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May 9, 1975     The Glenville Democrat
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May 9, 1975

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~i~ ~ -. ~ i The C, teavflk May L 1975 II II VI J - . " Jlfl I... Jill I~1 I Ill] Ill III 0 Looking at the mudded water of the Little Kanawha River. hope .that loggers. contractors, gas and oil officials,who emgle roads will attend the tion and Development.s k ing road and skid trail workshop May on. The Soil, Conse a tells us the excessive, stifling tmdi;am tien of the once-clear streams and rivers in Virginia is caused primarily by poorty access roads to gas and oil wells, timber sile and other locations. One example of 8ucl destruction is a gas company road near Rocky Knob at Tanner. The erosion is so bad along the that ravines have formed as deep as three feet. SCS officials reckon that it is safer and cheaper over the long run for accw8 made to 3e constructed at a 10 per cent grade. At tile very least a company won't have to pay a doz to maintain a winch line to haul big precipitous grades year after year. Sensible construction*of woodland reads would cut down on erosion and water sedimentation, reduce maintenance costs and provide roads that will last for many years. For too Ion8 now we have heard the excuse that building proper woodland roads is too costly an undertaking, officials believe such an excuse to be a smokescreen and we agree. Speed is not the-most element in constructing access roads. The minerals will still be there, the aquatic life and flora emd natural beauty of our landscapa don't have to be sacrificed needlessly. We realize the need to extract minerals and other raw materials for the needs of our people All we ask is that this work he done with respect to the land that be s to us all. that our existeace ............. It has been predicted that L@ading Creek will cease to exist in five years if excessive sedimentation is atlowe continue unabated. What will happen to Wild. wonderful West Virginia'ff theee woodland ctmtinuo to erode into our beautiful streamsrivers .... a~ f by Jim lacobs During these trying economic times - perhaps not as trying in Gilmer County as in Detroit, New York or other traumatized parts of the U.S. - many citizens question President Ford's request for about $105 billion in budget authority for the Defense Department. That's an increase of $15.7 billion above the amount approved by Congress for the current fiscal year. At a time when towns, counties and cities throughout the nation are begging for federal funds to help fund important social and economic development projects, such an increase is hard to justify. Especially after the U.S. has poured $135.4 billion down the drain in South Vietnam, $1 billion of which was literally dropped in just a matter of weeks. The administration has also proposed cuts of $17 billion in federal programs that help the poor and elderly, such as Medicaid. food stamps, community health and mental health centers. The Ford Administration's priori- ties are clear, but the sums involved are too big for ordinary mortals to comprehend. So, in an effort to bring military expenditures down to a scale we can all deal with, Sanford Gottlieb, executive director of SANE, has prepared a series of comparisons between the costs of specific military programs and of city services across the country. The cost of running Baltimore's school system is $395 million (Gilmer County needs $3,029,500 to renovate their school system}. The cost overrun on an SM-1 tank The entire budget for the city of Atlanta is $356 million. You could get within reach of that sum for the $311 million it costs for four AWACS radar aircraft and parts. One of the functions of the AWACS plane is to lift the P esident of the United States above the billowing mushroom clouds in case of nuclear war. The City of Glenville has proposed a $499,500 grant for a Water and Sewer Improvement Project. This amount represents the cost of the fuel consumed by one aircraft carrier in 13 days. Mayor Beame of New York City proposed laying off 1,500 city employees in order to save $44 million. That hapens to be the amount estimated as the cost of the Pentagon's public relations budget. Philadelphia's entire annual bud- get is a shade under $1 billion. The Navy's contract to Lockheed to protect us with a maneuverable nuclear warhead will cost $1.3 billion-before cost overruns. So if we just abandon the notion that nuclear-tipped missiles must take evasive action, we could run the government in the City of Brotherly Love, and have more that enough left over for some other useful purposes. For example: The U.S. failed to adjust aid to over 130 nations who had come to Rome in December looking for direct food assistance. Sen. Dick Clark, D-Iowa, said that an additional one million tons of food, just a small amount in terms of the need, would cost about $175 million dollars, or, the price of three B-1 bombers. One Trident submarine would pay for the food 10 times over. Several months ago, a public opinion survey by Louis Harris and Associates revealed that in national priorities, "both the public and its is $394,.1 million, The cost overrufl, i prim'ity to should be remembered, is the price increased above the original estimate, not the full cost of the weapon. Cleveland needs another $10 million to keep its transit system going. That's the precise cost of one F-15 fighter plane. expanding government programs for education, health insurance and housing and highest priority to cutting back expenditures for mnttary aid, overseas intelligence operations and defense spending." Mr. President. can you hear us? Barbara WHliams .... About Chicken fat, and so forth. . I recently read that a couple of ! experimenting with featherless one-fourth of the protein that chicke~ feather-making, and so these guys chicken for your grain dollar if your appearances. Unfortunately, the likely to be frostbite victims, so the heat their dorms. The other potential drawback is smooth skin on their chickens. That's general public has gotten kind of attachedl skin. and balks at the "'smoothies." Now in case you think that's shopping habits. PERSONAL TESTIMONY {taken from~ files and re-furbished for your own I had occ'asion, recently, to grocery to purchase a few edibles for As I wandered down those endless stickers denoting the required each object, I happened upon the astonished, frightened, and a bit di~ chicken pieces had been packaged on instead of the usual white ones. Try as overcome my aversion to that package 50c elsewhere. All this just goes to show that we attention to the packaging than to the (Wonder if I can fit a new dress into t While l'm on chickens, did you know the best brownies in the world? My mother| years ago, and she was right. Mothers are always right. Gilmer foaty Second Monday each month - Boesiers meeting, 7:30 p.m. at high Third Moadays each month - meeting, 7:30 p.m. at high school's GSC pool use for community - p.m. Tuesdays, Thursdays. 7-8 p.m. Friday, May 9 - DAV Meeting. 8 p.m. Friday, May 9 - GlenviUe Relmkah p.m. Saturday, May 10 - All-alto ahtg. Recreation Center, begins at 7:30 p.m. Mondgy, May 12 - ]Amman'S GFWC dinner, Gihner County p.mi. Tuesday, May 13 - Covered Mammic Lod~ #118 AIr&AM; all Tuesday, May 13 - Glenvflle p.m. ...... ~,~May 14 - 7:30 p.m. ~ ~ Center. Friday, May 16 - Gflmer County (~ty Ha]], 7:30 p.m. Saturday, May 17 - Sing, Church, Rt. 5 Thursday. May 22 - Blood Pressure Departmmlt, Minecal ltd., Q-11:30 Consumers have good to be stunned when they discover their hea and lighting bills are approaching the size of amrtgage bills. The Washington that the problem isn't as simple as eha: oompanies with profiteering on ttw, crisis. Oil and coal ll t tim power for electric generators the price of fuel has This is what the surcharge on elsctric hills is all abeut say0 electric utilities. charge some cost i nd excessive coste,-that do not belong hem. If 80, we hope the 8overnment regulatory them and eliminate them. To the Edit: During the recent survey of the county for the school bend proposal, a lot of people brought up the subject of past mistakes and mistrust of counW and state officials. True, mistakes have been made, but the only good I can see from bringing up the past is learning not to make the same mistakes again. The School Facilities Plan is a good one. If anyone has a better one please step forward. Why can't we htu'y the past and get on with the problems at hand. Time is running out and we csn't afford to waste it. My children are almost through public school, but I have a healthy, happy grandson eager to reach out and grab ~ the knowl~ge we can give him. I want him to have the chance to be a doctor, lawyer, scientist or whatever he w~tshes. Along with all the children in Gilmer County. I want him to lmve that choice. All the adults of Gilmer County have a choice. In a year or so I would like to look at all the new classrooms and equipment this bond can give us and proudly say, "Hey! Look what we did." On the other hand it could be a collapsed building or a burned out shall. Then. we will have to say regretfully, "Look what we did" Mrs. James Hem, St. Route 1. Box 181B Gtenvt]ie, WV Vazquez Medical Corporation Saturday, May 10 thro gh Mondby, Joseph Vazquez attends mescal Aluminum Siding? Additions? Roofing? Fed up with HIGH Prices? Box J J4 Aulmm, W. Va. 26325 o.t o, the o[ dl te m As far as we not so much with the owners of equipment and transmission limm the of crude oil and coal. * Any effort that down subs _ntially the price to have to start either prices of oil and coal or with s _..eces of power-nuclear, solar Until one of the price of electricity b 8oi 8 to t higher 'than it has ever before in our be better than those we have now but whatever they are, they will be simply matters of changing which consumers pay-and how pay-rather than reducing the overall bill. II To the Editor: I lost my waIlet containing valuable papers, credit cards and cash while visiting friends along Steer Creek. Mr. Ronald Parsons found my wallet lying in the road and went to great trouble returning it to me. He refused a reward. I am proud to have been bern and raised in Gilmer County where such honest people still live by the Golden Rule. Mrs. erode Mowe Grant ville " II I I The Glenville Pathfinder hblished gvor7 Friday ByGILMER COUNTY PUBUSHING, INC. At 100 E. Main St. Glmv le. WV 381 Phone 4~2-73~ Secov C4e pam imtd et Gimville end at additional mailing offk . iS.00. Can not accept stdmcripSiens for thin $ months. JIM JACOBS .................................................. EDITOR JOAN IJtYNE ............................... CIRCULATION MANAGER GREG NICHOLSON ................................. SALES MANAGER I I I am a ~ f~" I~wm'. yom wolds. I mM~l m. Tlmt is a lot of rummy. I m ~ by notu~ v~/~ If Y~ a Oood mime,, kmp doing thlng8 thM.need to be clone. This is a small fret I am for proofing m tho paoo wo ca~ rmidents end do the things Sho m0io~ty wlshm. I poddno. The ctw is ~ recelvino some amoum hso bmn cut by 42%. The ctW wm Governnum is aJk ng about reneu4ng Fodond another 6 y~rl. N ddl m md m of Gkmv~k~ I ho~! he~d of unU~ rumorl bjng you belkM) thorn. I hope you nwer run for will Woblldy give you tl~ same U'mtment. I h~o~mdi life-long rmidimL Your support and vote Jt~ OOOO000OOI