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May 7, 2009     The Glenville Democrat
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May 7, 2009

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Happy Mother's Day, Happy Graduation, politics & more On this Sun.. May 10, we Americans tradi- tionally will honor our mothers by celebrating Mother's Day. It's a special day of the year, because our mothers, living or deceased, are, or were, very significant people in our lives. In fact. many mothers are credited with motivating us in our childhoods to, strive for success in our lives and careers. Mountaineers can take supreme pride in this holiday, because it all started here in Grafton, a small community in central West Virginia. In the early 20th century, Anna Jarvis, a devoted daughter, sought to honor her mother. Anna Maria Reeves Jarvis. The elder Mrs. Jarvis had wanted the holiday to be established during her life-time, so she'd formed Mother's Day Work Clubs. These organizations sought to combat the high rate of infant mortdlity in the late 19th century. Moreover, she insisted that every mother in Taylor County, where Grafton is the county seat, be a member of one of these clubs. These activist groups also bought medicine for area infants, inspected milk and water supplies, and learned about good health and sanitation from physicians. As visionaries, the Work Club mothers swore to not be divided by politics, not even being broken up by the Civil War. In 1868, Mrs. Jarvis organized the Mothers' Friend- The Corcoran Column By David H. Corcoran Publisher-Editor ship Day celebrations to squelch festering resentments from the war between the states and among families. Although a National Mother's Day bill was introduced in the U. S. Senate on May 9, 1908, it later failed to pass. Nevertheless. With Anna Jarvis' activism, 45 states declared Mother's Day a holiday, thereby leading President Woodrow Wilson to proclaim the first Na- tional Mother's Day on May 10, 1914. Today in Grafton, the birthplace and mu- seum of Anna Jarvis and the Andrews Meth- odist Episcopal Church, or "Mother's Day Church," are dramatic monuments to the role of West Virginians in establishing this na- tional day to honor or to remember our moth- ers. They are also open to the public, espe- cially on Mother's Days annually. If you haven't been to G'rafton lately, plan a family outing to go there that might be a nice follow-up and heart-touching gift for your dear Mother or to her memory. A mother's tales A year ago. I asked, via an e-mail, some of my friends to divulge some of their mothers' favorite bits of advice. Don Moser, a cousin of mine now living in Florida, responded with vigor. In addition to cleaning behind his ears and brushing his teeth three times a day, he said that his mom, the late Margaret Moser, told him to be certain to eat a"green and yellow veggie" every day for good health. And, .that has worked for him, because he's in his early 70s and as healthy as a horse. I last saw him at our Moser-Buche Family Reunion in 2006. Now, he did forget to tell me another piece of his mother's wisdom something that I have to live with daily. My mother, Iola Catherine Moser Corcoran, and Margaret were not only cousins, but schoolmates and life-time card players together. They, along with the others in their 60-year two-times-a- week card party group, would constantly chat during these afternoon sessions, occasionally telling the advice they were gfving to their children. Continued on page 5A Of women educators, Ramp Dinners, and signed bills By Brunt Boggs, State Delegate (Gilmer-Braxton) With the rain over the past few days, my valiant effort to keep ahead of the spring mow- ing now finds me on the defensive. I didn't even get a small window of dry weather last weekend. I want to thank the Delta Kappa Gamma Sorority International for inviting me to speak over the weekend at their State convention at Days Hotel. I am deeply honored to have been invited by Mrs. Frances Fitzwater and the many other Delta Kappa Gamma women educators from central West Virginia. After church on Sunday, Jean and I enjoyed a ramp HB 2532 - Creating licensure for Marriage and Family Therapists 04/24/09 HB 2541 - Including poultry among those domesticated farm animals or stock which the owner shall be liable for damages caused by those animals 04/24/09 HB 2567 - Relating to filing agency rules with the Secretary of State under the Administrative Procedures Act 04/24/09 HB 2569 - Creating the Juvenile Services Reimbursement Offender Fund 04/30/09 HB 2651 - Repealing an article regulating male breeding animals 04/30/09 HB 2684- Approving the West Virginia Drug Offender Accountability and Treatment Act 04/ 30/09 a felony regardless of intent to actually commit the threatened act 04/30/09 HB 3036 - Relating to notice and publication requirements for expungement petitions 04/30/ 09 HB 3134 - Providing municipal vote by mail pilot program 04/30/09 HB 3196 - Declaring certain claims against the state and its agencies to be moral obligations of the state 04/30/09 HB 3305 - Relating to the powers and duties of probation officers 04/30/09 HB 3313 - Allowing depositories and banks to meet the security requirement necessary to be a depository for boards of education by provid- ing a letter of credit from a federal home loan '&'::':i'. ::::$ .::.!.%.:!:!!:!:::: gi'.:ii: "::' '::!* '.'!:.:'.!'# ii:::. "ii:i:i:?!:i:i:!:!:!?Z: ditional bills into law. bringing the total to 40 bills. The bills signed last week, short title and dates signed are as follows: HB 2407 - Relating to trustee accounts and funds, earnings and personal property of in- mates 04/30/09 HB 2418 - Relating to exempting certain records of the Division of Corrections and Re- gional Jail Authority from the Freedom of Infor- mation Act that, if released, could aid inmates in committing unlawful acts 04/24/09 HB 2419 - Providing inmates a reduction in sentence for completion of education and reha- bilitation programs 04/24/09 HB 2421 - Requiring that inoperable fire hydrants be painted black and be reported to emergency dispatch centers 04/24/09 liB 2464 - Authorizing county commisstons to designate locations for early voting other than the county courthouse or annex 04/24/09 HB 2530- Relating to further defining profes- sional student support personnel 04/24/09 dinner with our friends at the liB 2685 - Amending the Uniform Principal bank 04/30/09 Frametown Volunteer Fire and Income Act 04/24/09 SB 12 - Allowing 2-year motorcycle registra- Department.Despitetherainy HB2694 - Establishing certain requirements tion period 04/30/09 weather, there was an out- standing turnout for a great for modification of custodial rights for parents SB 370 - Relating to community corrections cause supporting our volun- or guardians that have been deployed to the program fees 04/30/09 teeffire departments. United States Armed Forces 04/30/09 ...... SB 405 - Relating to grandparents' visitation Sine la t w k 1 liB 2719 - Relating to the sale and distdbu '' 04/30/09 .......  ..... e s ee 'scoumn ...... = .....  ....... ' tlon off'aft beer 04/30/09 ......... SB 424 - C6h6ing financial institution to me ovemor has stgnea au- HB 2734 - Relating to minimum guarantees state-chartered bank 04/30/09 provided to members who elected to transfer from the Teachers' Defined Contribution Sys- tem to the Teachers' Retirement System 04/30/ O9 liB 2739 - Enhancing the service and en- forcement of domestic violence protective or- ders issued by state courts 04/30/09 liB 2742 - Repealing outdated provisions from the WV Code relating to vinegars 04/30/09 HB 2753 - Relating to the continuation of the Design-Build Program 04/30/09 HB 2819 - Authorizing miscellaneous agen- cies and boards to promulgate legislative rules 04/30/09 liB 2839 - Relating to the management of pain by physicians 04/30/09 liB 2863 - Relating to construction of state utility projects 04/30/09 liB 2950 - Creating the Neighborhood Hous- ing and Economic Stabilization Program for low-income minority neighborhoods 04/30/09 lib 2952 - Clarifying that a terroristic threat is SB 476 - Relating to "financial institution" definition 04/30/09 SB 493 - Transferring central registry for head injuries to Center for Excellence in Dis- abilities 04/30/09 SB 503 - Defining "sound financial condi- tion" 04/30/09 SB 612 - Relating to willful nonpayment of child support 04/30/09 SB 764 - Providing race election results cer- tification procedure 04/30/09 One final note for parents of infants. I re- ceived a letter from Chad Robinson, Executive Director of the WV Optometric Association regarding an eye health screening opportunity. The West Virginia Optometric Association, in conjunction with First Lady Gayle Manchin has announced InfantSEE Weeks in West Virginia. Governor Manchin has signed a proclamation declaring InfantSEE Weeks for May 4 through May 16. Continued on page 5A [ !ii!iii iiiili :ili i iii i :! iiiiiii ilii: i/:! :: ::ili! i:: .................... :: :: :: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Eee rs: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :: :: ::/:! :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::: i::ii::ii:: to i =============================== ::::: EdltOr  .................. i!i: ili:: i}i i:: ::ii)ii ii ii :: i:i:::i i:: :: iili :!ii::i::ii ii:.:::il ::: :!:::::: : ::i ::: ::: ::; i ?::ii:!ii::::)::: :::::::::::::::::::::  :i ::::::i  i;i: :::: i::i:::i ::: iii i:;::ii i:i:: ::i i?::!:::i!ii )i ::::: i;::::::il ::ii::: ::::::il ::::: i::?: ii:::ii: ::i!i::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::!ii] Part Two The West Virginia Constitution (and Other Works of Fiction) Editor's Note: Following is the conclusion of Jim Lucas's letter from last week's edition: Dear Editor, Your finding that the state's motion for dis- missal summary judgment is justified is clearly disputed by the facts on record. Your ruling is wrong, Judge. and I believe that the record will corroborate my claim that your ruling is a clear. willful abuse of your legitimate powers and the trust placed in you. Your "ruling" served no purpose but to continue to cover up your state's corruption - and you @#*! well know it! The federal district court, as did its state's alter-egoists, refused to appoint assistance that would have vindicated me, because you can't do that without further indicting the brotherhood that you call a "system." And you, as did they, refused to fairly adjudicate the issues in front of you, because to do so would have meant con- firming my claim of egregious government mis- conduct. I can't compete with your law educa- tion or your unethical shenanigans, or the abuse of power entrusted to you, Judge Maxwell. I have no doubt that your brand of "justice" is for sale, but I can't affort it. That is the only reason you and your system get away with this illegal incarceration. I'm sure judges don't like this kind of letter. but neither do I like being railroaded into prison. I don't like corrupt politicians, and most espe- cially, corrupt judges or weak-principled judges who protect their equally corrupt pals. I was tried by a biased judge, and evgLy_ judge along the appellate trail, up to and including yourself. has covered it up, at my expense. I wasted a lot of my time reading the "rules" and trying to fight this system according to the laws. because none of the system's court- appointed lackeys had the guts to file an honest appeal. The "law-and-order" approach proved impossibly fruitless, because laws hold little meaning in your system; they are nol up- held in your system. Judges have learned to circumvent the law using (judge-jive) the tactof avoiding adjudication of credible grounds with the clever use of hackneyed expressions like, "totally lacking in merit, "and "sound discre- tion," and "de novo consideration." I'm too old and tired to use up any more of my time in the pursuit of useless endeavors. I will not waste one more minute reading codes, canon, or constitutions. Neither will I attempt to write any more "legal" documents. I raised - in accor- dance with federal habeas law to the best of my ability - 13 grounds of clear constitutional viola- tions, and that is the best I can do. Not one single federal violation of due process or fair trial rights brought up in the state circuit court habeas action has been legally, or ethically, or honestly addressed. Not one has been honestly "adjudi- cated on the merits" anywhere through the course of West Virginia's make-believe "appellate pro- cess." You know il and I know il No more Letter continued on page 5A f Attention Readers: Our 'Letters to the Editor' Policy We are in need of more letters to the editor. Feet free to send them in to us. Just remember our policy on the letters. Local newspapers have long been the sounding boards for political, personal, and patriouc vews and this paper is no exception! Relative to writing responses, please keep in mind our Editorial Policy: we will accept letters on a .wace available basis only and they will be subject to the Editor's scrutiny as to content relative to libel, good taste and timeliness. A good length is generally one to one-and-a-half standard typing pages, double-spaced. The decision of the Senior Editor will be final. Letters must be signed in order to be published - e- mailed lette must include a phone number where your identity can be verified, but you may still be required to sign the letter via snail mail. Deadlines for letters are Mondays at 10 a.m. for that week's paper. After 10 a.m.. they can be accepted for thai week as paid advertisements. However. it would appear for free in a future edition. Also. for writers who consistently send in Letters week after week. these messages are constantly evaluated as to content and to purpose, so they may be considered as an advertisement, especially if they are weekly, lengthy, and repeats of previous letters. Nevertheless, you will be contacted if the latter is the case and will be charged only our regular advertising rate. For more information, contact either Dave Corcoran. Sr.. Charlene. or Cassandra at 304-462-7309. - Last Issue Before Election: News, Letters, & Ads ~ The long-standing policy of this newspaper has always been that if. in the issue before an election, one candidate or citizen makes allegations about another candidate or issue, that the other party be gi yen the right of rebuttal. Readers of this newspaper know that we editors have had this policy in effect for the past 10 years in order to make certain that the journalistic and ethical principles of fairness and equality be assured on these pages relative to both the news and ad yet'rising side. Also, all political letters or news stories submitted in the last month prior to an election are to be paid political adverstisement. except for biographical sketches in an Election Guide or section. J Editorials Aavice - Attn: Graduates & readers What great days and events are upcoming in Gilmer County, the end of one journey for our students and the beginning of another for all of them. So, let us all celebrate by congratulating all of our 2009 Glenville State College students who will be getting their two and four-year degrees this Saturday morning! Also, our commendations go to those Gilmer County High School graduates-to-be, who will be walking down the aisle a bit later in the month. With the abundant advice that will be advanced to these 2009 graduates at their respecttve commencements, there's probably no need to shower them with more. But. first of all, the older we editors get, the more enjoyable "a good read" is for leisure. When we're young, we felt too busy to take this liberty, but everyone would probably be better off today, if we'd have availed ourselves of some of the wisdom contained in the world's great books. So, take a break from your incessant Internet surfing and e-mailing, pick up a good book, and read it, this s a method of opening a wider world of ideas to you. which may be advantageous to you in the end. Secondly, start off taking those "baby steps" to attain your dreams, or the goals in our heads, that we longed for by working so hard to get an education. Have you GSC and GCHS graduates of 2009 been thinking of that vision of your futures? You should now have the tools to start your journeys to better lives and/or careers. Thirdly, don't be surprised especially in these economically-challenging times that your education may not be enough to achieve those lofty dreams, or much less to find a job. As a result, it may be necessary for our College graduates to pursue the master's degree in their career of choice area. Most certainly, our high school grads should either go to college for a bachelor's degree, or obtain advanced technical training in occupations that are comfortable to them. Hence. in these recessionary days. obtaining more knowl- edge is the key to finding the right and satisfying job or to becoming an entrepreneur. Fourthly. since this is the Age of Technology and Communications, try to keep current with your computer and people skills. Good social skills are essential to success. This means being courteous to people, treating people fairly, and mixing well in social gatherings. (Today, many alumni often won't attend their own school reunions, because of the crowds or some other reason. Unfortunately, we by not going are the losers, in that we miss seeing those people who meant so much to us and can't network to find better jobs.) Fifthly, going to church weekly provides an ideal anchor for keeping one's life in good moral order. If you don't go to church now, consider doing so, for many such institutions in your community would appreciate having you as a member. Most importantly, this religious network offers you much needed caring when the rough times hit you in life. Finally, don't forget to thank your family and friends for their support in earning your education! Or, if you achieved this laudable educational degree or diploma without their help or encouragement, let them know that you're now ready to pursue your dreams (in spite of them), but hope that they will support you'. Remember, a good education is the essential key to your future, but you are responsible for using that key and putting it in the lock, thereby opening the door to your success. Good luck, graduates! DHC, Sr., Ph.D., Publisher-Editor GIVE J Red Cross Bloodmobile coming Starting at noon on next Wed., May 13, the American Red Cross' Bloodmobile will make its periodical stop in Glenville. Most importantly, the Bloodmobile needs every Gilmer Countian's attention, as this community's goal is 40 pints of blood to be collected on that day. Actually, if everyone who can give blood just places this date in their planner and doesn't forget, Gilmer Countians could exceed that goal. After all, in the past, the good people of this county and Glenville State College whenever blood's needed for a particular local victim -- come out in force to donate at the bloodmobile. For example, after the awful 9-11-0,!_ ragedy,omately ,150 aj/...r,,., gie.x : bloodmobile, thereby shrwing tha'fOilTiSer Countians d6 aridvant fi!iq',fiins or disasters ana trageales. The Red Cross Bloodmobile's operations generally go very. smoothly in the Trinity United Methodist Church's Fellowship Hall on East Main Street. The local Red Cross Bloodmobile's Coordinator is Kay Moore, who is also a member of Glenville's City Council. Thanks to the Trinity UMC for opening the church's doors for this worthwhiled charitable endeavor! Moreover, the Red Cross's dedicated and courteous blood collection staff typically has a great time and a lot of fun during these bloodmobiles. This makes it easier for you to give, so you'll most probably have a good time, as well. Finally, remember that the Red Cross' Blood Collection Team comes all the way from the Morgantown and Wheeling areas to collect the badly-needed blood for this region! It is always a long day for that dedicated staff, but they remain helpful and cheerful to the end of the day a long one as the collections start here at noon and lasts until 6 p.m., or whenever the final donor is finished. Also, be aware that if you haven't gtven blood before, you're not alone! The local Red Cross volunteers and professional staffwill help you to make that first donation the easy way. So, why not give it a tryout? It's simple, doesn't hurt, and helps humanity! DHC, Sr. (a proud blood donor) N li S Edge of the by George Harper THE HIN1 ALARMIST? (.TAKE A NUMBER . . 2) ::: ::!: . P.O:: Box 458,108 N,  Court::St. : Glenville, WV 26351 !::i. : ::/::::: : Checkout our Web:SRe:: www, (Thursdas: n-line weekly edition: may :be delayed due to weather or technical: problems) AX 304-462-7300 o: E-MAIL , r,i r .......... :: VISA :&MaStercard. are:now accepted