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May 12, 1977     The Glenville Democrat
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May 12, 1977

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4 The Glenville Democrat/ Pathfinder May 12, i977 4/46/77-Lockards Inc., Flatwoods: Vs. Magistrate court action Roberts DozingService, Glenvi]le. 4/26/77-Harry Hoover, G|enviUe: Vs, " Robert Townsend. Cox&apos;s Mill. SOIL SPEECH--JoAnn Fres- ! 42677-Harry Hoover. Clenville: Vs. hour, a Tanner eighth grader, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Miller. Glenville. participated in the West Fork Soft Misdemeanors guilty to issuing a worthless check. 12177-Smith Brothers Inc.. Vs. Conservation District's soft and 4277-Oscar Morgan, Big Bend. pied 4!2977-Deborah Grimsley, Glenville, guilty to public intoxication, pied guilty to issuing a worthless Hanna Lou Taylor and Gregory L. water conservationspeech contest 4/2/77-Ethel Griffen, Big Bend, pied check, guilty to speeding. Taylor. in Clarksburg, May 2. A student i guilty to public intoxication. 42977-Chris Lattimer, Glenville, 4/11/77-David Fox, Linn, pied guilty to from Weston won the competition. 4/15/77-Michael Wiant. Glenville, pled guilty to issuing a worthless having no operatorslicense and failure -:- ...... - : Adren G. Jones, of (;timer County pied guilty to public intoxication, check, to maintain control of vehicle. CO,linty Court and chairman of the West Fork 4/21/77-Leonard Pritt, Cox's Mill, pied Traffic 2/11/77-Ronnie Sidwell, Grantsville. SCl) conservation education cam- guilty to public intoxication. 4/1/77-Carl R. Carr, Sand Fork, pled pied guilty to reckless driving. News mittee conducted the speech :: 41677-Elmer McCumbers, Rosedale, guilty to no registration and overwidth. 4/12/77-Herbert Duley. Elizabeth, run-off. County run-offs were held , pied guilty to public intoxication. 4/1/77-Richard A. Leggett, West pied guilty to driving left of center line. in each school. The two district  4/23/77-Gilbert Valdez, Glenville. pied Union, pled guilty to expired plates. 4/14/77-Larry Lang, Cox's Mill, pied : guilty to public intoxication. 4277-Stephen Wine. Gem, pied guilty to driving left of center line. Deeds Recorded winners will be the main speakers 4/29/77-Naomi Paiva, Glenville, pied 4/15/77-Debra Nichols. Spencer, pled Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Griffith grant at the annual conservation educa- mwmmmmmminmmmmmmmnmmnmmmmmnammmummummmmmmmmmmm guilty to speeding, to Grace Lynch three lots in Cedarville. tion awards banquet in Glenvme,  41577-Michael Wiant, Glenville, Elva Burke grants to lena Burke a June 10. li ; ISears- ] pled guilty t driving while license l' in Cedarville" I revoked and.leaving the scene of an Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lingelback  T0E HOURS : accident, grant to FIe Deulley 3.8 acres on the i!i 4/18/77-Buel Selman, Gilmer, pied waters of the Little Kanawha River in , guilty to improper registration plates. DeKalb district. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. Frnday - 9 to 5 p.m. 4/21/77-Cecil Ramsey, Glenville, pied Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Clevenger ! : Weesda,Saturdav.9to,a.m, : guilty to overwidth, granttoMr, andMrs. Timothy Marks Natic cki g I " " . . 4/23/77-DebbeHaught, Waverly, pied 11 acres on Brier Lick Run, IF: tac pa n Sears Best Exnor and Interior Paun on hie. guilty to improper passing. Mr. and Mrs. Romeo A. Carson and others grant to Evelyn Luzader a N 42577-Elmer McCumbers, Rose- | Come in and check our #ces. | dale, pled guilty to leaving the scene of lot in Layopolis. aiJs inl an accident. Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. li,ler turns [r :() . Phone 462-7374 4/26/77-Delbert Collins, Jr.. Long- grant to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Metz6.8 _ ,.,, ,,.,_, [ Authorized : wood. Fla., pied guilty to having acres and 25.7 acres on [oe's Run. defective equipment. Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Vanhorn time." says a II k.')(L'll [ CATALOG SALES MERCHANT P 42677-Charles Greenlief. Glenville, grant to Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. "Many of the , ] OWNED AND OPERATED BY JANET DEAL : pled guilty to speeding. Fawcett two lots in the Hays City ways are passing into ! I " 4/28/77-Lyle Coffman, Glenville, pied Addition to the city of Glenville. noner the better, if SllnllllellnllllBBmnllillnmnllllnnungiBlullll guilty to overlength. Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Smith . survive." Dept. of Natural Retmutces grant to Gerald Furby 104.5 sq. poles in J 4/11/77-Kevin Garrett, Glenville, pied Center district.  Signs are I! guilty to failure to exhibit a fishing Karl F. Maser grants to Carol F. Despite pleas ((  ( license. Moaer 71 acres and 86 acres on Lower wilderness areas in   41877-Ted Turetzky, Glenville, pied Run.  I country are showing I guilty to illegal burning of trash. Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Richards "'Carry out what  Civil Judgements Rendered grant to Thomas McPherson and Cecil command signs at tr8 41377-Public Finance Corp., plain- Reaser Jr. 1.2 acres on Trace Fork. lill mars fc ests, me1 tiff, Weston; Vs. Roger and Della Mr. andMrs. French Barker grant r eadows. Themessn Isenhart. Stumptown; Judgement in to Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Jones a lot in to organize clean-up / favor of plaintiff by default. Layopolis.  The rewards 4/12/77-Lucille McVaney, plaintiff, Mr. and Mrs. Scott Furr grant to however, for those  Glenville; Vs. Allen Hess. Glenville; Mr. andMrs. C.C. Talkington .34 acres -klil' backcountry. Judgement in favor of the plaintiff by on Cedar Creek. from it only trial. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Furr grant to behind only 42977-Pebble Pritt, plaintiff, Glen- Michael S. Boggs a lot on Cedar Creek. Anyone in good Rt. 33 & 119- 4miles west of Westen bille; Vs. Bobbi Gaines, Glenville; Mr. and Mrs. Arza Hall grant to reasonably active Judgement in favor of the plaintiff by Betty L. Feldman 1/2 interest in the nine-pound pack and A complete selection of Quality Built Homes trial, royalties on oil, gas and other minerals "Don't fall down. You'll get modes! weekend 12 WIDES - 14 WIDES - DOUBLE W1DES Civil Suits Fried [No Judgements] underlying 64 acres on Stone Lick Run trampled to death," lament back- AND MODULAR ON DISPLAY 4/12/77-Robert Osborne, Elkina; Vs. of Horn Creek. packers. Popularthesefootpathsdays" are turning into physicalBut manypreparatin'a soft, ! EACH FIJLLY DISPLAYED AND LIGHTED Charles and Betty Buckhannon, backcountry freeways as more and slicker has toppled Glenville. Mm'riage License more hikers seek to get away from it all before high noon on Phone 261}-1510 -- Open Friday tit 8 p.m. 41577-Harry Thompson, Glenville, Robert Shirle Ball, 22, of Stouts on weekends and extended wilderness heat a hast retreat Member of W.Va. Mobile Homes Association Vs. Luther Frame, Orlando. Mill and Agnes Louise Fincham, 18 of journeys. Some 20 million people have finished his vacation 4/21/77-U.S.Life Credit Corp., Grants- Glenville. tried backpacking and the number swimming pool. vine: Vs. Farrell and Linda Cunning- Darrell Eugene Moss, 45, of rows every year. reports the National A person of ham. Lockney. Glenville and Margaret Lucille Sears, Geographic Society. with a fairly heavy 'd'out o, GlenviUe. "'We can no longer afford the .wmilesan How ,ames George Simmons. 50..of. 'ux--''sl@epig on a bed of fresh-cut r *  - . , hike six or sevenpah,, say t  Warren, Oh. and Reta Ellen Clev,g  vergrbeiboughs, or of- building up a To a novice, 38, of Glenville.  ro'aring campfire after every meal- clim'bing can seem first thing that Appalachian Trail i1 die W& RAMP DINNER seemed uphill," Saturday, May 21, 1977 Serve 4 - 7 pm Confirmed rewards easily Glenville I.O.OJF. Hall forts. A 24-year-old ,, , virture of solo  ,. Kanawha Street Glenville, WV i often see wild flee from a  Mfllert.oBC 22eroaaSt ...... 555-1144 PRIm|&$gWI|| UEITD U| .,.. ,..m .., ,,,.o,,,,o,,,.o,,, Public Invited explains. "On mY AVEI TI tMY lOoCamlrieSt 5554)74 Pulkl R J 511DewarRd - 55-727 61Z w 47 ................. iS-4?. ..,..,, sm ..,, u.,.,...  .xroc. shelter and food Baldwin Harriet lrance MIT|$U. $ LIFt $AJ| "--"-- I56ClatidgeSt ..... .1() FatMS J W AgCy 34 lhsieAv 555-862  t ANvl qW6Ht.lftS - $5S. I.UII,R r II0lD4115 INIURAJII 01D bt18 Irntlepemct 5trlll of my stay, and a 0aePawtyBld $558 II'OODBRIDG ePLHmUU|T Chamberlain RW Ra&C BIosomHill&Unt .... 555-0010 tt.mA41y 4117Bdwy--55- ...... .  T-- me. aoo0 South Oak 55775 jacksonWflliPASPaLa,e 555-o IYAII&OllL4LIiU;$O Mroeet 555677 -- : --- -"--- ------- - ----" - : ..... A|one I can I:HUTa 1#418- Uou,iv,r*s 555-8302 $AMUILSell DAVID ANY U  (; t 7530ahanK -S5-1 /' [ R I. I \\; 9qPlyrn0uhl0ck/d 555-7632 Verllch Gerald Agcy 909S0rnenetR4- 5ra  It) Main $35-2299 &reeat l C Ay 500ES7thSt 555.2946 5thrumming L S Fire Imurance relax, and enjoy 0oo ........... ,_-_._. Cove Motors ,,,,,.... ,,,.:..,, ,,. h*x., . ,... without social Adle Frank ,)cy Smit Suan A AI 9400RepublicAv 555-9 YmEcWeer heles $h,6Wilme,rR 5-4725 2q,0El,mbeth 555-74 tm$mu, NIltl.lBill-/ stop to thank all I "'- Stouts Mill WV Phone 462 7257 w...,,o. ,,, ,,,  ..,. sss., ", a w .o,.,,,,,.o - - sss u lDt$ .,,t,, s-oo w.,,,  lD t-,,, sT..,,.,,--: there." n, Jams ms e e4.,m, ssz $wmst vm Jv ,..,,...,.sssss wm$ mmUml " For beginning 1 glJT0 IINUU$ NATI II011J 2o0wss ......... 5I121 xSOrrld .................. SM-_ 4OOCha.S, 555-5523 Nee, C41IJ'T Z4,PemC ..... 5s1{| S''ll'Mlmli W..Ke|tttA'7 70"Or*- GI ill ,-.,--0,,.-,..,,.,,..,, ,,,.,,. ,,,. . ., ,,00,,.,o, - ,.,,,, ,,,0 ............... ,,,.. El. 5 Between env e and Burnsville ever, a party of ,.,. ,t ,o,0<,,,m.o, --.s.lDaao t.. 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""'-----.-"-- Mustang 2 + 2 V6 Air 21 regardless of .,...__...., ,,., ......... ,.. ...... _o ................ .._ ]74 Ply "-St " Cyl Std "795 540 N Rtvilie6F 555.20M 0'$bea  P 14011taaL,maAv.555- KR..IMR COUNTF t O'rlOllp 1ESO8u$t 55-Z96 nlW&OOIfAIY 1871Se-.5.5700 EvasPeUT ?50Thl@Av ...... S21 , ....... ,--,-,,,--,=,.,,--,.,,,..,Or .,,,,,..._ .... ._. mouth uu er o I good boots couldn't Hudak-Kli Auto lnsmllce3CRCo .TM Pi $ lD 3bOOCentralAv * -- 55-22 "--' " X"'rta,m0tl 5"35-8000 pI K A LablleOr ........ SM42 who tried to ease Ingefs ll,lhl P ICy ? LyttRO  - 5*" Ptcwis l W Covnty(HTiceBIdg - - 55-02 Tq W F &  SH*,fLR .,,..-o.......__--, ,,-,,,, ,,..--,,..-----,,.,.o, ,,,.., ,.....,,,.... ,.0w,, ....... " "-..,. ""-'' ........ 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What's 'UAmV w.,,, ..... - ...-...., ,,.,.,.,..,,,,,..,,, ,,,s,, more. in the Yetlow Pages, customers ,us '"" --:'""---- --"_....... 73 Gremlin 6 Cyl Std Air 1195 st,,,, ,, tend to choose companies with display z.. ,. , .,,,.-m., ..... 0.,,,,...s ads over those in the crowd of smaller z-, 72 Ford 500 2D Auto,Air 1295 MTW RtMlr 9?7ewAv - 5- .ot..,,,.in, ,.,,,. ,n  ,e, a, "--"" 47 Jeep Metal Cab 4 Cyl 595 m-t.mtum yOU can tell people more about what your ,. w, ,...,.m"_. ' . business has to offer. Often it's just ,,,nw, un--MulD LET YOUR FINGERS DO THE 55 GMC 2Ton Flat bed 895 .m ow.,.,..., enough to get them to pick up the phone , ,..., t.F,F*... - sz then and there. WALKING in a ilgY, in fhe Yellow tmm w, lust of ,a,.,,, ........... s.m Call The Reuben H. Donnelley Corpora- Page, r,.,'m|L'm'm'T"j ..... ,,-.s.4 Totin' and tell them you want a bigger ad,giveyourseff a bigger jump cm the  Cove Motors Guarantee o ,,,,...,.....-...7. FRI-SAT-S ,r... w..  c. crowd. They're listed in the Yellow Pages ,o,F.,.,,....7, under "Advertising-Directory & Guide'.' W,SE O' ,o. ,,. . y you if "-'-',,--,- ou get our cars like got your w e---, soo When you stand out. you stand a better refer to the YELLOW PAGES. IIIR0glTV II J It 13B(lt ilI e'01 e -. ,.] 2  .u,..$..., chance for more business. WORSI OOUSL ' "--"-'" @ C&P'I ,0.  ..,.  8:30 gTRIKtJllITII You can shop at home..easily '"''"'"" If we don't have the vehicle you want, we'll JJ s?Cr - 5SS-L and comfortobly., by thumb;ng lU'fl$ BIN IIllq to,crt SSS.II Chrouh the YELLOW PAGES. get it for you. . i .... Hours: 10 til 6 PM IT'S