proud, and band students enjoy representing their parents, school, and community with pride. If band is offered, the best behaved and most scholarly will migrate to the band room. Band is a great reward for students when they do everything else well. In return for the services and support bands provide for schools and communties all duringthe year, we now have a system of scheduling statewide which makes it difficult for the best students to take band. Shame is on the school systems that punish good students in this manner. Here in Gilmer County, citizens running for the school board positions cannot, and should not, run on the status quo. The amount of mathematics and English remediation going on at colleges and universities throughout West Virginia ranges from the mid-20% level to over 60%. These are not all mentally challenged young people. The amount of remediatiou necessary in the college/university systems is at an appalling level. The negative educational effects of Block Scheduling and School-to-Work, along with the decimation of the arts programs, should be understood and addressed by all those who have aspirations for school board membership. Philip J. Rossano Harry Rich /,