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May 13, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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May 13, 2004

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Sec. B: Life-styles --- Gilmer County's Social Scene The Glenville Democrat lenvil ! if f GCHS PLAYS- The Gilmer County High School theatrical troops will perform four one act plays for the general public on next Tuesday at 7:30 pm at GSC's Fine Arts Auditorium. The Cast, are composed of the following Actors, Actresses and Staff members: First Row (I-R) Brianna Lowther, Lisa Hess, Becky Gray, Josh Klapka, Morgan Ames, Annamoriah Tuell, Travis Caffrey; Second Row: Melissa Marks, Stevieann Langman, Brandy Burkhammer, Lizzie Butcher, Sandra Frame, Shannon Cole; Third Row: Bryan Darby, Desi Jones, Nicole Jenkins, Jonathan Phillips, Dusty Hern, Clayton Barker. ~S¸ By: Travis Caffery, Theater comes to Gilmer County Dustin Hern, Amber Jones, Shannon clever con-man attempts to trick a next Tues. May 18, and Wed. May 19, Cole, SandraFrame, Brianna Lowther, group of haughty elitists out of their when drama students at Gilmer Clayton Barker, Becky Gray, Mor- money. Starring are Jonathan Phillips, County High School present a bi~! of gan Ames, Mary Campbell, Natalie Lizzie Butcher, Stevieann Langman, four one fact plays. Putnam, Nicole Jenkins, Annamoriah Morgan Ames, Annamoriah Tuell, Twenty-six students under the di- Tuell, and Desi Jones. Desi Jones, LisaHess, Nicole Jenkins, rection of Mrs. Judith Meads take to The Lottery by Brainerd Duffield, ,Brandy Burkhammer, TravisCaffery, the boards to present two comedies adapted from the short story by Shirley Sandra Frame, and Bryan Darby. and two dramas. Both performances Jackson, is a chilling look at a small A Thousand Cranes by Kathryn are in the Auditorium of the of the town that refuses to sway from tradi- " Schultz Miller is a poignant, surreal Glenville State College Fine Arts tions. It stars Travis Caffrey, Sandra look at the true story of a young Japa.- Center• Frame, Morgan Ames, Whitney nese girl named Sadako who is Curtain time is 7:30 pm for theWildman, Jonathan Phillips, Amanda stricken with leukemia at the age of Tues.,May 18show.ThestudentbodyMiller, LizzieButcher, Shannon Cole, 12, 10 years after the Atomic bomb will have an opportunity to see the Lynn Frederick, Kristen Butcher, hit Hiroshima. The play starsAmber shows on Wed., May 19. The fourMelissaMarks, Clayton Barker, Bryan Jones,TravisCaffrey,NicoleJenkins, plays offer a wide variety of theater. Darby, Mary Campbell, Dustin Hem, Sarah Sivard, Lynn Frederick, Dustin Nerdy student Alan Lefenfeld must JoshKlapka.andtherestoftheGCHS Hern, Whitney Wildman, Mary endure the horrors of being uni3re- Theater class as extras. Cambell, and Natalie Putnam. pared for an important test in This is a The Marvelous Playbill by Tim The community is invited to attend Test by Stephen Gregg, a bizarre, Kelly, based on Miguet Cervantes' the Tues., May 18performance.Tick- lighthearted spoof of teachers, stu- "El Retablo de las Maravillas," is a ets may be purchased at the door. dents, and school itself. The play stars broad, farcical comedy in which a Gilmer County Farm Newsletter Bureau We have received 241 membership renewals as of March 31,2004. Only ---4~04 more members needed to meet quota. GCFB has 21 new members, we would like to invite them to be- come an active part of our county FB activities. A Farm Bureau jacket will be warded to Henry Boggs for signing up five new members. Congratula- tions, Henry ! Brenda McCartney only needs one more person and then she will receive her jacket. I hope the FB benefit list I enclosed in the last news- leuer for you wag helpful informa- tion. You will see the benefits will put more money back into your pocket than you take out to pay your dues. BOARD OF DIRECTORS: I would like to thank VP Delbert Shackelford for filling in for me in April board meeting; once again I was out of town working. I also appreciate the good turn out of board members and committee members. After our special meeting on March 25 to corn- pile a Plan of Work for the year and a yearly budget digest we discovered we will fall short of funds for the planned events we are currently obli-. gated to fulfill. Gary and Dina Bush are going to donate a heifer for the FB to raffle. Tickets wi I1 be sold at $10.00 each and the winner will be drawn at the Farm Show. Nelson and Maxine Smith donated a Queen size quilt also for chances to be sold, winner being drawn at the Kick-Off Dinner. I know as President I truly appreciate the kindness of these two FB families for their donations. SPECIAL THANKS A special thanks to an unnamed friend of Farm Bureau for the dona- tion of $1,000 to pay for the Kick-Off Dinner. Those who will give freely will reap many blessings in return. May God Bless you richly. Thanks to Rita Huff, representative for West Mon Ty, for their donation of $2,000 to be applied toward the purchase of scales for the Farm Show. STONEWALL GENERAL STORE 135 Main Street Weston, WV GRAND OPENING THE LAST RUN Saturday, May 22 BAND Door Prizes & more. Will be preforming from 2-6 pm. Starting at 2:00 pm ( 5 member Contempary Blue Grass Band) Come enjoy our store & visit Downtown Weston SHOP IN AN OLD TIME ATMOSPHERE Hours: Tues. thru Fri. 10 am - 5 pm and Sat. 10 am - 4 pm Closed: Sunday and Monday Attention Readers: By Bruce Hathaway, Gilmer County resident The Gilmer Histori- cal Society meets next Thurs., May 20 at 6:30 p.m. at the Main St. Mu- seum Since 1966, the time I started trav- eling through Giimer County, things have continuously deteriorated• At that time there was a drive in theatre, Glen- ville had a dime store, two depart- merit stores, a hardware store, a shoe repair service, a shoe store and a gro- cery store, all on main street. Now all of these are gone, some only to Hays City bm the main street in Glenville has been reduced to novelty shops, small businesses, a bank and a post office. Over the last few years I felt there was a revitalization in the county. New houses were being built and land was prepared for more construction. The new truss plant and the pellet plant were started. The old Van Horn property, which was used as a golf driving range by GSC, was filled and a new soccer field promised. The Van Horn football field was refurbished. The intersection of Route 5 and 119 was slated for improvement. The new Rite Aid drug store and McDonalds were in place and operat- ing, and the new Senior Center was dedicated by Governor Wise. Now again, I feel we are. stagnant, the Van Horn Field lays wasted be- cause of flooding, the promised soc- cer field lays dormant, the only new houses constructed have been sold and nothing new under construction. I understand there is an initiative for some new housing construction un- der the EDA, but this is still in the promise stage. The intersection of Rt 5 and 119 is a disaster for visitors. The school population is declining to the extent that we are losing positions in the school system. The big boom we expected from the prison has not mate- rialized, and-the GCEDA levy failed and now they are experiencing diffi- culty in their direction. A few months ago, Commissioner Chapman mentioned reviving the com- mittee that was hosted by Phil Reale and try to get interest rekindled on some of the improvements listed in those proceedings. In its stead, I suggest that the County Commission appoint a Blue Ribbon Community Development Task Force to investigate future improvements for Gilmer County. A suggested committee may include the following: • A member of the Gilmer County Commission. • A member of the Gienviile Town Council. • A member of the Sand Fork Town Council. • A member of the GCEDA. • A member appointed by the Presi- dent of GSC. • A memberappointed by the Gilmer County Board of-Education. • Three business owners from the county. • Tnree representatives from the county. These individuals should be charged with investigating any and all activi- ties for potential improvements in Gilmer County life. They would re- view all established committee struc- tures for improvement. They would be a "think tank"to explore improve- ments for the county and devise meth- ods for implementation of those ideas. .. They would hold public input meet- ings to provide public comment and suggestions. They would report to the Commis- sion and to their respective organiza- tions. Their authority would be limited to recommending and facilitating these improvements, the actual implemen- tation of the improvements would be the responsibility of the respective au- thority and/or the County Commis- sion. I feel this is very important be- cause nothing stifles creative thinking faster than being told to go ahead and do it yourself. We have two pieces of legislation recently passed and/or in the process of implementation that are positive indicators. The Hotel/Motel Tax and the Unsafe Buildings and Lands Ordi- nance. Now we need this far reaching Community Development Task Force to expand on those initiatives. Some potential actions: - Reviewing the idea of restructur- ing the West Virginia State Folk Festi- val at the Recreation Center to more resemble the Jubilee at Jackson's Mills, with most of the activities taking place at the Recreation Center. The attend- ees could park on the ball field or the rifle range and be transported by wag- ons to the festivities. That would allow for an entrance fee to help defray the cost of the festival and the recreation center. - Consolidate some of the Recre- ation Center activities to make them larger and more inviting to more people. For instance, expand the Farm Show into a county fair. Combine the Knife and Gun show with Something Old and Something New craft Show, and maybe incorporate the them into the county fair. - Review the Golf Club activities to maximize its potential. Schedule special events at the Golf Club, such as receptions and tournaments. Give a prize of a car for a hole in one to bring in more outside competitors. Sched- ule the tournament for two or more days to increase the hotel/motel busi- ness and restaurant business. The potential loss of a car on the hole in one incentive would be offset by in- surance. At one time it cost about $175.00. ~, - Schedule mini band concerts at the • Recreation Center or in town for sum- mer evenings. This would provide reason for people to be in town to dine and provide a recreational activity for the community and Cedar Creek State Park campers. - Resume the 4th of July Fireworks. This'could be incorporated with a pic- nic and other activities. - Determine why the Senior Center is not better utilized. It seems strange that a county with the high number of seniors that we have does not have more luncheon participants. It may be desirable to use volunteers to deliver lunches and free up the vans to pick up more patrons. The center has tried to schedule trips using a commercial bus. However, they cannot generate enough patrons to justify the expense. If they would use their own busses, it would allow for smaller groups and lower prices than commercial buses. - Provide recreation activities for the campers at Cedar Creek State Park? A small private commercial- venture could take advantage of the river, both in town and at Cedar Creek Park for river festivals, float trips, kayak trips etc. A horse stable could provide trail rides and daily rentals. A Have a When you're in a 'hard or soft(ware) jam,' Dan is the computer manI Serving GSC & the community ---fast & friendly with a smile/ Call Dan Brown at Glenville PC Specializing in custom built PCs & repairs A new Cottage Industry in Glenville • An A-OPEN registered retailer • 953 Mineral Road • 304-462-8481 PLDMRBCUJRTYSKOWQLZVCSIRTLFHWNCIOLWI] O 12 N. Lewis (Below WACO Oil and Gas Offices) Phone: 462-5367 or 462-LENS Office Hours: Thursdays 9-5 Fridays 9-4 Medicare Assignment and Medicard accepted Kathleen Halloway-Optician EDOcLMBKEPXcAWBvSTAPDLEBMXYIszGLEwcNLMDRTK spring nature tour could be initiated using the facilities of Cedar Creek State Park. - Work on county and town beauti- fication not only in Sand Fork and Glenville, but throughout all the com- munities. Banners on poles would give merchants a chance to advertise their business as well as beautify the communities. This would also be an incentive for the businesses to clean up and neaten up their facilities. - Schools should provide "corn-. puter herd" service. Many of the seniors have computers in their homes and need help with their system. Some of the programs are very difficult to master. For instance, 1 have a publish- ing program on my computer at home that I am struggling with. A cla~s at the college or high school would not benefit me unless it were on the same operating system and the same pro- gram I have at home. - Review unfinished projects such as the soccer field and solutions to make Van Horn ball field usablc. Last year I do not recall one game being played there because of tbe flooding and mud. I have noticed some activ- ity this year. Whatever the solutflm, this is too valuable real estate to set idle when we need rccrcation lacili- ties so badly. - Evaluate and assist, if appropri- ate, with some of the initiatives that are undertaken in the county by small groups. For instance there are initia- tives to: - Start a hospital in the Glcnville area. - Provide better flood warning with additional water gauge monitoring on feeder streams. - Advocate and establish c-trade technology. - Consider bringing the Commu- nity Showcase under the aegis of the County Commission. This is the only organization in Gilmer County that is recognized as a tourist information bureau by the state tourism authority. This activity could also be used as a grant writing entity and perhaps as an administrative aide for the commis- sion. - Consider establishing aCommu- nity Development Corporation to fa- cilitate county programs. This could be an umbrella organization for the Community Showcase and other community improvement organiza: tions. The important thing is to constitute the Community Development Task Force, equip it with people that are excited about improving life in the county, and give them a charge that is an empowerment for change. If we are to succeed and grow as a community, we need a change of atti- tude and direction by our citizens and our governments. We need a revital- ization of our thoughts and actions, otherwise we will continue to be one of the depressed counties in the center of the state that most people in Charleston ignore. We-and by that I mean you, repre- senting the government, and me, rep- resenting the people-are in charge of our destiny. Pass or fail, it is our future, (Editor's Note: These remarks were • made, in slightly different form. to the Gilmer County Commission on Thurs., May 6, 2004.) , Day, Ma, Editors & Staff of The Glenville Democrat~Pathfinder . It's That Time of Year: Plant Your en! Hanging Baskets $12.00 Fern hanging Baskets from $7.00, $12.00 to $24.00 Packs of Flowers and veggies $1.50 per pack or $I0.00 per Flat Seed Potatoes 50 #@ $6.50 We have already planted potatoes, corn,squash, and beans, so we shall have fresh home grown produce soon. Yes, because of health and age reasons, Whitehurst Farms is up for sale, but we are looking for an easy .transition to the new owners, and hope to introduce them to you this summer. Thanks from all of us at Whitehurst Farms. I [b ~'• 1Nhitehurst Farms Business hours: 9 s.m.-7 every day 9 miles from Weston on Route 33 West Camden 304-269-2200 ! ill