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May 6, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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May 6, 2004

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Page 6B --- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder -- Thursday, Apr. 29, 2004 GCHS STUDENTS ATOP THE DE TRIOMPHE - After ascending 300 steps to the top of Arc deTriomphe in Paris pose for a group photo with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Row 1 (I-r): Alicia Jolliff, Dora Bonnett, Allison Butler, Caitlin Bailey, and Courtney Bailey. Row 2 (I-r): Mrs. Nasia Butcher, Andrea Edwards, Lizzie Butcher, Jenny Cornell. Alex Lay, and Amanda Lay. Flying halfway around the world, famous Cannes Film Festival, and Good Friday. While in Vatican City, watching the sun set from atop the Nice, founded by Greek mariners in the world's smallestcountry, students Eiffel Tower, visiting some of the the 4h century B.C. Nestled alongside visited St. Peter's Basilica where they most famous art museums and the Mediterrean Sea, students toured viewed Michalangelo's famed sculp- churches in the world, and seeing the Fragonard perfume factory in the ture, original mosaics by ancient ruins were just a few of the clifftop village of Eza, and then dis- Raphael, and marble statues by manyactivitiesthatpackedthesched- covered the natural beauties of Mo- BasiclicaarchitectGiovanniLorenzo ules of ten high school students over naco, a principality over 700 years Bernini. After a tour through the Spring Break. old, where they observed the chang- Vatican Museum, the students stood Mrs. Nasia Butcher, an English ing of the guard at Prince Rainer's in awe of perhaps one of the most teacherat GilmeCountyHigh School, palace and paid respects at the grave famous ceilings in the world, the led students Caitlin Bailey, Courtney of American film star, Princess Grace Sistine Chapel. While in the Chapel, Bailey, DoraBonnett, LizzieButcher, Kelly. students studied Michelangelo's The Allison Butler, Jenny Cornell, An- The group then traveled through which serves as the dreaEdwards, AliciaJolliff, AlexLay, the heart of Italy with a stop in Pisa to backdrop to the Chapel's altar, and and Amanda Lay, a student from see the Learning Tower, the cathedral "original frescos on the Chapel's side Calhoun County High School, on an and baptistery before continuing on panels painted by Boticelli, which educational trip to Europe for Spring toFlorence, cradleoftheRenaissance, depict events from the New and Old Break. These ten local teenagers and where the influential Medici family Testament of . their teacher left the gently rolling ruled for 300 years. While in Fit- Additionally, the group visited the hills of West Virginia for an eleven- rence, students saw Giott's Bell Tower Trevi Fountain, which was made fa- day adventure that began in Paris, and the imposing marble cathedral in mous in the film 0a D. ,the France, continued to the French the Piazza del Duomo. Students mar- Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, and Pi- Riveria, through the principality of veled at Renaissance art and architec- azza Navonna, where Bernini's fa- Monaco, nothern and central Italy, ture as they walked through the Pi- mous Four River's fountain stands. Vatican City, and ended in Rome, azza della Signoria and visited the "I've already been asked by stu- Italy. Chiesa di Santa Croce, burial site of dents where I will take them next Upon arrival in Paris, the girls spent Michelangrlo and Galileo. The tour year," said Mrs. Butcher. "Parents three days enjoying the sight and continued through the Apennine Val- and students alike are seeing the value sounds of a wonderfully cultural city Icy withstopsinPrugiaandthehilltop in foreign travel, rll evaluate where where they visited the Notre Dame town of Asisi to tour St. Francis' the American dollar is strongest Cathedral (hometo VictorHugo'sleg- Basiclica. The final two days of the against foreign currency and deter- endary hunchback, Quasimodo) and tour were spent in Rome. mine what tours will be most aca- the Latin Quarter, Sacre Coeur and With MarceUs Selmi as the group's demically beneficial tostudents. Ihave Montmartre, the EffelTower, the Axe multi-lingual tour guide through been very fortunate to have wonder- deTriomphe, the Champs-Elysees, Rome, the students had the opponu- ful students who have traveled with and the Louvre, Europe's largest mu- nity to walk through the Coliseum, me. I couldn't have asked for a better seum. All students saw the world fa- where gladiators were once forced to group ofstudents to travel with this mous statues 3Lc, and thefight to thedeath against one another year." Besause several or against wild animals. The students For many students, this was life- students had already read Dan Brown's also visited the ruins of the Roman altering experience. They enjoyed best selling Code, theyForum, walked on original ancient original French and Italian Cuisines, carefuffiy studied two of Leonardo Roman streets, and saw the setting of learned the value of fluency in a for- Da Vinci's famous paintings, The perhaps one ofthe most "publicized" eign language, visited great monu- Mona Lisa and The Madonna of the assassinations in history, that of Julius ments, and saw works of art by the R ks. After seeing Paris, they tray- Caesar. world's most famous artists, This trip eled by high speed train through the The group was able to tour the and the memories made will truly last French countyside to the coastal cit- Vatican City on an especially impor- a lifetime for all of those who were a ies of Cannes, home to the world tant day in the religious calendar, part it. Democrat Candidate for Sheriff of Gilmer County R G ON TODAY i iiii sr ~'4 EARLY VOTING IN-PERSON The County Clerk's Office will be open additional hours for early voting in-person as follows: Saturday, May 1, 2004 9:00 am to5:00 pm Saturday, May 8, 2004 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Early Voting in-person will be conducted in the County Clerk's Office from April 21, 2004 through May 8, 2004, at all times when the office is open for regular business. Beverly Marks Clerk of Gilmer Jill li I County Commission ,, Family Man For Life! Businessman 20yrs. Coach I0 yrs. Teacher 20 yrs. Certified P.O.L.D.O. Instructor Police Martial Arts. E. Metz Dear Citizens of Gilmer County, May 11 m is just days away I need your help and support to make the changes I have laid out in the past weeks. My promise to you is that I will be a Sheriff that is Honest, and Hard Working. I will be a Dependable Sheriff that you can rely on to handle any situation that may occur. Together, we can [llprepare for the future. If you can not make it to the poll on Tuesday May, 11 you can vote early Monday thin Friday and Saturdays, May 1 and May 8th at the court house. If you need a ride to the Court House or to the polls on May 11th, please give me a call at 462-4076. Together we can put ,' To Protect and Serve" back in the Sheriffs department. Please get out and vote, you can make a difference! It's Time for a Chanae! Paid for by the candidate -- INTERSECTION OF MINERAL ROAD AND SYCAMORE ROADS, GLENVIL . IIII I I I 1092"d Engineering Battalion Your State Senator Democrat I I I I I First and foremost, the utmost praise and glory goes to our Heavenly Father for bringing home the 500 + members of the West Virginia National Guard 1092= Engineering Battalion safely. His protective hand was most certainly resting upon them as they completed their work in lraq during the last year. Secondly, to the troops themselves who deserve our respect and gratitude for defending our freedoms and rights. They served our country very well with dignity and honor, even in the midst of turmoil and disarray. Thirdly, to the families which were left behind to continue on without the daily assistance of their loved ones. Their unwavering support of and dedication to the West Virginia Army National Guard's 1092= is commendable and noteworthy. And last, but most certainly not least, to the communities of the returning soldiers, a tremendous "Thank You" for your show of patriotism, spirit and pride. Surely, your support has warmed the hearts of the troops as they return to their homes and see the displays you've created for them. We would like to recognize the following businesses and schools for their assistance in ensuring a warm welcome for our soldiers: Minnich's Florist Appcon Lumber and Supply Betty's Floral Design Common Place Restaurant Gil-Co Faith Pharmacy Glenville Foodland Glenville GoMart Glenville Post Office Glenville RiteAid Sand Fork Post Office U-Pak of Glenville Gilmer County High School Glenville Elementary School Normantown Elementary School Sand Fork Elementary School Troy Elementary School Again, thank you for your prayers for, support of and assistance with our families and deployed soldiers of the West Virginia Army National Guard's 1092*d Engineering Battalion during the previous fourteen months. Please continue to remember those still serving in various areas of the world that are still in danger, protecting our American way of life. May God richly bless and keep you all, Barbara Jones and Greg Shackleford i iii ii II I Braxton ;r Harrison Lewis Paid for by Sharpe for Senate Committee, Tom Sharpe, Treasurer Join a local woman's club: Try the Woman's Club of Glenville or Jr. Woman's Club! Call 462-7938 or 462-5050 for info! SBA prepares to celebrate Business Week The U.S. Small Business Administration's annual National Small Business Week commemora- tion, SBA Expo '04, will be held in Orlando, FL., May 19-21 at the Or- ange County Convention Center. The celebration honors America's leading entrepreneurs, and includes the announcement of the National Small Business Person of the Year. Special events this year will in- clude a small business expo, a busi- ness matchmaking event, business seminars, a town hall meeting, and award ceremonies honoring women entrepreneurs and state and natinal small business winners. Other high- lights will include business industry leaders and speakers from trade asso- ciations, and state level and federal government. "SBA Expo '04 will celebrate the many contributions of the small busi- ness men and women whose hard work and perseverance have created opportunities for millions fo Ameri- cans," said Administrator Hector V. Barrett. "The SBA is proud to honor the entrepreneurial spirit that has helped strengthen the nation's economy." West Virginia Small Business Week, banquet will be held in conjunction witht he 2004 West Virginia Confer- ence on Entrepreneurship on Wed., May 19 at 6:00 p.m. at the Charleston Marriott. For additional information contact the West Virginia District Office at (304) 623-5631 or visit the conference web site at www.sba.gov/ 50. Why do writers write? Because it isn't there. --Thomas Berger Father Edwin Zero to Car manufacturers, with much brag- gadocio, delight in extolling their new cars' abilities to go from zero to 60 mph in ten seconds. Ha! That's nothing. Late last fall I did it in five seconds.., on foot! Nonchalantly walking, for two days, through woods and gullies in two counties, kneeling on sides of streams to get good pho- tos, totally oblivious - be- cause of the cool tempera- tures that late in the fall - to the possibility of snakes so frequently found in these WV hills, 1 got a little surprise. Back in Glenville, just as I headed into an overgrown pine tree area near our collegets football field, I saw swift movement in the grass inches from my tennis shoed foot. One glance was enough: as the (now visible) form slith- ered off to my left, 1 took one leap and was off to the right, setting the above record. The copperhead I helped demolish in the frunt yard across the street and the rattler found just up the mad from my rectory here had already several years ago alerted me to venomed creatures in our close proximity. I didn't bother to check this one out. It slitherecL That was enough. While pastoring St Anne Church in Webster County, I le,tmed of one very brave county antiquities collector. Lester Hall and his neighbor Paul Cool were searching for antique bottles amid the foundation ruins of an old home in Guard- Jan. Lester, being the more adventurous of the two, slid under the rotted floor supports on his stomach. He had pro- gressed about seven feet when he sud- denly stopped. There, directly in front of ii Daschbach, SVD 60 in 5 him, no more than a few inches from his head, lay a coiled rattler sounding its alarm. Outside, the rattler's "whizzing" could be heard as well. Attempting to be his usual calm and cool, Paul cautioned the young- ster to lie still while he rushed home for his shot- gun. He sped off in his pickup and was back at the site in a matter of min- utes. To his astonishment, there stood Lester, dishev- eled and grimy from head to foot, wearing a big grin and holding by the back of its neck a writhing rattle- snake in his right hand. Lester gave this account: Wel~ we was fist lyen there, me and the snake, and it didn't even blink an eye, just stared at me with the meanest look, flicking its tongue and gitten meaner andmadder by the minute. So ljist eased ma arms out real slow...real, real slow, and reached as fast as I could and got hold of the rattler by the throat. Then, ! fist backed out real slow from under the house like it woulda done. After deranging the reptile, Lester showed it around his neighborhood un- til a wary conservation officer relieved him of the "pet." Lester had been very, very brave..', and very, very lucky. I found it hard to believe that there were county residents who actually hunted rattlers and captured them alive in bags. One man along route 20 outside Bolair used to keep them under his front porch in cages. I usually broke the speed limit passing his home. One can play with danger, including spiritual danger, only so long.., before getting burned critically. II Watx Saturdays at 6.-00 p.m. Final drawing for contestants and home players May 20, 2004. On-air WV contestant - May I, 2004 John Powell .............. ~heeling, VVV ................ $ 1,000 At-home players - $ 100 H~den V'm,ma Tra~s Bolrard Morma,m~ William Lee&/ VVanior Mines Jua,~a Rt,,f,~kl= Point Plmmmt Melvin Shields VV~aon Last Drawing May 20, 2004 at West Lott=rt Headqu,Tte Time is ~nnlnll cut te wtn a chan~ te be cm tin ~ m~t be mcet~d at bae~ ~ t=t n,-~m wU ~ Mw ~ z004. S~'em~ ZS, 2004,win be the ~t ~t o~ the Came ~/mw. una ~ 1~.2004.