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May 13, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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May 13, 2004

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! CorcoranColumn continued ....... " .., o t" I¸ ~, came to an abrupt and tragic end ments of our governors. when a cannon on the U.S.S. In looking up, I saw the "Wally Princeton exploded, killing him and Barron Papers." a Mr. Abel Parker Upshur, the Secre- This governor had been chief ex- tary of State, the latter being the name- ecutive during the state's Centennial sake of the county a little east of us. in 1963, so much historical informa- Fortunately,President Tyler, whowas tion would be included in his papers. also aboard the battleship, was not Several boxes of them had been at harmed in the accident. GSC's Kidd Library for many years, Archives tour begins but, then, they mysteriously disap- At about 9 p.m., Director peared which deeply concerned me. I Armstrong and Archivist Taylor sig- had been told that "someone" from a nailed that the Hoot Owl Tour was distant city had gotten them, although about to commence. Only 15 partici- no one at the library knew who that pants went on this initial tour which was. opened the closed doors where the Dr.Armstrongsmiledandsaid "We general public generally never sees. got them for the State Archives." It was a two-and-a-half hour walk. They were right there ~ in front of The archives' second and third me-- among the other Wally Barron floors are gigantic, being the space of papers, so they are safe for posterity, a GSC Heflin Student Union floor-- easing my mind about their outcome• doubled. Moreover, each floor is In fact, they couldn't be in a better stuffed full of original records of the place, except for being back at GSC Mountain State which is the special- for our History Dept. students to re- ization of this archives, search. One can find original (or The 'break thne' photograpic)copiesofbirth anddeath At about mid-night, several pizzas records, marriages, wills, deeds, werebroughtin.TheytastedjustgreaL guardianships, homestead records, along with the other goodies supplied settlements and inventories ofestates, by the State Archives' kind staff. military discharges, trust deeds, and Most importantly, the break gave fiduciary records -- many of which all of the 50 historical explorers an date back to 1845 for GilmerCounty. opportunity to socialize. I sat across Additionally, you can perhaps lo- the table from a couple of Cincinnati, cate your county's naturalization Ohio ladies who were researching records, delinquent tax sales, chan- their family's West Virginia roots. cery orders and many other miscella- Also, a lady from Caldwell, Ohio neous records, with Wetzel County ancestors out- There was so much stuffed into lined her family's genealogy and her those rooms from floor to ceiling that adventures with it. The person com- it baffled my mind• ing the farthest was from Texas. I'm certain that many of you read- Back to work & sleep ers, who are searching for very sl0e- Like in the coal mines, the breaks cific information about your family's don't seem like they last long enough. history, would find many jewels in All at once, everyone vanished, going there, back to their individual work stations Patrick placed his hands on Glen- to continue their hopes to discover ville State Normal School's (later new information about their families. College's) 1870s Bulletins. One of I kept on working until 1:30 a.m. the facts that I checked on was the Saturday when Patrick informed me, home towns of the students. Even at "Dad, I'm going to go to sleep on the that early time, GSC was truly a C.en- floor under this table. I need to rest." tral West Virginia and state of West My reply: "I've had iL too, but I'm Virginia college, in that only about going home to the comfort of my own 10 percent of the students were from bed. Next year I'll bring my sleeping Gilmer County-- the rest being from bag." the surrounding counties, as well as The sad truth comes out: I didn't the more remote parts of the state, have enough stamina to last out the A mystery solved entire Hoot Owl shift -- this year. As we walked along the rows and BuL I can always try again. rows of shelves, Dr• Armstrong Dept. of Archives & History pointed out the extensive collection In West Virginia, I don't think we of personal letters and public docu- could have a more professional, help- Thursday, May 13, 2004 --- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder -- Page 5A Continued from page 3 ful and cheerful staff at the State Ar- A look at other values reflected by 6. When all else fails, manipulate and bald-faced lies about the cost of chives and Library than the current the Bush administration runs like a the data. To do this... Medicarebudgetfundingarestrongly employees, list called "Everything I Learned in 7. Demand that the people supply- supported by the President, while For example, early that Saturday Kindergarten I Unlearned from the ing you with information give you people who dare expose the truth in morning, Bobby Taylor said to me, Leaders of My Country." only the informatioti you want in or- the aforementioned matters are fired, "Your name, Corcoran, means a lot to 1. It's okay to lie. der to carry out elaborate plans made personally attacked and cailed"out of me. Are you related to the Corcorans 2. Do not admit your mistakes, five or more years before you even the loop" by the Bush Administra- who owned the toy factory in Indi- Ever. No matter what. And whatever asked for the information. Or... tion. Are these examples ofgood lead- ana?" you do... 8. Alter or ignore scientific fact if it ership? Are these examples supposed "I doubt it," was my response. 3. Never say you're sorry for any- falls out of line with your personal to tell us anything more than Wrong is He went on to explain that as a boy, thing, unless you might gain votes or agenda or the agendas of your largest Right and Right is Wrong? hisfavoritetoywasasmalltruckmade buytimethroughadisingenuousapol- campaign contributors. Or... We often encourage children in our in Indiana which is my native state, ogy. Once you're sure you can avoid 9. Just lie. We already know it's country to believe they can do what- Later, he indicated that the Corcoran an apology, it's best to... okay to do this. Do it as often as you evertheysettheirmindsto.Oneofthe factorywas in Washington, Indiana 4. Blame others whenever you can. like, as often as you open your mouth, most ridiculous examples we like to which is on the Illinois border. I was If you can't blame anyone else, pre- even. offer is that any Johnny or Sally, re- born in New Albany on the Hoosier tendthatwhateveryou'vedonewrong 10. Don't worry about cleaning up gardless of race, religion or socio- State's southern end, but used to drive is"history"and should not bedwelled your own messes. There are genera- economic status, can one day be the through Washington on my way to St. upon too intensely, unless you feel it tions of people being born every day President of the United States. Louis for a college education. I must necessary to... who can be counted on to spend de- The assumption, of course, is that have driven through Washington too 5. Attack your opponents and en- cadesshouideringtheburdenofwhat- most children want to grow up to be fast, not seeing that toy factory, emies for the very actions of which ever you've screwed up in less than President. If this is true, and if they're So, as a result of this Hoot Owl you're guiity yourself. Keepinmind fouryears, watching the examples set by the cur- experience, Ilearned alittle more about that their mistakes are important to Think about it: the men and women rent Commander-in-Chief, let's hope the Corcorans that I didn't know be- point out, while yours are not worth responsible for faulty intelligence they change their career goals. fore. mentioning, gathering, national security failures If you want to learn more about your West Virginia roots, contact either Dr. theFredArchivesArmstr°ng& History°r RobertSection,Taylorstateat West Virginia's College going rate increases, CulturalCenter, lg00KanawhaBIvd. We Vi gi .ar,o ,on WV more students remaining in st r nia They are the folks who can help you find out "what you didn't know be- A new report by the Higber Educa- J. Michael Mullen, Chancellor for estcollege, going rates were: Morgan fore" about your family! Also, they tion Policy Commission indicates the the Higher Education Policy Com- (33.79%), McDowell (39.84%) and can put you into contact with the Hoot fall 2003 West Virigniacollege going mission, notes that "while updated Webster (40.17%). Owl Shift's other sponsoring organi- rate increased to 59.39%, a three per- information on the national college According to Chancellor Mullen, zation, the Mining our History Foun- cent increase from the previous year. going rate is not available, it appears the disparity in the college-going rates dation, which is based in Parkersburg. The Commission also reports fewer that West Virginia continues to make among counties necessitates a stron- (I got back to Glenville at 3:30 a.m., high school graduates leaving the state progress and now exceeds the na- ger emphasis on financial aid and tired but happy. Patrick stuck it out. as an increasing number of students tional average. The increase in the college awareness activities. "A ma- although he had to sleep again in are selecitng West Virginia colleges college--goingratereflectsenrollment jor intiative is being developed that Charleston before leaving and at the and universitites in which to pursue growth in our public colleges and will focus on establishing a new col- Frametown Rest Area. He arrived in their post secondary education, unversities." lege awareness campaign" stated Glenviile in the early afternoon on According to the HigherEducation Added Mullen, "the increase in the Mullen. The Commission has also Saturday.) Policy Commission, of the 17,971 college-going rate and the increase in helpedpioneertherecentlyestablished Gilmer Historical Society students who graduated from a West the percentage of students staying in College Awareness Campaign Alli- Ifyou can't make the trip to Charles- Virginia public or private high school West Virginia is exceptional news ance, a program administered by the ton fight now, try out our next Gilmer in 2002, an estimated 10,673 students when you consider the state's declin- Southern Regional Education Board. County Historical Society meeting at enrolled in a higher education institu- ing student population. Our students The West Virginia Higher Educa- 6:30 p.m. on next Thurs., May 20 at tion for the fall 2003 semester, continue to discover that they can tion Policy Commission is respon- the Holt House Museum on East Main The percentage of high schoolreceive a first-class college education sible for developing establishing, and Street in Glenville. graduate students leaving the state to at a comparable low cost fight here in overseeing the implementation of a Also, if you have some historical pursue their edueation~ has fallen to West Virignia." Mullen credited the public policy agenda for higher edu- artifact that you're not sure of, bring it their lowest level since the Commis- influence of the PROMISE Scholar- cation. It is charged with oversight of in order to show it to the other society sion began tracking student migra- ship for keeping students, in West higher education institutions to en- members who may be able to help. fion. For the 2003 fall semester, it is Viriginia and increasing the college-- sure they are accomplishing their mis- The main speaker will he Dr. Espy estimated only 9.64% of West going rate. sions and implementing the provi- Miller, a GSC English Professor, Virginia's high school graduates en- Harrison County had the highest sions set by state statute. Emeritus, who will speak on: "Mo- rolled in a college or university out- collegegoing-rate(84.06%)followed Acopyofthefullreportisavailable ments to Remember: 50 Years ofLife side of West Virginia. This is almost by Lewis (79.53%) and Ohio at http://www.hepc.wvnet.educ/re- in Glenville." a two percent drop from 2001.(76.38%). The counties with the low- sources/cgr..2OO3.pdf. YOU'RE WELCOME to attend! Warren McGraw gives rualjustice' , ~ Dear Editor, I was shocked at the coverage re- citizens, that civil actions in the State McGraw'sopponenthashiredthemost ceived by Monty Warner for his un- have dramaticaily declined since-1992 successful Republican mediaconsult- supported and_ Malicious attack on and that the number of negligence ant in the country to guide his cam- p ., Supreme Court Justice Warren R. claims against doctors fell in the State paign, Most of all, he ignores that our McGraw. Mr. Warner really should by more than 50% well before the courts are the last place in govemment I'UC-" • I for, get a law degree and practice a little damages caps were put in place last that money and influence carry no I. 7- law in West Virginia before he spouts year. sway. political rhetoric against a Justice He also ignores that West Virginia I know that West Virginians are ade ... based on false propaganda created by added around 300 doctors during the much smarter than Mr. Warner be- ade , opponents of a fair court system, time period that Justice McGraw has lieves, I know that we will continue to for -_, It has been my experience that our been on the Supreme Court giving us elect the candidates with the best in- and , , Supreme Court stands for a fair court the most doctors per person in our terests of West Virginia at heart, like for all persons regardless of the status State's history. Mr. Warner, like so Justice McGraw, and not those with ore ., Lact . .. or influence• Evidently, Mr. Warner many of his Republican cronies and the interests of big business, big • .xt. andhisbrotherswouldratherthecourts those in West Virginia who call them- money, and big lies in their heads. I favor only the rich and powerful, and selves Democrats, but are really Re- know West Virginia will,continue to :,or_ they have not hesitated to use the publicans, simply believe that the pub- support the man whojudges each case a~at court system when it is for their own lic will not look for the truth, but by the fac~ and written law, not how gain. Mr. Warner neglects to investi- simply believe their propaganda and much money or influence a person gate the facts ignoring that west Vir- false statements, has. ginia has the 36th lowest number of Perhaps this Republican view of MichaelJ. Romano civil cases in the nation per 100,000 West Virginia explains why Justice Bridgeport m., , f _ o Dear Editor, "~ I am personally and professionally .? #" offended by the untrue and unfair , v ~attacks on the West Virginia Supreme . ....Court of appeals that ate being made m the current political campaign. Since I was a boy in Roane County, I have dedicated my life to public service. As a judge for over twenty- . , seven years, I have worked to open our courts to all citizens, and to de- , cide cases by putting compassion and ~ r fairness first, yet abiding by our laws. • , , But I am not and I never have been ' - as has been charged - a member of a "Super-Legislature." The contrary is true. As a trial judge for twenty years, and on the Supreme Court for over. West Virginia residents once again have an opportunity for free tire dis- posal by the Division of Highways, Transportation Secretary Fred VanKirk announced today. "Since the Waste Tire Program was • instituted in 2000, DOH workershav! collected well over one and a hall' • million junk tires that might other- i wise be an unsightly breeding ground , for mosquitoes," said VanKirk. "The • success-of the program continues to bring Highways numerous requests :~,, from residents throughout the sate ~i who were unable to particiapte in our ' previous collection drives, and there- , fore we have designated the week ~'. beginning May 17 as Tire Amnesty ii. Week, with the last collection day ', falling on Saturday, May 22." :,. Unlike previous opportunities, in- .. dividuals with a valid West Virginia seven years, I have applied and voted It is the job of a Supreme Court to to uphold literally hundreds oflegisla- strictly review, when requested, the tive enactments that- had I been in the constitutionality of legislative and Legislature - many of which I would executive actions. When these actions have personally voted against, violate the Constitution - like out Court Moreover, it is a bald-faced lie to believed to be the case in the first say that the West Virginia Supreme round of the economic development Court's decisions are a major cause of bonds - I do my job. I vote to return the economic problems that our State matters to the Legislature, to do it has faced for generations. As a most right if they wish. And when they do recent example, I have bit my tongue itrighLIvotetoapprovetheiractions. and watched as cynical politieians and And I would add that, contrary to business interests who fail to pay their the political rhetoric, the Court that I own legislatively-mandated premiums sit on has rarely declined to uphold try to blame our Supreme court for a legislative actions. Workers' Compensation system that It is one thing to advocate a "judi- they bankrupted, cial philosophy" that suggests that an appellate court should never find fault with the Legislative and Executive branches of guvernmenL or that may be more acceptable to corporate inter- driver's license who sign a form de- ests than to individual fights. And, if daring ownership of the tires can the voters want to elect judges with dispose of up to 10 tires having a that philosophy, they can do so. But it diameter no greater than 161/2inches is another thing, and quite unaccept- at any of 63 DOH district and county able, to put forth such a political "ju- sites statewide. Collection hours are dicial agenda" - and then to advance from 7:30 am to 4 pm during the week that agenda by wrongfully and falsely and from 7:30 am to 4 pm on Satur- attacking the integrity of this Court. day. Tires, which must be free of Political factions and interests of rims, cannot be from large trucks or every sort have every right to try to tilt off-road vehicles and will not be ac- the legal playing field in West Vir- cepted from commercial establish- ginia in their favor. But when their ments, salvage yard dealers or those efforts involve dishonest and mis- from out of state, leading attacks on the honorable and DOH waste tire drop-offlocations: difficult work of our Supreme Court Calhoun County, Millstone, WV of appeals, I have a personal and pro- 16, 3.6 miles N. ofjcL US 33 & 119; fessional duty to speak to in protest Braxton County, Gassaway, WV 4 S and correction. of 1-79 Exit 62; Gilmer County, For Shame! Glenville, US 33 & 119, 2.3 miles N Sincerely, Larry V. Starcher of jct. WV 5. Justice, West Virginia Supreme Court ~art pcr 3n- ;81 ~ge m, or ,or "We will not sit unconcerned while our liberty is invaded, nor look in silence upon public robbery." A statement from,the annuals of The Glenville Democrat-Pathfinder files Join the Gilmer County Historical Society and help to preserve our area's rich heritage! To sign-up, see Margaret at Society's Holt House Museum headquarters at 203 E. Main St., Glenville, Mon.-Fri., 10 a.m.-1 p.m. ,[ Straight Talk from Glenville State College 130th Commencement Following the ceremony, graduates, faculty, families and friends gathered on the lawn outside of the Over 850 people were in attendance at Glenville State Physical Education Building and Clark Hall for a College's 130th Commencement ceremony on reception io visitwith one another. Everyone appeared Saturday, May 8. Those in attendance gathered in the to enjoy the time, taking pictures and sharing stories Jesse R. Lilly, Jr. Gymnasium at 10:00 a.m. on before theyJeft campus. Saturday to watch more than 150 of the College's graduates accept their degrees. Summer International Program Throughout the ceremony, College administrators and Ten new students from Japan will be joining the GSC faculty spoke to the graduates about the importance of community beginning this June. The students will be the degree that they were receiving and the difference participating in the Glenville State College summer their education will make on their lives,intensive English program (IEP), a nine week long language;training and cultural experience program. "For all of your accomplishments you have a right to feel great satisfaction," stated Dr. Robert Freeman, One feature that has been added to this year's IEP President of Glenville State College. "This program is half-hour daily conversation sessions with Commencement signifies that new beginning.., the various members of the Glenville community. The beginning of the rest of your life." conversations will be relaxed and informal and may be guided with pre-established questions and Col. (Dr.) Larry James Godfrey, serving as the keynote conversation topics to help get things going. This will speaker for the ceremony, added to that sentiment, be a wonderful way for the new international students "This ceremony is an open testament to your hard to not only strengthen their language skills, but also to work, determination and ability," stated Godfrey. "It is a develop ties and connections to GSC and our reaffirmation of your hopes, your desires and the community. Over 100 volunteers will be needed to righteousnesa of the course you have chosen for implement the Conversation Partners program your life." successfully all summer. In addition to the 2004 graduates, 16 of the 50-year Volunteers of ALL ages and backgrounds are needed graduates from 1954 were also in attendance. Each of and the commitment level is flexible.., volunteers can the 50-year graduates walked across the stage once help out for one day only, or perhaps volunteer once again to accept a medallion to wear proudly around per week throughout the summer. This is a great their neck. The 50-yeer graduates were also honored at opportunity for school children, teenagers, adults and a reception and dinner on Friday evening, where they received gift baga full of various GSC memorabilia, seniorslt If you or someone you know would like more information about this wonderful volunteer A number of individuals were recognized during the opportunity, please contact Sarah Lord Sundstrom at ceremony, including the Emedti professors. The 304-462-4128 or at Emedti Faculty ranking is the highest that a faculty member can attain. Those recognized as Emerlti Summer Sessions faculty this year included Mr. Ralph Bame, Mr. Edwin Graflon, Dr. James Hilgenberg, Jr., Dr. Sharon Kraus, Although Commencement has come and gone on the Dr. Christopher Orr, Mr. Harry Rich, Mr. Philip GSC campus and the academic year has ended, Rossano, Mr. Owen Stanley, Dr. Irvin "Duke" Talbott students will be enrolling in the many summer courses and Dr. Barbara Tedford. being offered at the College this summer. There were several awards handed out during the The first summer session will begin on May 18 and run ceremony as well• Mr. Wayne de Rosset was through June 11. The seconddummer session will presented with the Outstanding Faculty Award. begin June 15 and run through July 12. Anyone Inter- Amanda Mortelette and Justin Simmons were ested in taking classes at GSC this summer can con- recognized with the Student LeedershipAward. tact the Office of Admissions at (304) 462-4128 to enroll in classes. Course information can be found on the GSC web site at www..