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May 7, 2009     The Glenville Democrat
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May 7, 2009

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i _ 2, /" Thursday, May 7. 2009-- The Glenville Democrat Page 5A [ yon --- verNot Calls Me Father K. " ............ ,:,:: .... -:.:: ..... : : : , ntinUedfr0mpage3A Edwin Daschbach SVD Happy Mother's Day, Happy Graduation, politics & more cont'd ... IlL By I .......... 111 e Unfortunately, Margaret once told and it was effective wastotake -ate. charge). After the May 21 edition J Ma a Blu s the group that she "washed her eye- glasses three times a day." Mother apparently took that practice to heart, and ingrained it into me. Ever since then. whenever I look into a mirror and see my glasses, I think of"Marga- ret Loser." take them off, and wash them. It's quite an annoying "old wives' tale." but, I guess, it doesn't hurt me. My brother, T.A. Corcoran, now of Grants. NM, says that he doesn't remember any advice that Mother gave him. His memory must be fail- ing him! I recall that Morn insisted that I change my underwear every time I went out in a vehicle, because ifI was in an auto accident, the nurses would be aghast at seeing dirty shorts. I suspect that this was good advice 40 years and more ago, but. in these days, I'm sure the'nurses are delighted if crash victims have "any underwear on. Mother also insisted that I not argue with Dad. because he knew every- thing. I had to grit my teeth a lot, but I tried not to argue within the family. I just hope that I don't get so set-in-my ways when getting older, that I inflict my views on my children it's much safer for me to maintain family har- mony to inflict them on all of you readers. Another practice that Mother had me to the funeral homes, whenever a friend or acquaintance was killed in an auto crash. She'd say, "See how badly he was injured; don't you drive fast anymore!" That's great advice, but in this fast-paced world. I'm afraid that I can't always comply with it when driving. Morn was always good at scream- ]ng, as well, whenever she saw a mouse or snake. That taught me to be careful around these creatures: they-could harm me. (You won't find me wres- tling alligators m Florida for fun or money !) As to the current national reces- sion. Mom would probably advise me. "Save your money in the bank!" Most of all what I remember about my mother was her superior cooking, especially "German Potato Salad." It's not very healthy for anyone, but it tastes just great. (The recipe is in- cluded in the Gilmer County Histori- cal Society's Cookbook, which will be on sale during the upcoming Folk Festival. Enjoy !) See our related "Salute to Mothers" on our Mother's Day pages in this issue/ Good luck, GSC graduates! On this Sat., May 9, there will be much gaiety at Glenville State College's Lilly Gymnasium, when the members of the Class of 2009 gradu- For these graduates, the commence- ment ceremony and its related pre- liminary events represent the end of a specific journey in higher education here in Glenville. On the other hand, it isn't the end of their learning pro- cesses, which will go on for their entire lifetimes. We editors warmly congratulate these Class of '09 graduates for their academic achievement(s), and wish all of them well for successful future careers and lives. Glenville's Election coming up Here is some Glenville City Elec- tion information now worth writing in your 2009 notebooks, so that you won't forget. Glenville's upcoming General Elec- tion will be held at City Hall on Tues.. June 9, 2009. Several energetic, civic-minded people, who want to help our commu- nity move forward, have stepped up to the plate and filed for the offices. Political opportunities This newspaper offers each candi- date an unique opportunity to publi- cize their professional, business, or civic credentials, and to speak out on their No. One Issue tO better the city of Glenville. Up until two weeks before the Gen- eral Election, we editors will print their biographies and pictures (free of !::iii::!::i::iii::iii::i:::::::i::i::::!i::i!i::i::i!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii::::i::!::!::::::i::i::i::!::!ii:: i!::::i::::::!.::i::i::i!::!i::i::i::i::::::::::ii::::::::i::::i::;::::i::::i::::::::::!i::!::i::!::i::ii!::i::i::i::::::i::::::ii: :::::::i::::::i::::::::i::i::::li::::::::i:::::::!::::::!::::::i::::!:::i::!::ii!ii::!:i::i::iii::!iiii:,i::i::::::i::?:::::::ii::::::::::::::::i::::::i::::::::::::i::::i::::::::::::::::::li::::!::::i::::::ii::::::!:?:::;::i::!::!::i::!::i::i::::::i::!::iiii::i::i::::::::::::::::::::::::i::::::::::::::::i::::i::::i::::::i::::::::::::i:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::,::::::::::::::::::::!i!i,::::::::::?:::i::::::::::::::::::::::::i::i::i:,i::i::::?:::::::::i::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::i::::ii:::::::.:::::::ii::i:i::::?:::ii;ii: [?!i00ii!ii00ii!ii00ii!ii!00ii00!ii00i?ii!iiiii00iiiiiiiiiiiiiii!i;i00i00i;ii00i!iiii00i!00iiiiii}iiiiii00i!00iiiiiii!00ii}i!00iii00i!00ii!ii00i0000iiiii!ii!!ii!00i00ii00i00'iiiiiii0000i0000iiiiii00iiiiiiiii!iii00i?i00i00i00ii00ii00ii00ii00iiiiiiiiii00ii00iiii00i!00iiii!00i0000i00ii0000i00!i?!iiii!00iiii00iiiii00i00ii00iiiiiiiii00iiiiiiiiii?i00!i00?ii!!;i100i!ii00iiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii00ii00iiiiiiiii00ii00i0000i!i?00?00i!00ii00iiii000000iiiiiiiii!ii00iii00iiiii!00iiiiiiiiiii!iii!i00:iii!iiii:iiiii?iii!;?!ii!00i00i0000ii!00iiiiiii!ii00i00iiii00iiiiiiiiii00ii00!iii00iii!iiii00!i?00?00?ii0000ii00ii00!ii!?iii00!00ii00iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii00N00000000?00!:::00i00!0000iii0000;;::i000000i0000iNi iiiii ilJi!i00i00iiiiiiiiiiii;ii!i iiii :iiiii00 Part Two m The West Virginia Constitution (and Other Works of Fiction) cont'd ... "Motions," no more "Petitions," and no more "Writs ofHocus Pocus." It has all proven to be nothing but part of West Virginia's grand fraud, perpetrated on indigent prison inmates. I was under the impression, Max- well. that federal judges were to take cognizance of all valid constitu- tional claims of prison inmates. It's clear, however, that West Virginia's prison walls have formed an impen- etrable web between this state's incar- cerated citizens and the federal protec- tions of the United States Constitution. I feel it's safe, Judge, to presume that you are a man of some perception. Along with the obvious - my total lack of resepct for West ,Virginia's. perverted system of justice and anyone who per, petrates it - it shouldn't be too difficult for you to perceive, also, that I no longer concern myself with getting out of your slavery industry. This is just another duty station now, and I've been sta- tioned in worse places. Ihave no family out there to go back to. My home is gone, my property ig gone, and every- thing I owned in the world is gone. thanks to the corrupt, bone-picking buzzards you are protecting. In the event that my continued "atti- tude" incites more childish, vindictive retaliation, Judge, give it your best shot. The more you and Kaull lie, the more mistakes your system makes, and the more biased behavior I can incite from your system - the more I have to write about. Here is my indictment of your sys- tem Maxwell and unlike "Defective" ' ' I James. l am not confused As long as people like you, Kaull. the Marion County Judges, and the majority of the state's Supreme Court of Apathy haunt the state's criminal justice system, noth- ing is going to change. When judges get so full of them- selves that they decide they are no longer bound by constitutional law and profes- sional canons, there ts no way for the indigent to protect themselves from a corrupt system. Constitutional protec- tions have been reduced to the analo- gous equivalent of a fairy tale. Of women educators cont'd ... InfantSEE is a no-cost public health program developed to provide eye care for infants nationwide. Participating West Virginia optometrists will pro- vide a one-time, comprehensive eye assessment for infants from six to twelve months old. This assessment will pro- vide an opportunity for early detection of potential eye and vision problems at no cost, regardless of income. The Vision Care Institute (VOA) InfantSee van will be traveling through West Virginia cities and accepting walk-. ins or appointments. Or, you may lo- cate a participating optometrist. To re- ceive more information, including a schedule of the InfantSEE mobile screening unit, or to get the name of the nearest participating optometrist, visit, or call 1-800-396- 3937. I urge you to go on line or call to receive details. This is a wonderful op- portunity to get an early start on vision health for your infants and if a problem exists, arrange for early intervention and treatment. Now that the session is completed, please address your mail to my home office at PO Box 254. Gassaway, WV 26624. My phone number is 364-8411 and fax 364-8711. If you need immediate assistance, call my Assistant to the Majority Leader, Mr. Tom Bennett at340-3262 or fax to 340-3213. If you have an interest in any particular bill or a list of all bills hat passed both the House and Senate, please let me know. For those with Internet access, my e- mail address is You also may obtain additional legis- lative information, including the copies of bills, conference reports, daily sum- manes, interim highlights, and other information from the Legislature's web site at you write or leave a message, please remember to include your phone num- ber with your inquiry and any details you can provide. Additional informa- uon. including agency links and state government phone directory may be found at Remember to thank a veteran for their service to our nation and continue to remember our troops at home and abroad and keep them andtheir fami- lies in your.thoughts and prayers. Until next week. take care! Cat - Congratulations on earnir our .-. at 6a/era ,.%temativnd qiniversit00 d/ast 8at.! "x've noo mas/ered the career skills and fools ned to take off in fioht. 00n]=j ride in fhis cdogCnl and exciti nero baUoon into the ftdnrd Dave, Patrick & Until West Virginia purges itself of the glut of errant judges, prosecutors and lawyers and replaces them with jurists who respect constitutional law, the state's system is going to remain the same stinking toilet that it is to- day. Fortunately, Judge Maxwell, the same Constitution that you and Kaull dump on with your bogus "rulings" allows me to tell you, and the world, exactly what I think of them. James Lucas. Inmate. Mt. Olive Correctional Facility (with two issues left before the June 9 election), all of these political an- nouncements and Letters to the Edi- tor (by either the candidates or their friends) mugt be marked as "Paid Po- litical Advertisements.!' The biographies should be no more than two type-written and double- spaced pages in length, and the photo, a mug shot. We can take the picture in this office ($5.00 fee). In addition, we offer the candidates paid advertisement space in all issues of this newspaper for the election, including the week-after "Thank You" notices. Please read our rules for fair and equal campaign advertising on page 3A of this and future newspaper issues. Special note should be made that our advertising rates are still about the second lowest in the state a real bargain. See us for price quotes! You'll find out that our newspaper is the least expense way to get the word of your candidacy out to Glenville residents. much lower than postal mailings, cam- paign souvenirs, radio or internet sites. We hope that all of you candidates for the city's offices will avail your- selves of these above benefits, thereby keeping your potential constituents informed and happy" to vote for you. Conclusion Hope that all of you have a happy week. reasonable final m at C, RC that you experienced a funfilled "Cinco de Mayo" festivity on Tues- day, but. most importantly, will have a wonderful college graduation on this Saturday,joyfully celebrating that milestone in your lives with your fam- ily and friends! And, as you go out into the world, remember the ideals that you learned in college and put them into practice; they are still good for making your marks in the world of various careers even today. So until next week, newspaper read- ers and college graduates, increase your spirit of adventure and broaden your knowledge of the world by read- ing a good novel one that will shower you with many new ideas and ways to bring about your increased happiness, well-being, and contribu- tions to society! Indeed, visit either the college or public library for some good reading ideas! Bye, bye, good folks, and don't forget your Mom on Mother's Day ! % APR Financing 2008-2010 Vehicles WV e'08 Chevy Impala LT, LOADED, silver ........................... ltaS0 e'06 JeBp Grand Cherokee Laredo SUPER SHARP, low miles, silver ..... |,80 e'08 Ford Focus SE, 2 dr., auto., air, ONLY 4,000 MILES, ki green ........ $1,,, 03 Chevy -10 crew cab, 4x4, LOADED, maroon, good miles ......... 0,90 e'04 Chrysler Sebring CONVERTIBLE. LOADED, leather, power seats .........  |2,B0 One of my favorite comic strips is "Baby Blues' featuring the MacPherson family. It' s the one with the dad Darryl's accentuated big nose. the mother Wanda's big head. and the three young children. Each day we're treated to another family episode, with predominance gwen to the "blues" of the mother with all the problems every mother faces in child raising. And yet. there is not a hint of abandoning the venture de- spite the freedom from family re- sponsibilities Wanda witnesses and sighs over in her un-mother friends. A recent e-mail, with no attribu- tion. spoke so well of the vicissi- tudes of a mother's life that it could have been a play on the Baby Blues cartoon. In it a mother describes her daily life with children and the Way they make such heav2 demands. She feels as if she is "invisible" as a person, being always called upon for functions making sandwiches, an- swering questions, cleaning up. Such a way to dedicate one's life. despite all the education she has had! What is it all for? Then one day a friend gave her a present, a book that described the great cathedrals of Europe. each of which took generations to build. The friend added a comment: "To Char- lotte, with admiration for the great- ness of what you are building when no one sees." Charlotte spent the following days, in her words. "devouring" the book. and discovered /'our life-changing truths every mother needs to know: 1. No one can say who built the great cathedrals - we have no record of their nantes. 2. These builders gave their whole lives for a work they would never see finished. 3. They made great sacrifices and expected no credit. 4. The passion of their building was fueled by their faith that the eyes of God saw everything. That last point has been exempli- fied in various tales of artisans carv- ing beautiful and painstaking de- signs in places of the cathedrals so high, or so covered over. that no one would ever see. But they knew God saw xt. and that was enough fo r them. We each undertake many things in life that are destined to perhaps forever remain secret save in the eyes of God: acts of love, forgive- ness. mercy, help, or like the cathe- dral artisans smply exercises of our God-g]ven talents. When we come to a way of living that doesn't look for recognition for the good we do. but we still do it for love of God or love of others, we are numbered among the saints, the holy ones of God. We've come to a realization that, as the wisdom of Scripture reveals, our lives are like a passing wisp of wind, short to stay, not to m time be remembered save in the eyes of God for whom this life of ours was created. And that doesn't really bother us. Happy Mother's Day! 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