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May 13, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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May 13, 2004

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Page 2A -- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder ~ Thursday, May 13, 2004 PROMISE: Good for Students, Good for West Virginia By Governor Bob Wise More than 3,400 young West Vir- ginians"~ the Class of 2004 have recently been,selected as recipients of the PROMISE (Providing Real Op- composite scores of 21 on the ACT Virginia the Education State. (with at least a 19 in the math, science, Education is the cornerstone of or English and reading subtests) or 1,000 economic development efforts. Cor~ combined scores on the SAT (with at panics large and small need a wod least 460 in the math section and 470 force that can use the latest technd in the verbal), ogy and knows how to learn nev portunities for Maximizing In-State PROMISEiskeepingourbesthope,skills, communicate effectively ant Student Excellence) Scholarship. In our children, in West Virginia. For work as a team. Thanks to PROM the fall, many of the first time in rive years, fewer high ISE, more West Virginia studene tJ themwilljoin'the schoolgraduates are leaving the state are gaining the tools they wili need tC " s 6,300colle estu- to attend college. Students who at- succeed in acompetitivejob market tJ dents at in -state tend one ofourpublic orprivateinsti- place, h institutions cur- tutions are far more likely to remain It's never too early for high schoo, tl rently using in West Virginia. pursue their careers students and their parents to star ~~i PROIVIISE funds and raise families here thinking about college. I encourag,a / to advance their The message PROMISE sends toall West Virginia students to take 2 e d u c a t i o n a I students - work hard, play by the the steps necessary for educational goals rules and meet tough expectations- success: take challenging courses Cp The 2004 PROMISE Scholars reD- is changing the educational system in study hard and explore your post, resent the brightest, hardest-working West Virginia, and should be echoed secondary options. Log on now s] high school seniors from schools from pre-school through graduate and around the state. They have all met the school. We're making an investment keep track of key requirements and n A higher standards that were imple- m o.ur chddren and young adults by deadlines. mented this year as requirements for funding the PROMISE, research pro- PROMISE is changing how we do i the program grams and early childhood education, business in West Virginia. I offer my . a To- quahfy" " for PROMISE, mem- From my conversations with students., congratulations to the 2004 PROM- 5 parents and educators around this ISE Scholars, and more importantly bers of the Class of 2004 had to mare- - wonderful state, I know that the divi- my sincere thanks for theirhard work. tl tam a 3.0 grade point average m both n ke dends are already being prod and wdl their overall course work a d the y . " " " These young leaders will make a ...... core subi^ ts" math science histo" contmue to grow as long as we remain brighter future possible for all West " P " ' ' 'J solidly committed to making West and English. They met or exceeded Virginians. D i La qrds t Virgi ia's :7 ::: : LIving, Not Dying.A i, om nate w a n !1 e/,rts ChoiceoftheM ,," d l ~ : i bonlerenc :: =::; : 'Tllbelivingwhenldie. Iread ~| ~ ~] ~ those beautiful and wise wrds td]l!' ', the a~xards at the recent Virginia's event.' sa,o lia Richardson, club ad- trip on the Big,Sandy Creek. Their " long They made me think again of P Confcrcncc competitions, visor. " This is a real victor)' for our efforts paid off. The Mayfield" took how I really want to live my life to During the e~ent held April 1-3 in team and, for Fairnlont State. I am first place, meaning Fairmont State d the fullest every single day. They .',lorganti)wn, teams from 11 Virginia, extremeb proud of my students' ef- will represent the entire region at the made me think again ofhow is West Virginiamld Washington, D.C, forts and the support of our alumni National Concrete Canoe Competi- to thinkand worry aboutdeath when n colleges :rod universities competed in and campus community." tionsJune 17-20 in Washington, D.C. var ?u cvcms .!o show their engi- Fairmont State took first place in Thirty-five FS students participate there is so much living to do in this n ncermg skills, varticipadng institu- Concrete Canoe, Problem Solving, in the competitions. Team leaders life. They made me think again of I tions fr~m West Virginia were West Surveying, the Daniel Mead Paper were Patrick Guthrie, Bridget Biddle, how I want to continue t grow in and I Virginia Uni~'ersity, WVU Institute Presentation and Jeopardy; second "Gabor Nagy, Justin Meadows, Shane share love an djoy, day by day and of Technology, Bluefield State Col- place in popsicle Stick Bridge and Fisher, CartaJones, LarryRiggleman, year by year, so that my very last day lege and Fairmont State; from Vir- Egg Drop; and third place in Con- Jennifer Simms. and Erhin Starcher. can be my very best day as well. ginia were Virginia Polytechnical In- crete Frisbee. FS earned Steel Bridge City Crane sponsored the team in the They made me think again of how stitute, Virginia Military Institute, awards in stiffness and aesthetics Steel Bridge competition led by key University of Virginia and Old Do- ThehighlightoftheconferencewasadvisorTom Nicholas. Academic Lab minion; from Washington, D.C.,were the Concrete Canoe competition at ManagerDennisMitchellalsogreatly George Washington University, Ruby-McQuainParkinMorgantown. contributed to the team's success by Catholic University and Howard uni- The FS team had worked for more obtaining many of the materials versity, than a month on their canoe called needed and helping with logistics, "Outofninecompetitions, ourteam "the Mayfield" in honor of Jeff rginia'. The recently concluded legislative which the Legislature passed, will highway dollars and lives. Today, session resulted in reforms that will address this problem, thanks to the efforts ofmany dedicated help all West Virginians. We've ina- The High RiskPool will allow indi- people, our highways are safer. proved the health viduals who cannot buy insurance in I also applaud the Legislature [gr care system, the private market, such as those v ith taking action on my a enda to put passed, historic ~-pre~ximl.ta~eondiliot~ro~ptt~efl~" monl~y [I~f~lhi~ ~Ee~.of'~;Vef~hr.. safety measures ;,fff0tdab,!e ~cove~'age. ~ ,Additionally,, g nighs Agai0.-this AugUst' p~as and taken stcpsto new legislation will provide access to will take advantage of the SalesiTax improve the fi- insuranceforthosewhoworkinsmallHoliday, saving money on clothes, nancial stability businesses and cannot access cover- school supplies and computers. We age through their employer, will reduce the burden of insurance munities and Afler fighting for all-terrain vehicle premiums by implementing a Fraud tamilies, safety legislation for over two years, I Unit within the Insurance Commis- Access to affordable health care am pleased that the Legislature en- sion, and we will reward those brave and insurance is a top priority lbr acted West Virginia's first rules gov- West Virginians who have served their West Virginia families. As costs rise, erning the use ofthesemachines The nation in the Middle East and else- many employcrs are forced to cut bill I signed will require that children where when the voters approve my benefits. We've made great progress wear protective helmets at all times plantoawardabonustocombatveter- in recent years: while our state once and restricts the use ofATVs on paved ans. had one of the highest rates of unin- roads Importantly, it also gives local Wehave muchmoretodotoensure sured children in the nation, theCHIP governments the authority to regulate access to jobs, education and health program has helped us become a na- ATV use in their communities, care and to restore the state's fiscal tional leader Our roads will also be safer, thanks stability. Together, however, wehave Unfortunately, far too many adults to the long-awaited passage of the .08 built a foundation for success in West in West Virginia still lack insurance. DUlstandard. For far too long, failure Virginia in the years to come. Two pieces of legislation I proposed, to enact this standard cost us federal O ENTERING HONOR SOCIETY - Recently the following Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center students were inducted into the Honor Society, From left to right (Front Row) are Richard Tolley, Lisa Huffman, Ernilee Grogg, Ashley Knight, Jacob McCumbers, Cristy Thomas, Tonya Faught and Mellisa Richards; (2nd Row) Annetta Richards, Amanda Bailey, Kevin Deweese, Matt Harris, Jared Cunningham, Josh Burkett, and Stacey Smith. Not able to be present at the induction were: Zach Bailey, Michael Batten, Joshua Brown, Amanda Duelley, Mike Frederick, Tonya Hickman, Dennis McCune, James Montgomery, Jacob Perkins, William Sandy, Samantha Smith. r " , ..... ..... ": Folk Festwal & The Glenville Democrat -- , .... : omer news Pubhshed" by Corcoran Newspapers ' - sale . r S~k~'Advert FI re~l~latl~ -' vvm s~mmm m~,4vv vmv Tom ROit~ - ~ ep ~: ........... Rebecca JOnes - C~'eulatio~ Oleddl~ Ted~, .... ~ : The Glen ville Democrat and Path - Travls B~etl--SpodsReporter . . : finder newspapers have a number of photographs of the West Virginia State Folk Festival from the past three or four years. Our offices at 1()8 North Court Street are open from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon.-Fri. In the main though, Wednesday through Friday are better days to hunt for any of your old pictures that we editors may have taken. Mondays and Tuesdays are 'deadline days, so there is much activ- ity going on at that time, making searching for information more diffi- cult. much caring, giving, helping, laugh- ing, hugging, singing, dancing, smil- ing, and loving goes into truly living. I want to spend all my days living SYNECDOCHE: parts for the whole - From April 5 through April 30, and not dying. I want to spend all work by artist Laura Vinnedge was installed in the Glenville State my days taking in the wonders of a College Fine Arts Gallery in the Fine Arts Auditorium on High Street. sunset, smelling the sweetness of Titled Synecdoche:parts forthe whole, the show featured a large series flowers, and rejioinceing in the love of mixed-media panel paintings. , of my family. I want tos pend all my Ithier ,o our image-glutted environment, Im intrigued by the selection dayschoosingjoy, sharingjoy, and process by which images are noticed or ignored," Vinnedge says. showing others that they can do the Most of the work displayed in the Fine Arts Gallery took iconographic same.I want to spend all my days imageryjuxtaposedwithcounter-intuitiveimagesandsubtexts, making doing all that I can to make this for art that one has to not only look at, but also see to experience the world a better, more beautiful and full more wonderful place to live in. effect of its message. . Vinnedge is an Assistant Professor of Painting at the of, Art,JJnJ, versity;Qft r 0n. " , . : .. : Sutton/Flatwoods Days Inn and Class VI River Runners White Water Rafting An Experience of a Lifetime! Myers School Leo Buscaglia said in one of his "" speeches that.he-wanted his tomb- "~ ..... stone, to ead: "/- r,lies Felice ~n~k- Ocoap*n~y $~48 4~ #.s tu FOr More Information ~h&t O~ul~mc~ $241 ~0 ptus tzx Contact: lndud~; Oae Lo~n~ room, com~zry off~, lu=~e end S~tt ordFl~ twood~ fresh baked ~ w/pre~tr-.,t-s, d~h-~tyle lunch. Days Inn co#np~'tatary betnera~e, pro~c~ionat ~tu